disclaimer: the boys aren't mine, i just play with them for my own entertainment. they seem to enjoy it for the most part. if they didn't, i'm fairly certain they would have complained to me by now.

rating: NC-17
pairings: 1X2 (umm... heero threatened me again)
warnings: yaoi, AU (AC 200), lemon
spoilers: a few minor ones

notes: this one just couldn't be helped. please accept my apologies in advance should you find it necessary. oh yeah... and this is another one of those get together fics.

you've got male!
by jana

Duo had finally caved in and signed up for America Online.

He'd managed to survive for years without the benefit of having e-mail or what everyone proclaimed was the wealth of information the internet had to offer. The last get together that Quatre had orchestrated found him on the defensive about it and against all four of his friends and former pilots this time. It was Heero's insistence and somewhat surprising offer of assistance that Duo found unwilling to resist. He didn't have a chance to see any of the four that often of late and Heero even less. If this online thing would offer the two more interaction; he was all for it.


He found himself seated in front of his brand spanking new, just out of the box Dell with a shiny metallic disk that proclaimed free 500 hours of AOL in bright colors and bold text. He pressed the button to open the CD drawer and inserted it, pushing the drawer closed.

The installation went off without a hitch and Duo smiled as a small yellow man ran across his screen to signal his connection. He sat back as the main menu screen appeared.


He felt a small amount of pleasure having completed the task.

The most difficult part of the 20 minute ordeal was choosing a screen name. The knowledge that this one was only one of seven he was allowed, took some of the pressure off and he had ultimately decided on DMaxwell02. It was not very original, but the best he could come up with on the spot. It wasn't the one he planned on using most often; awaiting a moment of creativity to come up with something more clever.

Duo reached into his wallet and pulled out the small slip of paper that Heero had given him last month; smoothing it out and setting it down on the table beside his computer. On it, Heero had written his nickname and the program that Duo needed to get in order to talk with him. Typing the URL in the thin white box at the top of the window, he pressed enter and proceeded to download the file. He installed it then, taking several minutes to figure out how to add Heero to his Buddy List. Not more than a few seconds had passed, when a soft gong like sound was heard. Duo looked up and noticed that Heero's screen name now appeared in the online area of the program.

He had a choice to make here. He could either message Heero to let him know that his efforts had been successful, or try to quickly come up with another screen name and send Heero an anonymous message.

The temptation was strong to do the latter and Duo smiled at the possibilities that scenario presented. Just because he had never been online, didn't mean he hadn't heard the stories. The thought hadn't entered his mind until now....

Now that he knew Heero was instantly accessible in some fashion or another.....

Now that he could pretend to be someone else......

He decided that he needed to give the matter more thought. It wasn't something he was willing to totally rule out. The temptation was just far too great to ignore completely. He did recognize that once Heero knew he was online, his former partner may well suspect that any questionable messages might be from him; especially if they were of the nature Duo intended them to be.

Duo smiled again.

He'd had a crush on Heero practically since the day they'd met.

At first, he was somewhat timid when dealing with Heero. He knew very little of the mysterious stranger and Heero seemed intent on keeping it that way. As the war continued though, the two found themselves more often than not in each others company. Duo understood that this was not by choice, but they spent a great deal of time in each others company nonetheless. Duo had not pressed anything then either; content with having Heero as a friend and occasional fantasy.

It wasn't until the Mariemaia Incident in AC 197 that Duo began his quasi pursuit of Wing's pilot.

He had come to learn then, that Heero had not remained on earth after the Eve Wars had ended. This had surprised him.

Relena had been pursuing Heero even before Duo had met him that day on the docks. Duo had never garnered the nerve to question Heero about it; his systematic rescue of Sank's Princess seemed to speak for itself... or so he thought.

With the knowledge that Heero apparently had no romantic interest in Miss Peacecraft, Duo decided that he would let Heero know that he was interested in him. He had no idea if Heero even swung that way; he hadn't known that he did until he'd met the Perfect Soldier.

Duo smiled at the recall.

There was something about Heero that Duo found himself drawn to. It was more than his deep blue almond shaped eyes, more than the tight little ass he flaunted in those skin tight black shorts of his; more than the glimpses Duo got of the finely chiseled chest beneath Heero's dark green tank top and more than the messy brown hair that he hid behind.

Those things may have fueled his fantasies of being lovers with Heero, but they were not the reasons he had come to desire him. The two of them were alike; in a lot of ways. They understood one another. Duo could see as well as sense this even through his partner's unrelenting stoic silence.

His flirting seemed to have little or no effect on Heero. He wasn't blatant about it, using only subtleties to let Heero know that his interest in him wasn't confined to the friendship they currently had. If Heero noticed any of it, he did not let on. Duo took his tactics one step further, attempting to draw Heero into a conversation about relationships; admitting first to Heero that he'd been in several. When this too had failed, Duo had all but given up.

