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This is a sequel to Obstruction
Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17. I don't think it's terribly explicit, but I'll be safe.
Warnings: language, smut, (sing it with me!) not beta'd. This one needs editing.
Word count: 2,213

Note: written for the gw500 "morning after" challenge.

by Stacy

"Where the hell is he?" Duo muttered, stalking down the corridor. Heero had been gone off to the bridge, leaving him standing in shock, one hand still raised from where he had gripped Heero's shirt. Duo had stood there, staring off into space as he tried to wrap his mind around what had happened. Now, after a long night of tossing and turning, he was trying to find Heero and demand just what the hell was going on.

Tossing. He snorted. Well, yeah, he'd done a bit of that too. He'd have to be dead a week not to be attracted to his friend, and then he'd dig himself up just to have another look.

But this he never expected. He'd never even given the thought of pursuing a romantic relationship with his friend serious thought. There were too many other things to worry about, whether it was wondering if Heero ever stepped foot out of his apartment or if he talked to any other human being besides the other guys. He felt a sudden pang of regret. Heero had grown and changed while he was out in space; grown and changed while he stood still, unable to do more than exchange infrequent messages. Now it was painfully obvious how little those brief messages let him see into Heero's life.

Now he needed to find Heero. Hope and nervousness were fighting it out in his gut and the waiting was going to drive him crazy if he didn't find out what than damn kiss meant. Besides the obvious, he thought with a snort. And, he hoped, there'd be more. The kiss had been all too short, shock making him slow to respond. The memory of Heero's lips moving against his left him wanting more. Hell, he'd brushed his teeth twice already in preparation.

He found his elusive quarry standing on one of the elevated walkways overlooking the cargo bay. Heero was looking down at the Odyssey, hands braced on the railing and his features set in a pensive expression. Duo stood back for a couple of heartbeats, watching Heero and wrestling with his rebellious nerves. He took a deep breath, holding it for a moment before letting it out in a silent sigh. The absurdity of the situation suddenly dawned on him and he laughed at himself; it was Heero, for christsakes.

"Hey." He said quietly, walking up to stand beside Heero. He mimicked the pose, leaning down to look at the tin can. "It's hard to believe that thing looks even smaller from the outside." He watched Heero out of the corner of his eye, trying to gauge his reaction.

Heero's shoulders had stiffened when he first walked up, but he relaxed at the light tone. "What I've been wondering is how you managed to keep from murdering Jun." He replied. Duo noticed that although Heero's words were amused, his hands were clenched in a white-knuckled grip on the handrail. His stomach did a funny little flutter when he realized that Heero was just as nervous as he was.

"The thought of being put in another small space for a long time once I got back was pretty good motivation for not doing the deed." He paused. "Even thought that would've made me man of the year as far as Janey was concerned." He turned to face Heero, leaning his hip on the railing. Heero continued to look resolutely forward, although Duo could see a hint of a flush on Heero's cheeks. He decided to give Heero a little hell.

"Oh come on, I can't be so ugly that you don't want to look at me. I've had a few showers since I got back." Duo was satisfied when Heero jumped slightly and gave him a startled look.

"No! You look great." Heero said, sounding a little flustered. "You're not, I mean." He coughed. "You're fine."

"Oh, now you're just trying to butter me up." Duo grinned. He felt a little guilty about teasing Heero, but was reassured by the knowledge that he wasn't the only nervous one. Heero scowled at him and he decided to relent.

"Is Howard done with you? For a while at least?" He asked.

Heero grunted. "I don't know. And don't mention his name. Isn't that supposed to be inviting his attention or something?"

"I think that only works for the devil." Duo laughed.

"My point exactly." Heero smiled back and Duo relaxed.

"Apprentices do have to pay their dues." Duo said. He hesitated. "The earrings look good." He reached out and gently touched the one in Heero's left ear. "I didn't get mine until the war was over." His breath hitched as Heero raised his own hand, pressing it against Duo's. "Heero, I..." He stopped speaking abruptly as movement caught his eye.

Duo spotted one of the bridge crew coming their way. "Oh no he doesn't." Duo muttered, looking around. Duo saw a supply closet just beyond the lift and grabbed Heero by the wrist. "Follow me." He didn't give Heero a chance to protest, but dragged him over to the closet, looked wildly over his shoulder, and shoved Heero inside, following right on his heels. Fumbling in the dark for a moment, he toggled the lock and leaned back against the door.

"Isn't this the part where you say 'They'll never find us here?'" Heero's voice was amused. Duo swore he could feel the heat radiating from Heero's body; they were almost touching in the confined space. He swallowed, throat suddenly dry.

"I, uh, hope they don't." Duo heard the rustling of Heero's jumpsuit as he shifted position. The absolute darkness had Duo on edge, straining to hear the slightest noise. After a few long heartbeats of listening to them both breathe, Duo coughed self-consciously.

"Heero..." He couldn't stand not being able to see the other man's face, so he reached out blindly in the dark until he felt the material of Heero's jumpsuit and grasped his shoulder. "What happened last night, it really surprised me." He felt the muscles under his hand tighten and he hastily continued. "I didn't mind! I was just surprised!" The tension eased, just a little. "I didn't expect-" Jesus, he thought, this is tough. I need to see his face. "-Heero, what I mean is-" What the hell. He licked his lips, put his other hand behind where he thought Heero's neck should be and pulled him close. His lips met Heero's chin at first, but Duo didn't let that faze him. He trailed his lips across the skin until he found Heero's mouth and kissed him. When he felt Heero's mouth open, he deepened the kiss, tangling his tongue with Heero's. He broke away slowly, shivering at the play of Heero's breath across his lips. Heero made an inarticulate noise and Duo felt his hands ghost up his hips to settle on his waist.

