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Warnings: Sap! Fluff! Lotsa drinking!
Pairings: 1x2, 3x4,

Notes: This actually is what happened at the gathering - if anyone takes offense, I apologize - but not too much - afterall, I'm part Irish and I'm poking as much fun at myself as anyone else. Blame my wierd family and their friends!

Break In Action

Heero hadn't quite decided whether or not lulls in missions were GOOD things. One would expect him to appreciate the inactivity, viewing it as a time where he could relax and recharge for when they had to re-enter the fray once again. But as he looked across the smoke-filled bar, filled with drunk Maguanacs and Gundam Pilots, he fervently wished once more that he was back at Quatre's safehouse with his laptop.

Duo suddenly appeared by his side, frosted mug in one hand. His normally severely neat braid had wisps and tendrils flying all over the place, where various patrons of the bar had attempted to use said braid as a leash, or at least a guide back to the bar on Howard's ship, where the young American always ended up eventually.

" Hey Her-oooo!" he crowed, his tone reminiscent of the piercing wail Relena used to call him with. " Havin' fun yet?"

Heero speared him with a glance.

" No."

Wufei wondered by, clutching both his sword and his beer protectively to his chest. As he passed, Duo and Heero could make out his vague mumblings.

"....kisama...injustice....beat Treize next time...cheated...show him who's right...."

"He's not even drunk yet, and he's already ranting about justice," Duo gloated. " Told ya - get a few in the Wuf-man and he's more entertaining then the karaoke machine!"

" Duo, anything is more entertaining then the karaoke machine," Quatre informed the American honestly as he and Trowa appeared.

" Especially when you're the one singing," dead panned Trowa. Duo tried to look insulted

" Ex-SQUEEZE me? Who was it that was screeching out My Only Love like a cat in heat?" Duo narrowed his gaze at Quatre as best he could - a difficult feat since the room had a slight tendency to tilt slightly. The Arabianblushed fiery red to the roots of his blond hair. Duo giggled.

" Oh well, it could be worse - it coulda been HEERO singing..."

If looks could kill, Duo'd be dead.

" Peace! Peace!" Duo backed up wildly, feeling the heat in that deadly glare and he held up his hands in the sign of a cross. " It's one of those unwritten rules of our business - 'Thou shalt not kill your partner even under extreme duress!" Duo blinked innocently at him.

Heero growled and Duo decided it would be in his best interest if he found entertainment elsewhere. He decided to go play with Wufei.

Heero watched Trowa and Quatre make googly eyes at each other and decided it would be in his STOMACH'S best interest if he left as well. He just KNEW Howard's ship had a plugin for his laptop somewhere........

A few scans and idle hacking jobs later found OZ twenty thousand dollars poorer, and Heero twenty thousand dollars richer. Chuckling, Heero powered down his laptop and made his way back onto the bar portion of Howard's ship and stopped short. Quatre and Trowa were watching wide-eyed as Duo and Wufei went head-to-head in a drinking contest. Muttering something to the effect of, " ...damn braided baka's.." Heero marched up to the bar, plopping himself next to the inebriated American.

Wufei determinedly reached out for the shot glass. It took a few tries but eventually his fingers closed around the small cup and he brought it to his mouth, tossing it back with a noisy gulp. Then he swayed slightly. Duo watched through eyes that had developed a tendency to spin slightly as the man wavered. Wufei finally steadied and looked up in Duo's general direction. " Nexsht," he slurred triumphantly. Duo scowled and scrabbled for his own cup. The few remaining Maguanacs who were conscious cheered weakly from the floor.

" Go Duo!"

" Yesh, go me," muttered Duo, finding his cup. Howard, being ever-so-helpful, refilled it, grinning at the boy fondly.

Duo slammed it back and then froze, his consciousness waging a war with his brain. After a minute, he smiled and raised two fingers in the victory sign. " Did it!" His hand thumped back to the bar. He looked at his partner and grinned.


Heero sat there stoically as he was thoroughly glomped by his partner. Across from them, Wufei watched the scene with wide eyes that rolled back into his skull as blood spouted out of his nose. Duo heard the thunk of Wufei's head hitting the counter and he looked over. " Whoops!" Then he grinned crazily, planting a sloppy kiss on the end of Heero's nose. " I WIN!"

Heero sighed and gave Duo one of his patented 'I'm-going-to-kill-you' looks. "How much have you had to drink?"

"Obviously not enough," Duo hiccupped as his fingers struck the bar in search of his mug. His hand smacked the unconscious Wufei in the face who scowled and murmured fuzzily, " 'uo'll pay fer'njustish....." before letting out a loud snore. Duo giggled and then cheered as he found his beer he had temporarily abandoned in favor of the vodka contest.

" Here we go..."

A loud noise interrupted Duo's resuming of alcohol consumption and they looked over to see Quatre and Trowa standing over a red-faced Rashid who seemed to be stuck between the extra-small seats in the side booths. Duo snorted with laughter as Quatre drunkenly admonished the huge man.

