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This is a side story to "Mission Details"
CATEGORY: yaoi, humor, lime
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WARNING: frank discussion of the act of self-pleasure ^__^ (no kittens were harmed in the making of this fic, lol!)
NOTES: Takes place after "Mission Details" but it is not necessary to have read that fic to enjoy this one.

SUMMARY: Heero and Duo clear up a little misunderstanding.

AUTHOR NOTES: I had, at one time, meant this to be one of the closing scenes of MD, but it didn't end up working out that way, so I saved all my notes, adjusted a few things, and was able to make it a side story instead. Thanks be to Sakti - beta-extraordinaire

Traumatizing the Dog
by Dev-Aki Basaa

The seduction had started hours ago. A look here, a touch there, a carefully spoken word. They'd let it last, neither making the first blatant move and thus break the build-up. Perhaps, because they had the freedom of time as they hadn't had for so long, they reveled in the lingering enticement, drawing out the inevitable conclusion.

Even as they'd eaten dinner, they'd said nothing of importance with their mouths - they spoke of returning to active duty and the recent change in the weather and of the new dynamics in the apartment complex. But their eyes. Their eyes had communicated volumes between them. 'I want you. I need you. I love you. I have to have you.'

Before long, Duo couldn't even swallow his next bite of meatloaf and finally grunted out, "Bedroom?" with Heero's answering gasp of, "Yes."

Beyond the threshold of their bedroom door, they crushed their bodies together, passion clouding their minds. They pulled at clothing already half divested and suckled deep busing marks on each other's flesh.

And yet Heero pulled away, albeit reluctantly given the way he let the parting kiss linger, pulling Duo's bottom lip with him as he parted. He then turned to Mari who was curled up next to the bed, ushered her out and closed the bedroom door behind her. Soon, he was back in Duo's arms, his mouth capturing a patch of Duo's skin on his neck and laving it gently. Duo didn't respond right away, his eyes were on the now closed door even as he wrapped his arms back around Heero's body, as if on instinct. He was still considering Heero's move and after another moment, he spoke.

"You know," he began, pressing a kiss to Heero's forehead as it passed before his lips, "it's not necessarily to put her out each time. We're hardly traumatizing the dog by having sex in front of her." He then allowed himself to go back into the passion that brought them to this moment, his hands dipping low and caressing Heero's ass. "Besides," he continued, "when you were gone, she saw me masturbating many times."

Heero seemed to freeze, mouth open against Duo's collarbone, one hand threaded into the base of Duo's braid, the other slipping down over Duo's groin. He pulled back, an alarmed expression on his face that made Duo's eyes widen with surprise.

"You masturbated for the dog!?" Heero asked him, his voice touched with horror. Duo froze as well, shocked as much by the question as by the tone it was asked in. His brows drew together, his own alarm coloring his voice.

"Jesus!" he spat, taking a step back from Heero. "You make it sound so intentional, like," Duo gestured, waving his hand, as if calling the dog to him, "'Here, Mari, come watch me get off, happy family fun time', no!" he spat out again, his hands, curled into fists, now resting on his hips. "I was lying in bed, playing with myself, she walked in." He then spread his hands. "It happens."

Heero still looked alarmed. "Was she ever on the bed?"

Exasperated, Duo almost didn't have anything to say, his mouth gaping open in utter shock. He couldn't believe he was even *having* this conversation! "I don't know," he said, shrugging, spreading his hands again, as if to apologize. "Maybe. I don't remember."

Heero still looked horrified, staring at Duo. He had that look on his face that made Duo think of the characters sweatdropping in his mangas.

"Argh!" Duo threw up his hands and turned his back to Heero. "Stop looking at me like that! You're making me feel all dirty." He folded his arms across his chest and held them there very tightly; his shoulders hunched a bit.

He then felt Heero's arms wrap around him but he didn't relax. Did Heero *really* think he was some kind of pervert!? ACK! What if he was!? Duo winced at the thought.

"I'm sorry," Heero said, rubbing his hands over Duo's arms. "Do you want me to let her in to watch us?"


"No!" Duo said as he turned to face Heero. Then shaking his head, he added, "You are SO missing the point, Yuy!" He gestured towards the door, continuing. "You always make a point to shield her from us having sex and I'm saying it's not necessary, but we don't have to give her a front row seat either!"

Heero's continence seemed to resign to that idea. "Okay," he said.

"Okay?" Duo wanted to make sure. He didn't want this conversation to come back to haunt him. 'Yes, Therapist-san, he makes me have sex in front of the dog; I'm horrified by it. It's ruined our relationship.'

"Yes," Heero said with a nod. He rubbed his hands over Duo's arms again, sliding up to his shoulders and back down. He dipped his head a little to catch Duo's indirect gaze. "Are we okay?"

"Yes," Duo answered, but he still felt kinda creepy over this entire conversation. Mari being present was just an accident, he swore!

Heero brushed his fingers through Duo's bangs. "May I make love to you now?"

Duo couldn't help but smile after a question like that. He let his arms drop to his sides and raised his gaze to meet Heero's full on. "Yes," he told him.

"Look," Heero then said, taking a step towards the door, "I'll even open the door. Whatever happens, happens."

He opened the door, pushing it to its extreme, and then he came back to Duo, taking his chin between his thumb and forefinger and leaning in to kiss him. Their passion of before fared easily back to life.

Soon they were on the bed, stripping each other of clothing, rolling back and forth to assist the process. A shirt flying that way; pants soaring the other way. Duo trailed his mouth down Heero's sternum only to be flipped over and have the same done to him. He was just about to turn Heero back over and have his way with the sensitive skin of Heero's inner thigh when a large *thump* stopped them both for a moment.

Heero looked up and then back down at Duo.

"I think I just knocked Mari off the bed. Do you think she's okay?"

"Did she run away?" Duo asked.


Duo nodded, reaching up, cupping his hand across the back of Heero's neck to pull him back down. "Then she's fine," he said.

Heero resisted against Duo's hand, his face crumpling with concern. "Maybe we were better off with the door closed."

Duo shook his head. "No, this is better. A lesson has been learned here," he said as he rubbed his thumb along the side of Heero's neck, grinning at his answering shiver. "Some rough and tumble games she's not invited to be a part of and she'll have to amuse herself until we get done or get hurt in the process."

Heero cocked one brow, looking a tad suspicious at Duo's logic. "If you say so."

Duo shook his head. "No, what I say is, 'kiss me harder, Heero Yuy.'" And he pulled again on the back of Heero's neck, this time drawing him down and capturing his lips. Soon they were too lost in the intensity of their passion to pay thought towards anything other than each other.


Mari stood in the doorway watching her people rut against each other. She cocked her head to one side, puzzled by the sounds they were making and the odd way they were saying their words. Then, with a little puppy sigh, she turned away and went off to find something more interesting to do.

Humans were so strange.


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