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Author’s Notes: Started out as a PWP, then sort of developed a little plot, just a smidge. Yeah, that’s it. Also got the inspiration for this story from Jana’s “zero doesn't tell.”

Chapter 2 - In the Bedroom
by syrupjunkie

Duo awoke with the sound of a shower running, the shrill streaming sound drifting through the slats of the closet door. For a sleepy moment, he almost groaned for his cramped muscles. Fortunately he caught himself in time, strangling any sound in his throat. He was hiding; he couldn’t be found. It was a new mission of sorts, reconnaissance. Involuntarily, yesterday replayed itself for a moment across his eyes and he felt this throat all but close up.

With the shower still screaming in the distance, he let himself absorb what happened in the hangar, process why the hell everything he had thought Heero was just about blew apart into smithereens in the short span of one orgasm. Didn’t he have Heero figured out? Heero was the epitome of discipline, always proper and logical. He was upstanding, correct everything that defined soldier and protector. Sex just never figured into it, not for a moment. Sex, Duo knew, was a universal teenage affliction, but it just never seemed like there’d be a chance in hell the ‘perfect soldier’ could possibly think such irrational hormonal thoughts. Apparently, that was his first mistaken assumption.

It was one thing to relieve oneself; it was another to take it to the level that Heero had. That was what defied all logic. Heero did everything by the book, all rules, all about efficiency, everything with its quickest least wasteful solution. It would’ve been perfectly understandable to see him quickly jerk off in the bathroom. But yesterday… That wasn’t conventional or efficient; it was…deviant. Deviated from everything that Heero stood for and only stood to show how frighteningly a stranger he really was.

Duo was sure he knew what drove the Japanese boy, that discipline and efficiency and rules and regulations made Heero tick. That he held those things above everything else. How else could you explain his everyday behaviour? Why he was always quick to complete his missions, never showed real emotions, responded so monosyllabically. But now…

Duo was a little scared of it, and not just a little interested. It was a new mystery to solve, a nice sexy one at that. And he’d be damned if he didn’t get to the bottom behind Heero’s actions; there were big things riding on the answer. He’d solve the Case of Heero’s Driving Force if it took him the rest of the war. Hopefully though, as his stomach began to growl, it wouldn’t. Then again, maybe it was all just a fluke…

Another hour passed fearing discovery as Heero went about their room changing and typing and straightening up. What seemed like an eternity later, the Wing pilot left. Not moving, Duo strained to hear the sound of freedom, finally liberated from his restricted condition by the click of the front door closing. A few seconds later, an engine sparked to life and then the crunch of wheels on the driveway. Heero was gone.

Duo sprang into action, gulping in fresh air as he tumbled out of the closet. There wasn’t any time to waste if he was to shower, eat and change before Heero came home. Who knew how long he’d be out?

The closet door clacked shut with a rickety sound as Duo sunk down into his impromptu bed. Scattered clothes again, but layered with a few sweaters and a winter coat for extra padding. This had officially become a stake out, lying in wait for the prey, ready to catch him in the act as it was. Too bad he didn’t have a more comfortable place to rest, but tactically, the closet was perfect. Very close proximity without danger of recognition and an unobstructed vantage point looking out onto the smooth sheets of Heero’s bed. Yes, he’d get quite a lot of information from this hiding place, that is if Heero didn’t decide to want Wing again like yesterday.

The thought sent arousing shivers through Duo’s body, and he willingly gave into the erotic remembrances as he waited. Soon he was panting just as hard as he was yesterday, filling up the small space around him with hot humid air. It kept getting steamier as the images kept coming. Heero splayed out. Being penetrated. Head thrown back. Body arching. Erection neglected. The moans ground out between hissing breaths. Duo’s hands slid slowly down to his pants, quickly snapping off the buttons and fiercely ripping them off his body. Heero’s leg muscles contracting as he used them to push and slide against the clutch. Duo grabbed harshly at his arousal, hands in a frenzy to vent the fire that radiated from his stomach and threatened to send him into heatstroke. Quick firm gropes over his hard length as he pictured Heero’s ass clenching with each invasive thrust. Hot, too hot. Duo tried to pick up his pace, ready to release the moan that was trapped in his lungs. But his trained ears picked up a hint of danger and he forced himself to violently swallow his groan. The front door lock had clicked into place; Heero had returned.

Duo froze, on his knees, sticky hands still encircling his engorged cock. Heero’s footsteps came closer, stopping in front of their door. Barely a second later, the Japanese pilot was walking into the room, throwing bags and boxes at the foot of the bed. He stood silhouetted against the window, face set as blank as an uncarved tombstone. Was he going to do it? Was he not going to? Duo swallowed another thick breath as his erection reminded him painfully of his position. Heero needed to do something or get out so Duo could finish what he started.

In the end, Heero decided to do something. He flicked open his laptop and slid a CD into it. Vaguely Duo wondered if it was music, until he saw the flickering scratchy images that gundam cameras recorded. So he was watching… Another dry gulp. His cock hardened even more, painfully stretched and twitching to be satisfied, but Duo could only watch and squint between the wooden slats.