Until now.


He double clicked on Heero's screen name; smiling at it as he did and entered his message in the white box that appeared.

DMaxwell02: i'm here

There was no need to identify himself; his screen name took care of that. Several seconds later Heero's reply came.

GroundedonL1: it's about time

Duo smiled at Heero's response.

DMaxwell02: nice nick
GroundedonL1: yours isn't very creative either
DMaxwell02: ill think up something better eventually

He waited a while before continuing

DMaxwell02: im already thinking its a mistake to be on aol
GroundedonL1: its good for beginners

Duo was tempted to stick out his tongue, but refrained.

GroundedonL1: once you're more familiar with the web, there are other services you can use
DMaxwell02: so, you going to give me the virtual tour
GroundedonL1: have you figured out how to get your e-mail yet?
DMaxwell02: you mean by double clicking the huge button marked 'e-mail'.... yeah... umm... i think im capable of figuring that one out on my own, heero

Heero apparently intended to ignore Duo's sarcasm, and continued.

GroundedonL1: you should get netscape
DMaxwell02: netscape.com?
GroundedonL1: yeah. aol's browser sucks. message me after you've installed it.

Duo proceeded to download the huge file, installing it and restarting his computer before signing back onto AOL. He was greeted by an enthusiastic voice when his sign on was complete "You've Got Mail". Duo chuckled and shook his head slightly; clicking on the icon that opened the mail program.


He stared incredulously at the 14 messages in his inbox. He began reading them one by one; his face revealing his amusement.

A message window popped up before he had a chance to finish all of them.

GroundedonL1: all set?
DMaxwell02: yeah. just looking through my mail
GroundedonL1: junk?

Duo smirked.

DMaxwell02: yeah. its mostly porn

He wondered what Heero's reaction would be. He figured that Heero was probably used to it by now.

GroundedonL1: expect a lot of it

Duo looked back at the next message that awaited him.

DMaxwell02: bigdicks.com?!?!?
GroundedonL1: hn. i think that one is for real

Duo eyes widened.

DMaxwell02: im not even going to ask how you know that.

As expected, Heero did not reply.


Heero had given Duo a quick tour of the web via AIM. It didn't take Duo long to see that the internet would be a colossal time-waster, though there were some aspects of it that he could tell would be very useful.

He spent a better portion of his spare time checking out the list of web sites that Heero had suggested. Most of them were digital alternatives to the more popular print newspapers and magazines, several of them were related to travel. Duo noted the absence of anything 'fun' and mentioned it to Heero the next time they spoke.

DMaxwell02: so? where do you go for entertainment?
GroundedonL1: click here

Duo did.

DMaxwell02: haha... very funny
GroundedonL1: its actually a good site

Duo looked back at the page that had loaded.

DMaxwell02: are you easily amused?
GroundedonL1: sometimes

He had a difficult time reconciling that statement with the Heero he knew.

DMaxwell02: got anything a little more racy?
GroundedonL1: how racy?
DMaxwell02: somewhere between bigdicks.com and amused.com?

Duo bit down on his lower lip as he awaited Heero's response.

GroundedonL1: you went there?

Duo blushed slightly and lied.

DMaxwell02: ummm.. no
GroundedonL1: you did
DMaxwell02: i was curious....

He had been and had gotten a whole lot more than he bargained for.

GroundedonL1: its a bit vulgar
DMaxwell02: yeah. im kinda surprised you went
GroundedonL1: i was curious as well. there are better sites out there

Duo waited for Heero to expound; figuring he'd suggest how to go about finding some better sites or would offer to send him a few links. He didn't.

DMaxwell02: gonna tell me where they hide the good stuff?
GroundedonL1: its not exactly hidden. also depends on what you consider 'good stuff'

Duo hesitated to reply.

While Heero didn't seem to be bothered by their current thread of discussion, Duo figured that disclosing his sexual preferences to Heero now might change that attitude. Then again, it was a better way of letting Heero know than any other he could think of.... and far less personal. He decided he would approach the topic with caution; pretty much leaving the choice of how in depth the discussion got up to Heero.

DMaxwell02: im thinking erotica. yanno, pictures, stories..... something to keep me company on those lonely nights ;)

He blushed once he'd pressed enter; knowing that Heero was reading what he'd just typed. Heero's response came shortly after, with none of the biting sarcasm or degradation that Duo had predicted would accompany it.

GroundedonL1: i sent you some links
DMaxwell02: thanks
GroundedonL1: im off for now. catch you later
DMaxwell02: caio

Duo didn't wait long before opening the mail that Heero had sent him.

Inside, he found a listing of 10 or so sites; the titles of which suggested they might be just what he was looking for. He clicked on the first one and waited for the site to load. He spent a few minutes perusing it before going onto the next; taking almost an hour to check out each of the links.