"I spent the last four years telling myself not to think about you that way." He kissed Heero's neck, nuzzling the collar of his jump suit out of the way. He heard Heero's breathing hitch. "There was always the press hanging around and you withdrew. You never wanted to leave your apartment." He took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of Heero's skin. The dark made every touch feel intensely intimate, but Duo couldn't see how Heero was reacting. He slid his hand from behind Heero's neck and touched his cheek lightly, trailing his fingertips over his features, trying to feel what his expression was. "It didn't seem right to-" He broke off as Heero's tongue flicked over his fingers, groaning when he felt teeth gently nipping the tips.

Any thoughts of more explanations fled and he lifted his head, searching out Heero's lips. He pressed against the long, hard line of the other man's body, groaning again when he felt the bulge of Heero's erection against his hip. A small part of him wondered about taking this slow, but the need coiling in his gut and the urgent movement of Heero's lips against his overwhelmed any thought of restraint.

He tangled his hand in Heero's hair, tilting his head to the side to deepen the kiss as his other hand fumbled with the zipper on Heero's jumpsuit. His hand was unsteady as he slowly pulled the zipper down. He slipped his hand inside the cloth, running his hand along the exposed skin. His fingers found the roughness of a scar along Heero's ribs and he traced the line of it. Heero shivered and broke the kiss.

"Duo..." Heero's voice was low and rough in the dark. His hands tightened on Duo's hips.

Duo froze, hand splayed open on Heero's skin. "Do you want me to stop?" He whispered, forehead resting against Heero's cheek. Please, he thought, don't ask me to stop.

"No." Heero said and Duo felt his lips on his temple. "No. Let me touch you." Heero's hand was fumbling with the button on his trousers and Duo moved back a little, breath catching in his throat. The little voice tried to assert itself again, but the warmth of Heero's hand working its way into his boxers was effective in shutting it up.

Heero's breath was harsh in his ear as his hand wrapped around his erection. Duo bit his lip, holding back a groan as Heero's fingers stroked him. His hand scratched down Heero's chest, tangling with the material of his jumpsuit. He impatiently worked his hand into Heero's boxers, pushing the cloth down as far as the suit would allow. He couldn't hold back a satisfied moan as he slid his hand along the other man's trapped arousal. Heero's free hand tangled in the base of his braid, tugging his head up until their mouths met in a desperate kiss.

The close quarters and clothes made movement awkward, but Duo didn't care. Touching Heero felt so right. The tension of the last few days, the past few years, was singing through his body and Duo wanted the release Heero's hands would bring. He kissed a line from Heero's lips to his neck, nuzzling until he found his earlobe. He nipped the lobe, then grasped the ring between his teeth and tugged. Heero moaned and Duo's hips jerked as his hand tightened on his erection. The pressure was too much; Duo could feel his release surging through his body. Duo released the ring.

"Fuck." He ground out against the skin of Heero's neck. "Heero, I'm gonna..." He gasped as Heero pushed him back against the door, increasing the pace of his strokes. Duo's hand faltered and his head thumped against the door as he threw his head back, moaning as he came.

Duo panted, leaning against the door. Heero's head was resting on his shoulder, his harsh breathing pulling Duo out of his daze. He forced his limbs to move, lifting Heero's chin with one hand to take a languid kiss, gripping the base of Heero's cock with the other. His thoughts were sluggish, but he knew what he wanted to do. Letting his knees buckle, he slid to the floor and knelt in front of Heero.

"Duo," Heero's voice rasped, "what are you?" He grunted as Duo licked around the head of his arousal. Duo took the head into his mouth, flicking his tongue against the underside before taking the rest. Heero's length slid in easily, the slickness of precome salty in his mouth. Heero hissed and both hands dropped to Duo's head, tightening in his hair. Duo fisted the material of the jumpsuit for leverage as he tried to take as much of Heero as he could. It was only a few strokes before he heard Heero moaning his name in warning and felt the warm stream fill his mouth. He pulled back, coughing a little before taking him back in his mouth. He continued to tongue Heero's cock until the other man groaned, pulling back. Heero cupped his cheek and Duo heard the rustle of fabric as Heero settled on his knees in front of him. His fingers were gentle as he wiped the remains of his release from Duo's face.

"When I wanted to talk to you, this wasn't my intention." Heero's voice was shaky. "Not that I mind, but it's not the only thing I want with you."

Duo leaned forward, capturing Heero's lips for a lingering kiss. He wondered that it felt so natural to kiss Heero already. "I know." He laughed, a little shaky himself. "We really do need to talk." After, Duo thought, a shower. And a nap. But... just a few minutes more. He pulled Heero to him, wrapping his arms around his friend.

Loud voices outside the closet made startled him out of his peaceful drift. Heero tensed in his arms. "Where did he go? The cargomaster said he saw both of them head this way."

"Just hold very still." He breathed. Heero nodded very slightly in response. "We can hide here all night if he have to." He'd be stiff and sticky, but if it meant having Heero in his arms, he'd take his chances. There was no way in Hell the old man was taking Heero away from him tonight.

After all, he could always get a shower tomorrow.


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