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This is a sequel to Closet-Case
Pairings: 1x2
Warnings: language, smut
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 4,404

Notes: Last of the series. Written for the gw500 "lucky" challenge. Beta'd by G. *snuggles* Now she and RQ can share stories of what a nutjob I am over writing. Any errors you see are mine and not at all the fault of the lurvely Granate.

by Stacy

Duo reluctantly stirred from where he sat beside Heero on the floor, arm tucked around Heero's waist and head resting against the other man's shoulder. The voices in the corridor had risen and fallen a couple of times, both of them tensing as someone passed by their hideout. But there had been no sound in the corridor for some time. It was well into the ship's night cycle. There shouldn't be much traffic at this time of "night," Duo thought.

"You want to make a break for it?" he murmured, the hair that fell over Heero's ear tickling his lips. He felt Heero shiver in response. Duo was loath to break the comfortable, drowsy silence that had fallen over them, as reassuring in it's own way as the absolute darkness in the closet.

"You really think it's safe?" Heero said, voice wary. Duo felt a slight tug on his hair. He imagined Heero gripping his braid apprehensively. He couldn't blame him. Howard seemed to have a sixth sense when it came to interrupting them.

"Probably not. But I need a shower. And something to eat." He heaved himself up off the floor with a grunt, legs gone stiff from sitting on the floor. He reached out blindly in the darkness, hand connecting with Heero's shoulder. He groped his way down Heero's arm until he reached his hand and pulled him to his feet. They both wobbled uncertainly for a moment, hands reaching out to steady one another. Duo grinned at Heero's surprised cough as his hand found purchase on what definitely did not feel like Heero's waist. It was, he supposed, a benefit of sitting around in the dark. After all, when else could he cop a feel in all innocence?

"Here goes nothing." Duo toggled the lock for the door. He squinted and shaded his eyes against the low light in the hold. A quick look and no one was in sight.

"Coast is clea-hey!" He yelped as Heero pinched his ass. He looked over his shoulder in surprise and Heero merely gave him a bland, albeit squinty, look.

"Oops. Can't see a thing." Heero shrugged, a smirk tugging at his lips.

Duo laughed. "Good one!" He grasped Heero's wandering hand and tugged him out into the light.


The corridors had been eerily deserted as they made their way back to Duo's quarters. He didn't particularly trust the silence although he did breathe a little easier once they were inside and the door was locked. He'd never believed in luck, good or bad, but Howard was beginning to make him a little nervous. He fervently hoped that their luck was taking a turn for the better.

He turned to face Heero and his cheerful words died on his lips. There was no comforting darkness surrounding them now. The silence was awkward; there was so much he wanted to say, but he didn't know where to start. How to start.

"You said something about a shower?" Heero asked after the silence had stretched almost to the point of discomfort.

"You first," Duo replied, grateful for the break in the staring match. "And," he hesitated, "you'll stay?" Heero nodded and Duo felt a sense of relief wash over him. He took a step forward and planted a firm kiss on Heero's lips. Heero's arms caught him as he tried to pull away.

"Too bad you can't join me," Heero said, breath warm against his lips. Duo smiled tiredly.

"I may be flexible, Yuy, but not that flexible," he replied and pushed his friend towards the bathroom.

Duo shucked off his clothes, one ear turned to the sound of the shower. He moved slowly around the room, picking up both of their clothes and dropping them in the hamper. The sight of Heero leaving the bathroom, clad only in a towel, was enough to distract him momentarily, but he rallied his self-control and took his turn. As he stood under the hot water, braid wrapped around his head to keep it dry, Duo finally allowed himself to take a deep breath and relax. He still couldn't quite believe the turn of events, but his instincts said it was right. And Heero, despite the changes, was still his best friend. He trusted him. And, God, did he ever want him.

The loud squeal of the com interrupted his drowsy contemplation.

"Heero Yuy. Report to Ops. We've got a small situation." Duo swore there was a gleeful edge to Howard's tinny voice. It was too much.

Duo stalked out of the shower, dripping water as he stomped over to the com and punched the button.

"I have had enough," he said, voice low and intense. "You have not left us alone since I got back. I don't know what the hell your problem is, Old Man, but it stops now. You call this room one more time for anything less than a hull breach and I'm ripping the goddamn com out of the wall." He punched the button again and stood staring at the panel, trying to get his breathing under control. The muscles in his shoulders ached from tension and the exhaustion that seemed to dog him since he returned to full gravity returned full force. Goddamn, he wondered, tired to the bone. Is a little peace too much to ask?