He didn't wonder why Heero had left before he'd had a chance to look at the e-mail.

He was pleased to find a such a variety of sites though; several of them he noted, catering to homosexual males alone. He drew several conclusions from Heero's list of porn links; the first being that if the diversity of sites Heero suggested were indicative of his sexuality, there was a strong possibility that Heero was interested in both males and females. Duo decided that this was a very good thing. The second possibility was that Heero had chosen the links according to what he believed Duo's preferences to be. Either way, it was progress and to say that Duo ecstatic would have been a gross understatement.

He crawled into bed that night; his standard fantasies further fueled by the very explicit visions the web sites that Heero's links had led him to. And unlike most of his nocturnal erotic thoughts of late; this one was centered around Heero.


Work kept Duo occupied for the next several weeks and he barely had time to go online and check his e-mail, let alone be afforded the luxury of chatting. A week or two after he'd signed up, he had asked Heero for Quatre, Trowa and Wufei's e-mail addresses so that he could keep in touch with them as well. A check of his mailbox tonight showed that he had received mail from Quatre.

Answering the beep of his microwave oven, Duo entered the kitchen and returned to his computer with his dinner in tow. He opened AIM and sat back to read Quatre's mail.

A loud buzz sounded and Heero's message appeared on the screen.

GroundedonL1: there you are

Duo reached forward to lower the speaker volume and brought his fingers down to the keyboard to type out his reply.

DMaxwell02: been busy at work
GroundedonL1: ah

Duo smiled. "Wordy as usual."

DMaxwell02: what have you been up to?
GroundedonL1: sos
DMaxwell02: i checked out the links you sent me

There was a longer pause than usual before Heero replied.

GroundedonL1: find anything you liked?
DMaxwell02: oh yeah....
DMaxwell02: thanks :)
GroundedonL1: no problem

This was the perfect opportunity for Duo to bring up the subject of Heero's sexuality. It was, after all, why he'd mentioned the links to Heero in the first place. It didn't seem to Duo that Heero had any objections to talking about it.

DMaxwell02: i had no idea that you were into guys
GroundedonL1: maybe im not. you are though

His reply took Duo by surprise for two reasons. One because it came so fast and two, because Heero knew. His hesitation allowed Heero to respond again before he had the chance.

GroundedonL1: you didn't think i knew

It wasn't a question, but a statement. Duo smirked.

DMaxwell02: i had my doubts
GroundedonL1: you were obvious enough
DMaxwell02: how come you never said anything?
GroundedonL1: i was preoccupied

Duo smiled. "Now that's an understatement."

DMaxwell02: still preoccupied?
GroundedonL1: no. still interested?

Duo eyes opened wide and he grinned. "Hell yeah..."

DMaxwell02: yeah. i am. so umm.... i guess you're into guys then ;)
GroundedonL1: im into you
DMaxwell02: well thats satisfying to hear

Duo wondered if Heero would get the reference.

GroundedonL1: is it?

He didn't. It seemed that Heero rarely paid attention to him back then.

Duo did have his full attention now though and he was rather curious about what appeared to be Heero's sudden interest in him.

DMaxwell02: so how come you never said anything? after the war.....
GroundedonL1: i thought you'd lost interest
DMaxwell02: no way

He could picture Heero smiling; or grinning at the very least.

DMaxwell02: so what are we gonna do about it?
GroundedonL1: what do you suggest?
DMaxwell02: how about you hopping on the first shuttle to L2
GroundedonL1: cant this weekend. next?
DMaxwell02: mm.. sounds good

It sounded more than good.

GroundedonL1: for the weekend?

Duo grinned yet again. "God, I love the way this guy thinks."

DMaxwell02: yeah. the weekend

A pause.

DMaxwell02: are you sure this is heero? heero yuy? suicidal ex-gundam pilot?
GroundedonL1: the one and only

Duo smiled at the reference to the meaning behind what Heero had now taken as his legal name.

DMaxwell02: i think me getting net access was a good thing
GroundedonL1: i think im inclined to agree with you


The next week was a bit hectic for Duo. His work schedule didn't require quite as much of his time as it had the past few weeks; but more than the 40 hours he typically tried to confine it to. Along with finding suitable time to chat with Heero, there was some housekeeping that needed to be done in his apartment. Laundry was one of the things he'd let go during the grueling work two-week plus work schedule and a mountain of it stared back at him in disdain from the corner of his bedroom.

He put the first load in and started washing the dirty dishes that filled his sink and had spread out to cover a good portion of his kitchen countertop as well. It was a heck of a way to start out a Sunday morning. He decided that he would employ the services of a housekeeper next time he was forced to work 70+ hours a week, rather than deal with the mess he now found his normally tidy apartment in.

