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SUMMARY: Someone wants Duo dead, and Heero is the one who is supposed to do it!

Murder Has Blue Eyes
Part Six
by Shira

If Heero Yuy wasn't in deep shit before, he most certainly was now.

The following week and a half passed quickly for both Duo and Heero, affording them many opportunities to spend time together, getting more familiar with each other, but flying by all the same. Heero still played the businessman during that time, though, staying in his room or going about the city by day, and not meeting Duo until the evenings, to keep his alibi solid. They spent his remaining evenings in the city trying different dinner places and catching another movie or two, or sometimes just simply going back to Heero's hotel room to relax and talk or watch something on the cable TV in privacy.

That first kiss that Heero experienced with Duo seemed to open a floodgate for him, since he found himself now expressing his desire to be with the longhaired man more freely. He would occasionally allow his hand to be held in public, and smiles were coming easier for him, too. Going back to the hotel room and making out, or even necking in Duo's car was becoming routine as well, and with every kiss they shared, Heero became more and more engulfed by Duo's charm and intoxicating violet eyes. To say that he had fallen hard for the other young man would be an understatement. By the time his two weeks was drawing to a close, Heero realized that not only had he been happier in those two weeks than he could ever remember being in his life, but he was desiring the other man physically as well. So much for Duo's witty remark about not necessarily being gay, too. There was a fire burning inside Heero the likes of something that he'd never experienced before, and he figured that it must be lust. The lust to live his life. The lust to have Duo Maxwell as his own.

And although Heero realized that he had little chance, if any, of carrying out his mission now, he still kept up the front, more out of a sense of duty and training than anything else. Still residing in the back of his mind was the shred of his duty still reminding him that "if" the moment happened to arise when he could catch the other man off guard, he still needed to do what he was supposed to do. The more time passed, however, the more that was beginning to be a big "if," and it was getting bigger by the day. And "if" he managed to carry out his task in the long run, he acknowledged that he would feel badly and have guilt, but he would have to get over it. It might feel, for a while, like he had killed a part of himself along with Duo, but it would just be something that he had to deal with, since he was the one who messed the whole job up in the first place. He had to at least try, if he got the chance, to make it the way it was supposed to be, regardless of guilt.

Heero hadn't felt guilt after a job in a long time, but he likened the hit on Duo Maxwell to the first one he ever did - the mercy killing of Mrs. Markham. It had bothered him greatly for a few days, and then to a lesser extent for a week or two after that, but eventually he did get over it. Eventually Mrs. Markham simply became the first name in a long line of names on his list of "accomplishments," most of which he'd already forgotten. It wasn't like he kept a notebook or a list or anything like that. Only in the remarkable cases did he recall the names of the victims, or what they looked like, like Mrs. Markham. Burned into his memory so well, these occasional memories would sometimes visit Heero in his sleep to haunt him, probably a simple fact of squashed guilt taking a chance to rear its ugly head, but other than that, he remembered nothing after a few weeks, perhaps months, had passed. Luckily that was the way it was for most of the jobs, but again, the occasional memorable one, like Duo Maxwell, would stay in his mind to cloud his judgement.

Such was the case when Heero awoke sweating and breathing heavily on the eve of the last day he would have to spend with Duo. The last day, according to his instructions, that he could safely kill the other man.

Awaking with a wide-eyed startle, Heero shook the entire bed as he leaped back into his consciousness. Sweat was running off his body and dampening the bed sheets, which were yanked halfway off the bed and entwined about his legs from his tossing and kicking. His pillows were on the floor. Rubbing his eyes to further wake himself, he reached over the edge of the bed to grab the pillows beside him, and shoved them underneath his head. Then lying in the dark, eyes wide open and staring into nothing, Heero was on the verge of weeping from the emotional beating he was taking, but yet, even in the privacy of the hotel room, not a single tear came. They instead seeped deeper into his body where they burned his soul, acid tears that were trying to force him to make a decision, a decision that he didn't know if he could make.

