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Pairing: 2x1
Warnings: NC-17, BDSM theme

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by Stacy

Duo opened the door and trudged into the apartment, trusting that Heero would follow him in. After throwing his keys on the kitchen counter, Duo stretched and bent over to unlace and pull off his boots. He heard the door click shut behind him, but not the rattle of Heero securing the locks. Frowning, he turned around.

"What's wrong with...?" The rest of his question died off as he took in the state of his partner. Heero was staring as some spot on the floor, not seeming to notice his surroundings. Although he leaned back against the door, Duo could tell that the pose was not for comfort but for defense. Heero had sought something solid to put his back to.

Duo sighed, and then walked back to the entryway. "You're home now," he murmured, reaching past Heero's head to flip the locks and set the alarm. "You can relax." He dropped his hand to cradle Heero's cheek and gently moved his head so Duo could catch his attention. "You're home."

Heero shook his head slightly as if to clear his mind then smiled tiredly at Duo. "I know. Now I've just got to convince the rest of me."

Duo could see that Heero's shoulders were tense, slightly hunched up as he leaned on the door. He lifted his other hand so that he framed Heero's face in his hands. Leaning forward, he kissed Heero on the forehead and lips.

"You're home." Duo repeated, breathing the words across Heero's lips.

Heero's lips parted at the whisper-soft touch on his skin, and Duo pressed in to take advantage of his open mouth. Duo licked at Heero's lips before covering Heero's mouth with his own, his tongue curling languidly into Heero's mouth to tangle with his partner's. Duo felt a little of the tension drain out of Heero. He pressed closer and increased the contact between them, savoring the silk-over-steel feel of Heero's body even though Duo couldn't touch his skin.

Pulling back from the kiss, Duo leaned his forehead against Heero's. "I almost lost you." He shivered as he remembered the fear and dread as the rest of his unit waited for the check-in from Heero's team. A wave of desire rolled through his body in response to the fear and Duo licked Heero's bottom lip, sucking on the soft flesh before plunging his tongue into Heero's mouth.

Duo's hands remained cupping Heero's face for a moment longer before dropping down to stroke his throat, trailing his fingers lightly down the skin. His hands continued to trace a path down his arms until he was holding Heero's wrists. An image rose unbidden in his mind of Heero, arms tied behind his back and rope wound around his torso, naked and kneeling with his head bowed. Duo moaned into the kiss as the imaged lingered. Without pulling away from the kiss, he pushed Heero's arms up until he had his wrists trapped above his head. Duo shifted his upper body until he felt he had a secure hold on his partner's wrists. Releasing Heero's lips with reluctance, Duo lowered his head to nuzzle the skin at the base of Heero's throat.

"I need you, baby. I almost lost you. Please..." Duo said, panting against Heero's neck. He tightened his grip on Heero's wrists and increased the pressure as he spoke. "Let me use the rope tonight."

Duo couldn't keep a slight pleading note out of his voice, but the image of Heero naked and bound before him sent a surge of need through his body. Duo's gaze locked on Heero's as Heero pushed at the hands holding his arms against the door. The resistance wasn't strong enough to break Duo's hold, but enough for Duo to feel the restrained strength in Heero's arms.

Heero didn't answer for a long moment and Duo tensed, readying himself for Heero's decision, hoping that Heero would agree. Duo interpreted Heero's long silence as reluctance and released his hold on his wrists, pulling back slowly. The movement seemed to spur Heero into action and he quickly caught Duo's hands, lacing their fingers together. Duo could only step closer, his breath coming faster as Heero pulled their linked hands to the door above his head. Eyes half lidded, Heero spoke quietly, without quite meeting Duo's gaze.

"Yes." His voice cracked a little on the word. A short pause, then his voice strengthened as he said. "I wasn't sure if I should ask." Heero's voice trailed off, and he finally raised his head to meet Duo's eyes.

Duo let out the breath he hadn't noticed holding and smiled at Heero. "You don't have to worry about asking me. Any thing you want, I'm yours. Anything you need, I'm yours."

Duo untangled his fingers from Heero's and reached down to grasp Heero's waist, pulling their hips together before walking backwards, pulling Heero into the living room one slow step at a time. Stopping in the middle of the room, Duo pulled Heero in for another slow kiss and nuzzled his cheek as he drew away.

Duo stepped back a few steps and closed his eyes, feeling a predatory urge rise up and thread through the love and lust he was feeling for his partner. Blowing out a deep breath, Duo shifted his thoughts into another mode. His lips curled in a lazy, appraising smile as he turned back around and faced Heero.

