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Pairings: 2x1
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: snogging, profanity, unbeta'd
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Notes: Snog! I drew the [ pic ] first - then had the urge to write something to go with it. Unbeta'd. Psyche and Dracostella's 101 ways to snog enroute to a colony can be found at [ here ]

Slow Drift
by Stacy

"Jesus Christ!" Duo swore as the lieutenant left the COM station in Cargo Bay 5. "I thought she'd never leave."

Heero only grunted in response as he watched the ion gauges. Ignoring Duo's complaint, he said, "Internal pressure has stabilized." The Japanese agent grabbed the low-no g pen from where it floated by the inspection chart and initialed the document. Flipping the pen to his partner, Heero said, "Sign off and we'll be ready for docking."

Duo caught the pen easily. He floated over to the chart and quickly initialed after Heero. He checked the chrono over the gauges and grinned. The American placed his gloved palm against Heero's chest and pushed until his partner's back was pressed into the bulkhead.

"Hmmm," he breathed, leaning forward so his breath tickled Heero's lips, "Lieutenant Snyder fucked my plans to have my wicked way with you in the cargo bay." He licked his partner's bottom lip, smiling inwardly at the blue-eyed man's sudden intake of breath. "But I still have 15 minutes. Whaddya think Une will say when her top agent shows up," Duo paused to lick the corners of Heero's mouth then trail his lips along his partner's jaw to his throat. After nipping at the soft skin, the braided man continued, "with a giant hickey? Mmmmm?"

Heero only panted in response, lifting his chin to expose more skin for his partner to tease. The American chuckled the gesture, and then rewarded him by sucking the tender skin harder. Heero was on fire; just as it seemed like he would melt, Duo broke away with a laugh.

Swearing at his partner, Heero fumbled for the safety handholds as he tried to regain his equilibrium. "Damn it, Maxwell!"

Duo only smirked in response, dropping one eyelid in a slow, sultry wink. He twisted gracefully, and with a kick against the frame, he sailed into the vast space of the cargo bay. Coasting to a slow stop, he twisted around to face Heero. He beckoned to the Japanese Preventer with a crooked finger and sexy grin. His braid snaked out behind him, swaying from the force of his movements.

Heero grumbled "tease" before pushing off the wall to join his partner. He had to restrain the desire to launch himself at the longhaired man; neither of them needed to go crashing into the far wall. Heero misjudged the trajectory, but Duo caught him as he approached. The movement caused them to spin slowly as they wrapped around each other, tangling arms and legs.

Holding onto his partner's shoulder with one hand, Heero lifted one knee and rubbed the inside of his thigh along the other man's. He reached up to cup the braided man?s cheek and murmured gruffly, "Finish what you started."

Duo's delighted laugh was cut off as Heero's mouth sought his. He deepened the kiss, hand moving restlessly over the slick material of the blue-eyed man's flight suit. He pulled his partner against his body, hands questing lower to squeeze Heero's ass. Duo reveled in the sound as the other agent moaned. There were times when he thought he lived to make his normally taciturn partner moan like that.

Heero nipped at the Duo's lips, distracting him from his thoughts. The warm lips and agile tongue of his partner abolished all hope of further coherent thought, and Duo let it go without regret. The two men lost themselves in the kiss.


"Two minutes until docking sequence initializes. Secure loose items and fasten restraints," intoned a pleasantly generic voice over the ship's com.

"Duo," Heero panted, trying to get his attention. "Damn it, Duo, we've got to?ah!" Heero cried out as his partner slid a thigh between his legs. "Ah! Duo!" He tangled his hands in Duo?s hair, pulling the other man away from his neck. "We have to get back to the com station."

Lust clouded blue eyes stared into his for a moment before Duo returned to his self-appointed mission to give Heero a hickey he wouldn?t be able to hide. The com crackled, "Thirty seconds?mark." Heero swore as the countdown continued, reaching into the thigh pocket of his flight suit. Retrieving the small CO2 canister, he made sure he had a firm grip on his partner, and then snapped the tip off of the valve. The two men went flying back towards the com station with the count down rising above the increasing clamor of the docking machinery powering up.

The next minute was a blur as both men wedged themselves into the small space and grabbed the safety handholds. The deafening noise and vibration continued for a few minutes as the two men clung to each other and the handholds.

Silence fell, then a laughing voice said, "Can we do that again?"


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