Putting the clean clothes into the dryer and beginning the second of what he estimated would be 5 loads, Duo looked around his apartment and decided that he needed to buy a new sofa before Heero came. His was old and small, a love seat really, and was hardly a suitable place to have a guest sleep. As much as he would have preferred it, there were no guarantees that Heero would be sharing his bed next weekend.

Next weekend.

Duo found himself nearly giddy at the thought.


He signed onto AIM on Monday night, a little reluctant after not having shown up on either Saturday or Sunday night. This would be the first time he would be talking to Heero since Friday night when they had made their admissions of being attracted to one another. He wondered if things would be any different when they spoke tonight. He'd been on for only a minute or two when Heero's message came.

GroundedonL1: rough weekend?
DMaxwell02: you could say that. spent the weekend cleaning the mess i let pile up the last few weeks
GroundedonL1: hire a maid
DMaxwell02: yeah. next time i will

There was a long pause in the conversation and Duo imagined that Heero was doing whatever he normally did on the computer while they talked. Duo too had found a myriad of sites that he now frequented. He had even joined a few newsgroups. They were mostly related to music and his ever growing obsession for anime.

GroundedonL1: did you get quatre's email?
DMaxwell02: yeah. party on the 6th. you going?
GroundedonL1: he'd be angry if i missed it
DMaxwell02: he takes that kinda thing to heart
GroundedonL1: i have no other plans
DMaxwell02: me neither

The sixth was still three weeks off and two weeks beyond Heero's expected visit. He was glad that they would be seeing each other again so soon. There was no such thing as too much Heero in his estimation.

DMaxwell02: im really looking forward to this weekend
GroundedonL1: me too

The confirmation of the upcoming visit brought to mind that Duo knew very little of Heero's eating habits. He decided he'd ask since he needed go food shopping anyway.

DMaxwell02: is there something special you want me to pick up at the supermarket? cereal? anything?

Duo felt silly after he'd questioned Heero.

DMaxwell02: its just that i have no idea of what you like to eat
GroundedonL1: im not fussy. we can call for takeout


The weekend approached more rapidly than Duo would have liked.

He managed to keep his work confined to the 8 hours a day he got paid for, though he worked through his lunch hour to assure that he wouldn't have to bring any work home over the weekend. On Thursday evening, he made it home just in time for the delivery of his new sofa. He offered the men a few dollars and they removed his old one.

He jockeyed the new couch into place, tearing off the plastic that entirely covered it before he stood back to look at it. It was nice, but looked so much larger in his tiny apartment than it had in the showroom. He glanced around the living room, noting how much smaller it made the space appear. He shifted several pieces of furniture to hug the walls of the room; leaving more space in its center for the huge dark leather sofa bed. Satisfied with the rooms new aesthetics, he seated himself in the center of the couch and closed his eyes.

He'd not woken again that night, spending the entire evening asleep in a seated position. He was angry that he'd wasted the night, but pleased that his body had requested the additional sleep now instead of on the weekend when Heero was expected. He made his way into his bedroom and noted that he had a full two hours before he had to leave for work. Deciding that breakfast was in order this morning since he'd forgone dinner last evening, Duo showered and found himself in the kitchen with an hour still remaining to cook and eat.


Duo arrived home on Friday night at nearly 7:30; more than an hour later than normal and with his arms filled with groceries. He'd picked up a pizza on the way home too and laid the box on the kitchen counter while he set about putting everything away. Making his way into his bedroom, Duo took off his work clothes and laid them on his bed. He slipped on a pair of comfy jeans and a well-worn t-shirt before seating himself in front of his computer.

He'd not had a chance to talk to Heero last night and figured the two would finalize their plans tonight. He logged onto AOL and immediately started AIM, frowning as he saw that Heero wasn't online. He checked his mail next, noting that as usual there was nothing there of any great interest.

He'd just finished loading the 100 or so new messages from his favorite newsgroup when the doorbell rang. Duo rose from his chair and headed for the door. He didn't have visitors often; especially unannounced ones. He smiled as he reached for the doorknob; fully expecting to see Heero on the other side.

As prepared as he was, the vision of his friend and soon to be lover in the hallway left him shaky nonetheless. "Come on in!" he intoned, stepping aside so that Heero could enter.

Heero's eyes searched the living room as he entered. It was the first time he'd been in Duo's apartment and found it much different from what he'd imagined. "Your apartment is nice."

Duo closed the door and walked forward, stopping just behind Heero. "Thanks."

He noticed the two black bags Heero still held. One appeared to be his laptop, the other Duo assumed to be his clothes. "You can put your bags down over there." he told him; pointing to the only empty corner in the small room. Heero moved toward where Duo had motioned and set his belongings down before turning to face Duo. "You're surprised to see me here tonight."

