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Warnings: NC-17 Bondage, PWP, sap

Notes: This story was written for the Sabintha Stories . Many thanks to the absolutely wonderful Ponderosa for the beta. The story reads much better since she got hold of it. Any mistakes or weirdness are soley mine, probably because I didn't take her advice.

A Sabintha Story
by Stacy

"You’ve been awful fidgety today, Q," Duo said, watching Quatre toy with the remains of his lunch. Quatre looked up guiltily and put his fork down. Duo had let Quatre squirm his way through lunch, but now curiosity was eating at him. "What gives?" he asked, leaning forward.

Quatre met Duo’s inquisitive gaze and blushed. vI have a delivery to make, actually," Quatre murmured, his voice trailing off. Duo was fascinated by Quatre’s spreading blush. In a moment, the tips of his ears would be pink.

"And what does that have to do with me?" Duo asked when it became obvious that nothing else was forthcoming. "Come on, Quatre, spill," Duo demanded, tapping the table in front of Quatre. "You know I’m not going to leave you alone about it."

Taking a deep breath, Quatre reached into his suit pocket and removed a vid disc. He placed it on the table and slid it over to Duo, who looked at it with wide eyes. "Sabintha asked me to deliver this to you," Quatre took another deep breath and stood up to go. "It’s very...intense," he paused, looking for the right words, "intense and beautiful." He patted Duo on the shoulder as he walked past him on the way to the door. Turning back, he grinned at Duo. "I must say, you are quite flexible." Making his way to the counter, he called back to Duo, "I’ve got the bill."

Duo sat at the table, eyeing the disc with a slight sense of trepidation. He was trying to think of where he may have been caught. How many women were in this club? he wondered. Not that he minded too much; the videos were hot enough to silence any misgivings he had about the invasions to his privacy. To this day he couldn’t eat cherries without getting hard.

Picking up the disc, he read "HY/DM #3: Bindings." Frowning, he tried to think if he and Heero had been on any Winner family property lately. He snorted. It had to be pretty damn spicy to make Quatre blush.

Well, he grinned to himself, he’d find out soon enough. Waiting until work was over was going to be hell. Gathering up his coat and making sure the disc was securely tucked away, Duo headed back to his office.

"Quatre blushed?" Heero asked, gathering up the pillows and putting them at the head of the bed. He pulled open the drawer on the bedside table and fished out the bottle of lube, setting it behind some pillows. If this video was anything like the others, the need for the lubricant was a given.

"Yeah, he did. And it’s making me nervous," Duo replied, straightening up from his crouch in front of the vid player and grabbing the remote. Since the arrival of the first vid, they had and purchased a better display for the bedroom. Shucking off his jeans, he hopped up on the bed wearing only his boxers. He settled against the pillows, patting the space between his legs and leered at Heero. "Come here, young man. I’ve got something to show you."

Heero smirked at his lover and climbed onto the bed. Leaning back against Duo’s chest, Heero wrapped an arm around Duo’s bent knee. "I’m ready," he murmured. Duo nuzzled the skin behind Heero’s ear, inhaling the scent of his lover as he pressed play on the remote. The display flickered for a moment, and then steadied on the image of Sabintha.

"I’ve edited the introduction of this Capture. There are some unusual circumstances regarding this vid." The image of Sabintha was seated behind a desk in what must have been her office. Folding her hands on the desk, Sabintha continued, "This young lady had made the capture some time ago, but hesitated sending it in because of the nature of the encounter. She asked that the vid be distributed at my discretion. So far very few people have seen it; the young lady and myself, and I will guess my brother and Trowa have seen it by now."

"This capture was made at a resort several months ago." Duo felt Heero stiffen in his arms as Sabintha continued her introduction. He thought back over the vacation they had taken, and where they had stayed. Then the memory of one of the nights hit him, and his grip around Heero tightened convulsively. He came back to himself after a moment, hearing Sabintha’s recorded voice in mid sentence, "usually monitored by AI, but the system occasionally requires human intervention. That she was observing the output from your rooms was most fortuitous. However, this young lady could lose her job if it was ever discovered that she retained a copy. I hope that you will not pursue the matter."

Sabintha smiled into the camera. "This capture is certainly exquisite. I’m not sure who is the most fortunate to have the other." She picked up a small remote, pointed it at the camera, and the image faded away. After a moment, the video jumped back to life, showing a hotel room. The room was decorated in a pseudo Japanese style, with wooden screens with rice paper sections. Woven mats decorated the floors, and a low bed took up a significant portion of the floor space.