"Strip and kneel." Duo said, his voice dropping a little deeper. The command was clear, both the words and the tone of voice.

Heero's chin lifted defiantly for a moment before he bowed his head in acquiescence and began taking off his clothes. Duo's breath caught in his chest for a heartbeat. Heero was going to fight him tonight. Duo watched him fold his clothes neatly and set them aside before sinking to his knees in a smooth movement. Duo's smile was predatory as he gazed appreciatively at his lover kneeling at his feet, the set of Heero's shoulders announcing his quiet rebellion. Duo stepped forward until he was standing in front of Heero, giving him that appraising stare again.

"Go fetch the rope." Heero started to rise to his feet but Duo's sharp command froze him in mid-crouch. "Stop! Did I say you could stand?" Duo reached down and tangled his fingers into the hair at the base of Heero's neck. Without warning, he tightened his hold on Heero's hair, pulling his hair for a second before releasing his grip.

"Crawl. ," "Go on."

Heero bowed his head and Duo caught a glimpse of his flushed face before his hair shielded his eyes. Pivoting on his knees, Heero crawled towards the bedroom. Duo couldn't tear his eyes away from the vision of Heero moving away from him, mesmerized by the play of muscles in his back and hips. Heero disappeared into the bedroom, breaking Duo's trance. Shaking his head, he went to the closet and retrieved a faded pair of jeans. Changing quickly, he threw his work clothes in the hamper and bent to pick up a velvet bag from the floor of the closet. He returned to the living room to wait for Heero.

"Leave the ankle cuffs." Duo called, setting the bag down next to the structural post that ran up through the corner in their living room. There was no furniture in that corner, just a few pillows scattered around. Duo looked up at the bar, checking the spot welds he had used to attach more rings at intervals down the length of the pole. Tugging on one of the rings, he nodded, satisfied with the setup. Hearing the whisper of sound announcing Heero's return, he turned so he would watch Heero make his careful way back across the living room, one arm holding a bundle to his chest.

Heero dropped the bundle at Duo's feet and settled back into a kneeling position, his shoulders tensed in a tight line. Duo reached down and stroked the hair back from Heero's face, allowing a brief view of Heero's blue eyes before the hair fell back into its disorder. He frowned, looking down at the bundle of black hemp rope.

"You didn't bring all of the rope, Heero." Heero shrugged after a moment of hesitation.

"Bring the rest of the rope. Now." Turning slowly, Heero scowled as he bent down and started crawling back to the bedroom. Duo stepped close enough to deliver a stinging slap to Heero's rump, causing him to jump and grunt.

"Good boy." Duo murmured, watching as Heero's shoulders tightened in a flinch at "boy," but he continued crawling to the bedroom.

Once Heero returned with several coils of rope, Duo sank to his knees beside Heero. A deep flush was crawling its way down Heero's neck and Duo smiled. Heero didn't lift his eyes from the floor, his posture speaking of an internal struggle over submitting to Duo. He shivered instead.

Duo saw the tremor in Heero's shoulders and stroked Heero's hair. Picking up the rope, Duo uncoiled a long length of the black hemp and held it draped loosely in one hand, one thumb rubbing the rough fibers absently. The other hand raised up to grab the back of Heero's neck, holding his still as he dove in for a possessive kiss. Taking control, Duo thrust his tongue deep and pulled away slowly.

"Give me your hands." He said, waiting until Heero raised his hands for the rope. Duo began winding the rope around Heero's wrists, wrapping carefully. Heero moved restlessly in his grasp and Duo spoke, his voice full of command. "Hold still."

Heero stilled and Duo resumed his careful winding, aware of the body heat radiating from his partner. Although they did not play every time they made love, bondage in some form wasn't rare in their bedroom. Heero sometimes had trouble letting go; those were the times he needed Duo to push him to the edge of his limits so he could relax. Submitting to Duo, the person he trusted with his life, was his safety valve. Duo knew his reasons were much less complex. Pure lust was one; having physical and emotional dominance over his normally strong and controlled partner was a heady experience. But there was a more compelling reason, much more compelling than simple lust. Heero needed him to dominate. That was reason enough.

Duo rose to his feet in one smooth motion, pulling Heero's arms up and over his head. Reaching over his head, Duo threaded the rope through one of the rings, letting the rope out a few inches for slack and tying a half hitch just below the ring. Duo heard the steady pace of Heero's breathing hitch and falter as he tugged on the rope to set the knot. A slow smile curved Duo's lips at the sound and sank back down in front of Heero.

