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additional notes: future parts of this fic may or may not include: vouyerism, masturbation, a little kinkyness, a touch of my odd sense of humor, poison ivy and things you should definitely not try at home!

over the river and through the woods
part 12

The hike back home, as we now considered it, was made almost totally in silence. I know that I was just too tired to talk and assumed Heero was as well, though he really isn't much of a talker to begin with. He did speak as we entered camp, informing me of what he was going to do and giving me my own task as well.

"I'm going to get changed. Go get the first aid kit."

He disappeared into the tent and I bent to get said box from under the picnic table and seated myself on the bench.

Several minutes later, he emerged, seating himself beside me with one leg on either side of the narrow bench planks. "Turn around."

I turned at the waist so that my back faced him and gathered my wet hair, bringing it over my shoulder to lie on my chest. He was gentle as he cleaned the bruised area and carefully applied a thin layer of bacitracin ointment to it. "It really doesn't hurt that much, you know." I spoke softly.

"Good." he commented in return, placing a kiss on the back of my neck.

I felt him reach over my shoulder for my hair, twisting a towel around it and squeezing some of the water out it; mindful not to let his hands or the heavy towel touch my injuries. He removed the towel and brought my hair back to lay on my chest, sitting the towel on the top of my head and rubbing it furiously with both hands. "All set." he announced, placing the towel down on the table. I tilted my head back and stole a quick kiss. "Thanks." I smiled, kissing him again.

I turned to face forward and put on the shirt he had brought me from the tent. "Let's go lie down." I told him, taking his hand in mine as I stood. I moved toward the center of the campsite and bent to pick up the sleeping bag, dragging it toward the tent. The sun was still fairly strong and most of the site was fully exposed to its heated rays. The tent offered us total shade and therefore less heat.... it was the first time we'd actually been in it since we'd arrived.


It hadn't taken either of us long to fall asleep and I woke a while later, finding us in virtually the same position we'd started out in. I nuzzled up closer to Heero and tightened the grip I had on his waist. I was in all my glory. This was by far the most relaxing vacation we'd taken in the five years we'd been together. All 24 hours of every day were ours to do with what we pleased or to do nothing if we found that pleased us. There were no schedules that needed adhering to, no traffic to sit in, no phones, no closing times, no anxiety and no people.

I smiled as I finished my thoughts and opened my eyes to glance at my sleeping lover. "Well, one person.... " I whispered. "....love you." I finished, letting my eyes close and drifting back off to sleep.


Heero roused me sometime later, gently informing me that we had been asleep for several hours and that if we wanted dinner before dark, that we should get up. I was still groggy, but it didn't seem like he was in any hurry to move either. I moaned and rolled over, laying my head on his chest, his arm carefully pulling me closer.

"Too bad we can't just call out for pizza." I remarked in jest as I turned my head up toward his.

He nodded and looked down at me, "We can do something quick." he assured me, "Let's go."


We had eaten fairly healthy all week, with the exception of day one's hot dogs and neither one of us felt a compulsion to do anything more than stop our hunger. "How about macaroni and cheese?" Heero asked me, holding up a box of generic pasta and processed cheese food.

"Works for me." I responded with a smile, "I'll start the fire."

He nodded and took out a pot and filled it with water, setting it on the table and assisting me in getting the fire going. Within a half an hour, we were seated at the table with enough food to fill us both and only one pot to clean; what more could you ask for.


After dinner, I washed what few dishes the meal had created while Heero cleaned up the table and together we put everything away we weren't going to be needing for the night.

"If we're gonna make coffee tonight, we're gonna need some more water." I told him, clear plastic jug in hand.

He volunteered to take the hike to fill the jug, while I got the coffee pot ready and set things up for the quiet night we had discussed and agreed on during dinner. I had pulled the sleeping bag out of the tent and laid it by the fire, adding a few more logs while I was there. Taking the backgammon game and lantern out from under the table, I set them on top of it and reached for a bug coil. I was just lighting the end of it when I heard Heero call out my name.

I looked up to see him just outside the perimeter of our site, standing perfectly still and looking right at me. "Hey you." I called out.

"Duo. Stand still." he warned sternly.