Slowly, almost teasingly, Heero began to unbutton his shirt, slipping off the garment onto the floor. The pants soon followed. Then the underwear and socks. There was the erection again, strong, hard, Heero. The Wing pilot turned away from Duo for a moment, searching through a drawer, odds and ends rattling about. Meanwhile, Duo enjoyed the firm muscles of Heero’s backside, that is until his eyes traveled to Heero’s hand, staring at the unmistakable phallic shaped plastic toy, translucent pastel in the sunlight. A warm pulse of fluid accompanied the recognition, dribbling down Duo’s length and bathing his fisted fingers. This was already too much and things had barely begun.

Sauna. That’s what the air around Duo felt like, thick with moisture clinging to every available inch of free skin. The computer was flashing Wing’s recordings, the Heero from yesterday working dutifully at preparing the clutch. The Heero in the room however was seated on the bed, slowly rubbing lubrication over the vibrator in strangely sensual circles. The action drove Duo’s blood faster, flushing his skin with the kind of hyperactive sensitivity that usually comes after carpet burn. Laying down, Heero fastened his eyes on the laptop, slowly lowering the vibrator into place. Spread legs, Duo stifled a moan as the toy trailed lower and lower, breathless still when it sparked to life with a low hum. Duo heard the actual penetration rather than see it, the low ‘mmm’ rumble from Heero’s throat.

In a movement quicker than Duo’s eye could make out, Heero had snagged another toy. It actually unnerved Duo somewhat, the hinged hollow cylinder whose diameter could really only accommodate one thing. It was metal, hard, uncompromising with a homemade quality that only served to heighten Duo’s lust. To think that Heero spent time making that, fully knowing what purpose it was going to serve. Another warm drip ran over Duo’s fingers joining the growing stain on the shirts underneath. God, it was so hot…

Heero expertly opened up the metal tube and positioned it around his erection before snapping the lock on. Now Heero’s erection was fixed in place, propped up perpendicular to his prostrate body, showing the swollen head. It only served to arouse Duo further that Heero must have went about level headedly taking careful measurements before making the toy. It was so insane… The Japanese pilot fell back on the bed, eyes still focused on the laptop screen. Duo’s fingers had finally regained their use, frantically trying to drive himself to completion. Anything but the terrible debilitating excitement that ripped through his body. Faster and faster, smoothing the sticky essence of his lust, up and down, squeezing and releasing. He tumbled over the edge violently, spilling into his hands and desperately suppressing a scream. Fortunately, Heero’s pants and ragged breaths masked his own, protecting his stealth.

Despite his blurred sated vision, Duo watched Heero intensely. The boy was moaning convulsively, body jerking in what must have been overload. His hands crushed the headboard while his body thrust up involuntarily into the air, no doubt trying to seek relief. But he found none, only the clear shiny liquid at the tip of his cock evidence of some form of release. Instead, his desperate groans only became more frayed, back and leg muscles bunching as his body twisted and strained. One of his hands had loosed from the headboard and snaked down his chest, dipping lower, inching closer to his restrained erection. Duo swiped a sticky hand over his sweaty face as he anticipated Heero’s first contact with his cock. Would he snatch at it? Or caress it?

But Duo was soon disappointed. Heero’s hand had stopped over his stomach, clenching and unclenching. Another arching bucking thrust racked his body and his hand ended up clawing across his flat stomach and curling around the bed sheets. By now his cock glimmered with dribbling evidence of the vibrator’s stimulation. On the laptop, Heero matched his own movements, bucking up against Wing.

Duo was fascinated, rapt with Heero’s movements. The frustrated growls, the clenched hands, the untouched cock. It made no sense, and made him extremely aroused again. He knew Heero wouldn’t last much longer, not with the way that his chest was heaving up and down in hyperventilating gasps. True to prediction, a soul shaking choking growl rippled through the room, following with the most violent arch Duo had ever seen, an unforgettable half circle of Heero’s lean muscled body before spraying his seed into the air. The bed groaned and squeaked nastily as Heero crashed back down onto it, still trembling with the force of his own orgasm.

Nothing moved, neither Duo’s coated fingers nor Heero’s sweaty body. The stillness was fiery. Finally, Heero managed to remove the vibrator and cock cuff and stumble out of the room. Soon the piercing drumming rain of the shower once again filled the empty house. Duo let his muscles sag and sank heavily against the closet door, expelling deep breaths. Only one thought formed in his head; he needed to get away, right now. If he didn’t he was going to burst into flames, into an uncontrolled burn, into millions of bits of light that a supernova couldn’t even begin to compete with. With that mind, he hastily jammed on a crumpled pair of pants and parted the closet door. His sense of humor vaguely noted the puff of steamy air that escaped from his hiding place. It only took seconds to make his way to the back door and only another few to be out in the open, running through the small patch of woods that surrounded the estate. He had too much to process, too much to think about, was too flooded with lust and confusion to function right.

Heero masturbating twice. Body arching. Explosive orgasm. Wing. Vibrator. Laptop. The images of the past two days swamped Duo’s thoughts. He was dumb to the world, half aroused, half uncomfortable with this new side of Heero. Stranger. Deviant. Heero. Wing. It was only the burning neon glow of a nearby coffee shop that finally stopped him. Coffee, he needed coffee… He’d get coffee and then think. Think…

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