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WARNINGS: Humor, yaoi, LEMON

SUMMARY: Trowa reminisces about his past.

Halloween Trick or Tease
by Shira

Duo plopped himself down on the couch next to Heero, who was reading the Sunday paper. "Hey Heero," he asked. "You know, Halloween is in a couple of weeks, and we did get that invitation to that big costume party that Quatre is having..."

Shifting his eyes ever so slightly toward his housemate then back to the World section, Heero muttered "What about it?"

"Well, I want to go." Duo explained, sliding over on the couch until he was next to Heero and close enough to make him put his newspaper down. "And I'd like it for you to go with me."

Shaking his head, the obstinate Japanese man answered "No way. I'm not dressing up in some crazy get-up and looking like a fool." He flipped his paper back up between himself and Duo.

"Oh come-ON Heero!" Duo swatted the paper down again. "You never get out to have any fun. Look, it's a masquerade - we have to wear masks. No one will ever know its you."

Sighing, Hero complained "I'm not into that stuff. You know that."

Frustrated, Duo slumped back against the couch for a minute, a look of concentration on his face. Then springing up again to swat the newspaper down one more time he teased "But Heeeeero..."


"If you go with me, I promise you it will be worth your while." Duo was grinning.

"What do you mean?" Heero's eyes were still trying to scan over what parts of the newspaper that hadn't been crumpled by Duo.

"Oh... that's a surprise. But I promise it will be worth it." Begging, Duo added "Please Heero? Pretty please... come with me to the party?"

He was batting his eyelashes amusingly, with pouted lips, just waiting for either a burst of laughter or a shove back down to the couch."

Huffing with annoyance, Heero finally dropped the paper to his lap and half-smiled. Kind-of. "Oh... alright. I'll go. I'm probably going to regret it somehow, but I'll go. But I'm going to need help thinking up a costume I guess. I haven't got the faintest idea what to do about that."

Smiling from ear to ear, Duo blurted out "No problem! Leave that to me!"

Going back to his paper one final time, Heero chided, "Now I'm really worried."

The next week, a package addressed to Duo arrived at the door. Curious, Heero brought the package in and laid it on the kitchen table. When Duo got home from work and found the box, he grabbed it and hurriedly hid it in his bedroom, then nonchalantly reappeared, empty-handed.

"What was in the box?" Heero asked.

Grinning, Duo replied "Oh, nothing. You'll see later."

Still curious, Heero pushed for more information. "Is it part of our Halloween costumes?"

"Maybe...I said you'd see. Speaking of which, I forgot to tell you. I figured out a great costume for you for the costume party."

Warily, Heero asked "Oh yeah? What?"

Beaming proudly, the long-haired man exclaimed "A Chippendale!"

"WHAT!?" Came Heero's alarmed response.

"C'mon Heero - It'll be so much fun! You have such a great bod and all that. You'll look great!" Duo whined.

Shaking his head, Heero backed away, wanting nothing to do with this party any longer. "No way Duo. I am NOT going half-naked to a costume party where all our friends will see me."

"Oh but remember, nobody will know its you because we have to wear masks. No one gets to see who everyone is until midnight, when all the masks come off." Duo pleaded with his lover. "Besides...you'll look SO sexy, eh Heero?"

"NO!" Heero yelled insistently and disappeared through the hall and down the stairs.

Finishing the last adjustments on Heero's bow-tie collar, Duo stepped back and whistled. "Daaaaamn Heero... you look good enough to eat!" He winked. Heero was dressed in a bow-tie collar and matching shirt cuffs around both wrists, a sexy, revealing pair of tuxedo pants and a shiny new pair of black dress shoes.

Blushing, the Japanese man replied "I can't believe I let you talk me into this."

"Ah, don't forget your mask, Heero." Duo handed him a brightly colored paper mask with an elastic to place around the top of his face. The mask covered the eyes and most of the cheeks, so you could only see the mouth and it was hard to tell who was behind it. Heero's mask was that of a generic male face. Flipping it on, he went to look at himself in the mirror in the bathroom and shook his head.

"I'm not taking this thing off." Heero said from under the protection of the face cover.

"Whatever... but at least you're here." Duo remarked. "A few of the others will be coming by to get us on their way to the ballroom." Intending to make a weekend of it, many of the guests were invited to arrive at the mansion early and stay for a few days.

Turning to look at Duo, who still was not dressed up, the masked Chippendale asked "What about your costume?"