Duo pulled Heero against his chest and rested his chin on Heero’s shoulder. He paused the vid and asked, "Are you alright with this?" Without any conscious thought, he picked up his braid and pressed it into Heero’s hand.

Heero turned his head slightly, rubbing his head against Duo’s cheek. He tugged lightly on the braid in his hand. "I’m ready," he responded, his voice already husky. Duo nodded, feeling a bit ambivalent about knowing others had seen such a private moment, but he pressed play and settled back to watch the screen.

Duo wandered into the bedroom, finishing the last few twists of his braid. His blue robe was falling off one shoulder, exposing the smooth skin underneath. He noted with a shiver of anticipation that Heero was wearing a pair of black leather pants and nothing else.

Heero heard him leave the bathroom and looked up from where he has kneeling on the floor beside the bed. Seeing his lover approach, Heero smiled at the image his love made with his braid drawn over one shoulder and the other left bare by the drooping robe. Duo could feel Heero’s gaze as if it were a physical touch on his body, and his skin, already hot from his shower, flushed more. Sinking down to his knees beside Heero, Duo felt a giddy sense of anticipation and nervousness rise in his stomach. Laid out on the floor in front of them were four black-dyed bundles of hemp rope.

Feeling the shiver that ran through Duo, Heero turned to look at him. He ran his fingers over Duo’s cheek, then under his chin, raising his head to look in his eyes. "Are you sure, lover?" Heero asked, running his thumb along Duo’s bottom lip.

With a quick dip of his head, Duo caught Heero’s thumb between his teeth and gave it a gentle nip before releasing it. "Absolutely," he replied, lifting Heero’s hand and kissing the palm. "It’s just... intense. Already." Duo moved in front of Heero, running his hands down his lover’s bare chest, mapping out the soft skin over hard muscle. His hands traveled back up the same path, stopping at Heero’s nipples. Using his palm, he massaged the firm flesh and the nipples under his palms hardened. Heero leaned into the touch with an appreciative sound. Duo swallowed his own moan, the noises his lover was making going straight to his arousal.

Leaning forward, Duo whispered into Heero’s ear, "I have to take this last chance to touch you." He gently sucked on Heero’s earlobe, and then ran his tongue along the curve of his ear. His hands left Heero’s chest, and drifted down, rubbing over the dark haired man’s taut abdomen, and slid along the front of Heero’s leather pants. Heero arched into his lover’s touch as Duo captured his lips in a slow, sensual kiss.

Heero gripped the American’s hips and deepened the kiss, plunging his tongue deep into Duo’s mouth. He ran his hands up and down the longhaired man’s side, the silk of the robe bunching and rubbing along Duo’s skin. Duo broke the kiss with a moan, panting softly into Heero’s open mouth. Sliding his hands up to cup his face, Duo kissed each eyelid then pressed a soft kiss to Heero’s lips. Smiling, he whispered, "I’m ready."

Heero rose smoothly to his feet and offered his hand. Pulling his lover to his feet, Heero held him tight against his body and rocked his hips slowly against Duo’s thigh. He kissed a line from Duo’s collarbone up to his ear where he breathed, "The scissors are right here, so I’ll be able to get you free quickly." Duo moaned in response, concentrating on the feeling of Heero’s hard length sliding along his thigh in slow strokes. He tilted his head, inviting a kiss at the sensitive skin of his neck. Heero bit his neck gently, then ran his tongue lightly over the marks. Raising his head, Heero again whispered in Duo’s ear, "You remember the safe word?"

Duo, lost in the sensations of Heero’s body moving gently against his, mumbled "safe word…uhm."

Heero stopped rubbing against Duo and moved back slightly to catch his attention. He asked insistently, "Safe word?"

Duo blinked open hazy eyes at the loss of Heero’s body heat. "Safe word?" he repeated blankly, and then memory returned. He grinned at Heero. "That would be 'banana'."

Heero rolled his eyes at Duo’s choice of safe word. The intense mood was broken a bit, but he wasn’t disappointed; the thought of what Duo was about to give him had him too aroused. He wanted to make this last. He wanted to have Duo writhing in pleasure and begging for release.

Taking Duo’s hands, Heero led him away from the bed towards the center of the room where the soft, overhead light washed over his lover’s smooth skin. Bringing each wrist up to his lips, Heero nuzzled the skin gently and murmured, "You are so beautiful."

Heero walked around behind Duo, pulling both hands behind his back and holding them there for a moment. "Stay like that," he commanded, and moved to retrieve the bundles of rope. Duo shuddered at the tone of voice, and clenched his fists in anticipation.

