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This is a side story to "Mission Details" PAIRING: 1x2
CATEGORY: yaoi, a touch of sap
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NOTES: Takes place after "Mission Details" but it is probably not necessary to have read that fic to enjoy this one, but it might make more sense if you have.

AUTHOR NOTES: Nothing special, just a little post-MD conversation ^_^ Aren't they cute? See Sakti. See Sakti beta this fic. See Sakti do a good job. Thanks Sakti! :p

SUMMARY: Heero and Duo talk over the making of soup.

by Dev-Aki Basaa

Duo sat backwards on the stool in the kitchen, legs split to either side of the runged-back chair, watching as Heero sliced carrots for the soup he was making. After the appointment Heero'd had that day, Duo thought he should be making *him* soup, but Heero insisted it was his turn and didn't want to break with the routine - doctor's appointment earlier or not. Duo folded his hands over the back of the barstool, and then rested his chin on them. He liked just being near Heero, even if they weren't talking, even if he was busy doing something else. There were things Duo could be occupying himself with while Heero made dinner, but he just felt drawn to him and would rather sit here by him, content to watch the delicate, accurate way he sliced vegetables and measured the spices. As far as Duo was concerned, other things could wait. Heero never seemed to mind the company, anyway, even if it wasn't always so silent.

"It doesn't hurt?" Duo asked him.

Heero shook his head and picked up a celery stalk to slice. "It doesn't hurt. It was very simple laser surgery."

Duo cocked his head to one side, his chin shifting on the back of his hand. "Do you miss them?"

Heero shrugged, raising and lowering his knife in timed precision. "Not really, I kept what I liked."

"Not even the tongue piercing?" Duo didn't hide the disappointment in his voice - he was very sorry to see that little addition go.

Heero dumped the tray of sliced veggies into the crock-pot and reached for the bowl of chicken he'd cooked and de-boned already, and then responded. "Une was insistent that it go," he said. "I wouldn't have minded keeping that," he added, a touch of wistfulness to his voice.

"Well," Duo began with a firm nod, his hands sliding over the top rung of the chair and back again with the movement of his chin. "I'm glad your nipples are still pierced and that you kept the one ring in your ear to wear my cross."

Heero glanced over at Duo and smiled. "I'm glad you approve."

Duo smiled back and shrugged. "In fact, I was impressed that you insisted to keep the matching tattoos on your back and neck."

Heero nodded again, slicing the chicken into perfect little square chunks. "Well, Une was concerned about identifying marks, but since I'm off any undercover missions for a while, she acquiesced."

Duo chuckled to himself and shook his head. "And I still think Wufei was sorry to see the blade on your calf go."

Heero snorted. "Perhaps, but he'd eat dirt before he'd admit that." He dumped the first pile of chicken into the crock-pot. He always made it with extra chicken because he knew that's how Duo liked it. Duo smiled as he watched Heero grab another piece of chicken to slice.

"Heh. Probably," he answered and then chuckled again at the thought.

After a few more moments of companionable silence, Heero paused, seeming to consider the spread of spices and vegetables he had set out in front of him. His hand hesitating for only a second, he reached over and picked up a bundle of radishes and then handed them out to Duo. "Do you want to clean and slice these?"

Duo lifted his head, surprised. Heero had never let him help cook on his days before, said he was fine doing it alone. At least, that was before they'd spent the last two years alone. "Yeah, sure!" Duo answered and he stood up from the stool, taking a place next to Heero at the sink. He bumped his hip against him, playful and grinning.

Heero shook his head, but grinned as well. "Baka," he murmured, then bumped Duo back with his hip.

Laughing out loud, Duo stuck the radishes under the faucet and grabbed a knife. There were still plenty of things left to do.


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