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Rating: Overall NC-17
Warnings: Shounen ai/ yaoi. AU. Sap? OOC? Relena Bashing! Light Angst. Lime in parts 4 and 5. Lemon in Epilogue.

Author's Note: This is a Faery Tale fic that has come a lo~ng way from the actual tale. A.k.a. Tanith has taken the Grimm story Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) and twisted it, so that only the basic sleep until kissed is the same. If this for some reason bothers you, please leave. Also this is/will be yaoi. It has citrus.

Kiss of Fate
by Tanith

Warm water surrounded him, making the hair that was not clinging closely to his bared flesh float away, swirling in intricate patterns on the crystalline blue surface. Duo stood in the shallow center of the lake, the water lapping at his chest as he stared at the boy across from him, Heero's wiry form still fully clothed as he leaned back on his elbows on the dull gray rock beneath him.. Duo's violet eyes narrowed, and a smirk played at the corner of his mouth. "Ne, Hee-chan?" he piped striving to sound innocent.

Heero focused his intense cobalt gaze on the long-haired boy, instantly suspicious. "Nani?" he asked cautiously, trying to control his reaction to the sensuality Duo radiated, violet gaze heavy lidded, his mouth curved at a mischievous angle. Gods, was he beautiful. It had been a while since Heero had woken his love up with a kiss and Relena had "mysteriously" disappeared; nearly a year. But Heero knew for a fact that he would never tire of looking at or just being with Duo.... Among other things.

"Why don't you come in, Heero? Water's warm!" Duo beamed appealingly, kicking through the water to where Heero lay, but there was something else behind his bright gaze.

"I do not swim," Heero tracked the boy warily as he swam closer, finally bracing his hands on the smooth, flat surface of the rock.

"Don't... or can't?" Duo smirked and a sense of déjà vu crept up on Heero. But instead of simply splashing Heero as he had before on that long ago day, Duo's hand snaked itself around Heero's ankle and with a sharp tug the violet eyed boy dragged his lover into the deep water surrounding the rock.

Heero came up sputtering and shot a murderous look at Duo who immediately turned and swam in the opposite direction, biting his lip to contain a giggle. Heero cut through the water after him, proving that he *could*, in fact, swim. :: And quite well, too. :: Duo thought as his pursuer caught him, a strong hand gripping his shoulder and spinning him around and floating back with him until they came to a stop where they was able to stand in the water, submerged to their shoulders. Duo looking at into Heero's burning cobalt eyes, licking his lips slightly at the feral glint there. "Is something the matter, Heero?" Duo widened his eyes, radiating innocence, ignoring the obvious answer.

Heero growled low in his throat, bringing his face closer to Duo. "I'm wet, Duo. And fully clothed."

Duo shifted, pressing himself against the other boy, his eyes widening when his hip encountered something pleasantly hard and warm. :: Hmm... :: He wrapped one arm around Heero's neck, the other hand moving downward to grasp his lover's rapidly hardening length. "You don't seem to be all that mad, koibito," Duo all but purred, stroking Heero teasingly through his wet leggings.

Warm pleasure flooded into Heero his soft moan turnng into another low growl as he bent, moving in to capture those teasing lips with his own. His tongue plunged inside, rubbing insistently against the roof of Duo's mouth. Duo returned the kiss full force, swirling his tongue against Heero's as the blue eyed boy's hands roaming upward, grazing finger tips over hardened nipples, one of the boy's most sensitive areas. Duo whimpered into Heero's mouth as those fingers plucked at the sensitized flesh, twisting gently. His mouth parted from Duo's and he bent forward, taking one hard nub between his lips, tugging at it gently with his teeth, his hand still tormenting the other relentlessly.

"Aah," Duo moaned, his head falling back; heavy, wet hair threatening to drag him under. He tugged at the strings to Heero's leggings, his hand slipping inside. Heero let out a small moan, nearly nipping the nipple too hard at the sudden feel of small, warm fingers wrapping themselves around his erection, stroking lightly, a thumb rubbing over the tip. Heero's hips bucked as the hand tightened, giving his cock a few quick, hard jerks before Duo completely pulled away, kicking himself toward shore, violet eyes dancing with lustful mischief.

Heero's cobalt eyes narrowed dangerously on the boy who had dared to leave him like that and stalked forward, determinedly following the long-haired boy, stripping off his sopping clothes as he went. Duo laid himself down on the damp sand, leaning back into his elbows, his legs spreading enticingly as he gazed steamily at Heero. "Gods, Duo," the dark haired boy groaned, sinking to his knees beside of the beautiful boy.

"You like?" Duo purred out huskily, giving a sexy little chuckle when Heero looked at him incredulously. With a small shake of his head, Heero leaned down, claiming Duo's lips for another deep kiss. "No, not just like..." he murmured then nipped at a slightly bruised lower lip, mouth gliding downward, trailing hot, sucking kisses down the damp flesh of Duo's neck. He paused briefly over Duo's nipples, dragging a deep moan from the other boy as he laved his tongue over each in turn, teeth lightly scraping. "Unn..." Duo's hand tangled in Heero's messy brown hair, dragging the boy's head up, passion glazed violet meeting cobalt desperately as he pushed Heero downward.