The sight that met him made his breath catch for a moment. Heero knelt with his knees shoulder width apart, his back slightly arched and the stretch of his arms above his head lifting his ribcage. The pose left Heero exposed. He felt vulnerable - Duo could see it in his clenched fists, in the way he struggled to keep his eyes closed. Heero tended to be an aggressive lover and the change in role left him off balance. Duo intended to keep his lover off balance, assaulting his lover with pleasure until he surrendered.

Capturing Heero's lips in a bruising kiss, Duo slid his knee between Heero's legs, balancing his weight on the other knee. He sucked Heero's tongue into his mouth while he nudged Heero's legs apart, making him lean forward and arch his back more. Duo released his lover's mouth with a quick nip at the corner of Heero's mouth. Picking up another length of rope, Duo laid the end across Heero's left thigh and efficiently tied a bowline knot just below the sensitive juncture of Heero's leg and hip. He slipped his fingers under the rope to check the tension, and then tugged on the free ends to ensure the knot wouldn't tighten when pulled. Satisfied, Duo doubled rope back on itself. He repeated the knot around Heero's leg just above the ankle with the free end, his hands weaving the rope with smooth confidence.

Duo leaned back for a moment, savoring the sight of Heero caught in the rope. The vision of his half-bound lover was enough to make Duo groan and surge forward for a bruising kiss. Duo plundered Heero's mouth, only releasing him from the kiss when he felt Heero's body shake with the need for breath. Duo picked up the rope, gathering up the slack and wrapped the remaining rope around Heero's leg, then tied off the excess with a slipknot.

Heero's head had dropped, his hair falling across his face to hide his eyes while Duo bound his legs. Duo stroked his side to soothe his partner, knowing that the actual binding was the most difficult part of the process for Heero. His partner had told him that it felt as if it was a point of no return; after he was bound, he would belong to Duo. Despite his love and trust, Heero still had to fight his need for control so he could submit. Heero's struggle to surrender sent exquisite heat coiling through Duo's body, possessive need consuming him.

Duo reached down and grasped his partner's erection and teased the head before gripping the shaft and stroking slowly. Duo cupped Heero's chin with his other hand and tilted Heero's head back. Heero's eyes fluttered open at the contact and he licked his lips, unable to look away, caught by the lust in Duo's eyes. Duo's eyes flicked down to Heero's lips to watch the tip of his lover's tongue slide over his lips. Duo couldn't resist leaning in to nip at Heero's bottom lip. Heero moaned low in his throat and his mouth fell open as he panted. After one last tug on Heero's cock, Duo picked up another length of rope and bound Heero's other leg in the same fashion. Duo rocked back on his heels as he regulated his breathing. He waited patiently, watching avidly as defiance, fear, and finally, need crossed Heero's face.

"Please..." Heero said, his voice barely a whisper and Duo's lips quirked in a smile, hearing the pleading note in Heero's voice.

"You may not come until you have my permission." Duo said, his voice rough with desire. The length of rope Duo picked up this time was thinner and the fibers dyed black He had washed and worked the rope until supple and smoother, yet retained enough of the coarse texture to tease the skin. The roughness of the rope would overlay the firm pressure until the sensation danced on the edge between pleasure and pain. Duo wrapped the rope around his lover's cock and balls, keeping each end of the rope the same length and knotting the rope with an overhand knot beneath his balls. Two loops around Heero's sack were tied off and the base of the wrap was completed with the rope wound around the base of Heero's cock.

Duo wove the rope securely, twisting the rope on the upper side then wrapping the rope around to twist again on the under side of Heero's erection. He leaned in for quick, hard kisses all over Heero's face as his hands worked. Heero began writhing helplessly as Duo neared the tip and Duo paused to tangle a hand in Heero's hair. Tightening his fingers and giving a quick jerk, Duo said, "Be still." He kept his grip until he heard Heero's choked assent. Duo resumed weaving the rope, ending with a knot that rested just below the head of Heero's cock.

Duo pushed Heero back so more of his weight rested on his heels. The move left Heero in a more upright position and Duo gathered up the slack in the rope above Heero's head and made a loop, securing the rope with a slipknot. Duo trailed his hands down Heero's upraised arms, ghosting over his chest until his questing fingers found Heero's nipples. Duo twisted each one gently until Heero groaned. He rubbed the flat of his tongue over the hard nub before drawing the flesh into his mouth and sucking hard, stopping only when Heero's panting breath took on a whine of pain. Duo pressed a soft, open-mouthed kiss on the swollen nipple before turning away to search for one of the items he had made Heero fetch.

