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Author's Note: This is a Faery Tale fic that has come a lo~ng way from the actual tale. A.k.a. Tanith has taken the Grimm story Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) and twisted it, so that only the basic sleep until kissed is the same. If this for some reason bothers you, please leave. Also this is/will be yaoi. It has citrus.

Kiss of Fate
by Tanith
Part 5

His lips parted from Duo's only to trail over the boy's slender neck, nipping at the hot flesh before licking it in an almost apology. His hands twined in the silky wet hair, mouth lightly sucking on the longhaired boy's pounding pulse then ghosting his lips downward. Duo's hands ran over the soft green fabric still covering Heero's arms, a keening wail falling from parted lips as Heero's tongue flicked out to circle around one of Duo's flat nipples.

Lips closed over the pert nub, pulling at it teasingly, scraping his teeth over the soft flesh. Duo whimpered, his hands moving to tangle themselves in messy brown hair, his head falling back. Violet eyes squeezed shut as Heero lifted his head, a protesting moan dying on his lips when Heero bent back down, capturing the long-haired boy's previously neglected nipple.

"...Heero!" it took a moment for Heero's fogged mind to register that that was not Duo calling his name. The voice came from deeper within the forest and sounded urgent. Heero growled low in his throat and his head lifted, ears straining but after a moment of silence he resumed his attack on temptingly pale flesh. Then -- "Prince Heero? Are you here m'lord?"

"Shimatta!" He wanted nothing more than to just ignore who ever that was, but he knew his duties as Crown Prince came before his own wants. With a last nip to Duo's straining nub he reluctantly pulled away from the other boy, leaving Duo to sag weakly against the rock, lower body still submerged beneath the water.

Dazed violet eyes caught Heero's now angry glare, and he was instantly glad he wasn't the person who'd interrupted them. "I'll be right back," Heero said darkly, bending to steal another kiss from Duo's honeyed lips before turning and leaving the clearing, toward that insistently annoying voice.


Amber eyes followed an extremely angry prince's progress through the woods as his instincts lead him directly to one of his men at arms. :: So, *she* has found out her plan has gone awry. :: There was no other explanation for this intrusion. The black haired girl had seen to it herself, had created them a secluded area almost nothing could breach. And only majick could thwart majick.

Below her, Heero's gaze grew even more hostile, his fist bunched at his sides as he waited for the guard to finish what he was saying. She couldn't hear them, but she knew what was being exchanged. *She* had sent the guard, and there was only one thing *she* would do. The amber eyed girl laughed as the much taller guard backed slowly away under the intense heat of the much smaller boy's stare, but still managed to complete his little speech. Heero snapped a sharp reply, but his shoulders slumped almost imperceptibly as he turned and stalked back to the clearing.

The girl followed him, one thought racing through her head. Duo would need to be watched and guarded closely if her love's task was to be completed.


Duo was out of the water and dressed when Heero returned, and Heero didn't know whether to be disappointed or relieved. "I have to return to the palace. Whatever the problem is the guard was rather insistent it was urgent," he said, unable to take his eyes off the way Duo's still damp, still loose hair flowed down his back. He groaned inwardly when the boy raised his deep violet eyes to meet Heero's own, tongue darting out the lick at his lower lip lightly before he nodded, a strange understanding shadowing the motion.

"Guess that's what being the Crown Prince is all about, ne?" Duo grinned, pushing down his disappointment. He pushed a strand of water darkened chestnut hair behind his ear, the small motion proving to be Heero's undoing and he let go of any attempt to restrain himself. Heero strode quickly over to the other boy and, taking the smooth curve of Duo cheek in hand, bent close and kissed him deeply.

Tongues clashed desperately with a hunger for each other they didn't fully understand. They had known each other only two days and yet to both it seemed like so much longer. Heero pulled back; slowly, reluctantly disentangling himself from Duo's arms where they had wound themselves tightly around his neck. "Meet me here tomorrow just after noon?" he asked, his voice still thick with passion. Duo nodded, unable to help himself. :: If there's one small chance that I can be with him, I'm taking it. :: he thought. :: This feels so... right. ::

Heero let a tiny smile. "Noon," he reminded needlessly, and left. Duo stood there for a few moments after, before he turned, intent on heading home. Instead he came face to face with a woman. His eyes widened on her, wondering how she'd come into the clearing so quietly.

Her features elfin fine -- high cheekbones and pointed chin -- her slanted amber eyes glowed with wisdom that belied the youth. Long, gleaming black hair fell in waves down her back, nearly the length of Duo's own. Smooth, tanned skin was accented by the almost glowing silver dress she worn; the soft-looking fabric hanging loosely over her shoulders, showing off her slender form and slight but smooth curves. She was extremely beautiful and had Duo liked women he would have been instantly attracted.

The lush, lightly pink lips spread into a small smile before she spoke, taking a step forward. "Hello, young Prince," her voice was lilting and echoed what could only have been pure majick.

Duo frowned in confusion, violet eyes narrowing on the girl before him. "Sorry, lady, but I'm no Prince," he smiled and shrugged. "Just a lowly thief. The royalty left just a few minutes ago. And what do you mean "young"? You look like you're even younger then I am," he finished a tad defensively.

The girl just shook her head, a few strands of black hair falling over her shoulder. "You are the Prince I speak of," she replied softly, taking another step forward. Before Duo could respond she continued, "Appearances are not always as they seem. You, of all people, should realize this. For instance, do I look at all familiar to you, young prince?"