Duo smiled. "We never got around to discussing exactly when you were coming. Surprised; yes, disappointed; no." He winked at Heero then. "You hungry?" he asked "I picked up a pizza. Just need to reheat it." he informed him as he walked toward the kitchen.

"I haven't had dinner yet. Pizza sounds good."

Duo turned as he approached the kitchen and looked toward the living room. His eyes met Heero's. "Make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back."

Duo reached for the knob on the wall oven, setting the temperature to 450 and looked down to find his hands trembling slightly. He found that his reaction wasn't really that strange a one. He had, after all, been wanting Heero for some time and now he was here; and a day earlier than Duo thought he would be. He was relieved by it in a way, knowing that he would have been a nervous wreck for hours beforehand if he'd known the exact time of Heero's arrival.

Duo felt a tremendous amount of anticipation. He imagined that Heero must have been feeling it as well. They two had been friends for so many years and this weekend would change all of that.

He made his way over to the counter where the pizza sat and opened the box, pushing the cover all the way back and carrying it toward the oven. With one hand he lowered the over door, and eased the round pie onto the upper shelf of the oven. He sat the box down on the table and closed the oven door. He wondered what would happen now; when he returned to the living room where Heero was. There was no mistaking what was in the offering. It was just a matter of how... and when. He chided himself for his behavior. He'd never reacted quite this way in similar situations.

But then again, this was Heero.

He swallowed hard and turned to exit the kitchen and found himself face to face and chest to solid chest with Heero. He opened his mouth to speak, but found Heero's lips on his and responded to the kiss without a second thought. His lips parted as Heero's tongue pressed at them, welcoming it into his mouth with seductive twist of his own against the intrusion. He let out a moan as Heero's arms surrounded his waist and brought their bodies closer together; their tongues moving more rapidly in direct response.

Heero pulled back then and Duo smiled. "Mmmm.... dessert before dinner?" he asked.

Heero shook his head. "Dessert later." He leaned forward to kiss Duo again. "I could go for an appetizer though." he whispered.

Heero took Duo's hand and pulled him into the living room. It was Duo who moved forward to kiss Heero this time as his arms wound themselves around Heero's neck. Kissing Heero was everything he'd expected and more. His erection firmed and Duo hips involuntary shifted to rub themselves against the bulge of Heero's hardened cock. It was Heero's turn to let out a small sound of pleasure now, not breaking off the increasingly torrid kiss as he pulled Duo down onto the couch on top of him.

"Oh God... Heero.", he breathed raggedly. Heero's reply came via that of his two hands grasping at Duo's bottom and lifting his hips up off the sofa to grind them into Duo's. Duo worked his arms out from under Heero's upper back, taking Heero's face in his both hands and firmly planting a kiss on his waiting lips. He scooted further down Heero's body, lifting Heero's shirt and bringing his mouth down to the bronze scarred flesh he'd just exposed. His tongue moved lower still, pausing as he reached the waistband of Heero's jeans.

Heero's hands moved quickly in response to Duo's silent plea, fumbling with the button on his jeans and hastily lowering the zipper. He grinned at the gleam in Duo's eyes and lifted his hips to allow Duo to remove his pants. He flushed slightly as Duo's eyes settled on his erection; somewhat angry looking and red as its tip oozed the undeniable proof of his need. Duo licked his lips and lowered his head, keeping his eyes still on Heero's. The darkened cobalt made it clear to Duo that Heero wanted this as much as he did. His tongue darted out to lick at the clear pre-come; allowing himself to taste Heero for just a second before taking his full length into his mouth.

He took the slightly upward thrust of Heero's hips in stride, moving up and down the shaft a few times before pressing his tongue against the tip and drawing lazy circles around the rim of it. Heero began panting and his both hands formed fists in the loose hair at the top of Duo's head.

Part of Duo wanted to do this slowly, allowing himself to fully enjoy his first experience with Heero. It was oddly enough that very same thing that drove him onward to quickly bring Heero to climax; the anticipation of tasting him for the first time was too alluring. There was a good chance that many other opportunities would present themselves this weekend. Duo was counting on it.

Heero could feel his every part of his body responding to the exquisite pleasure that Duo's mouth provided. He forced his eyes to remain open; finding the view of Duo sucking him off enhanced the experience so much more. He groaned each time Duo sucked hard at the tip; watching as his cheeks caved in as he took his full length back into his mouth and continued sucking. "Ungh..... Duo...."

Duo's left hand reached down in between Heero's spread legs. He could tell that Heero was ready to come even before he'd touched him there; the hardened sac he held only provided further proof. Duo cupped his testicles, working them against each other and then released them, rubbing the palm of his hand roughly over them.