Approaching Duo from behind with a length of rope in one hand, Heero reached out and caressed the skin of his shoulder gently before sliding the braid around to fall against his chest. Leaning in closer, Heero licked the exposed skin at the base of Duo’s neck while his free hand trailed lightly up the braided man’s flank. Heero’s fingers continued up towards Duo’s back, where his hands were crossed and grasping is own wrists to keep from shaking. Heero’s free hand grasped his lover’s wrists, holding them together as he skimmed a loop of the rope lightly across Duo’s chest.

"Do you know why hemp rope is used for bindings?" Heero breathed against the back of Duo’s neck, pressing his chest against Duo’s back and captive hands. His breath caught as Heero continued to stroke the rope lightly down his chest and stomach, teasing lower and lower until the rope ghosted over Duo’s erection. Duo’s hips jerked in response to the light touch, then he moaned in disappointment as Heero moved the rope away from his flesh.

Heero smiled at Duo’s response and, tightening his grip on Duo’s wrists, asked "Are you listening, lover?"

At Duo’s breathless assent, Heero brought the rope back to Duo’s skin, teasing his lover with whispering movements against his chest. "The rope is soft enough that it won’t irritate the skin," he said, stroking the rope gently against the tender skin below Duo’s belly button.

Duo groaned and leaned his head back on Heero’s shoulder, shivering at the sensations the stroking rope evoked. Heero continued in a smoky voice, "Yet the rope is rough enough to keep the captive aware of the ties holding him." Duo shuddered in excitement as Heero pressed the rope firmly against his nipple.

"Finally," Heero said, rubbing the rope in small circles, "it is strong enough so the captive can’t break free." With that, Heero stepped away, maintaining his grip on Duo’s wrists as their only contact.

Duo’s eyes snapped open in shock and while the longhaired man was still off balance, Heero wound the doubled rope around his wrists. Grasping Duo’s chin gently, Heero turned Duo’s head enough to so he could meet his lover’s vivid indigo eyes. "Will you go on?" he asked, caressing the skin of Duo’s jaw. His voice dropped to a husky purr, "Do you trust me to take only what you give?"

Panting softly, Duo held Heero’s gaze. "Yes," He gasped, "for you, yes." Heero growled in response, rising up on the balls of his feet to capture Duo’s lips for a fierce, open-mouthed kiss. He wrapped Duo’s wrists securely, looping the rope so that it would not cut into his flesh when he pulled at the bonds. After he tied off the knot, Heero draped the long end of the rope over Duo’s shoulders and around his chest.

As Heero wove the bonds, he kept a constant, gentle touch on his lover’s skin to keep him grounded. He spoke continuously in a low, sultry voice, describing each twist. "This binding is called shinju," Heero told Duo as he tied off the last loop. He stepped back to admire the picture Duo made.

Duo’s nervous trembling had ceased; he now stood with his head tilted back and mouth slightly open, eyes closed as he awaited Heero’s touch on his skin. The black rope wound around his chest above and below his nipples, with a cinching length pulling the upper and lower windings together to meet at the center of his chest. Heero ran his nails across Duo’s sensitized nipples, reveling in the low moan his touch drew from the braided man. Pacing around his lover, Heero ran his hand over the smooth skin of Duo’s chest, over his shoulder, and down his back until he grasped the loops of rope confining Duo’s wrists. He pulled the ropes upward, creating tension that caused Duo to rise up onto the balls of his feet. Wrapping the American’s braid in his fist, Heero tugged Duo’s head back for another kiss.

Releasing the braid, Heero bent down to pick up another length of rope. "Spread your legs," he commanded. Duo obeyed, a slight shiver of anticipation moving over his skin as he exposed himself more completely to his lover’s touch. Heero wrapped the doubled length of rope around Duo’s waist several times, resting it just above his hipbones. Drawing the long end of the rope through the bind below Duo’s navel, Heero stepped back to check his work. Heero’s erection throbbed in time to his heartbeat; the sight of Duo wrapped in ropes, waiting for his touch inflamed his desire. Heero squeezed his cock through the leather pants and wondered hazily whether or not it was possible to come just from looking at his lover.

Heero shook himself out his lustful haze and used the rope to pull Duo forward a few steps. Reaching down, he stroked Duo’s weeping erection languidly, causing Duo to arch his back, curving his spine inward as much as he could to curl around Heero’s hand.