Checking his watch, Duo replied "Oh...I'm going to get dressed now." He slowly went to retrieve his bag with his costume in it, dragging out the seconds without being to obvious. He smirked with relief when there was a knock at the door. "Perfect timing," he thought to himself, having planned this time for the others to come by to get Heero and leave him alone in the room to get ready."

"They're here!" Heero called out nervously.

"Oh... so go on Heero, I'll be with you all in fifteen minutes." Duo was leading Heero to the door by his elbow.

"I want to wait for you."

"No Heero...you cant, because..." Duo smiled innocently. "... then you'll know what my costume is, and that will spoil all the fun. Go ahead. I'll be there as soon as I'm dressed."

Heero stood in front of the bedroom door as the knock was repeated, unsure whether to open it or not. "But... I won't be able to find you."

"Heero... that's the idea behind a masquerade party. Now... GO! OK?"

Sighing, Heero cautiously opened the door to two other costumed partygoers waiting on him. Both were wearing paper masks. One was decked out as a gypsy, the other a pirate.

"Ready?" The pirate asked, trying to conceal his real voice.

Heero smirked. "I see you got roped into this too, eh Wufei?" A bit of a blush appeared at the bottom of the pirate's mask.

"We're not supposed to know who's under the masks!" Wufei complained, having been discovered so easily. "Come on, let's go before I change my mind about this whole thing." Pausing for a moment, he gave Heero a once over, then added in a straight, albeit masked, face "Nice costume, Yuy."

Blushing profusely under his mask, Heero closed the door behind him and left with the pirate and gypsy.

The ballroom of the mansion was beautifully decorated in fall colors and all sorts of Halloween motifs. Orange and black crepe paper streamers spanned across the ceiling from one corner of the room to the other, stuffed witches hung on brooms, jack-o-lanterns lit up, blinking their horrid faces. Ghosts hung from the walls and spider webs adorned practically everything in the room, including the buffet table. There were gummy worms floating in the punch bowl and plastic spiders placed all over the table. There were already lots of people present, every one costumed to the hilt, and wearing a little paper mask that hid just enough that one had no idea who was behind it.

There was a Devil and an Angel, a Witch, Cleopatra and Anthony, a Vampire, a Knight and a Princess, a Playboy Bunny, a Mime, Romeo and Juliet...the costumes were all really great.

Mingling, Heero nodded his acknowledgement here and there as he passed people on the floor, and to his embarrassment he received the occasional whistle and catcall, and one "Great costume!" Scanning every costume in the room, he tried to figure out which one could be Duo, thinking it would be easy to spot him with his long, braided hair. It wasn't.

By the time the party was in full swing, there were nearly fifty people in the ballroom, three of them with "distinctive long braided hair." A samurai, brandishing a real katana, with a long black braid - "temporary hair color could do that," Heero reasoned. A Raggedy Ann doll, with long braided pigtails, and lastly, a lady Viking, complete with horned helmet.

Uncertain as to which one of these three with the long hair was likely Duo, and embarrassed beyond all means, Heero decided to wait, rather than ask any of the three and risk more embarrassment. After helping himself to the buffet and chatting casually with a few unknown people, Heero saw, from across the room, someone that had to be Rashid, simply by the size of the man. He made his way over to Frankenstein's monster and joined in a conversation, finally loosening up to enjoy himself a little bit.

At quarter `till midnight, a beautifully costumed Juliet appeared near the French entrance doors to the ballroom and called for everyone's attention. Standing with Juliet was a handsome Romeo who, despite his mask, was plainly recognizable as Trowa, due to his distinctive hairstyle. Chuckling to himself Heero thought "If Trowa is Romeo, then Quatre sure has a lot of guts dressing up as Juliet," noting the period dress and the long wig.

"Everybody!" Juliet called in a fake female voice. "Everybody...Before we all remove our masks, I'd like you all to go over to the Devil and the Angel to have your pictures taken as a memento for this evening."

Joking and smiling, the people all started to mingle in the direction of the photographers, who were shooting pictures one by one of all the partygoers.

As much as he wanted to avoid having his picture taken, Heero soon got dragged over by the Pirate saying "Here! You missed the Chippendale!" Heero could feel his cheeks flushing as Wufei grinned with sarcastic pleasure.

Then, to make matters worse, the Gypsy, presumably Sally, called out "Oh how CUTE!" LOOK! A Playboy Bunny! Put the Bunny with the Chippendale to get their pictures taken!"