Heero began thrusting upward into his mouth and Duo prepared himself for the onset of Heero's climax. His right hand gripped at the base of Heero's cock, sliding it up and down the portion of it that wasn't currently being stimulated by his mouth. He could hear Heero moaning loudly; nearly gasping with each upward snap of his hips.

The combination of Duo's touches was far too much for Heero to withstand. He would have enjoyed having the sensation last even longer, but his stamina was apparently no match for Duo's oral talent. His back arched high up off the couch and Duo's name left his lips with a loud cry as he came inside of his mouth. He could feel Duo swallowing around him after each jet of his come, continuing to suck up and down his length in an effort to coax yet another from him.

He settled back down onto the sofa as he watched Duo lick the last of his release from the tip of his cock. Duo's eyes focused on his then and they smiled at one another. Heero sat up moments later and pulled Duo toward him with both hands tightly gripping the neckline of his t-shirt. "Mmm... Duo... that was just..."

Their mouths met again; the intensity of the flavored kiss even more pronounced than the one they had shared earlier.

Duo pulled back seconds later and sniffed the air. "Ummm... I think the pizza is burning."

He rose and reached inside his jeans to adjust his erection; winking at Heero as he did so and made his way into the kitchen.

Heero stood and redressed himself; shivering slightly as he thought about what had just happened. And at what he was pretty darn certain was about to.

He might have been the appetizer; but Duo would most definitely be dessert.


The pizza was salvageable. Just barely.

Neither one of them complained as they sat at the small round table in the center of Duo's kitchen. They both seemed amused in fact; obviously in agreement that some things were more important than dinner.

Heero looked across the table at Duo. "The pizza is good." He took another bite and washed it down with a sip of Pepsi.

Duo smiled. "Yeah. Tastes even better when it's not burnt."

Heero imagined that that was true. At the moment though, he didn't care. He was too preoccupied with naughty thoughts of Duo and apparently he had been staring at him.

He felt Duo tug at the sleeve of his shirt. "You're zoning out. Tired?"

Heero snapped out of his visual admiration and looked down at his watch. It was only 9:30 but he was feeling a little tired; sexual activity generally had that affect on him. "A little, but I'll be fine."

Duo leaned forward and took a napkin from its holder in the center of table. Heero reached for his hand and brought it up to his mouth; drawing one of the slender fingers deep inside and sucking suggestively on it. He released it, still holding Duo's fingertips close enough to his lips so that Duo could feel the warmth of his breath on them. "I could go for dessert in bed though."

The words and the tone in which Heero spoke them had the combined effect of causing Duo to visibly shiver. He let out a low moan and allowed Heero to tease him once more before retracting his hand from Heero's mouth. "We won't make it to the bed if you keep that up."

Heero could imagine how on edge Duo was at that moment. He had not climaxed earlier. Heero needed to rectify that situation and soon.

Duo stood and pushed his chair back, putting his trash in the small plastic can in the corner of the room and setting his dishes down in the sink. Heero did the same and came up behind Duo just as he bent over the kitchen table to wash it. Duo paused his motions when he felt the heat and pressure of Heero's body behind him. Heero's one hand snaked down around his waist, settling itself on the bulge still prominent in his jeans.

"I thought you wanted dessert in bed?" Duo questioned tentatively.

Heero hand did not cease its movements; if anything it sped up, applying more pressure as he alternately stroked Duo's length and teased the tip of it with his thumb through the thick denim fabric of his dungarees.


Heero moved forward in response to Duo calling out his name and brought his mouth down to Duo's ear. "I thought that dessert would be more enjoyable if we had some.... pre-dessert." he whispered.

Duo gasped as Heero's hand moved to unfasten his jeans. He could feel each notch of the metal zipper being released as Heero lowered it slowly. He reached for Heero's hand and guided the two inside his briefs to curl Heero's fingers around his heated shaft. "Oh yeah...." Duo moaned.

Heero pulled Duo into an upright position and began stroking him; his body joining in the rhythm as Duo began thrusting into his hand. His hard on was pressed snug up against Duo's bottom. If he didn't stop soon, he was liable to come in his pants. He forced himself to take a step backward, slipping his left hand inside the back of Duo's jeans, trailing his finger down the crevice of his ass. The touch caused Duo's hips to move more frantically and his breath began to quicken. Heero's fingers moved further downward, teasing the soft flesh at the underside of Duo's balls with one finger while his bent thumb pressed against his tight opening.

Heero's tongue licked at Duo's neck and moved upward; he spoke softly near his ear again, "I want to fuck you." He ground his hips against Duo then, unnecessarily reinforcing his words. "I need to fuck you." It sounded like more of a growl this time to Duo. The desire in Heero's voice and the increased speed of his hand brought Duo to the brink of orgasm. "Aww Christ, Heero!"