Duo slid the palm of his hand down his own cock, trapped in his jeans, seeking some relief for his aching cock. Rubbing his erection slowly with one hand, he picked up the set of flat tipped alligator clips connected with a chain. Each tip was covered with a soft layer of rubber. Duo trailed the chain over Heero's chest, teasing the skin as he placed demanding kisses on Heero's neck, making the other man moan. Duo sucked the skin hard one more time, leaving a red welt before rocking back on his heels. Duo pressed the first clip open and slid it around Heero's nipple. He released the pressure slowly, drinking in the sound of Heero's breathing melted into throaty moans as the metal and rubber tightened on Heero's swollen nipple.

"That's it, baby." Duo said, tracing the shell of Heero's with his lips. "Feels good, doesn't it?" Duo kissed along Heero's jaw, dipping in for a quick kiss and whispering. "You like it when it hurts a little...don't you, babe?" He tugged on the chain, listening to Heero's breath hiss through his teeth. Duo swiftly fastened the other clip to Heero's other nipple. Heero cried out softly as the clip sank into his tender flesh and the shock caused Heero to arch his back, straining against the rope.

"Fuck yeah, Heero." Duo said, rubbing his thumb across the hard nubs. "Mine." He pulled on the clip and Heero twisted against the ropes. "You belong to me."

Duo grasped the chain, tugging on the clips rhythmically, gradually increasing the pressure. Heero's soft cries became a keening wail. Dropping his hand, Duo rubbed his palm against the slick head of Heero's cock, twisting his fingers around the tip. Heero tried to thrust his hips against Duo's hand, making an urgent sound deep in his throat, feeling the warm pressure of orgasm building in his gut, but then the teasing fingers stilled.

"Remember," Duo whispered, hand drifting lower to cup Heero's balls. "You. May. Not. Come." His hand twisted and Heero cried out sharply, his back arched in a tight curve. Heero sagged, boneless in the ropes once Duo let go, each heaving breath ending with a hitch.

"That's it, babe. Easy." Duo said, his voice dark and soft as velvet. "I want to make you beg to come." Heero moaned in response, his eyes opening, hazy until they focused on his lover. Duo trailed a finger across Heero's lips, and his hands rose to tangle in Heero's hair, tilting his head so he could plunge his tongue deeply into Heero's willing mouth.

Duo broke the kiss and rose quickly so he could shed his confining pants. He ran his hands across his stomach and down to grasp his slick erection. Heero looked up at him, pupils dilated, panting in anticipation. Duo stroked his hard flesh a few times before grasping the base and pressing the tip of his cock past Heero's lips, holding his gaze as he sank into Heero's pliant mouth.

"Suck me." Duo ordered, his hand fisting in Heero's hair. Heero's mouth was hot and wet, and Duo couldn't stop himself from rolling his hips, thrusting into Heero's heat. The words slipped past Duo's lips as he used his lover's mouth to pleasure himself. "Your mouth is so sweet, baby, so hot. I could come just from fucking your mouth." Duo's head lolled back as Heero's tongue traced along the underside of his cock. "Heero!" Duo moaned, forcing his hips to still before the pleasure became too much to resist. He buried both hands in Heero's hair and pulled back slowly. He panted, watching as his erection slid from between Heero's lips, feeling Heero's tongue swirling against skin. Once the tip passed his lips, Heero leaned forward to nuzzle urgently against Duo's hip.

"Please." Heero breathed against Duo's skin, and the fine hairs on Duo's skin rose in response to the teasing touch.

Duo pulled away and slipped a hand under Heero's chin and caressing his cheek with his thumb. He spoke, his voice dark and teasing with just a hint of cruelty. "But what if I walk away? It's not like you can stop me." Duo took a step back and Heero strained against the ropes. "I could jerk off right now and leave you hanging." His hand drifted down and stroked his cock slowly, smirking as Heero's eyes followed the movement of his hand. "I could use your body to come and just walk away." Heero moaned in protest, tossing his head as if that would stop the words. Duo rubbed the head of his cock against Heero's cheek, saying "I could leave you here with my come running down your leg." Leaning in, he whispered, "And you would have to take it."

"No!" Heero said, his voice choked. "Please. Please, Duo, fuck me!" He panted and his head thrashed restlessly. "Please. I need you." His words trailed off into a groan.

Duo felt as if fire had replaced his blood. His lover's surrender was written in his rough voice and open mouth. Heero's voice, begging for relief, was driving him crazy. He swiftly loosened the knots keeping legs bound and threw the ropes aside. Rising, he released the knot holding Heero's arms above his head. Duo pulled on the rope, tugging Heero to his feet. Duo's hands shook as he retied the rope, leaving enough room to turn Heero's unresisting body around.