For one of the first times since Mrs. Markham, Heero lay in bed and questioned himself. He questioned his past and he questioned his future. His years growing up and his time with the organization, and the lives that he'd ended. In three years and somewhere close to one hundred hits, Heero never once allowed himself to go to the lengths to research a target as he had done in this case, and now he was paying for it. They'd given him the job because they realized that it would take a certain amount of research and the detachment had to stay the same. Did they, at Freedom, already know that this case would break him? Did they do it on purpose, to get him out? Heero was their best agent - he'd been told that many, many times - but his supervisor had also mentioned on a few occasions that "the organization doesn't like to hold onto agents forever." After a few years of service, they let the agents go, to start a normal life and blend in with the rest of society. Psychiatric help is there for life of you if you want it - but the main point, Heero was beginning to understand, was that they actually do look out for the welfare of the agent who is out on the street doing the actual deeds. They don't want anyone to spend a lifetime killing, so after a while, agents go, and new agents are brought in. Maybe this was Freedom's way to get him out, Heero considered. To make him doubt himself, so that he came to his own conclusion about stopping. Maybe.

The other thing that he now questioned, which was the biggest taboo of all the taboos, was "why Duo Maxwell?" Heero was already beginning to see a suspicious background, from what he'd learned of the other man, but none of it, he thought, seemed like it pointed to Duo being someone who should be exterminated. It seemed to him that the person who'd paid for the hit, whoever it was, was after something, and had reached a brick wall, unable to get it any way except for one - by having Duo exterminated. Duo. The vibrant, beautiful, courteous man who had stolen his heart when he stole a kiss. Although he had no concrete proof, Heero now suspected Duo's stepfather, from what Duo had told him the night they went to dinner at Antonio's.

Rolling onto his side with a deep, troubled sigh, Heero closed his eyes, but his mind continued to race on. If Duo has truly done nothing wrong, other than exist, then how, in good conscience, could he kill him? How? This is why you get paid NOT to think. How many of the people who died at his own hand were innocent of any crime, and were simply scapegoats, or people in the way of some hidden agenda? Although Heero knew the answer to that question deep inside himself, for three years he ignored it, blocking it out so that he could perform his job successfully.

But now, the question swam freely in his head and in his heart, and the self-acknowledgement of what he'd been doing for three years suddenly made him ill. After a few moments more of wondering, Heero had the need to get up and drag his naked self to the bathroom where he heaved up the remnants of the previous night's dinner.

"When do you leave?" Duo asked, unable to hide the disappointment in his voice.

"Tomorrow. I have a one-o'clock flight." Heero fidgeted with the coiled phone wire that was stretched across his chest as he lay on the bed, still out of sorts from his early morning episode.

After a few moments of silence, the voice on the other end continued. "Wow. Two weeks gone already. Time flies, eh?"

"Yeah." Heero sighed into the phone.

"You OK?"

"Umm... yeah. Just... a bit of a sour stomach this morning, that's all."

Duo chuckled slightly. "Not the dinner last night, I hope."

"No, not the food." Heero paused. "Just... something else I've had on my mind for a while." He didn't volunteer any more information than that.

"Oh. OK."

"So..." Heero began, but he was cut off.

"I've been meaning to ask you... ah..."


Duo's voice was a little unsure. "Well, since you're leaving tomorrow, and really, you haven't been to my place yet..."

That's what you think.

"...well, I was thinking that uh, I could pick you up and we could have a nice dinner here and whatever." There. He'd said it. Whether any underlying meaning was extracted from the invitation, Duo had no idea, but the answer, at least, was favorable.

"I'd like that," Heero answered, and though he couldn't see it, Duo smiled at the sound of his words.

"G-great. Umm... Pick you up in a couple hours then? Or is that too soon?" God, Duo. You sound so pathetic!

"No, that's perfect. It'll give me enough time to get a shower and get dressed, and I'll pack my things so it's already done.

"OK then. See you in a few." There was a click as Duo hung up the phone.