Heero slid the pad of his thumb through the slick wetness at the tip of Duo's cock and Duo fell back to lie against him as Heero fondled and caressed every inch of Duo's body in his reach. Duo began to tremble in his grasp and Heero was able to feel the first stream of ejaculate escaping as he firmly worked the thick length in his hand. Duo's lower body jerked unevenly as Heero stroked him and he moaned Heero's name over and over as he climaxed.

"Mmmm.... beautiful." Heero bent down to kiss Duo's temple, tasting the sweat there as he did. He could just barely see the movement of Duo's cheeks from this angle, but he knew that Duo was smiling.


Heero had wanted to request that the two take a shower before they proceeded any further.

He imagined that Duo's hair would take many hours to dry; even if assisted by a blow dryer. He also thought that Duo was probably very skilled at showering while keeping his hair completely from the spray. The image his thoughts delivered made Heero realize that showering with Duo would most likely lead to sex and while that wasn't a bad thing; it was not what he had planned.

"Thinking about me?"

Duo had come up behind him as he stood in the center of the living room lost in his thoughts. Duo palmed Heero's arousal as he spoke and Heero closed his eyes.

"I'm gonna hop in the shower." he informed Heero and then he was gone.

Heero let out a sigh and grabbed a magazine from Duo's coffee table and seated himself on the couch. Duo had left the bedroom door open and Heero could hear the water running. He imagined that Duo was inside the small room taking off his clothes as the water tempered. He growled and stood to take the remote control from atop the television.

Duo entered the room not ten minutes later with a small white towel wrapped around his waist. It was slung rather low on the left side and his pelvic bone was fully exposed. Heero let his eyes wander slowly over Duo's body once or twice more before glancing up to meet Duo's gaze.

"You gonna take a shower?"

Heero nodded and stood; following Duo into his bedroom.

Duo motioned with his eyes toward the bathroom. "I left some towels out for you."

Heero nodded his appreciation.

He leaned forward to kiss Heero; just slipping his tongue inside Heero's mouth for a second or two. "Don't feel like you have to use them though."

Heero watched as Duo's right hand moved to his waist and let his towel fall to the floor.

Duo was very much aroused and Heero could not help but stare. His own cock hardened fully and he reached out for Duo again to kiss him. Heero wrapped his arms around Duo, caressing his upper back and letting his hands drift still lower. Duo's skin was still damp and he smelled of citrus and sage. Heero pulled back from the kiss and turned toward the bathroom. He unfastened his jeans as he stepped inside the tiny room, allowing them to slide down over his hips before he closed the door. He wore nothing beneath them.


Heero found that he'd been in an almost constant state of arousal since arriving at Duo's nearly three hours ago. He noted with an outward grin that Duo had been hard a good portion of the time as well. He had not thought that his attraction to Duo was a minor one. He was not surprised by his body's reaction to being near Duo nor the strong desire he had to want to have sex with him. Duo wanted Heero as much as, if not more than Heero wanted him.

Heero's soapy hand stilled as it neared his erection. The shower had fairly recently become his favorite place to seek pleasure by his own hand. It was especially difficult to ignore his need this time; knowing that Duo was just on the other side of the door waiting for him.

Heero thought that Duo's earlier suggestion that he not use the towels might have been based on one of Duo's fantasies. He imagined that Duo would not have felt comfortable coming right out and saying so and Heero did not have the nerve to ask. He did wish to please Duo in any way that he could though and he entered Duo's bedroom naked.

Duo's eyes were closed. He was lying in the center of the bed with his legs spread and there was a dark sheet draped over his mid-section. Heero could tell that Duo's was aroused and wondered if he had been thinking about him and what was about to take place between them. Heero noticed too that Duo's right arm was hidden beneath the sheet as well.

He joined Duo on the bed, slipping his left hand beneath the sheet to seek out his lovers cock. Duo's fingers were indeed wrapped around his length. He was stroking himself slowly and did not stop even after Heero's hand made the discovery.

"You make me so fucking horny."

Heero looked up at Duo's admission. Duo's eyes remained closed as he continued the movements of his hand.

"I want you to fuck me, Heero."

Heero pulled the sheet back so that he could see all of Duo and brought his mouth down to Duo's cock. He licked at the tip before drawing the head of it into his mouth; not taking Duo's hand away. He enjoyed watching Duo pleasure himself. He had fantasized about it many times.

Duo seemed to instantly take note of his fascination. "Do you want me to masturbate for you?"

Heero could feel his cheeks flush. It was almost as if Duo knew. "Yes. But not right now."

"I want to do kinky things with you."

Heero wondered if Duo's idea of kinky was similar to his own. Several things he'd not thought of before had come to him since he'd arrived at Duo's; several more just now at Duo's admission. "We will." Heero promised.

