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Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: No spoilers. PWP. Nerdiness and smuttyness.

Notes: For Granate - my fellow nerd. *smirk* To RazorQueen - the woman strong enough to put up with me and beta the story - thank you! *fawn fawn fawn* If you find any errors or inconsistencies in the fic, it's all me.

Talk Nerdy to Me
by Stacy

"Still studying?"

Heero looked up from his notes to watch his lover and roommate approach. Duo was wrapping a hair tie around the end of his braid and Heero could see a few stray beads of water left over from his shower on his bare chest. Hitching up his sweatpants, Duo said, "Don't you ever give up?"

"Don't gloat. Just because I'm not some psycho who likes to have all of his finals in one day doesn't mean that you have to rub it in." Heero said.

Flipping a few pages, Heero returned to studying. He could feel the heat from Duo's shower warm skin against his back as Duo leaned over his shoulder to look at his notes.

"It's not like you need to study, babe. You piloted a gundam, what makes you think a chemistry class is going to give you any trouble?" Squinting, Duo picked up the class syllabus. "'Prin. of Anal. Tech." Duo choked on a laugh. "You have got to be shitting me."

Smirking at his lover, Heero said, "'Principles of Analytical Techniques.' Peterson couldn't figure out why so many people were laughing when he handed that out. Now go away. I'm studying and you're a distraction." He made an absent minded shooing gesture with one hand.

Duo ignored the suggestion and pressed a little closer to Heero's back. "You're just anal retentive, babe."

"You got that right, babe." Heero deadpanned, giving Duo a good grope.

"You don't have to stop doing that, by the way." Duo said as he leaned into Heero's touch. "Who knew a chem class could be so perverted?" Duo mused, bending down to nuzzle Heero's neck.

Tilting his head to the side to allow Duo better access, Heero decided studying was a lost cause. "You have no idea."

"Really?" Duo murmured, nibbling gently on Heero's earlobe. Heero could hear the teasing challenge in his voice. "Somehow I don't believe you. Why don't prove it. Talk nerdy to me, baby."

Unable to resist the tease, Heero stood and pulled Duo into a deep kiss. He stroked his tongue over Duo's, running his hands up the bare skin of Duo's back to tangle in his hair at the base of his braid. Not breaking the kiss until the last moment, Heero pulled his t-shirt off and tossed it to the side. He leaned forward to capture Duo's lips again and nudged him slowly across the room until the backs of Duo's knees hit the couch. Duo sat down with a quiet "oof" and a leer up at his lover. Heero settled gracefully to his knees in front of his lover, leaning against him to trail kisses along Duo's jaw.

"You see," he whispered against Duo's lips, stroking the skin of the other man's chest. Heero gently ran his thumb over Duo's nipple and caught the ring there. "It's all about bringing the system from the ground state," he grasped the ring lightly, then gave it a firm tug, "to an excited state." He swallowed Duo's moan in another kiss, not stopping the pressure on Duo's nipple piercing.

"Fuck!" Duo gasped, pulling back from the kiss. He arched into Heero's hands. "Do it again." Heero tugged again on the ring, kissing his way down Duo's neck and chest. He released the ring, only to lave Duo's nipple with his tongue, then sucked both flesh and metal into his mouth. He worked the flesh gently with his lips and tongue, listening to Duo's breathless moans to gauge how hard to suck and pull.

Releasing the ring, Heero kissed his way up the smooth column of Duo's neck to whisper in his ear again. "Once you have enough transitions, you bring about a state of population inversion." A nip on Duo's earlobe elicited a gasp. "Then there are more species in the excited state than the ground state." Heero captured Duo's mouth for another kiss, exploring Duo's mouth, taking control. When he pulled back, Duo was panting.

"I can't believe I'm turned on by this," Duo laughed breathlessly. "Only you could make me hard from hearing this crap."

"You know you like it." Heero grinned, tugging on Duo's sweatpants then nudging Duo to raise his hips so he could pull them off completely. "Now lets see," Heero said, "what's next?" He leaned in for another kiss, then nuzzled Duo's ear. He inhaled deeply, smiling a little as Duo shivered. "Spectroscopists do seem to worry about aromaticity." He left a trail of kisses down Duo's neck then licked the skin just below Duo's pierced nipple. Blowing gently on the skin, he watched as Duo's nipple hardened with the touch of the cooler air.

