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Pairing: 1X2

Author's Note: This is an experimental dialogue only piece. I've played around with some of the conventions of grammar because I believe "…" is a cop-out way to signify a non-answer, and that there has to be a way to signify pauses without narrating them. The one paragraph per speaker rule does not apply in some places, but hopefully (if this is a successful experiment), people will be able to tell where and how I've bent the rule. Anyway, onto the story…

by syrupjunkie

"The rain's still coming down. The streets are gonna be flooded by tomorrow morning, you know."

"Aa, ten to fifteen centimeters."

"That bad? You better start out extra early for work; traffic'll be a mess. Heh, you'll probably end up teleconferencing from the car. Speaking of work, I thought you were writing up a report? Even you can't be finished that fast."

"I stopped. It's late."

"Translation: you're tired. Not surprising with your unholy fascination with good work ethics. But even still the great Heero Yuy needs sleeps like the rest of us mortals. Too bad you aren't really a robot."

"I can bend steel."

"Correction then, an abnormally strong man with an inability to sleep after midnight. You really should invest in coffee."

"It creates an unhealthy addiction. You for example."

"Ouch, barbs as sharp and concise as ever I see. Maybe you really are a robot. You gonna marry your laptop and have a bunch of mice?"

"We haven't decided."

"Clever. Have I stumbled on your fabled sense of humour? Or maybe ZERO's finally catching up with you. You aren't going crazy on me, are you Heero?"


"Issue resolved in record time folks. No wonder your co-workers don't talk to you; you give answers impossible to work with. You're lucky I'm willing to put up with you at all."

"No answer for that?"

"Hn. Are you going to watch the rain all night?"

"Like last time you mean? Hmm…yeah, I think I might. It clears the head, you know. Like being empty. It's comforting, feels…"


"Yeah, safe. You know sometimes Heero, I really think you know me better than I know myself."

"Not nearly well enough…"

"Sorry? What was that Heero?"


"Sure it was. Damn, it's really coming down in sheets now; even the ground underneath the tree's soaked through."



"Oh, you still here, Heero? I thought you were going to bed. Why're you standing there at the top of the stairs? You waiting for something?"

"I forgot something..."

"Downstairs? You're not determined to do more work are you? I worry about your sanity enough as it is."

"I left something unfinished."

"Is it important?"


"Can't you just…Heero, what are you do-mmph. Heer-mmph…mmm..."

"Damn that was nice; you've got some technique you know. How was it for you?"

"It tasted like vanilla."

"You bet, best vanilla roast on Earth, baby."

"Sou ka. I'm going to bed."

"Not to sleep I hope. Wait up for me; I'll be in after I finish this mug."

"What about the rain?"

"You know Heero, I don't think I need it anymore."

Author's Note: Just in case someone doesn't know "Sou ka" is Japanese for 'I see'.


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