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WARNINGS: AU, angst, suspense, death (of non-main characters), bad language, romance, yaoi.

SUMMARY: Someone wants Duo dead, and Heero is the one who is supposed to do it!

Murder Has Blue Eyes
by Shira

Heero stood beside his lover, not making a sound as the other man placed the armload of lillies on the marbled headstone.

"They were always her favorite, so I try to bring them whenever I can."

Heero nodded.

Duo sighed, then turned to the dark-haired man. "I'm glad you came, Heero. I know this is hard for you but... it's important to me. I really appreciate it."

Heero leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Duo, holding him carefully to avoid further injury to his bad shoulder, but hugging him warmly all the same. It was something that until he'd met the long-haired man he'd never done before - hugged someone. "You gave me my life back, Duo," he whispered into the chestnut hair, smelling its fragrance of vanilla and spice. "I'm more than glad to do this. I wanted to do this."

"I'm getting the stone changed, you know."


"Taking William's name off it. So she's Victoria Maxwell once more. She was too good for that name, Banes. Too snooty for her anyway." A pang of guilt twisted in Heero's gut and it must have conveyed on his face, because Duo noted his lover's discomfort. "It's OK, Heero. Really."

"I know," Heero said, his demeanor sympathetic. "It's just that..."

"Heero, I understand now that you were only doing what you were told to do. I have no regret about that. I don't hold you at all responsible." Duo's glimmering violet eyes burned deeply into Heero's striking blue ones. "I look at it this way now - it was her time, no matter how bad the situation was, and in return, I found you. I can't compare the two of you, you know that, but now we have each other, and we can work on fixing all that's gone wrong in our lives."

Eyes still searching the other man's face for some sort of disapproval, Heero found none. "I still wish it had never happened."

"Of course you do. So do I. But then we would never have met, as ironic as all of this has turned out to be. So lets just say we leave it at that, and go get some lunch?" Duo smiled.

Heero smiled back, with his shy, innocent-looking little smile that Duo always found so sexy. "OK, you got it. My treat. Then I need to get back to the house to make that phone call about the lease on my condo."

"We'll see if I let you near the phone when we first get home," Duo smirked. "You have some recreational studies you need to keep up with, you know!"

Heero blushed as the longhaired man playfully punched him in the forearm, then feigned an injury. Then finally smiling, finally happy, the past year now behind him, Duo took Heero's hand with his one free hand. The pair walked off through the immaculate memorial gardens and back toward the car, a whole new, brighter future ahead of them.


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