Later that afternoon, Duo showed up outside Heero's hotel room, a light knock on the door announcing his arrival. The door swung open, Heero smirking shyly behind it, and he entered.

"Hey!" Duo said, smiling broadly despite the sadness in his eyes that he was trying to hide.

"Hey," came Heero's low response, almost a whisper.

For a minute the two men stood in the middle of the floor, awkwardly looking for something to say that would smooth over the moment, but neither found it. Then Heero turned to grab his jacket, and he picked up his duffel bag as well. It was sitting beside two other packed bags, which were zipped, locked and ready to go. Duo looked at Heero quizically, but almost relieved.

"I thought I would check out now since..." his voice trailed off as their eyes met, speaking an unspoken language which they both understood.

"Lemme give you a hand with these bags then," Duo smiled warmly, grabbing up one of the cases while Heero extended the handle on the other one, which was a rolling bag. They checked the room one last time for any left behind personal items, then exited into the hallway, Heero locking the door one final time behind them.

"Ready?" Duo asked, trying to contain his pleasure.

"Let's do it." Heero answered, wondering if the other man would read into his comment. He looked over at Duo, noticing that he was blushing beet red, and suddenly they were both nervously laughing as they made their way toward the elevators.

When they arrived at the Maxwell mansion, Heero did his best to seem impressed. He managed to fool the other man easily, though, since he very infrequently showed much reaction to things anyway, so his half-hearted response was simply accepted as normal for him.

"This... is home," Duo said proudly as they entered the main foyer and went in the direction of the main stairway.

"Nice. Very nice," Heero nodded his approval. I can see why someone might covet all of this. He noted the expensive artwork adorning the walls, and managed to sneak a glimpse of the main dining room as they walked past it. It certainly was impressive, but Heero had already known this. One didn't have to look in many windows of the home to see what type of riches resided there.

As they began to ascend the stairway to put Heero's bags away, Jonathan appeared in the foyer and cleared his throat to gain Duo's attention. The long-haired man hesitated on the stirs and turned to find the older man at the foot of the stairs.

"Oh, hey! Jonathan! This is Heero, my friend that I've been telling you about." Heero's face reddened somewhat as he silently waved.

"Oh YES! Mister Yuy! How nice to finally meet you!" Jonathan seemed genuinely pleased to meet Heero, which had him feeling a little awkward, but welcome, all the same.

"Nice to meet you, too," Heero added from the middle of the open staircase.

"Jon, we'll be down in a few minutes. Heero's going to be staying the night before he goes back to LA in the morning so, I'm just going to get him settled.

"Very well then. See you when you come back down." Jonathan turned before he smiled this time, not wanting to embarrass Duo in front of his friend, but he knew full well that it was not the guest bedroom that Duo would be "settling" the other attractive young man into.

Duo lead Heero down the softly carpeted hallway to his bedroom suite at the end, then held the door open for him to enter. Heero walked partway into the room and put his bags down against a far wall, next to Duo's dresser. When he'd shut the door behind them, Duo went over and pulled Heero to him, taking him in a passionate kiss, backing him up against the wall. "You suuure you're staying?" Duo's asked in a teasing, breathy voice, his body pressing Heero between the wall and himself.

"I'm sure," Heero whispered into the long-haired man's ear, ending his confirmation by running his tongue along the bottom of the lobe, drawing it into his warm mouth so he could momentarily suck on it.

Duo shuddered. "Oh... Oh man. Not now. We can't do this now. Jonathan has a nice dinner cooking and..." he leaned in and captured Heero's lips once more, this time probing past the soft, velvety lips with his tongue.

"And what?" the words were barely spoken, hidden by heated desire.

"And he's an awesome cook so, I don't want you to miss it." Duo leaned back, catching his breath.

"Is that it?"

"Well, that and, I don't want to have to rush this, since who knows when I'll see you again."

Heero stopped short and his face suddenly contorted, his mind rushing back to his dilemma. Without realizing it, he pushed himself out from under Duo and went to sit at the foot of Duo's bed, a look of despair about him.

Duo came over and sat down next to him. "D-did I say something wrong?"