Pulling Duo's hips to the edge of the couch, Heero settled to his knees between Duo's legs and leaned forward to kiss his way down Duo's torso until he was nuzzling the skin at the juncture of Duo's thighs. Taking another deep breath through his nose, Heero murmured against Duo's skin. "You certainly are aromatic." A quiet groan and fingers tangling in his hair, urging him to go on, was the only response.

Heero ran his tongue along the underside of Duo's erection to the tip, licking and sucking the skin lightly before taking the captive bead of the ring between his teeth and tugging gently on the ring, tilting his head so he could catch Duo's gaze with his own. He found Duo looking at him intently, his eyes dilated and dark with lust. Not breaking eye contact, Heero released the bead and licked the head of Duo's cock, then closed his eyes and brought his mouth down over his lover's erection. Duo arched up into the touch, hands tightening in Heero's hair as he set up a rhythm of long, wet strokes.

"Oh yeah, oh God," Duo moaned, tilting his head back to lean against the cushions of the couch, his hips rising and falling in time with Heero's strokes. Heero could feel the building urgency in Duo's movements and hear that Duo was getting close; the rising whine in his panting breaths was a sign he'd learned to recognize. Not wanting his lover to come so soon, Heero pulled away.

"Wouldn't want a case of spontaneous emission." Heero grinned at his lover. Duo raised his head and eyed him incredulously for a moment more, and then let his head flop back to the couch cushions with a frustrated groan.

"You're a mean bastard, anyone ever tell you that?" Duo said.

Heero didn't reply as sat down to take off his pants. After tugging them off, he turned back, only to come face to face with his lover, who had climbed off the couch. Duo's eyes were barely open, showing only a hint of blue, and his mouth curled into a sexy smile. Duo licked his lips, and Heero couldn't tear his gaze away.

"My turn. I took chemistry. I know all about the reciprocal rule."

"Huh?" He paused for a second as he processed Duo's words, then shook his head and smirked. "I thought you engineers were all about the math." He didn't resist as Duo pushed him onto his back.

Straddling one of Heero's thighs, Duo replied, "Nope. We're all about tension and friction, babe." He leaned forward to kiss Heero, pressing his groin against Heero's leg.

Heero savored both the taste of Duo's mouth as his lover moved against him and the feel of the smooth metal ring contrasting with the velvet steel of Duo's erection against his thigh. The kiss was a little aggressive, with Duo's hands cupped around his face and his tongue sliding around his, demanding. Heero suspected that Duo was just the slightest bit annoyed by being denied earlier. That thought faded away as he slid his hands down Duo's sides and grasping his hips.

Leaning his head back, Heero smiled at Duo, his eyes half-lidded, "Tongue piercing?"

Duo pulled a face and stopped thrusting against Heero's thigh. "Ugh. No. That would hurt"

"You got your cock pierced, and the thought of getting your tongue pieced bothers you?"

"Less talking, more kissing."

"But wouldn-mmf!" A nip on his bottom lip silenced Heero, and Duo licked the spot apologetically before reclaiming Heero's mouth with a fierce kiss. Heero let Duo dominate for a few moments before taking control, pulling at him until they were both kneeling.

Breaking away to trail his lips along Duo's jaw, Heero whispered, "Turn around." Duo turned to face the couch, leaning forward and bracing his elbows on the cushions. Duo turned his head and smiled seductively at him. His skin was flushed and Heero could see that his balls were tight with need.

The sight was too much for Heero to resist any longer. He licked a long line up Duo's back, starting from the base of his spine up to the back of his neck. Duo arched into the touch, a strangled moan in his throat as he pushed back against Heero's body. Heero leaned over to grope beneath the cushions of the couch for the lube. Finding the tube, he leaned back, grasping Duo's hips and sliding his cock against Duo's ass.

Quickly applying some lube to his fingers, Heero shifted so he could slide two fingers into his lover's tight body. Duo groaned at the invasion, then panted as Heero slowly rocked his fingers in and out, curling them forward. Deciding that the game was almost over, Heero leaned over to nip the skin on Duo's shoulder blade.

"I really just took the class because I heard something about pump and probe beams." He said, increasing the pressure of his fingers and the tempo of his thrusts. Duo gasped in response and spread his legs wider.