"Stand up," Heero said, lightly striking the back of Duo’s thighs with the free end of the rope. Duo moaned in protest at the stinging blow, but straightened up as best he could and he spread his legs again. Heero looped the doubled rope between Duo's legs, splitting apart the two strands so that a single strand of rope framed his erection on each side. Duo jerked at the feel of the rope sliding behind his balls and against his entrance. Struggling for a moment before he could stop himself, Duo fought the ropes until he heard Heero’s voice, soothing his instinctive response. He trembled, feeling incredibly vulnerable. Swallowing convulsively, he locked eyes with Heero, finding his center in the steel gray depths. At that moment, Duo felt his fears melt away, leaving him awash only in the sensations of the rope binding his body and the fiery pleasure of the blue eyed man’s touch.

Heero felt Duo relax into his touch. Looking at his face, Heero could see that the tension had melted away, leaving only pleasure in its wake.

"That’s it," Heero whispered, caressing the skin of Duo’s neck with his breath. "Easy. I’ve got you." Heero tied off the ends of the rope, one on the wrap above each hip. Moving to stand in front of Duo, Heero urged him to kneel with gentle touches on his shoulders.

He positioned Duo’s legs so that he was kneeling with his knees spread wide, his erection teased by the rope so tantalizingly close. Duo couldn’t help but rock his hips gently, the roughness of the fibers further stimulating his already sensitized skin. Watching Duo try to pleasure himself was taxing Heero’s rapidly fraying control; Heero stilled Duo’s hips with a firm grasp on the ropes and moved quickly to bind Duo’s legs. Heero wrapped the rope several times around each of Duo’s bent legs, securing his thigh to ankle and cinching each binding with a knot.

Rising unsteadily to his feet, Heero unzipped his pants, pulling them off and throwing them to the side. He stepped forward until his erection brushed Duo’s cheek. Duo automatically turned his head to nuzzle the hard flesh and Heero hissed in pleasure.

"Suck me," Heero commanded, his voice husky with desire.

Duo drew in a shaky breath and released it slowly. Burying his nose in the curly hair at the base of Heero’s erection, Duo found his voice. "Oh God," Duo moaned, his eyes falling closed, "I love the way you smell."

Before Heero could respond, Duo tilted his head back and captured the tip of Heero’s cock between his lips. Heero let his head fall back as the hot wetness of Duo’s mouth engulfed his erection. Duo suckled gently at first, and then eagerly ran his tongue down his length. Winding Duo’s braid around his fist, Heero pulled Duo closer, burying himself in the braided man’s mouth. Heero thought hazily that he might be hurting Duo, but when he tried to pull back, Duo followed the movement, making a distressed sound deep in his throat.

Duo was lost in the scent and feel of his lover. He wasn’t aware of the needy sounds he was making as he pleasured Heero. Dimly he was aware of fighting against his bonds weakly, the longing to feel Heero’s hot skin underneath his fingertips warring with his desire to be bound for Heero’s pleasure. Duo felt Heero’s hand tighten in his hair and felt a surge of pleasure race through his body, knowing that he was driving the Japanese man closer to his climax.

Keeping his grip on Duo’s braid, Heero cupped Duo’s cheek with his other hand and pumped his hips a few times. Heero felt warmth spreading through his gut as a prelude to orgasm. Grasping at his control, he groaned desperately as he pulled his throbbing cock from Duo’s mouth.

Heero sank down to his knees and pulled his trembling lover into his arms as he tried to control his ragged breathing. It was Duo’s turn to soothe Heero, rubbing his cheek against Heero’s then kissing gently along his jaw. Straining against his bonds to press against Heero, Duo whispered in a hoarse voice. "I need you. Please, I need you. Please." Lifting his head, Duo parted his lips. Heero couldn’t resist the obvious invitation and kissed Duo hungrily, a fierce feeling of possessiveness rising up.

Breaking the kiss, Heero growled into Duo’s ear, "You’re mine, Duo. Mine. Heart and body and soul." Panting, Heero continued, "The others may touch you, but you are mine." Heero pulled away from Duo and walked over to the bed to get the bottle of lube.

As Heero turned back towards Duo, he was struck by the vision his lover presented. The black ropes contrasted starkly with the braided man’s pale skin. The red marks left by Heero’s kisses and nips accented both dark rope and light skin, evoking a deep sense of satisfaction in Heero’s chest at the symmetry and contrast. Duo watched him through half-closed eyes that glimmered with love and lust, need and desire.

Looking into his lover’s eyes, Heero felt overwhelmed by his love and need for the incredible man who trusted him enough to bare himself so thoroughly before him. Heero struggled with the need to express the feeling welling up inside of him, and could not find the eloquence necessary to encompass the depth of his feelings. Instead, the only outlet Heero found was to bow low before Duo, pressing his hands and forehead to the matting.