Gentle hands on his shoulders, rubbing at the hard knots in his shoulders, drew him out of his angry contemplation of the com panel. He stood still, just letting Heero rub his back while he tried to get himself back under control. He didn't resist as Heero handed him a towel and pulled him towards bed.

"You sure told him," Heero said, sounding amused.

"Yeah, but there's no guarantee that'll work." Duo's sense of the ridiculous was returning and he could see the humor in the situation. Not to mention that Heero's hands on his back reminded him of the reason he was so goddamned pissed off at Howard in the first place. Those hands also reminded him of how nervous he was. It wasn't everyday that he got what he wanted, after all.

Climbing into the narrow bunk, he pulled Heero in with him and rolled on top.

"Now where was I?" he asked, grinning a little to hide how nervous he was. He leaned down to kiss Heero. He had no more than touched his lips to the other man's before he found himself flipped over on his back, blinking in astonishment at Heero's pleased smirk.

"What the-?" The question was cut off as Heero kissed him.

In the dark of the closet, Heero's lips had been much more assured. Now they moved hesitantly against his, the touch feather-light. Duo was caught by the kiss, though, and pulled his friend closer, deepening the contact. His eyes slipped closed and he pushed his tongue past those slightly parted lips. He was lost in the kiss until a nagging thought intruded and his eyes popped open. Damn. He almost forgot.

"Uh uh. It's my bed." He rolled them back over quickly and straddled a slightly disgruntled Heero. He grinned tiredly down at Heero triumph.

Before his friend could protest, he pushed him back and licked playfully at his lips before taking his mouth again. The kiss grew more involved and Duo sank down, resting his weight on Heero and reveling in the feel of Heero's naked skin beneath his. Heero sucked his tongue into his mouth and Duo shivered, unable to stop the roll of his hips against Heero's. Heero took control of the kiss, thrusting his tongue against Duo's and he melted against the body beneath him, barely registering when the hands that had been tracing along his skin stopped their slow exploration and gripped his shoulder and waist.

With a quick roll, those hands now had him on his back again, his hands pinned above his head. Heero smirked down at him, obviously pleased with his tactics. Duo looked up at him and scowled, but it slipped away in light of Heero's flushed and slight smile. He did tug against the hand holding his wrists to the bed. They weren't budging. Figured.

"It's your bed, but I drove out here to pick you up."

Duo couldn't help but laugh. His laugh melted into a low moan as Heero bent down and tongued his earlobe, then pulled gently on the ring in his ear, returning the favor from the closet. Heero's other hand slid up his chest to cradle his cheek, thumb resting just below his ear. He tried to lower his hands, wanting to touch all that skin - Heero's skin! - stretching over him. He tugged against the hand holding his wrists again and Heero looked up from his neck.

"OK. You win. You got me. I'll behave." Duo's voice was husky.

"Is that a promise?" Even though Heero's voice was teasingly light, Duo could feel the slight tremor in the hand on his face. All the things Duo wanted to say to Heero were just out of reach, hovering at the back of his throat. The low light filtering in from the bathroom exposed the solemn expression on Heero's face. It occurred to Duo that Heero likely didn't have much experience being intimate. He swallowed, a feeling of fierce protectiveness rising up at the thought.

"I." He cleared his throat. "I promise." He decided, in that moment, that they could take their time hashing out all the changes that would come with the shift in their friendship. With the way Heero was looking at him, he thought that most of it had been said without so many words. He lay there looking up at Heero, trying to convey all that he felt with a look. He felt a little uncomfortable, letting himself be so exposed, but if Heero was willing, than how could he not do the same?

Heero released his wrists and he immediately wrapped his arms around him, pulling the other man down for a long kiss. The movement pressed their bodies back together and the slide of Heero's cock against his thigh made him gasp into the kiss, desire burning in his gut. His hands tightened on Heero's shoulders but he didn't do more than clutch at the other man. Heero was setting the pace.

"Let me," Heero whispered against his neck, almost as if he could tell what Duo was thinking. Duo nodded again, not trusting his voice. The hands that stroked down his body were a little clumsy, a little unsure, but the intent look on Heero's face as his hands smoothed along his chest was enough to quell the rebellious little voice in the back of his head that was demanding for him to take over. Heero's hands felt so good. And he was so damn tired.

