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Warnings: Shounen ai/ yaoi. AU. Sap? OOC? Relena Bashing! Light Angst. Lime in parts 4 and 5. Lemon in Epilogue.

Author's Note: This is a Faery Tale fic that has come a lo~ng way from the actual tale. A.k.a. Tanith has taken the Grimm story Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) and twisted it, so that only the basic sleep until kissed is the same. If this for some reason bothers you, please leave. Also this is/will be yaoi. It has citrus.

Kiss of Fate
by Tanith

"So beautiful," a high voice whispered reverently. She trailed a finger over the high cheekbone of a man's chiseled face, which was currently being reflected in the mirror the woman was standing before. "I must have him. He's absolutely splendid," the woman cried, flinging a lock of golden hair over her narrow shoulder. "Mirror, show me more of this man," she commanded, her blue eyes glittering with a strange light as she waited eagerly.

The looking glass went smooth, no longer reflecting the face of the man, not even the face of the woman standing before it. The silver glass shone matte against the light, not allowing the barest sparkle to mar its surface. Then, the tiniest of ripples started in the center; spreading gracefully outward until the entire surface was a quivering mass, a myriad of colors shifting on it like a kaleidoscope.

When the mirror ceased to move once again it held a picture of a couple, one of them the man from before, standing with arms encircling another person with long, flowing hair as they gazed lovingly into each other's eyes. "No, no, no!" the woman shrieked and flung an arm. The picture dissolved, then rematerialized into another, this one of the same man from the first reflection leaning down and gently pressing his lips to the other's. "This can't be right!" she cried in denial, her eyes flashing angrily as the reflection changed yet again, this time with the pair lying peacefully in bed, curled into one another. "It cannot be! He's mine!" she screamed, never mind the fact that she had never once actually met the man she claimed to own.

She turned away from the looking glass, and moved the stand thoughtfully by her window, gazing out at the stars twinkling merrily in the sapphire sky. :: Like his eyes... :: "Tell me, mirror, who is that man," she asked, her voice ringing clearly as she spoke to the mirror.

"Prince Heero of the first continent, Raiyne, Majesty," an echoing voice replied immediately.

"Heero..." she murmured, testing the name, lifting a finger to hold above a flickering flame of a candle on the windowsill. "And the other?" her voice darkened and she snuffed the candle out.

"Prince Duo of the second continent, Dalinae, Majesty."

"Prince?" she questioned shrilly, her mouth turning down in distaste. "There must be a way to separate the two. I must have that man. Heero..." she said again, enjoying the way the 'r' rolled off her tongue.

"If I may, Majesty?" the echoing voice trailed off and the woman turned to face the wizened old man now visible on the surface of the looking-glass.

"Yes, Pargan?"

"You will not be able to drag them apart now, short of death and even then the other would surely follow not long after," Pargan stated. The woman's blue eyes darkened and she opened her mouth the reply heatedly but the old man's echoing voice continued before she could interrupt. "However, Majesty, if you were to intercede before the two actually met, the Prince you want could fall easily into your hands."

"You suggest I go back in time, Pargan?" she asked, her lips pursing thoughtfully, a hand coming up to toy with a lock of wheat colored hair.

"Yes, Majesty."

"And I could have him? Prince Heero would be mine?"

"...Yes, Majesty."

"Your idea has merit, Pargan," she said and moved into her study to prepare, not noticing three pairs of eyes that had been watching her every move from the doorway.


"We cannot allow her to do this!" a black haired boy exclaimed, his equally black eyes flashing angrily. "It's injustice, trifling with the fate of others to serve your own designs."

"Wufei, calm down," a little blonde said soothingly as he nibbled on his lip in his own obvious distress. "There's nothing we can do to stop her, really. She's stronger then the three of us, ne Trowa?" The tall one nodded from where he stood, arms crossed and leaning against the wall.

"I don't like this! That witch is always using her majicks for wrong," Wufei grumbled, joining Trowa in a similar position.

The blonde nodded, but his aquamarine eyes were shining thoughtfully. "I think I have an idea!" he cried and looked first to Trowa then Wufei.

"What is it, Quatre?" Wufei asked impatiently at the same time as Trowa raised his visible reddish eyebrow, the other hidden behind a thick fall of hair.

"Well, we could follow her, couldn't we? If we did something to counteract whatever spell she casts, there's a chance we could save the boy, isn't there?"