Raising his head to look at Duo, Heero whispered. "Yours. All that I am is yours."

Duo’s breath caught at Heero’s words, and he closed his eyes for a moment, savoring his lover’s words, his presence, and the feel of the ropes that bound Heero to him just as surely as he was bound to Heero. Opening his eyes, he licked his lips and mouthed "Mine."

Watching Duo lick his lips, Heero felt the banked fire in his gut flare up and he moved to capture Duo’s lips again. After releasing Duo’s lips, Heero moved behind Duo and rose up on his knees, using one hand to brace himself against Duo’s shoulder. Slicking the fingers of his hand with the lube, Heero pulled the ropes snugged between Duo’s cheeks to the side to expose Duo’s entrance. Carefully, Heero slid his finger into Duo’s heat, stretching his lover. Duo’s breath quickened as lust overtook his body, his focus narrowing to the slick pleasure of Heero’s finger moving inside of him. Duo leaned his weight into the hand holding him up and made a desperate sound.

"More," he begged, and another finger joined the onslaught to his senses.

Duo groaned as his body accepted Heero’s fingers. Heero felt the rings of muscle loosening under his ministrations. Leaning forward, Heero sucked at the skin of Duo’s neck.

Duo hissed in pleasure at the added sensation, and felt his need to have Heero inside him overwhelming him. "Please," he begged, "I need you..." he trailed off with a groan as Heero stroked the spot inside him that made him jerk with pleasure.

Unable to resist Duo’s breathless pleas for release, Heero pushed Duo forward to bend at the waist and coated his straining erection with lubrication. Holding the ropes binding Duo’s wrists with one hand, Heero guided his erection to rest against Duo’s tight entrance. After pausing for a moment, Heero pushed inside with a long, slow stroke. When he was buried completely, Heero paused for a moment, trying to regain his control and let Duo adjust to the hardness that filled him completely.

Once Heero felt Duo relax enough that he would not be hurt, Heero slid his erection halfway out of his lover’s velvet heat, and plunged back in. Duo cried out in pleasure as Heero moved above him. The cries only inflamed Heero’s need, and he abandoned the slow thrusts to drive repeatedly into Duo’s writhing body. Unable and unwilling to stop the wave of pleasure that was rushing through his body, Heero thrust deeply into Duo, filling his body with his release.

Heero pulled Duo up and against his chest with trembling arms, reaching around Duo’s body to grasp his weeping erection. Pumping his hand quickly, Heero thrust the finger of his other hand into Duo’s body. Duo cried out in pleasure as Heero’s hands drew his climax from him, then collapsed against his chest, breathing heavily.

Sated with pleasure, and exhausted by the intensity of their lovemaking, they sat leaning against each other for a long time. Heero was the first to stir, languidly moving to untie the knots. Once Duo was free of the ropes, Heero rose on shaky legs and lifted his pliant lover into his arms. Duo was smiling a secretive little smile as Heero deposited him gently on the bed.

Laying down beside Duo, Heero nervously asked, "How do you feel?" His own emotions were a jumble of love and apprehension. Heero rubbed the fading ligature marks on Duo’s body gently. Capturing Duo in the ropes, Duo submitting to his touch and desires was a powerful, humbling gift. Heero wanted to be sure that his lover had no regrets.

Duo reached up and pulled Heero down for a kiss. Releasing the dark haired man’s mouth, Duo whispered hoarsely, "I feel loved." In response, Heero lifted Duo’s wrists to his lips and kissed each one. The screen flickered once then went dark.

Neither Duo nor Heero had moved while the vid played. Heero was still gripping the end of Duo’s braid tightly when the player shut off, leaving the room painted in the fading light from the sunset. Silence filled the room for a few moments more, until finally broken by Duo’s sigh.

Heero turned around to face Duo, kneeling between his legs. Before he could speak, though, Duo ducked his head, a faint blush staining his cheeks.

"Quat won’t give us hell about that vid, but I’m a little nervous about what Tro may say," Duo said with a rueful chuckle before his voice turned serious. "That was... that was... incredible."

"Yes," Heero agreed huskily, sliding his hands along Duo’s arms and lacing his fingers with his lover’s.

Duo flashed a sultry grin. "Would you do it for me?" Duo asked, leaning forward to swipe his tongue across Heero’s bottom lip, then pushing him back until he lay flat on the bed with Duo straddling him. The braided man pressed their entwined hands to the bed beside Heero’s shoulders, his kisses becoming more urgent, and Heero gasped as he felt Duo’s hard body press into his.

"In a heartbeat," Heero moaned.


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