Lips followed the path Heero's hands had traced out on his skin, leaving little trails of fire in their wake. A quick swipe of Heero's tongue across the inside of his thigh had him fisting the sheets, biting his lip. Hands behind his knees pushed his legs up and apart, but the sensation was distant. He shivered, Heero's breath on his erection demanding all of his attention.

"Jesus, Heero, you're killing me," Duo panted as Heero hesitated. He looked down and caught Heero looking at him uncertainly. He freed a hand from the blankets and cupped Heero's cheek.

"Do you want to?" he asked. Heero's hair tickled the back of his hand as he nodded. He levered himself up on one elbow and stroked Heero's lip with his thumb. "However you want it, babe." He laughed a little, breathless. "I just want you."

He watched as Heero's eyes slipped closed and took a deep breath at his words. When he opened them again, the uncertain look was gone and the hunger had returned. Without breaking eye contact, Heero lowered his head. The first tentative swipe across the head of his cock sent a spike a pleasure through his body and he flopped back with a low groan. His reaction seemed to break down any remaining reluctance in Heero; another long lick was followed by the warm heat of Heero's mouth sucking the head of his erection. Duo moaned and immediately flushed. He'd never been particularly loud during sex, but damn, Heero had demolished his inhibitions. He couldn't stop the breathy gasps as Heero slid his tongue into slit and worked his mouth over his cock.

Duo was floating in a haze of pleasure, hands tangled in Heero's hair when the sudden scrape of teeth jolted him out of his daze. He flinched.

"Ow! Watch the teeth!" he yelped, fingers tightening involuntarily. Heero pulled away, the uncertain look back on his face. Duo hastened to reassure him.

"Don't stop. Please." He had a sudden burst of inspiration. "Here. Let me show you." He scooted down the bed until he could grasp Heero's hips. Heero seemed to get the idea after a few tugs and moved to straddle Duo backwards. Duo was gifted by the unbelievably erotic view of Heero's cock, glistening with precome, inches from his face. He lifted his head and licked a long, wet line from under Heero's balls to the tip of his cock, savoring the salty taste and musky aroma of his skin.

Duo felt a sudden weight drop down to his thigh and he looked down the length of his body. Heero was resting his head on Duo's leg, panting as he watched Duo's mouth. Duo tilted his head mouthed the base of Heero's cock. He felt the tremble in the thighs resting against his shoulders and suppressed a shiver of his own. Dipping his head, he caught the head of Heero's cock in his lips and teased the tip with his tongue before drawing him deep into his mouth. The panting rose to a whine and Heero's hips bucked, pushing his erection deeper. Duo drew back, letting his cock slide from his lips and nuzzled the soft skin of Heero's balls.

"Come on, babe. With me." This time when his lips closed over Heero's cock he felt lips on his own, mirroring his actions. The mouth on him was clumsy with inexperience and passion, but fuck, it felt good. Duo struggled to keep his hips still, the urge to thrust into the heat and slick wetness almost overcoming him, but he knew that Heero wasn't prepared for him to fuck his mouth. Instead, he relaxed his jaw and tilted his head back to swallow Heero deep he could. Heero's hips rolled but Duo was ready; he slid his hands up Heero thighs to grip his hips, guiding the motion. A low moan reverberated around his cock and his eyes opened wide, then rolled back in pleasure. His own cry was muffled and Heero pulled away, breathing raggedly.

"Duo. Duo, I don't want to." Heero's voice was thick with need, ".not yet." The next thing Duo knew, Heero had pulled off of him and was feverishly kissing him, pressing his body down into the covers. The wet slide of his cock against his belly made Duo groan and he reached up to frame Heero's face with his hands. He softened the kiss, trying to draw Heero back from the edge. Once he felt Heero's grinding subside from its urgent pace, he trailed his fingers from where they rested on Heero's face down to his shoulders, kneading the tight muscles there. He broke the kiss and smiled.

"I need to get something. Hold on just a sec." Heero nodded, watching him through half lidded eyes heavy with need as he twisted over to the side of the bed to get the vaseline. Prize in hand, Duo turned back and nudged Heero off his legs, pulling them both to their knees. He wrapped his arms around Heero's shoulders, small tub in hand and pressed against his strong body even as he pressed his tongue into his mouth, chasing a fleeting saltiness that could only be the taste of his own cock. His erection throbbed at the thought.