The Playboy Bunny, clad in a revealing, fur-edged silver body suit, white thigh-high nylon stockings and silver high heels, and a pair of furry bunny ears, was dragged over to pose with Heero, embarrassing him even more. Her mask was one of a pretty lady's face, with makeup and exaggerated black eyelashes, and her hair was long and "poofy", with banana curls and long waves that reached almost down to the top of the bunny tail.

Nodding, Heero acknowledged the sexy Bunny and tried to hide his discomfort and embarrassment as she wrapped her arms around his neck, posing with one foot in the air behind her and showing off the little cotton tail sewn to the body suit. She looked like the ultimate sexpot tease. Heero was hoping that Duo, wherever he was, wasn't watching this, but then again, wasn't it Duo who made him dress up as a male stripper in the first place?

"Now smile!" The Angel called out, getting a beautiful red lipstick smile from the Bunny and a halfway-amused smirk from the Chippendale. The Devil snapped the picture, then thanked the two and moved on to the next pair waiting for a picture. Heero excused himself, nodding at the Bunny, and headed to get a cup of (thankfully) spiked punch, still scanning the crowd for Duo. It was nearly midnight - he wanted to find him the minute the masks came off, and high tail it back to the room to get changed before too many people saw him in his monkey suit.

"Okay everyone!" Romeo called across the room. "On our countdown, remove your masks so we can see who you all are!"

Everyone stopped what they were doing and counted down with Romeo and Juliet. "Ten... nine... eight... seven... six..." At five, Heero noticed the Playboy Bunny casually sifting her way through the crowd, coming over to stand by him. Smiling, she readied to pull her mask off. Giving the girl a split-second once over, Heero noticed her slim figure and her lacy nylon stockings, and for an instant, he anticipated the moment that he would find out what little beauty was hiding behind the mask with the long eyelashes. "... three... two... ONE!"

All at once the masks were removed, and after an initial moment of silence, the room was filled with talking and laughter as people recognized their friends. Romeo and Juliet were, as expected, Trowa and Quatre, and the Gypsy was indeed Sally. The Angel and Devil turned out to be Zechs and Lucrezia; a flapper turned out to be Relena, and her boyfriend was a gangster; Rashid was definitely Frankenstein, and to the surprise and delight of nearly everyone in the room, a few of the Maguanacs had attended the party dressed as the Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

As Heero brought down his mask, so did the Playboy Bunny, still standing precariously close to him. Then staring silently in amazement, Heero dropped his cup of punch, his mouth gaping open.

Smiling flirtatiously, the Bunny said "So... does the Chippendale wanna escort the Playboy Bunny back to her room?"

Still in awe, Heero managed to stumble over a couple of words. "D-Duo! You.. you're.."

"I told you you'd be surprised Hee-chan," Duo kidded. Heero gave him the once-over again, this time more thoroughly, causing Duo to blush.

"You like what you see?" the sexy Bunny asked seductively. Heero only nodded, eyes roaming, then meeting Duo's. He nearly jumped out of his skin with surprise when Duo stood close enough to rub against him and lowered his hand to teasingly grab his crotch and said "Why Heero! Is that a present for ME? I think you better strip for me when we get back to our room, don't you?" Duo had an evil looking smirk on his made-up face.

Smiling and nodding and politely excusing themselves from the remainder of the party, Heero and Duo practically trotted out of the ballroom, the sexy Bunny being towed by the wrist by the sexy Chippendale.

Reaching their bedroom, Heero let them in and locked the door behind them. Then standing in the middle of the floor and absorbing the beautiful sight before him, Heero's desire became obvious by the sight of his awakened body, making Duo giggle like a schoolgirl.

"Why Heero!" the Bunny chided. "I didn't know you fancied the Playboy Bunny type - I guess you swing both ways?" Duo looked so incredibly... female... in the body suit and white nylons and makeup that he was easily passable as a woman, and strangely, seeing his lover dressed like this, Heero was very aroused and interested.

Heero whispered, starting to remove his few articles of clothing "So... I'm stripping now for you Duo. Do I get to pet the nice Bunny now?" With an evilly seductive smirk, Heero removed his last cuff, then reached for the button-on collar and bow tie.

