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warnings: yaoi, AU, OOC, POV, PWP, lemon, sap!
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pairings: 1X2X1... do i ever write anything else?!?!

notes: this one is for d_huron, who is unrelenting in his pleas to get a lemon out of me! i made him wait so long... just to watch him squirm.

additional notes: future parts of this fic may or may not include: vouyerism, masturbation, a little kinkyness, a touch of my odd sense of humor, poison ivy and things you should definitely not try at home!

over the river and through the woods
part 10

I sat panting and out of breath under a small cluster of bushes about 500 yards to the left of the showers. I had somehow succeeded in eluding Heero, though knowing him, he had allowed me to escape; intent on using the time to carefully plot his revenge. I waited about 10 minutes before heading back to camp, still grinning over what I had done.

I approached quietly in the hopes of catching Heero off guard and maybe gaining a clue of his intended revenge. He was no where to be seen, but that was no guarantee that he wasn't there. "Heero?" I called out, trying again when I got no response. Satisfied that he wasn't there, I relaxed and crawled into the tent to change into my bathing suit, throwing a loose pair of shorts and t-shirt on over it.

Taking with me everything I thought we might need for our afternoon swim, I exited the tent and was greeted by my missing lover. Well, greeted wasn't perhaps the best term to use, since he'd not spoken, settling for hurling himself at me and pinning me to the ground beneath him.

It took a second for me to get my wind back, then I grinned up at him. "Umm.....hi. Nice tackle."

He smirked in return. "That was a very evil thing to do, koi."

I nodded and laughed. "You should have seen the look on your face. It was priceless."

"I bet it was."

"You gonna get up now?"

He shook his head. "We're not quite even yet. Still haven't decided what I'm going to do to you."

"Can you figure it out *after* you get up?" I asked as I wiggled beneath him. "I've got all these branches sticking into me and they aren't exactly comfortable."

"Neither was the ground beneath the hammock... especially when you're falling down onto it from three feet in the air while barely dressed."

"Eep!" I hadn't thought about that when I'd flipped him. "Damage anything of value?" I asked, trying my best to stifle my laugh.

"No, but I could have."

"And I would have kissed it and made it better." I offered, looking up at him. "Want me to anyway?" I asked, winking.

"Is sex your answer to everything?" he asked with an amused tone.

I nodded. "You never complained before."

"Not complaining now either. It was just a question."

"Sooo..... is that a yes then?" I asked, shifting to try to free my hands still held captive at my sides.

"Can I take a rain check?" he asked, relaxing his knees to let my arms loose.

I immediately reached up and wrapped both arms around his waist. "Yup. So we even now?" I questioned.

"Hardly." he grinned, bending down and giving me a quick peck before he stood.

Can't blame a guy for trying.


Heero headed into the tent to change into his swimsuit while I proceeded to gather everything I needed to make lunch. I sat at the table and assembled the sandwiches, tucking them into small plastic bags. "You almost done?" I called out, filling the cooler with ice, a few drinks and the sandwiches I'd just made. He emerged several minutes later with our towels and a book in hand and we left camp.

It was about a 20 minute walk and we chose to make it close to the water's edge, though it most likely wasn't the easiest route we could have taken. The banks of the river were rocky, as was the bed of the river itself and the journey basically consisted of stepping or jumping from one huge rock to the next until we reached our destination.

"Well.... that was... tiring." I announced, taking off my shirt and plopping myself down onto the only visible patch of grass. It was nearly 1:00 and the August sun was directly overhead, adding sweat to the list of current conditions that were causing me discomfort.

I rested for only a minute as I watched Heero lay the towel down in the small clearing and seat himself on it, then declared my intentions. "Cold or not... I'm going in." I took off my boots and rose to remove my shorts, wading knee deep into the water without regard for its temperature.

"You coming?" I asked, turning around to face Heero.

"I think I'll pass for now." he returned, lying down and taking his book in hand.

I shrugged my shoulders and continued walking into the river, gasping slightly as the coolness reached my upper thighs. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes and dove into the water. The precise moment of total submersion was a bit of a shock, but my body adjusted quickly and by the time I resurfaced seconds later, there wasn't a hint of a chill left.

I swam for a while, pretending not to notice that Heero was feeling the full effects of the afternoon sun. He had removed his shirt shortly after I entered the water and was in the process of taking off his shorts with his back turned toward me. I struggled not to verbalize the cat calls that were precariously situated on the tip of my tongue. "Gonna join me?" I called out as he turned around. I took his moment of silent thought to appreciate his form and gave thanks to whomever had the foresight to make swim wear out of spandex.

"In a few minutes." he returned, seating himself once again.

I acknowledged his reply and continued swimming, occasionally stopping to let the current carry me as I floated on my back. I looked up about 10 minutes later to find Heero still engrossed in his book. Rather than ask him if he was going to come in again, I quietly swam toward the shore and slipped off my bathing suit; wringing out some of the water before wadding it up into a ball and tossing it at him. I snickered and brought my hand up to cover my mouth as it reached its target, hitting him square in the chest with a dulled splat. That got his attention.

He looked up in surprise and took my wet suit in hand, looking down at it and then up at me. "Is this an invitation?"

"Oh yeah..... Accepted?"

He stood and laid my suit on the towel and neared the waters edge. I could clearly see the beginnings of an erection in his white Speedo and I whistled at the view. He looked down at where my eyes were focused and then back up at me. "Just how cold *is* the water?"

I kept my eyes on him and took several steps, just letting the tip of my cock break the waters surface. "Not *that* cold...."

It was all relative. Having dealt with icy showers twice in the past three days had somewhat raised my tolerance. If I had to make a guess, I'd say the river was around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. While not the optimum temperature for swimming, it allowed one to gain and maintain an erection; which was apparently all that mattered at the moment.

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