"Hai, but you said it yourself, Quatre, we're not as powerful as she is."

"But, we're smarter," he said and the other two nodded. "There are always holes in her spells, no matter how strong they originally are. We will find a way."


The room was filled to the brim with masked and colorfully clothed people. Conversation was mostly swayed to one topic -- the King's new son. After near to twenty years of trying, yet not succeeding, King Maxwell's beloved wife had finally gifted him with an heir, and today was to be the infant's first day to be viewed by his people.

"It's a relief we made it here before her," Quatre whispered to his companions, his blue-green gaze riveted on the cradle rocking between the two thrones that sat on a raised dais.

"Of course we did," Wufei snorted. "She takes hours to prepare until she's finally satisfied with her appearance," he said, muttering something under his breath about frivolous women.

Trowa nodded his agreement just as the large pair of doors at the front of the hall flew open, revealing a smirking blonde in a flowing mauve gown. A hush fell over the room as she strode in determinedly, her chin raised high. "A party? And I wasn't invited. How very rude," her high voice rang across the room and the crowd parted in confusion, almost against their will, giving her a clear path to the dais.

"And who would you be to disturb our gathering?" King Maxwell asked coldly and he stood, robes swishing around his ankles at the movement.

"Relena," she said simply and dipped a mocking curtsey.

"The sorceress?" the king moved to stand at the front of the dais in instant understanding. "Forgive us our lack of courtesy, Lady---"

"I'm afraid I just cannot do that," she cut in, finally coming to a stop before the cradle. "Ah, the new heir. Duo, is it?" She looked up the see the king nod. "Odd name," she commented absently, looking away. Then her gaze focused on the king again and she raised a delicate blonde brow. "This child shall die---"

"Now see here!" King Maxwell started but Relena waved a hand and the words ceased. The man's own hand came up to grasp his throat, his pale blue eyes shining with pained confusion. Wufei's onyx eyes darkened furiously as he watched, but Quatre laid a restraining hand on his arm when the dark-haired boy made to move forward. They all new how much a silence spell hurt, having been subjected to the torture countless times before, but could do nothing without making their presence known to the witch.

"*Never* interrupt me," Relena snapped angrily before continuing her last statement. "This child shall die before long by the..." she trailed off and thought for a moment. "Spindle of a spinning wheel. Yes, a spinning wheel, there's enough of those around," she mumbled this absently to herself, but the noise carried throughout the hall. Quatre was hard-pressed not to choke on laughter then. :: A spinning wheel?! ::

The queen had moved her child from his cradle and was holding Duo tight against her chest, rocking him gently in her arms. "Why? Just because you were not sent an invitation?" she queried mournfully.

"Iie, I have my reasons," Relena said vaguely and did not elaborate. Her task accomplished, the blonde turned on heel and walked gracefully away, disappearing in a burst of steel blue [1] smoke before she reached the door.

"What are we going to do now?" the queen asked softly looking into her husband's sad eyes as he moved to stand beside her. Maxwell opened his mouth to reply but his face clenched with pain and his mouth snapped shut. Relena hadn't removed the silence spell.

Trowa nodded at Quatre questioning look and the blonde boy separated from the crowd and walked quickly to the dais. His sympathetic gaze locked with the king's and he raised a hand, pressing it gently to the man's throat, his brow furrowing briefly before removing his hand. "You can speak now," he whispered softly, his eyes lowering.

"I thank you," the king's voice was slightly rough but he smiled in relief.

Wufei and Trowa stepped forward nearly simultaneously then, Trowa moving to stand closely behind the blonde boy and Wufei at their side. "We can help," Wufei said.

"You can? How?" Maxwell said eagerly, almost too afraid to hope. :: That they could overpower a sorceress... ::

"Not overpower. Outwit," the banged boy stated in a near monotone, his face completely blank, drawing the king's startled gaze to him.

"How did you..?"

"Never mind that," Quatre cut in quickly, shooting the taller boy a quick look. He was probably the only person who could spot the hidden dismay in Trowa's green eye. Trowa had the ability to read minds, but sometimes it was hard to determine whether someone has spoken aloud or not. "We can unfortunately only change the spell, not cancel it out completely, your Grace. But it will give you time... and hope."

"Then do what you need to. I would do anything to keep my child alive and safe," the king stated after receiving a nod from his wife.

Quatre took a deep breath, determinedly not looking at his companions before he replied, "If you wish that, it would take more than just our spells."