Pressing his hips against Heero's ass, Duo bit down on Heero's shoulder and said, "Beg for it, baby. Tell me what you want." He rocked his hips into Heero's and pressed his palms against Heero's chest, trapping his clamped nipples and making Heero toss his head. Duo's hands dropped to Heero's cock and he untied the knot and unwound the black cord.

As the pressure on his cock eased, Heero's panting breaths resolved themselves into whispered words. "Please. Please. Please. Ah! Please, Duo. I need you. Please, Duo, I need you so much it hurts! Fuck me!" He repeated the words over and over, the volume rising as he writhed in to ropes, pushing his ass back into Duo.

"Eager, aren't you, pet?" Duo said, lust and amusement warring in his voice. "Hold on to the pole."

Duo leaned down and scooped up the bottle of lube. Flipping open the cap, he drizzled the clear liquid down the crack of Heero's ass. Spreading apart Heero's flesh, he poured more lube on the small, puckered ring of flesh. Duo released Heero's hips to coat his own erection with lube, and then dropped the bottle on the floor. Without warning, Duo pressed two fingers into the tight heat of Heero's body. Heero's back bowed and he cried out at the intrusion, the effort it took to hold himself still evident in his tightly corded muscles.

Duo felt desire, white hot and sharp, rise through him as he watched his fingers slide in and out of Heero's shivering body. Heero's wordless cries only made him hotter, and he twisted his fingers, stretching his lover quickly. Duo curved his fingers forward, pressing down on the front wall and he was rewarded by Heero's shocked cry.

"Hold on, Heero." Duo withdrew his fingers and pressed the tip of his cock into Heero's body. "Wait for me, baby." He pushed past the tight muscle and his erection was engulfed in wet heat. Heero's arms shook as he braced himself against the pole, his voice rising in uninhibited cries that he didn't seem to be conscious of making.

Once he was fully seated, Duo didn't wait before thrusting his hips in short, deep thrusts. One hand gripped Heero's shoulder for balance as the other splayed across Heero's stomach before dropping down to pump his lover's erection. Heero's cries took on a desperate note as he fought against the rising tide of pleasure, trapped between Duo's hand and cock.

Duo dropped his head to rest against Heero's back as he reached around to grasp each alligator clip. Bending his knees and increasing the length of his stroke, Duo tugged on clips, making Heero tighten around his cock. Duo groaned, the added pressure breaking the last of his control and he thrust faster, pounding into Heero's body. Pressing wet kisses on the patch of skin he could reach, Duo whispered, "You can come," swiftly pulling the clips off Heero's abused nipples.

Heero cried out, his body shaking in Duo's grip as the sweet pain of sensation returning to his nipples ran together with the hot pleasure of Duo's length stroking him. The fire coiled in his groin released in a wave of heat, and he came hard, the only thing keeping him on his feet the ropes on his wrists and Duo's hands pulling him hard against his body. Duo thrust once more, driving deep into Heero's depths. He threw his head back, shouting hoarsely as he spent himself in a sight-stealing burst of pleasure.

His arms still wrapped around Heero's waist, Duo collapsed forward to lean his head on Heero's back. Once he could hear something beside the sound of his blood rushing in his ears, he straightened his legs and withdrew. Heero's breath hissed through his teeth at the friction. Duo stepped closer, pulling Heero up and holding his partner with one arm. He reached above his head and tugged at the knots, releasing the rope that held Heero's arms raised. Heero sagged against Duo in exhaustion and Duo's quick fingers unknotted the rope, freeing Heero's wrists.

Pulling one of Heero's arms over his shoulder, Duo half-led, half carried Heero to the bedroom. Duo helped him lie down, settling him in bed with a quick kiss and whispered "Stay there." Duo made a trip to the bathroom to wash, returning with a warm, wet washcloth and towel to finish cleaning up.

Duo crawled into bed, pulling Heero to lie on his chest and arranging the blankets around both of them. He looked down at Heero, eyes tracing over the open, relaxed features.

"Sore?" He asked, his voice quiet in the dimly lit room.

"A little." Heero said, his voice rough. Duo watched Heero's lips curl into a lazy smile as he opened his eyes to blink sleepily at Duo. "It's ok. I'm good." He closed his eyes again; brushing his cheek against Duo's chest before settling down, smile still on his face. Duo pressed his lips against Heero's forehead before lying back, his own eyes closing as exhaustion tugged him down into contented sleep.


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