Pulling back, Duo rested his forehead on Heero's shoulder, trying to catch his breath as Heero sucked at the skin on his neck. The other man was making up for inexperience with enthusiasm and his eyes widened as Heero raked his teeth across the skin. God, he thought, he's not helping me calm down. Any further thought along that line was lost as Heero's hand wandered down his back, fingers ghosting along his spine before slipping hesitantly between his cheeks. He pressed closer to Heero, molding his body to his friends to give him more room for his explorations. The panting breath in his ear hitched as those fingers found his entrance and traced around the puckered skin. The teasing touch, intentional or not, stoked the desire already coiling hotly in his gut. Christ, I need him was his hazy thought.

Duo sat back, pulling Heero between his spread legs. "Are you ready?" Duo asked, voice no more than a throaty whisper. Heero nodded, swallowing. He looks a little nervous, Duo thought and his eyes traveled down to Heero's dripping arousal, but damn, he looks hot. Taking Heero's hand, he licked the tips of his fingers before coating Heero's fingers with the slick gel. He caught Heero's lips for another kiss, open-mouthed and wet, before laying back and pulling his knees up and out, exposing himself to Heero. His stomach fluttered at the vulnerability of this position but the flutters faded at the low, needy groan from Heero as he sank to his knees between his legs.

Again, those fingers were hesitant as the stroked the puckered ring of flesh. Heero looked up at him, a question in his eyes and Duo nodded, throat tight. This was it; he felt like there was no going back now to the way their friendship had been. The kiss, the handjob.neither had been so intimate as this. The apprehension of the last few weeks - hell, the last few years - melted away and left only burning hunger in its wake. Heero pushed two fingers inside him and the heat of those fingers stretching his body echoed the heat of his need. He threw his head back against the pillow and cried out.

Encouraged by his response, Heero stroked his fingers in a slow rhythm, the sound of his harsh breathing a counterpoint to high-pitched whine in Duo's chest. He twisted his fingers and Duo cried out again, hips jerking against his hand. When he could open his eyes, he looked down the length of his body and bit his lip against another cry. Heero was stroking himself in time with the fingers thrusting into his body, eyes locked to where their flesh met.

Unable to tear his eyes away from that erotic vision, Duo fumbled in the blankets until he found the tub of Vaseline. Another twist of those fingers and he dropped the tub, swearing as his hand fisted in the blanket.

"Damn, Heero. Fuck!" Duo moaned, incoherent but not giving a damn. He reclaimed the tub and with his free hand, tugged Heero up for a desperate kiss. His hands shook as he coated Heero's cock with the thick gel and was rewarded with a gasp as he stroked his shaft with a twist. Relinquishing Heero's mouth, he fell back on the bed, pulling his knees up.

Heero knelt between his legs, pressing his cock into his body. The burn of his entry intensified until Duo cried out, "Fuck!" Heero stopped immediately, shaking hands clenched on Duo's hips.

"Did I hurt you?" Heero asked, voice rough with the effort of holding still. He started to withdraw and Duo moaned and grabbed his hands.

"No. Just. Slow." Duo's voice was just as rough. "Fuck. It's." He spread his legs wider. "It's fucking hot!" he gasped, shoulders shaking against the bed from the intensity. Damn, it's never been this fucking good, he thought.

"Oh, God. More." He wondered just when the hell he'd started begging, but as Heero moved above him and the slow burn started again, he decided he didn't care. He wrapped his legs around Heero's waist and pulled him the rest of the way in. His action wrung a cry from both of them; their voices were distant over the thunder of blood rushing in his ears. Heero dropped down over him, bracing his hands on either side of his head.

"Now?" he asked, voice was low and desperate.

"Now." Duo's words were half command, half entreaty. With a low groan, Heero began moving and Duo gripped his arms, needing an anchor as the sting gave over to pleasure. The thrusts were deep and fast and Duo couldn't stop the sound that poured from his lips as the pleasure built with each stroke. He wrapped legs around Heero's waist. It robbed him of the leverage to move against Heero, but he arched his back and the movement trapped his cock between their bodies. The friction sent a jolt of pleasure through him and his body tightened around Heero's cock. Heero cried out, pushing deep inside him and shaking as he came. He collapsed against Duo, hiding his face in his neck and gasping for breath.