Heero's eyes glittered as he complied to Duo's request and moved downward, mouth hovering over Duo's straining cock, meeting Duo's gaze with a predatory smirk. "You want this?" he asked, head dipping forward, tongue running over the vein on the underside of Duo's length, before he pulled back up. "Aauhh," Duo swallowed, nodding frantically, hands clenching almost painfully Heero's hair. The smirk widened and Heero bent down, taking head into his mouth, sucking hard, tongue swirling over the tip.

"Hahh," Duo's eyes rolled back when his entire length was suddenly engulfed in the wet, warm cavern, his nerves screaming with almost overwhelming pleasure. Heero's head bobbed, increasing the delicious suction, causing Duo to Duo thrash desperately beneath him. His hands lifted Duo's hips, hands smoothing over Duo's delectable ass, finger tracing lightly over the crack. "Aah! H-Heero... nuhh... we d-don't... Nno oill..." the long-haired boy finished desperately, head lolling to the side, almost beyond caring as Heero's tongue swirled expertly, that firm suction threatening to drive him mad.

Heero understood, and damned if he would ever hurt his love. His hand crept upward, fingers pressing against those lush lips. Duo excepted them gratefully, tongue working around the digits, mimicking the actions of Heero's own mouth. Heero moaned around Duo's cock, the vibration making Duo cry out sharply, hips trying to buck upward against Heero's strong hold at the sudden jolt of sensation. Heero pulled away from the writhing boy, ignoring the disappointed whine from Duo as he slid up the length of Duo's body. Pressing one slickened finger into the long-haired boy's entrance, he leaned forward, capturing Duo's low moan in his mouth. Carefully stretching his lover, he added another finger, then another, stroking tantalizingly, brushing deliberately against the boy's prostate. Duo dragged his lips from Heero's, eyes opening, widening pleadingly. "Please... now... haahh," he groaned.

Heero pulled his fingers out, preparing to replace them with something larger when Duo launched himself at the boy[1], deciding his love was not moving quick enough for his tastes. He pressed Heero down into the sand and leaning over him, straddling his hips. "Want you," Duo muttered huskily pressing himself onto Heero's cock, impaling himself slowly, inch by inch, a low, continuous moan breaking free of his throat. "So gooood..." When Duo was fully seated he stilled for a moment, allowing himself to adjust before he raised himself up on his knees and fell back down hard.

"Aauhhh!" Duo's hands found their way into his own hair, clenching near his scalp as he repeated the motion, bouncing enthusiastically on Heero's thick cock. Heero moaned, his hand moving to Duo hips, guiding him as he thrust upward, retaking control. "Aah, Heero! H-harderrr," the long-haired boy begged, his eyes clenching tightly as Heero lifted him and brought him back down jarringly, the head of his cock stabbing into Duo prostate repeatedly. Heero was unable to drag his gaze away from the sexy boy on top of him as one of Duo's hands pulled away from the long hair and moved down, grasping his own erection in an almost vice-like grip, stroking in time with Heero's deep thrusts.

"H-Heero.. I-I...I--aahHH," Duo screamed, head falling back as he came, spurting pearly white liquid over his chest and Heero's stomach. Duo's muscles clamped tightly around him proved to be too much for Heero and he thrust once more before letting go, the world flashing white behind his eye lids, his seed gushing into Duo's warm tunnel. "Gods, Duo..."

The long-haired boy collapsed limply onto Heero, his breath gradually slowing back to normal. "Ne, Hee-chan?" Duo whispered, rubbing his cheek into the still panting chest beneath him.

"Nani?" Heero asked after he finally managed to calm his breathing.

"We should go swimming more oft-EEP!" he cried out as the flat of Heero's hand came down hard on his ass. "Oi, what'd you do that for?" he groused, giving what Heero knew was an adorable pout even though he couldn't see it.

"You still need to be punished for going against a prince's wishes," Heero intoned, rubbing gently at the red mark his hand had left.

"But I'm a prince too!" Duo protested. "That has to count for something! Besides," Duo peeked up at him slyly, "I didn't hear *you* complaining!"

"Maybe so," Heero conceded. "...I'll let you pick the punishment then," he said and Duo felt him give a brief nod.

"But..." Duo blinked. "..." He looked up at Heero curiously. "...Is that a promise?"

"If you so desire." Heero purred, now petting Duo's backside lovingly.

"Heh... I can live with that," Duo beamed and laid his head back onto Heero's chest all but purring like a kitten at treatment his butt was getting. "I love you, Hee-chan," he whispered, eyes drifting shut.

"Aa. Aishiteru, itooshi," Heero smiled softly down at the chestnut head before he joined his lover in sleep, one thought racing through his head as he drifted off. :: Forever. ::

1. Where he got the strength still remains a mystery, but for... I hesitate to call it plot... purposes.... ^.~


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