I cocked my head and furrowed my brow in confusion. "Need some help with the jug?" I asked, taking a few steps toward him.

"I said don't move." His tone was deadly serious.

It was then that I heard the distinct cracking of twigs from somewhere behind me. "Heero?"

He raised his finger to his lips and shook his head to silence me.

The noises were getting louder, meaning that whatever was behind me was getting closer and I looked at Heero, whose expression I didn't recognize.

It took me only another second or two to place it. Panic. Oh Shit.

It was then that I realized he wasn't just enjoying the local fauna and that it probably wasn't Bambi behind me.

I'm guessing that my face revealed exactly what was going through my mind.

He spoke again. "Stay calm."

I took a deep breath and tried to do as Heero suggested but was failing miserably. My heart had relocated and was now somewhere in my throat, pounding so loud that I could hear it and every part of me was trembling. I could actually smell the animal, rank and sour. Just how close was he?

I swallowed hard and looked up at Heero, who had set the water jug down and moved a bit closer to me.

I followed his line of vision and looked out of the corner of my eye.

Shit. Shit. Shit. The thing was about two feet off to my right and standing up on its hind legs. It was friggen huge. I looked back up at Heero, he was helpless to do anything and his expression revealed the frustration he was feeling. I was scared shit and I'm sure it showed. I shook my head a bit from side to side.

He motioned with his eyes toward the bear. I looked over again. Fuck. It had moved even closer to me, but was now on all fours, sniffing the ground. It appeared slightly less threatening like this as it lumbered around, that is until it opened its mouth and let out a growl; the deep bellow reverberating throughout my entire body. I closed my eyes as tight as I could and bit down hard on my lower lip; I think that is when I lost it and started to cry.

I stood fear-struck for what was probably a minute or two then looked up at Heero. He had once again taken several steps to close the gap between us; I hadn't even noticed.

He nodded once and moved quietly toward me. "It's leaving. Just stay there."

I nodded and looked off to my right, unable to see the animal beside me. I slowly exhaled and tried to calm myself down. My legs were trembling and I honestly didn't know how much longer they would be able to support me. I shut my eyes and remained motionless, only opening them when I felt Heero's arm around me.

"You okay?"

"I think so." I choked out. "I need to sit down."

He guided me to the table and I sat on the bench and looked up to where he stood. Our thoughts passed between us without words, both of our eyes a little glassy thinking about the possible outcome of that situation. He sat beside me on the bench and both arms reached out to hug me and I clung to him for dear life.


I'm not certain exactly how long we were sitting there before a voice startled us. "Excuse me. I'm sorry to disturb you..."

We both looked up to find a pair of Forest Rangers standing several feet in front of us.

We rose, ignoring the fact that they'd found us locked in an embrace; it didn't seem to bother them. "Good evening." Heero told them. "Something we can do for you?" he asked.

"Actually, yes. We're tracking down a bear and it seems she was headed this way. Any chance you've seen her?"

I laughed nervously and looked over at Heero. "Yeah. She was here alright. Left just a few minutes ago."

The rangers informed us that they were planning to tranquilize the animal and return her to an area of the park that would keep her out of contact with humans.

"It's not healthy for them to feed on people food, so to speak. Poses a danger to the animal as well as the park guests." he told us. "Every now and then one of them ventures off and as long as they find food, they're in no rush to head back home."

We nodded our understanding of the situation and they thanked us for our help.

Following the two toward the edge of our site, one of them spoke."We didn't realize that there was anyone staying down here. This part of the park doesn't get much use."

"We've been here since Saturday." Heero informed them.

The young ranger looked a little surprised and motioned with his hand to where the facilities were located. "I don't suppose anyone turned on the hot water for you, did they?"

Heero and I looked at each other with wide eyes. "No." we replied in unison.

He smiled. "I'll do that for you before we go. Enjoy your stay."

We waited for them to leave and made our way back to the picnic table, sitting beside one another.

I'm an eternal optimist; always have been. I'm also a firm believer that there is a silver lining in every cloud. The first 16 years of my existence and the life I was now living was all the proof I needed that it was indeed a truism.

I turned toward Heero and took his face into both of my hands, kissing his lips firmly. "Hey, baby. Can I interest you in a shower?"

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