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Pairings: 2x1 (I suppose)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1389
Warnings/kinks: smex?

Notes: Continued "Driving Hazards" Only half-betaed. *snogs granate* Meant to be longer, but omg, RL!

by Stacy

Showers had been taken (separately, at Heero's insistence). Their drinks were abandoned on the coffee table. Clean shirts donned only recently were left stranded in the hallway. Now lying with his body draped over Heero and trading kisses with his best friend on the low bed, Duo felt a little like the nervous teenager he never was. He'd made a turn into the twilight zone somewhere on the way back from Wufei's place and he wasn't certain when reality would show up and demand that he get back on the road. He wasn't too sure he should question what was happening in case he brought reality's attention back to him all that much quicker, but he was wondering just what the hell was going on. There was so much that needed to be said, but he was uncertain enough and selfish enough to steal this moment without any questions.

Heero rolled them over so that he was kneeling over Duo and straddling his waist. Crossing his arms over his chest, he leaned back against Duo's raised knees. He smiled, slow and sly, at Duo. "I believe I'm topping now."

Duo laughed. Running his hands up Heero's thighs, he hooked his index fingers through the belt loops on Heero's jeans. "There's more involved than that. What if I," he braced his feet against the bed and raised his hips, pushing his groin into Heero's ass, "were to do this?" He slipped his fingers from the belt loops to grasp Heero's hips. "Strictly speaking, I'd be topping then." Heero's reply was a low groan as Duo continued the slow grind, his hands holding Heero's hips steady against his.

Heero's cheeks were flushed; his hands dropped from his chest to reach back and grasp Duo's thighs. His eyes slipped closed and his head fell back as he moved with the rocking motion. Duo bit his lip, watching in fascination the movement of Heero's eyes underneath his lids. Please, he wanted to say, see only me. The words froze in his throat, though. "Come here," he murmured instead and pulled Heero down for another kiss.

Breaking away from the kiss, Duo said, "You could really do without your jeans, you know." He grinned. It was easier to gain his equilibrium by relying on sly words, to fall back on humor. He rolled them both over and began kissing his way down Heero's body; sucking gently on the skin of his neck, making a long line down his chest and stomach, where he could feel the play of muscle under Heero's skin. He ran a teasing finger under the waistband of the jeans, earning a mock warning "Duo."

Smiling at Heero, he unfastened the jeans and tugged them off. His breath caught. He'd seen Heero naked before, but not like this, not sprawled out on the bed, with his shaft hard and curving up to rest against his belly. He leaned forward to press a reverent kiss against Heero's stomach, just above the head of his cock.

Duo urged Heero up on his knees so that they faced each other. Cupping Heero's face, he placed a light kiss on the corner of his mouth, then his chin and his lower lip. Heero grunted in frustration and buried a hand in the hair at the base of Duo's neck and pulled him into a demanding kiss. Duo grinned, or would have if his mouth hadn't been otherwise occupied. This kiss was hungry and hot; Heero's tongue sliding against Duo's as he slid one hand down over the other man's chest, down to wrap around his shaft.

Duo pulled back from the kiss with a gasp as Heero's hand closed around his erection. He leaned forward until his forehead rested against Heero's, his hand slipping around to cup the back of his partner's neck. His breath was coming harder now and mingled with Heero's soft panting as he looked into his eyes. Please, still be my best friend. Again, the words froze in his throat. Dropping his eyes, he watched Heero's hand stroke his shaft. Duo swallowed; it was hard not to close his eyes as the pleasure arced through his body, but he wanted to see those hands on him, to see their bodies so close. He reached down to grasp Heero's length and pumped it smoothly, groaning at the sight of their hands moving over hard flesh. Duo's eyes flicked up to Heero's face; his eyes were locked on Duo's hand and his tongue darted out to lick lips. It was too much for Duo and he reached down to grasp Heero's hand.

"Wait," he said thickly, "I'm not ready yet." He caught sight of the mirror on Heero's closet and smiled. He bent his head to nip gently at Heero's collarbone, and then moved behind Heero, trailing a line of kisses over his shoulder and the back of his neck. He wrapped an arm around the other man's waist and pulled Heero close, his shaft sliding along the cleft of Heero's ass, the tip sliding wetly against his lower back.

Heero groaned, still looking over his shoulder at Duo. "Duo, wha-" he cleared his throat, "what are you doing?"

"Watch," Duo replied, turning Heero's head to face forward with gentle fingers. Heero groaned again as he saw what was reflected in the mirror. Duo watched as his eyes traveled down their reflection to where Duo had reclaimed his shaft.

"You like to watch." It was a statement, not a question as Heero covered the hand Duo had wrapped around his length.

"Don't you?" he asked, pumping Heero slowly. He was unable to tear his own gaze from the image in the mirror. He was sure his blood was on fire and the blaze centered in his dick. He rocked his hips, seeking more friction as his hand moved over Heero's flesh, each stroke long and slow. His other arm tightened around Heero's waist, trapping him against his chest. His breath came in harsh pants, now, mingling with the sound of Heero's hoarse breathing.

Duo lifted his eyes to find Heero looking straight at him in the mirror. Their eyes locked and Duo moaned at the intensity in Heero's eyes. That look was as intimate as what their bodies were engaged in. Please, don't hold back. Duo's hips rocked faster, driving Heero into the tunnel formed by his by his hand. Heero gasped and his hand clenched the wrist of the hand Duo had wrapped around his cock. He leaned forward, back bowed as he curled around Duo's arms, pressing his ass back into Duo's hips. Still, he held Duo's eyes in the mirror. Heero's voice rose in a shout as he came, thrusting into Duo's hand, his eyes finally slipping closed as his pleasure peaked. Panting, Duo stroked his hand up Heero's cock, collecting Heero's come. He rubbed the fluid on his own length, pumping rapidly. He pushed Heero forward, crying out hoarsely as he orgasmed, his come streaming out to land on Heero's back.

Wrapping his arms around Heero, he pulled them both down to the bed. He nuzzled the back of Heero's neck, pulling him close. Their breath quieted and Duo was content to spoon against Heero, tracing invisible patterns on the other man's chest with a lazy hand. The urgency of his earlier questions had faded. After all, he mused, mutual masturbation was a good way to start any conversation on intimacy.

Heero broke the silence first. "You know, when we started, I was on top. Technically speaking."

Duo snorted. "A mere technicality."

Heero twisted around to grin at Duo. "I'm not the first man to get off on a technicality."

Duo groaned in mock horror. He fished around behind him to grab a pillow and hit Heero in the face. "That was bad."

"Yes." Heero agreed peacefully. Duo only pulled him closer.

"We still haven't worked out who's going to top." Heero said.

Duo's shoulders shook in a silent laugh. "Don't worry about it. We've got all weekend to decide. Now hush. Post-orgasm bliss time."

After a while, Duo stirred. "We should go wash."

"What was that about post-orgasm bliss?" Duo could hear the smile in Heero's voice.

"We'll be glued together," he said, amused.

"At this point," Heero replied, settling back against Duo's chest, "I don't really care."


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