"No... leave it." Duo said. Heero stopped, then grabbed his Bunny and threw him playfully on the double bed, his hands roaming all over the satiny body suit, unbuttoning and unsnapping as he went. When he was finally unclothed, Duo went to remove the bunny ear headband and Heero stopped him. Duo grinned.

The two wrestled gently on the bed, enjoying the feel of each other's smooth bodies. They kissed feverishly, turned on by the little role-play that they started. Heero ran his hands through the loose curls of Duo's styled hair, never having seen it done this way before. It was intoxicating to him, all that gorgeous hair strewn casually across the bed and over his lover. Duo looked absolutely delectable in all his natural femininity, a true bishounen for sure. Heero quivered with desire.

As kissing progressed to petting, the two whined and moaned their pleasure, turning the other on that much more with their sounds. Then before he ever felt Duo changing positions on the bed, Heero closed his eyes, overtaken by the sensation of his lover's mouth consuming his manhood, he hissing with agonizing pleasure with every flick of the tongue. Panting until he couldn't hold himself together any longer, Heero roughly pulled Duo off his throbbing member, pushing him down on the bed.

Exchanging naughty glances, Heero leaned over his longhaired bishounen, grinning seductively, then began his own manipulations on his partner, reaching under him and massaging his entrance with his other fingers.

Duo groaned ecstatically, thrusting slightly in time with Heero's strokes, pushing himself deeper into his lover's mouth each time. "Oh God... Heero..." he whispered. "Stop... please stop before you finish me now." Duo was pulling on Heero to get him to stop, as much as he didn't want him to ever stop.

Getting on his knees, Duo's legs wrapped around him loosely, Heero pushed his tip against his lover, making him moan again. "Do you want me, Playboy Bunny?" Heero teased, mercilessly as he pushed on Duo's spot again.

Exasperated and breathless, Duo pleaded, "Take me! Heero, take me now!" He squirmed under Heero a little bit, trying to move himself closer as Heero pushed a little bit more, barely entering him. They both gasped together, then Heero backed away, and did it again. His wetness served to make a naturally slick entrance as they teased each other.

"You bastard!" Duo complained, lying back with his eyes closed and a look on his face that he would combust on the spot if Heero did not enter him at that very moment.

"Not yet..." Heero whispered back, leaning in to his lover once more, this time pushing until his entire tip was inserted. Stopping momentarily he grinned, his self-control flawless, then pulled away again. Teasing Duo like that a few more times he was slowly driving his lover to a frenzy with his ministrations until Duo couldn't take the tormenting any longer. In a lightning-fast move, he was out from under the Japanese man and had him from behind, positioning his own heat with his saliva-coated hand to intrude his lover's space.

Flinging the bunny ears across the room, Duo leaned hard against Heero, who cried out as he was entered in one quick, abrupt movement. Then pulling out part way, Duo began thrusting rhythmically into his lover, his breath coming in short gasps with each exertion. Heero panted roughly, propped on his hands and knees, as he leaned back against the thrusts, and he moaned. Then lying against his lover's back, his long hair shrouding the two of them in a curtain of silk, Duo gently took Heero's manhood in his hand, pumping him in time with his thrusts.

"Ah yeah, Heero..." Duo breathed. "I told you you'd like this party." Reaching the height of his excitement, Duo's thrusts became longer and harder, and he made every effort to tickle that one spot in his lover that would send him over the edge. Hand moving, thrusting fully, he could hear the change in his lover's voice, and knew that he would have him soon. Then as Heero cried out again in his own pleasure, pulsating in Duo's hand, he involuntarily clamped tightly around his lover's heat, sending him to his own crescendo in a wave of ecstasy.

Collapsing together, Duo on top of Heero and still inside of him, the two gasped for breath, their sweat glistening and mixing on their skin. Then sliding himself to the side, Duo rolled over, closing his eyes.

For many minutes, neither man said a thing, and just reveled in their moments. Then finally Duo leaned onto one elbow and, looking down at Heero, who was totally sated, said "So... umm... Heero?"

The Japanese man panted "Y-yeah?"

"You gonna dress up for Halloween more often now?" Duo smirked.

"I don't know... why?" Heero breathed, slowly catching his breath.

"Oh, I don't know..." he continued. "Just thought that you might get to like this costume party thing." Duo giggled.

Heero paused, then answered "As long as I get candy like I did this time, well... I might just have to let you talk me into it again. But one condition next time, OK?"

"What's that?"

The Japanese man grinned, evilly. "Next time I get to trick YOU!"


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