"Enough already and fuck me!" Duo demanded, panting. He raised his hips in invitation, pressing himself deeper on to Heero's fingers and reaching down to stroke himself. Heero continued to thrust his fingers, reaching around with his other hand to uncap the lube and squeeze the slick substance out on to his cock. He gasped as he pumped his erection a few times to distribute the lube. Edging forward, he withdrew his fingers from Duo's depths and pressed his hardness against Duo's entrance.

"Fuck, you're so tight." Heero groaned as he pushed past the tight ring of muscle. He could feel Duo trembling with the effort of staying still until he was fully encased in his body. Heero began a rocking motion, pushing in a little further with each thrust. The feel of Duo's hot channel surrounding his cock, making each move a slick caress made desire surge through Heero's body.

Leaning forward so his arm was braced against the seat of the couch, Heero dropped wet kisses on the soft skin of Duo's back. "Feel good?" He whispered, pumping his hips slowly as he deeped his thrusts. Duo's answering groan and shudder cause pleasure to spike through Heero's belly, causing him to inhale sharply. Letting out a deep breath, Heero smirked and said, "That's because intensity is related to path length." He ground his hips against Duo's ass.

Duo made a sound somewhere between a gasping laugh and a choked-off groan. Letting go of the cushion, his hand flailed behind him to smack solidly against Heero's hip. Heero laughed quietly and sat back, pulling Duo with him until his lover straddled his hips.

Heero started thrusting into Duo's tight body. He gripped Duo's hips, tensing his thighs to support the movement of his body rocking in time with Duo's writhing. Duo's panting began rising in timbre until a moan sounded in each breath and he leaned against Heero, his back arched in pleasure. Heero released his grip on one of Duo's hips to reach around and trace teasing fingers up his lover's chest and around a nipple. He rubbed his thumb over the hard flesh, then slipped his thumb into the ring and tugged. Duo cried out with the sensation and pushed himself down to impale himself deeply on Heero's cock.

The action was too much for Heero; dropping his head to rest against Duo's shoulder, the pace of his thrusting increased until Duo had to grasp at his hips to keep balanced. Duo moaned continuously now, his voice hitching with each pump of Heero's hips. Heero could hear the deep music of Duo's moans rumble in his chest from where his cheek was pressed against Duo's back. Groaning, Heero placed open-mouthed kissed on Duo's skin. He drove relentlessly into Duo's body. He reached around Duo's body with his hand still slick with lube and started stroking Duo's erection in time with his thrusts, tightening his grip at the bottom each stroke.

Heero felt Duo's rhthym become ragged as his muscles tightened around the cock pushed deep in his body. Heero spread his legs wider, bracing Duo's weight with his thighs as he let go of his lover's hip to hold the base of Duo's erection. Duo's body jerked at the contact, crying out as both of Heero's hands brought him over the edge and into ecstacy. The rhythmic contractions of Duo's body were enough to steal the last of Heero's control. He pressed his face into Duo's back as his hips thrust up desperately, burying himself in Duo's tight ass as his pleasure thundered through him.

Neither moved for a long moment and Heero savored the feeling of Duo's weight resting on his lap as he tried to get his breath back. Reaching beside him, Heero picked up his discarded t-shirt and cleaned Duo's chest and abdomen. He pulled away slowly, smiling at the quiet "ah" Duo breathed as he slid out. He finished cleaning up and pulled his unresisting lover onto the couch. Once he had Duo settled back against his chest, he wrapped an arm around his waist and buried his face in the hair at the base of Duo's braid.

"Whoa." Duo clasped Heero's hand where it rested on his stomach and snuggled back to increase contact between them. Heero smiled lazily and kissed the skin below Duo's ear in response.

"You were right about the friction," he said, and Duo chuckled.

"You can talk nerdy to me any day, babe." Duo's words were slurred as he drifted off to sleep. Heero glanced over at the table where his notes were. He really should finish studying. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath and inhaled the scent of his lover. Given the choice between studying and holding his lover, he'd take his lover every time. Heero followed Duo into sleep.

A/N: The title and general idea for this story is from a sig that Granate used. I meant to work in "vibrational mode," but couldn't find a good place. *grin*


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