Heero shook his head 'no'. "No," he said, blankly. "No." Then he looked up to meet Duo's sympathetic eyes, and for the sake of the other man, he forced a smile. "It's OK. It's nothing."

After taking a moment to freshen up, Duo led Heero back downstairs where they waited in the study for Jonathan to announce dinner. Occupying their time with the Xbox, Heero turned out to be quite the lucky beginner playing a number of the games, but he couldn't get very far with Duo's favorite, Silent Hill 2. He kept getting sneezed on by the mutants, causing James to die from the poison spray.

"This game is just downright disturbing," Heero said as he watched Duo guide the CGI character through the puzzles and mazes and blood-filled halls, encountering the most vile and disgusting "creatures," for lack of better terms, that have ever existed in a video game.

"I know!" Duo grinned and laughed sadistically as his eyes remained glued to the large screen before them. "Isn't it great?" Heero only shook his head in amusement.

Before long, Jonathan called the two men to dinner in the dining room.

As the evening grew on, Heero's attentions became more and more distant, to the point where Duo had to ask him again if anything was bothering him. His attitude from earlier that day had all but vanished, and instead the dark-haired man seemed almost aloof, as if he were present in body only, his mind wandering off on some journey somewhere. They were out on Duo's balcony, the very balcony that Heero had spied Duo from weeks before, looking at stars on what had turned out to be a very mild night when Duo had to say something.

"Heero, are you... are you sure you're OK? I mean, I know you said before that you were but, I can't help thinking that something is wrong, and I have to do with it."

Heero was silent as he stared out into the night sky.

"If I'm pressuring you into anything..."

Heero cut him off. "No, Duo, you aren't pressuring me into anything." There was a tone almost of antagonation to his voice, but he seemed more antagonized with himself than with Duo. "I just..." Tell him. "...I have a problem that I don't know what to do about..." I can't tell him. "...since I'll be leaving for home tomorrow, it's...more paramount now." TELL HIM! Heero sighed as his inner self screamed at him.

Duo sighed as well. Looking away, he asked the question that he wasn't sure if he wanted to hear the answer to, although he already knew what it would probably be. "Do you think we'll ever see each other again after tonight?"

"I can't honestly tell you that, Duo." Heero turned to look him in the eyes. "I don't know what the future is going to hold but..." he shook his head. "I just don't know. Maybe. Hopefully."

"But you would like to see me again, if it's possible?"

Heero smiled a most pathetic, sad, sheepish smile. "Of course I would."

Duo smiled back, hesitantly. "OK." He shifted closer to Heero, leaning on the railing of the balcony, and placed a small kiss on the other man's temple, causing him to look up. Then he met him in a full-mouthed kiss.

Leading Heero inside as they kissed, tongues dancing sensuously together, Duo could feel his tenseness. "Nervous?"

"Yeah. Kind of. More embarrassed than anything else, really."

Duo shut only the screen slider to the balcony, leaving the freshness of the night air free flowing in the room, and they went to the bed, its crisp whiteness and plush softness inviting them in.

"Why embarrassed?" Duo was massaging Heero's neck as they sat at the foot of the bed, trying to encourage him to relax.

"Because I don't know what the hell I'm doing," Heero replied, face reddening somewhat, although it could not be seen in the darkened room.

Duo kissed him again, more gently this time, then made a trail of kisses from his mouth to his cheek, and down his neck. "I'll show you," he whispered when he reached the ear, causing his partner's skin to tingle.

"I trust you," Heero answered, closing his eyes and absorbing the velvet touch creeping over him.

"What do you want to do?" Duo whispered again, and at first Heero didn't know what he meant, until he clarified. "Do you want to take me, or do you want me to take you?"

Heero hesitated. "I don't know. I told you I've never done this."

"What feels right? What feels good, inside your head? What does your body want?" Duo was lifting Heero's top up and over his head and arms, removing it, then running his hands over the smooth skin underneath, making the other man's nipples stick out from the contact.