She was right; she did look oddly familiar. His violet eyes stared deeply into her amber before it hit him. :: Those eyes. :: A picture of the obsidian and silver scaled dragon that had chased him down yesterday crept into his mind. Those eyes, those same, doleful amber eyes gazing at him with eternal sadness. The same sadness that seemed to haunt the catlike eyes of the nearly ethereal girl before him. A confused frown found its way onto his brow. "I don't understand."

"There are many things you do not understand, young prince," she took the last few steps toward him and placed a hand onto his bare shoulder. Duo jumped slightly at the contact, odd electricity seeming to course between their flesh, leaving his shoulder tingling when she removed the hand. "One of those things is why Quatre, Trowa and Wufei are still young as you even after raising you since you were a babe, is it not?"

Duo nodded, "How would you know about that, though? They've never told me and I'm basically their child."

"I know," she said simply. "I could tell you, but you would have to promise me one thing."

Duo caught his lower lip between his teeth. :: Who is this girl?! And how does she know Quatre, Trowa and Wufei enough that she knows things even I don't? :: That thought hurt. That those three thought they could trust a stranger more than they could Duo. But if they truly did not want him to know, should he let her tell him? His curiosity got the better of him in the end and he nodded, "What do I have to promise?"

"You cannot tell your three guardians you have met with me."

:: Why..? :: "Okay." The girl narrowed her amber eyes, her head tilting to the side slightly as if to assess his trustworthiness. "I don't lie, lady. You can trust me," he grinned winningly and shrugged when she didn't reply.

"I know," she repeated and a faint smile touched her lips. She took a breath, "Since I have your promise, I shall begin." Duo nodded encouragingly. "You are Duo, Crown Prince of the second continent, Dalinae. Son of King Maxwell and Queen Helentia[1]."

Duo blinked, his lips puckering into a slight frown. "Lady, I told you, I'm just a thief. Besides, Dalinae doesn't have a royal heir. The baby disappeared soon after it was born," Duo said, his tone disbelieving.

"Exactly," she replied and Duo frowned harder, wondering how that added up. The girl really did smile this time. "How long have you been with your three guardians?"

"Nearly since birth." His eyes widened. :: Oh. ::

"Nearly being the key word there," she nodded.

"So, *if* I am the Prince, how did I end up with Quatre playing at being my mother? I mean, he's just not the type to kidnap something."

"No, he's not. Your father, the king, gave you over to Quatre's care when your life was threatened by a witch."

"I see," he frowned, not seeing at all.

The girl moved to the shore of the glittering lake and sat looking out over the water, motioning for Duo to join her. When he was sitting by her side, she turned her amber eyes back to him. "I suppose I should tell you the story from the beginning." Duo nodded. "The witch, Relena by name, found herself quite taken with a young prince, about the age you are now. Prince Heero of the first continent, Raiyne." Duo's eyes widened but when he opened his mouth to speak, the girl held up her hand. "Let me continue." The violet-eyed boy nodded again.

"Relena was determined to have Heero as his own but he was already in love with another. Another man, at that," the girl chuckled and Duo frowned, eyes darkening. The girl noticed this, "Oh, don't worry, young prince. The boy he loved was you."

Duo did speak then. "That's not possible, lady. We only met yesterday."

"I know... Just listen, young prince. This is where it gets complicated. Relena was enraged that anyone could love someone other then herself. No matter Prince Heero had never actually met the witch. She would thereby do anything to gain his attention. So, she went back in time to kill off the only threat she could see before it became one. You. This is where Quatre, Trowa and Wufei come in." She paused for a moment before she continued.

"They over heard Relena's plans and felt it was unjust so they followed her back, planning to fix whatever she did. Quatre, being the soft hearted boy that he is, fell in love with the violet eyed baby and offered to take care of him in case Relena found out she had been thwarted and came back to finished the task in a different manner."

The girl looked back at Duo and was met with an intense violet gaze, brimming with curiosity. "Questions, young prince?"

"Aa. A few actually," he grinned. "But the one that really gets me is: why are Quatre, Trowa and Wufei still fifteen? Oh, and, if Relena separated our futures, how did Heero and I end up together? And where do you fit into all of this? And--"

"One question at a time!" the girl chuckled slightly. Duo blinked and snapped his mouth shut, pink tinting his cheeks lightly. "The first one. Your three guardians are still fifteen because although they traveled back in time and stayed there, the future as they would make had not been made yet, so they could not age. They were born around the same time as you, in fact Quatre is three months younger than you in all actuality."

"I understand... I think," Duo nodded. "What about the second question? How did Heero and I find each other?"

"Aah, that's a simple one to answer, young prince. There is one true love in every one person's life. Fate maps and categories this love Herself and She does not like being played with. So, if it was two people's fate to be together, She will not be denied and would find any possible way to see it happen, no matter how strong the interference," she smiled. "Your love to Heero was blessed by the stars."

"And how do you fit into this?" Duo asked quietly, gaze steady.

"I do not," she whispered. "I am here for my love. And because I must be. You should go home, young prince," her sad tone brooking no argument.

Duo nodded and stood, beginning to walk away, but he turned back to the girl. "Who are you?"

The girl looked up at him, her eyes quivering with silvery, unshed tears. "Nataku," she closed her eyes, and faded into the scenery.

1. Yes, yes, not original. I know. Shush.

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