"What do you mean?" Maxwell asked worriedly.

"To keep him alive, yes, we could do that by finding holes in Relena's spells and turn them against her. But to keep the babe safe you need to put him where the witch would not look. She knows when she has been foiled. And she would come back and try again and again until she succeeded."

"A safe place. But surely no place would be safe enough to hide him from her," the king's voice was tinged with hopelessness even as he looked at the small boy, his pale gaze search for even a small shred of hope.

"You could leave him with us. We have ways of hiding him," Quatre's soft alto was rushed, he refused to turn his gaze to either of his companions.

"Quatre, what..?" Quatre finally turned to Wufei and shook his head, then turned back to the king, his golden head bowed, waiting for a response.

The man's hand raised and dragged itself over his face, his pale eyes closing wearily. "It was supposed to be a happy day... I'll allow you to take him if you assure me he will be kept safe," the king stated, his tone resigned, but firm.

"Quatre come here... now," Wufei dragged the blond a bit away, the crowd of people's masked gaze following them as they went. Trowa walked after them, a small smile on his otherwise blank face. "Quatre, just what do you think you're doing?!" Wufei whispered heatedly.

"Saving a baby, and the future of two lovers," Quatre answered immediately and smiled softly.

"Quatre, we can't do that."

"But why not?" the blond pouted slightly. "He's so cute, and I don't want him to die. And it's true love! We can't let her steal that. And---"

"And we'd have to stay here," the black haired boy was struggling to keep his emotions contained, his slight frame almost trembling with the effort.

"Yes, but..."

"In the past, Quatre."


"And we're three *boys*, Quatre. We can't take care of a *baby*."

"Uhm... Well...."

"Okay, your maternal instincts beside, the other two of us can't take care of a baby," his tone became almost desperate and Quatre knew that was not his immediate problem. But he would not be swayed.

"But... Trowa!" the blond boy turned to look up at Trowa, the one who had always been the leader of their little group. "Trowa..." he murmured, his aquamarine eyes growing and wobbling slightly up at the taller boy. Trowa's visible dark green eye shut and he swallowed.

"... We stay." Wufei's shoulders slumped, his head lowering not before the other two caught an almost anguished light glowing in his dark eyes but he nodded.

"Thank you!" Quatre beamed and dragged them back to the front of the dais. "We promise to allow no harm to come to him," he smiled softly at the baby in the queen's arms. Maxwell nodded and Duo was handed reluctantly over to the blond by his mother. The baby's bright violet eyes blinked open, stunning in their shade, and he gave a gummy smile, his small arms waving excitedly in the air.

Quatre waved a finger at the babe, who immediately latched on, gripping the digit with all of his strength. The blonde boy smiled again and looked at the royal couple. "He will not die if he comes into contact with a... spindle of a spinning wheel," withholding a chuckle he continued. "Instead, he will simply sleep. A sleep that will remain unbroken and peaceful until he is awoken by the kiss of his one true love. Once the spell is broken, he shall be freed forever."


Smoke faded and Relena looked around at her surroundings. "Where am I..?" The room was completely different from her own in her majick-created castle. The drapes were pure, pink silk, sun shining cheerfully through the fabric, making patterns that had been embossed there stand out. The bed was large enough to fit a small army it seemed, and again covered in pink, a darker shade than the curtains but nonetheless eye catching. The rest of the room followed in much the same pattern, the only thing exactly the same as Relena's true chambers was the elegant mirror, hung on the wall over a white porcelain vanity.

"In the home of the royalty of the first continent, Majesty," Pargan echoed, his face blinking onto the surface of the looking glass.

"Why..? Oh," she then sunk onto the bed, a dazed yet delighted smile on her face. "Oh!" Memories she knew she had never made came rushing into her head. She was now betrothed to one Prince Heero and had been living in his home for the past year now. The other royal brat had not been heard of or from since the unfortunate day he had brought Sorceress Relena's attention to himself. "Then it worked!" she crowed, standing up.

"Yes, Majesty," Pargan replied.

"This... is wonderful," she said and threw open the door, rushing through the portal, anxious to get close to the object of her obsession. "HEEEROOOO!!!" was the echoing cry as Pargan faded back between dimensions, wishing that poor boy the best of luck.

1. I was going to make it pink, but I truly hate that color. I couldn't even make her dress a real pink, more a dusky rose, but then... I make up for it later. >.<

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