Duo blinked, arms coming up reflexively to cradle the other man. It took his lust-fogged mind a moment to comprehend that the main event was over. A small, albeit vocal, corner of his mind was loudly protesting this chain of events. He squashed that voice the best he could, unsatisfied though he was. Despite the fact that he suspected he'd soon have a raging case of blue balls, he could appreciate the humor in the situation. He rubbed Heero's back.

"Heero?" he asked, voice tentative. The small voice remarked that even if he had been left hanging, Heero's weight resting on him felt pretty damn fine.

Heero heaved a sigh. The movement applied delicious pressure to his aching cock and Duo bit back a groan. He couldn't stop the roll of his hips as his body reacted, though. Heero tensed and lifted his head.

"I'm sorry, Duo," Heero's cheeks were flushed red, but his expression was closed off. He couldn't quite meet Duo's eyes. "I couldn't hold back." Duo could hear the misery in his voice despite his lack of expression. After a long moment of silence, Heero swore and started to pull away. Duo tightened his hold.

"Wait a minute there, buddy. Where do you think you're going?" he tangled his hand in Heero's hair and tugged until Heero looked him in the eye. "Look. Unless I'm completely wrong, you." he trailed off for a moment. What was the best way to say virgin without saying virgin? ".don't have much experience with this. It's nothing." Uh, scratch that. It was something he'd be embarrassed about. Had been embarrassed about. ".unusual."

Jesus, he thought, I can't believe I'm having this conversation. Evidently Heero couldn't either, judging from his wide eyes and scarlet face. Duo idly wondered how long it would take for both of them to spontaneously combust from embarrassment. And it wasn't helping matters that he was still horny as hell. But he couldn't let Heero get up and walk away feeling like he did. Not now, with the twisting in his gut that had nothing to do with his hard on and everything to do with the look on Heero's face. Hell, not ever.

"It'll be better next time." If Heero was surprised at the sentiment or the entreating tone, he didn't show it. Instead, he held Duo's gaze for several heartbeats before nodding.

"Now. I believe we still have to finish this time." Duo bucked his hips and was rewarded by a slight smile.

"It's the least I can do." The joke was weak, but Duo appreciated the effort. He was even more appreciative when that warm mouth wrapped around his cock. Heero's pace was slower now, but the wet heat and rough tongue were pure pleasure against his aching cock. He propped himself up on his elbows so he could watch. Duo groaned; Heero's half-lidded eyes, the way Heero's cheeks hollowed at every upstroke was driving him crazy. He reached out and traced the curve of his jaw, fingers sliding up to touch Heero's lips where they met his cock.

"Faster." he couldn't stop the breathless plea. Nor could he stop the approving cry when Heero sped up, grasping the base of his cock to hold it steady. The heat was building now, unstoppable, and when Heero rolled his eyes up to catch Duo's, it was too much.

"Heero." he tried to warn him and Heero got the message. Heero pulled back, hand taking the place of his mouth and pumped in long, even strokes. Duo's hand covered his, squeezing tightly. The sight of both of their hands wrapped around his cock drove Duo to the edge. He came with a shout.

He was barely aware of Heero crawling up beside him and reaching over the side of the bed to fetch his towel. He murmured sleepy thanks as Heero wiped off enough of the fluids coating both of them to ensure that they wouldn't stick to the sheets. Heero pulled him close, stealing a kiss. Duo responded lazily, not even able to open his eyes. Exhaustion had finally taken him down. Out for the count, he thought fuzzily. A thought nagged him, though, and he pried open his eyes to look at Heero. He was looking down at him, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

"You OK?" he asked. The question, slurred as it was, earned him a kiss. Heero certainly looked like he had regained his equilibrium. Not counting the bed hair and hickeys, that is.

"I'll be embarrassed later," Heero's reply was quiet, his voice warm. "Tomorrow. Right now I just want to hold you and go to sleep."

Duo, or at least the parts of him that were still conscious, agreed. There were still some things they needed to talk about, but he suspected that much had already been said tonight. He'd have to make nice with Howard tomorrow, but right now, the old troll could go space himself for all he cared. He'd have a hell of a time getting the vaseline out of his hair, but he was too tired to give a damn.


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