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NOTES: Blame the radio ads for FOX’s nighttime lineup for this fic – it kind of starts out like a blockbuster action flick, LOL! I am so deep in so many writing projects right now (3 fics and one original novel-length story), that I cannot promise how quickly I will be able to get parts to this fic out there. Hopefully the muses stay active and prompt me to write, like they were the day they begged me to start this one, even though I was knee deep into other things. Heh, muses are like that. I think I need to strangle mine, LOL!

Hunter the Hunted
by Shira

The phone in the bedroom rang obstinately, creating an unwanted distraction. It rang again and again ignored, before there was movement in the room to acknowledge it. “Just leave it,” a soft voice whispered, too engrossed in what it was doing to care about the phone. Sheets rustled, and a sweaty hand reached to the nightstand, to the remote for the video communication unit on the bedroom wall. The unit came on, in voice only mode. A disappointed sigh was heard and more sheets rustled.

“Yeah,” a second, deeper voice asked, annoyed.

“Heero Yuy?”

“Speaking.” Heero lay with his eyes closed and his head nestled in the crook of his lover’s arm as his mind tried to place the voice, but he was unable to concentrate. His mind and body were still too numb from the afterglow of great sex on a quiet Saturday morning.

There was no response from the other person on the line now, and Heero opened his eyes to look at the video unit even though it was in voice mode only. Then holding his neck up, he craned around to look at his bedmate quickly before speaking again. “This is Heero Yuy. Who’s calling?”

The call disconnected with a click.

“Crank call,” said Duo Maxwell in a sultry, sleepy voice as he wrapped his arms over the other man. “Now put down the damn remote and pay attention to me.” His eyes were closed, but Duo wore a sly grin on his face as he demanded that his lover stop allowing the moment to be spoiled by phone calls from no one.

Heero reached over to place the controller back onto the nightstand and missed, the remote thudding to the carpet, but he ignored it this time. “Well excuse me, your highness,” he laughed, burying his face into soft skin and miles of chestnut hair.

Duo nuzzled back, attacking Heero with a devouring kiss, then momentarily pushed the two of them apart. He opened his eyes to a cockeyed squint as something outside their second floor bedroom window caught his attention. Heero heard it too, and he listened as well, both of them frozen for a moment.

“A little low for helicopters in a residential neighborhood,” Duo said, noting that the noise was growing loud enough that the resonance from the low-flying aircraft’s rotors could be felt. For a moment more the two simply lay there, naked in bed, until Heero’s eyes went suddenly wide. Before Duo could question him, he was being shoved off the left side of the bed.

“Get down!” Heero dove off his opposite side of the bed as Duo fell between the bed and the wall, and the rotor noise sounded like it was directly outside of the house now. Within seconds the room was a mass of automatically-fired bullets as the glass in both windows was shattered, sending a spray of shards into the room and over Duo, who was down on the floor and scrambling to get his back to the wall between the two bedroom windows. Shots rang in rapid succession, peppering the mattress and the far wall with bullets, sending chunks of drywall everywhere as they embedded.

“Holy /shit/!” Heero heard Duo yell from across the room as the longhaired man pressed himself as close to the wall as he could, frantically trying to avoid the bullets whizzing past him and into the bedroom. Heero remained hidden on his side of the bed, flat on his stomach, unable to lift himself even the slightest bit to see if Duo was all right. He looked under the bed to try to see, but the comforter hanging down on Duo’s side of the bed blocked his view.

Then as quickly as the barrage started, it was over, and the shots ceased. The chopper flew off into the sky, but neither Heero nor Duo acknowledged it until there had been complete silence for minutes. The only sound that could be heard in the room now was heavy, anxious breathing, and the occasional sliver of glass still falling from the destroyed windowpanes.

“Duo? Y-you alright?” Heero said in a muffled, panting voice from practically under the bed. He was very shaken, having been taken so off guard the way they were, and his instinct wouldn’t allow him to extract himself from his protective hiding place yet.

After a few tense moments as he recognized that the shooting had stopped, Duo answered him. “I t-think so.”

For at least a minute or so neither of the men moved as they gathered their wits, until finally Heero got up off the floor, dusting particles of drywall off him. He turned to look at the wall behind him. It was littered with holes and missing chunks of sheetrock. The bedding hadn’t fared much better, but Heero ignored the rest of the details as he made his way to the other side of the bed to Duo.

“Oh shit, you’re bleeding.” Duo had been covered with the exploding glass, and there were now many tiny red welts over his face, chest and thighs, from the sharp glass cutting him. His back and shoulders had remained unscathed due to the thickness of his extremely long hair, which was loose and had acted as a sort of blanket over his soft skin, protecting him from any more glass shards.

“Don’t worry, nothing important was cut,” the longhaired man said sarcastically as he looked down to inspect his “important” area in search of anything that looked out of sorts. He breathed a sigh of relief to see that everything looked fine, but the tremble to his body was evident, as he was equally as shaken as Heero was.