"I TOLD you to lay off the falafel, but OH NO, you HAD to eat that lasht piesh, didn't you?" Quatre tisked as he and Trowa each took a hold of Rashid's arms and began to tug. " Dey never learn," he whispered loudly to Trowa who nodded sadly. The bar patrons cheered as they pulled Rashid inch by inch out of the chair. With a loud *POP* Rashid was free and Quatre was flying across the room. The Maguanacs cheered.

" WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!" Quatre whooped as the room spun around him. Heero reached out and caught him with one arm. The blond blinked at him. " My hero!"

" No," Duo corrected him, wrapping his hands around Heero's, trying to pry them off Quatre. " MY Heero."

Trowa growled and started across the room. Heero let go of Quatre and gently shoved him in the green-eyed boys direction.

Meanwhile, Wufei had regained consciousness and was flagging down Howard for another drink. One of Howards people joined the fun and Howard grinned athim.

" The usual Pat?"

" Yup!"

Wufei watched interestedly, wondering what the usual was - was there a drink here he hadn't yet sampled? Then his brows narrowed in horror as he watched what was handed to "Pat".

" Whiskey?"

" Mudder's milk," the Irishman said, eyeing the drink with reverence.

Wufei snorted blearily at the presumptuous man." Bloody Irishman! Everybody knows that beer is much better than whiskey." He nodded righteously. " And Scotch is for real men!"

" Is not!" Pat defended his drink.

" Is too!"

" Is not!"

Duo caught wind of the conversation and he pulled away from Heero to back up his fellow pilot.

" Is too!"

" Eh?" Pat looked at the long-haired boy who dared undermine his drink. Wufei nodded with satisfaction as Duo took his side.

" Whiskey is baaaaaaaaad," Duo nodded. " Yucky stuff."

Wufei couldn't agree more. " Now a good scotch..."

" I need a another drink," Duo proclaimed. Pat and Wufei traded insults back and forth, comparing Ireland's finest to the stiff drinks Wufei could name from his homeland that directly complemented 'a good scotch', escalating into full-blown arguments involving each other's ancestors. A drunk Maguanac bumped into Duo, spilling what was left in his mug onto the once polished counter top.

" Injustice!" Duo shrieked. Wufei blinked at Duo but didn't stop his tirade about the honor of drinking scotch. " For this you have to drink disgusting Irish whiskey!" Duo leered at the staggering drunk. Pat waved his shot-glass like some whiskey-soaked battle flag.

" I accept his punishment!" the man garbled, smiling as Howard amiably filled his glass.

" Me too!" Duo howled, leaning towards the bartender. " Waitaminute....no, make it Coors. Bloody Irishman."

" I jush shaid that," Wufei informed Duo snootily. " Lishen next time."

" You're slurring."

" I am sho."

Duo found this relevation to be uproariously funny and he accepted his beer from Howard. Heero watched with concern - was he the only one who wasn't going to suffer from alcohol poisoning tonight?

" Do you really need another one?" he asked. Duo nodded vigorously.

" Wufei's still drinkin'..."

" So?"

" A man cannot drink alone!" Duo proclaimed as solemnly as he could, being half-propped up by the bar counter. " Not hospit-hospit...it's rude! Gotta help my fellow pilot!"

" Hn."

Trowa suddenly marched by, an unconscious Quatre slung over his shoulders. As they headed for the door, cheers and wolf-whistles followed them out, including a loud " Go Quatre-sama!!" from the Maguanac cheerleaders. Duo raised his Coors in a toast.

" Carryin' him over th'threshold," he grinned. " I now pronounce them blondie and one-eye! May their bedframe forever hold out!"

Heero decided that Duo had had enough. Wufei too. Taking Duo's cup and setting it aside, he gripped the American's braid and led him over to Wufei was still ranting at Pat for his poor taste in drinks and pushed Wufei ahead of him.

" Come on Wuf-ster!" Duo looped an arm over the Chinese pilot's shoulder. "Heero says playtimes over."

" Do NOT call me that you...you...ONNA!"

" I am not an onna!" Duo protested.

" You've got more hair then mosht onnas!" Wufei said triumphantly, trying to cross his arms victoriously.

" Well, you wear yours in a PONYTAIL!" Duo retorted.

Wufei opened his mouth to say something -- then slammed it shut. " Kisama," he muttered. Heero growled and just pushed them, trying to keep themwalk--well, staggering towards the exit.

" See? See? I got da best of him THIS time!" Duo crowed. " See Heero?"

" Omae o koruso," Heero muttered savagely as he grabbed a handful of Wufei's tanktop, preventing the pilot from wandering off to the side.

He quickly found one of the rooms Howard had allotted to them for whenever they happened to stay too long at the bar and he deposited Wufei on his bed. The pilot collapsed immediately, snores issuing forth loud enough to rival chainsaws. Heero slammed the door shut and dragged Duo back to the room they shared. Duo was out like a light.

" Finally! A few minutes peace!" Heero muttered as he plugged his laptop in again. Then he heard a chorus go up as the Maguanacs back in the bar decided to plug the karaoke machine back in. Heero closed his eyes, growlingbeneath his breath, fighting back the urge to go and kill half of Quatre'spersonal army. Letting out a breath, he summed it up, the best way he knewhow.

" Hn."

Earplugs in hand, he joined Duo.


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