"I... ah.... you. You do it. Show me how you like to have it done to you." Heero ended his statement by capturing Duo with a heated kiss, as things were definitely heating up now.

"Very good. Now... I need you to do something for me first."

"Anything." Heero was under the other man's trance. He would have walked on glass or eaten fire for him at this moment, if that were asked of him.

"There's something...," Duo hesitated bashfully. "...set out in the bathroom for you to use. Come back with your clothes off, and I'll be waiting here for you, OK?"

"Something in the bathroom?" Heero questioned.

"Just go!" Duo chuckled. "To cleanse yourself, OK? Damn! Ya had to make me say it!" Duo's embarrassment could almost be felt in the room at that instant.

Heero laughed back. "Sorry I'm so stupid. Like I said..."

"Yeah, I know. You've never done any of this before. Now hurry up!"

Heero took his cue and disappeared to the bathroom while Duo undressed himself, then pulled back the bedcovers. He reached over to his dresser and past the framed picture of himself with his parents to get a bottle of scents, which he sprayed on the sheets, sniffing the air as he did. Lavender. He always loved the smell of lavender on his sheets, so he made sure to take extra care to make the place smell sweet on this night. Then after replacing the bottle to the dresser, he took out a small tube of lube and placed it on the bed stand. By the time he hopped back into the bed, Heero was returning, dropping his clothes on the bedroom floor beside the bed, naturally.

"Oh Heero," Duo said as he looked at the other man in all his nakedness. Heero became slightly embarrassed. He hadn't been nude before another man before. "You're gorgeous. Anybody ever tell you that?"

Heero chuckled. "No, I'd have to say you are the first. Thanks." He slid into the bed next to Duo, where the other man was sitting up, waiting for him.

"Well you are," Duo confirmed before meeting him with a feverish kiss. This time, though, there was no restraint as he let his hands wander over the tight body beside him, touching and feeling until a pair of trembling hands found their way to his own body and began to do the same. "That's right...whatever feels good. If it feels good, then it is good."

Heero took the encouragement and began to kiss around Duo's neck, as the longhaired man ran his fingers through wild, dark brown hair. Heero leaned back for a moment, bringing up the end of Duo's braid. "May I?"

Duo smiled. "I thought you'd never ask."

Carefully, slowly, the long chestnut hair was freed from its braided confine, loosened gently from the bottom first, until it was a cascade of silken strands that held the wave from the braid and caught glints of the moonlight that filtered into the room. Heero sunk his hands into fistfuls of soft, shiny hair, then leaned forward to breathe in its scent, causing Duo to sigh deeply at his touch.

"You are gorgeous," Heero said, leaning back to view Duo's face. "But I know I'm not the first person who's ever told you that."

Duo's torso came forward and he kissed the soft lips before him, letting his eyes flutter closed. Consumed in a delicious, wet lip lock, his hands ventured one step further this time, bringing everything up another notch as he sought and found what drove Heero this night, and gently wrapped his hand around it. Heero's eyes flew open and he sucked the air right out of Duo's mouth with his gasp at the touch. Before he knew it he was throbbing in Duo's hand, already begging for any contact that the other man would give him. His body was shaking at the touch and his breath now came in short, sharp bursts, making Duo smile. Then the longhaired man began to slide his hand up and down on Heero's willing, waiting flesh.


His only response was a tense head nod before Heero swept him up in another deep kiss.

Rolling around to get onto his knees, Duo kneeled before Heero, who was sitting with his back against the headboard of the bed. Positioning himself beside his partner, whose hands ran excitedly over his body trying to keep contact as he moved, Duo planted a trail of moist kisses on Heero's blazing skin, stopping to explore along the way by sucking gently on both of his small, pink nipples. His tongue encircling the nubs of erect flesh to elicit a low moan, urging Duo on even more as he continued his slow, sweet assault. He kissed and licked and nibbled his way across the strong chest and taught abdomen taking time to lavish each area with attention before slinking lower and slipping his wet mouth over awakened, needy flesh, swallowing it half way, nearly causing Heero to leap out of the bed.