“You alright?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. Just gimme a few minutes to chill out.”

Heero offered his hand, which Duo took, and helped his lover to his feet. He peeked cautiously outside of the destroyed windows “just in case.”

“Damn, Heero, I knew you were exciting in bed, but /what/ the hell was all /that/?” There was no response to Duo’s sarcastic comment.

“Careful.” Heero lead his nude and barefoot lover away from the windows pointing out all the shattered glass on the carpet. He took him into the bathroom. The bathroom door was full of bullet holes as well. “I have no idea what that was,” he then said, his face stern and concerned.

“That phone call…just before it happened. Recognize the voice? The person called you by name.”

Heero held Duo’s hair out of the way as the other man began to inspect himself in the mirror. Thankfully it was still intact, even though the bathroom door had been open, and there were a few stray bullet holes in the far bathroom wall as well. “No.”

Duo took a washcloth from the towel rack and rinsed it under warm water from the bathroom sink. His eyes looked up, filled with question as they connected with Heero’s in the big mirror. “Someone trying to /kill/ you? But why?”

Heero didn’t answer right away, and instead took the cloth from Duo’s hands. Wringing it out, he began to gingerly wipe the small, scattered drips of blood that had already begun to dry on Duo’s skin. “I don’t know,” he finally said. “But it’s not as though I haven’t made enough enemies in my life.”

Unfortunately, he was right.

At the young age of only twenty-four, Heero Yuy had a lot going for him, and a lot of reasons for people to hate him as well. The reigning power of the five Gundam pilots, Heero had gone on, as had the rest of his comrades, to work for the Preventers organization run by Sally Po and Lady Une. He was their best agent, and was regularly handed the trickiest cases, from drug cartels to weapons smuggling rings to radical militant groups intent on disrupting the hard-won peace in the universe. He was a born and bred killing machine thankfully on the side of good, and he’d already seen more death and destruction in his short career as a soldier and an agent than most people would see in two lifetimes.

Realistically, there were countless possibilities of who could possibly want to see Heero Yuy dead, and the thought sat very heavy with both he and Duo, who had been his working partner and “significant other” since they began their careers with the peacekeeping group.

“You don’t think what’s his name is behind this, do you? The guy running that group that was smuggling all that blow to the colonies?”

“Ramon Valdez.”

“Yeah, him. You think he could have anything to do with this? Remember, he was so damn hostile toward you during his conviction hearing.”

Heero was lost in his own world, methodically rubbing the blood off Duo’s chest, and he did not hear the second question. His eyes were cold and withdrawn, the look that he adopted whenever he was particularly concerned about something, as Duo had long ago realized. Duo took Heero’s hand and stopped it from moving, taking the cloth back from him.


Raising his eyes to meet Duo’s, he looked through him. “If someone is trying to kill me, you aren’t safe around me.”

Duo’s face lit up with surprise. “What? And what the hell am I? Chopped liver? I’m a freakin’ agent too, and every bit as good as you. Well, almost. You’re a little better at sneaking around during those stealth missions than I am… but still!”

“Duo, if someone out there wants me dead…”

“Then what?” Duo’s tone was edging on annoyed. “One of us has to move out of our own house so that we’re separated, just because someone is pissed off at you? Gimmie a break.” He roughly fingered the washcloth in his hands now, rinsing it under warm water again, and then proceeded to wipe away the rest of the blood on his chest and face. Hissing as he wiped over one of the micro-fine incisions, Duo cursed.

“What is it?”

“I think there’s still a piece of glass in this one,” Duo said, pointing to a freshly bleeding line on his face, along his forehead. A new red path ran between his eyes, the cut having been aggravated by the washcloth.

Heero stepped close to inspect Duo’s face, until his face was close enough to kiss, but the mood was long past fun and games by that point, and though he normally would have, Duo did not venture there. “Hold still. I see it” Skilled fingers advanced to meticulously and gently push on pliant skin until the tiny shard stood up slightly, and Heero grasped it between his short fingernails, just barely able to reach it. Bringing his hand back down, he rolled the bloody shard on the pad of his finger for himself and Duo to see. Duo blotted the fresh blood on his face with the washcloth.

“Look, Heero,” Duo began once more, noting the chill that still surrounded his mate. “Lets get out of here and go down to headquarters, and at least we can start getting to the bottom of this. Until then, I promise to be extremely careful, OK? But, I mean, its not like I’m just going to stand back and let someone try to bump you off and not do anything about it, you know? And I’m not about to let some idiot run my life, either.”

Heero turned on the sink faucet, rinsing his fingers off, washing Duo’s blood and the sliver of glass down the drain. Turning his head so that he did not have to make eye contact, Heero replied grudgingly with “Yeah,” and then exited the bathroom to get dressed.

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