Duo leaned over and opened his nightstand drawer, producing a bottle of Astroglide and handed it to Heero. He laid back down again, spreading his legs wide as he looked over at Heero. "Right now you just want to fuck me. I want you to."

It took Heero only seconds to get the bottle open, coat his fingers and reach down in between Duo's legs. He watched Duo's expression as he pushed his index finger up into him.

"Oh yeah.." he hissed.

Heero moved it quickly in and out, noticing how relaxed Duo's muscles were. He immediately added a second and leaned forward to kiss Duo. Duo turned his head away. "Heero..." Duo's hips were already moving in small circles around Heero's fingers. "....if you keep that up... I'm going to come."

Heero removed his fingers and reached for the lube. He was glad that there was no need for him to hide how very much he wanted to have his cock inside of Duo.

"I want you to fuck me hard this time."

Heero nodded. There would definitely be a next time; a lot of them if he had his way.

He positioned himself in between Duo's legs and rose up onto his knees. Duo scooted closer to him and Heero reached out to take the calf of Duo's left leg in his hand. He touched just the head of his cock to Duo's entrance.

"I like it like this." Duo admitted. "I want to be able to see you."

He too preferred taking Duo this way the first time. A lot of his fantasies included taking him from behind though; Duo bent over an endless variety of surfaces and always begging to be fucked.

His eyes locked onto Duo's as he slowly pushed forward.

"Oh yeah... all the way in, baby."

Heero groaned and complied; instantly burying himself to the hilt. He paused then, not certain if it was for Duo's benefit or his own; maybe it was both.

Duo's body was incredibly tight and warm. It felt nothing at all like his hand or even like Duo's mouth. "Tell me when you're ready."

Duo's bucked his hips and Heero let out a long deep moan. He took Duo's action to mean that he was ready and he slid half his length from inside Duo before thrusting his hips forward and entering him again. Duo let out a gasp as Heero started moving. His head tossed from side to side and Heero noticed that he occasionally bit down on his lower lip. He could tell that it was not because Duo was in any sort of pain.

He began thrusting more deeply, rocking his hips up after he was already pressed hard up against Duo's ass.

"Jeezus Christ!!"

Heero brought Duo's leg down to rest on his shoulder at the knee. He reached for the other leg and Duo lifted his hips to assist in its placement.

"Do you want me to fuck you harder?" Heero wanted to and hoped that Duo wanted him to.

"Yeah... please!" It almost sounded to Heero like Duo was begging; though not quite the way he did when Heero fantasized about it.

Heero then started a series of rapid thrusts, pulling all the way out of Duo and slamming back inside him with considerable force. He was certain that he could withstand little more of the current pace. He looked down at Duo. He was panting and sweating and his eyes were squeezed shut. His braid had started to come unraveled; long strands of reddish-brown hair clung to his upper arms and the sides of his face.


Duo opened his eyes and looked up at Heero.

Heero was an incredible vision perched above him and lost in the throes of ecstasy. Duo could tell how close to climax he was. He reached down and began stroking his cock. "Hold on!"

Heero did just that, reaching out to tightly grasp at Duo's hips as he continued driving himself in and out of him. Heero felt Duo's muscles constrict around his shaft and he heard himself cry out loudly as he starting coming inside of Duo.

He could hear Duo moaning his name and gasping for breath as he shuddered beneath him. Heero tried to keep his eyes focused on Duo's face. Each of his beautiful features was erotically twisted by the pleasure they were giving to and taking from one another.

Heero didn't think that he would ever forget it.


They had both fallen asleep shortly afterward.

Heero had managed to find the strength to journey into the bathroom and dampen two washcloths.

Duo looked to be nearly comatose when Heero returned and instead of waking him, he wiped the mess from Duo's chest; unable to resist licking the small traces of come from the side of Duo's neck. He pulled the covers up over them both and moved onto his side to face Duo and Heero couldn't help but smile. Things were turning out better than he'd hoped.


Duo woke the following morning to the soft sound of Heero's breathing. He rolled over onto his back and stretched his arms high above his head. Heero shifted in the bed beside him and opened his eyes.


Duo propped himself up on one elbow and leaned over, kissing Heero full on the lips before climbing out of bed.

When he returned from the bathroom, it appeared that Heero had fallen back asleep.

Duo slipped on a pair of shorts and sat down in front of his computer. It had become a more integral part of his life than he'd originally figured. He clicked on the shortcut to AOL and connected. He smiled again as the yellow man dashed across the screen.

"You've Got Mail!" the masculine voice announced.

Duo heard movement from the other side of the room and turned to face his bed. Heero's eyes were open now and were watching him with curiosity.

"What?" Duo asked with a grin.

Heero threw the covers off to the side and rolled over onto his back.

Duo could hardly stifle his groan. Heero Yuy was in his bed, naked and very much aroused.

Oh yes, he definitely had male.


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