"Oh... oh God, Duo... oh my God..." Heero hissed, his senses overloaded, never having known that a touch could be so enticingly good.

Duo slowly raised and lowered his head, sliding his slick mouth and tongue over his partner's heated member, making him squirm with the most agonizing pleasure. He used his tongue to tease the tip and the sides, then engulfed the length once more, stroking slowly until he could feel Heero moving his hips in time to his manipulation, trying to thrust himself deeper into his mouth. His lover's body trembling with impending release, Duo pushed him until he thought Heero was about to lose himself, then stopped, sitting up, being met with a look of dejected surprise.

"Not yet, Heero." Duo smiled, still stroking his hand over shiny, wet skin. Then before he realized what had transpired, Duo found himself on the receiving end as Heero flipped himself over and eagerly took the longhaired man in his own mouth, imitating what had just been done to him.

Duo whispered to the dark-haired man as he let his mouth work him, encouraging him. "Yesssss... oh yeah," he hissed, throwing his head back and enjoying every second of Heero's inexperienced touch. Duo purposely allowed himself to be somewhat verbal, hoping to spur Heero on, keeping him confident. "Oh, God Heero... yes. More. Please..." Not only did it keep Heero more confident, but his begging served to arouse both of them even more. Still kneeling in the same position as he had been before, with Heero bent over him as he went down, the burn was beginning to really set in, and Duo quickly found himself starting to tilt his hips toward the incredible feeling, thrusting deeper into his lover's warm, wet mouth. He had to stop Heero, or risk losing everything, and the night was still young.

Duo pulled Heero up to him and they kissed once more, arms entwined, bodies glistening in sweat despite the breeze flowing in from the screened balcony door. Then leaning over, he took the bottle of lube and handed it to Heero, who this time didn't ask what he needed to do with it. He'd reached the point of knowing all, now driven by his physical need, and he handled the bottle like he'd done it a million times before. Squeezing some out into his hand, Heero grasped his lover gently, eliciting a gasp from him, then slowly smeared the lube all over him, stroking until Duo was pushing back at him in his desire to feel release.

Duo took the bottle from Heero. "Lay back," he whispered, then helped guide Heero until he was lying on his back on the bed.

Maneuvering himself into position between the other man's thighs, Duo poured some of the lube onto his fingers. "Try to relax." Heero nodded, letting himself feel the soft mattress and the places where his body was touching Duo's until he felt the presence of fingers tracing their way under him and between the cleft of his buttocks. One of the fingers touched him on the soft ring of skin there, and he immediately tensed.

"Relax. I'll go slow." Duo whispered once more, concentrating on making this first experience a pleasurable one for Heero. His hand slid lower again until it came across the tightly bunched ring once more, only this time he pet it softly, making Heero moan. Before long the man was starting to relax, and Duo was able to slide a lube-covered digit in, pushing it slowly in and out and around, slicking up the skin. He did that a few more times, until by most standards Heero was "over lubed," but in this case, Duo felt, there was no such thing as too much.

Heero sighed as fingers were withdrawn, fingers that he had gotten accustomed to, now making him feel somewhat empty. He nervously looked up at Duo, knowing what was next, wanting it badly, but a little bit apprehensive at the same time. Duo looked back down at him with almost a zen-like look of calm and peace on his face, helping Heero to settle some.

"Do you like it so far, Heero?" Duo asked his lover, wanting to make certain that the other man was completely willing and ready to give himself away.

"Yes," was all the answer that came, whispered and breathy, as Heero closed his eyes and waited for what his body begged for.

Duo put the lube bottle beside him on the bed, then slunk closer under Heero, indicating to reposition his legs. "Lift your legs. Put them up here." Duo patted his chest. "I know it's weird, but it's the most comfortable position where we can both see each other. I want to see you come, and I want you to see me."

Heero awkwardly obliged, letting Duo prop his legs in position against his chest and over his shoulders. His bottom raised partly off the bed now, he suddenly noticed that the longhaired man was able to get much closer to him - close enough that his hardened flesh was tickling him, touching his slick, slippery entrance. Heero sighed deeply, closing his eyes. Duo stroked his smooth thigh gently as he leaned into him, slowly entering him for the first time, guiding himself in the slick wetness until he was halfway in, and he stopped.

"Heero?" Duo questioned.

Heero let go of a huge breath that he had been holding.

Slowly, cautiously, Duo slid himself most of the way out of the tight passage, taking every effort to be gentle even though it felt so good, he was tempted to pound his lover into tomorrow. Then pushing back in, he seated deeper this time and rocked his hips upward at the end, getting a quick gasp from Heero. Duo smiled, then repeated the actions, still slowly, still gently, until he felt things loosen around him somewhat as his lover relaxed. Heero's hand reached out and he trailed his fingers over Duo's smooth chest, and Duo knew he was alright.

Before long, the pace had increased somewhat, and Duo was able to thrust completely, more quickly, but still slow enough to tease the two of them until they couldn't take the teasing any more. A lot of men liked it fast and furious - Duo, on the other hand, liked it slow and powerful - and that was exactly how he intended to break Heero in so that the next time... if there was a next time...

Heero gasped, his body tensing as his release began to build. "Oh God!" The feeling was just too good for words.

Duo grinned, then leaned forward to touch Heero's own neglected member, stroking it, causing Heero to nearly escape his skin, feeling sensation now from two pleasure zones at once. The whine that was produced by the dark-haired man was so erotically enticing, Duo had no choice but to respond with harder, deeper thrusts, having given up control of his own body to the animal instinct inside him. He rocked and thrust and stroked all the while as Heero's back arched more and more off the bed, his fingernails digging into the sheets, his body consumed with an internal burn that was leading him closer and closer to physical paradise. Then finally, his muscles tight around the longhaired man as he rode into him, Heero spasmed violently, groaning deeply, his heated flesh pulsating rhythmically with his burning release, spilling himself over his stomach and Duo's hand as it stroked it's encouragement.

Mere moments later, after forcing himself to try to hold on until Heero had achieved his orgasm, Duo threw himself at the internal contractions which he felt around him at the time of Heero's release, as they milked him toward his own. He felt himself swell more, creating that much more friction from the increased tightness, and then suddenly he was gasping for breath, his heart, among other things, pounding, as a wave of a release overtook him. Pressing himself as deeply into the receiving body before him as he could, Duo threw his head back and shuddered, groaning, as his own throbbing continued, his hands reaching out to find Heero's as his release found him, the other man enjoying that release as much as he did.

When finally all contractions and convulsions had ceased, Duo gingerly eased himself out from behind his lover, and crawled up to lay beside him on the bed. He was met with the most passionate and appreciative of kisses.

Duo looked through his sweat-soaked bangs, still panting from his exertion. "So... are you gay?"

Heero burst out in laughter, still too, out of breath. "I'd say," he said, breathing heavily, "that I'm at the very least bisexual, except for the fact that I don't think I desire women!"

Duo chuckled back at him, then captured Heero in another kiss before he lay back to relax, and they both fell asleep.

Early the next morning, before the sun had even risen, Duo rolled over in the bed finding it empty beside him. He'd been used to sleeping alone, but more than remembered Heero snuggling up with him after they made love, so he opened his eyes to see where he was. Without taking his head off the pillow, he could see the well-muscled form sitting at his desk, still naked, with his laptop computer up. Heero typed quickly, answering an email before shutting the machine down, then returning to bed.

"Sorry," he apologized. "Didn't mean to wake you." Heero slid under the blankets and lay on his side, facing the beautiful man that he had, just the night before, finally given himself to, and he was filled with a feeling of warmth.

"It's OK," Duo yawned. "Was just wondering where..." Duo stopped mid-sentence, having fallen unconscious once more, and Heero smiled.

For the remainder of the morning until it was time to get up, Heero lay in the bed awake, watching Duo sleep as he contemplated what to do next.

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