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LYRIC CREDIT: "Enjoy the Silence," by Depeche Mode, from the album Violator.
WARNINGS: Angst, bad language, yaoi, songfic, LEMON

SUMMARY: Heero does something careless, and Duo is annoyed.

by Shira

"I said I was SORRY!"Heero continued straightening magazines on the coffee table as he only partially acknowledged a very highly annoyed Duo.

"Sorry? Heero...but..." The other young man was practically speechless for a few moments. "Heero, ya know!"

"If you wouldn't leave your things all over the place, I wouldn't have thrown it out." Brandy, their Golden Retriever, had been standing beside Duo with her feathery tail wagging high, but she soon felt the tension building in the room between her two "daddies," and retreated to hide under the coffee table. Heero regarded her momentarily, but didn't say anything as he continued his cleaning.

"Oh, like you NEVER leave anything laying around?"

"Not like you do. I put things in places where I know they are still going to be when I get back." Heero was insistent as he moved on to the laundry room and started matching and folding socks.

"Right...and I left it right where I knew I left it, expecting it to be there when I got back! You had no right to throw it out!" Duo stomped after the other man, his face reddening more every minute that they argued. Brandy slid out from under the table and trotted after Duo, sitting behind him in the doorway to the laundry room. She watched, looking from Heero to Duo and back again as the two fought more.

"Look," Heero began. "I don't want to have this fight over and over again. You need to keep better track of your things."

"Why can't you just leave my stuff alone?" Duo raised his voice and got into Heero's face, but the Japanese man continued to fold socks, ignoring his outburst.

"Duo, you've always done this. You always leave things all over the place. I was CLEANING, which is more than I can say for you! Instead of arguing with me over this, why don't you help me?"

The argument raged on and on...and on. Heero continued his cleaning and tidying, partially ignoring his mate the whole time in an effort to keep from blowing his stack. Finishing with the sock pile, he shoved an arm full of neatly folded socks at Duo, who took them upstairs, deposited them on his side of their bed, then came back downstairs. Flanked still by Brandy, Duo continued his complaints all the way up and all the way back down the stairs.

"You aren't even freakin' listening to me, are you?"

Duo slammed a thick magazine down on the kitchen table, jerking Heero's attention away from his sink full of dishes and making the dog jump and lay her ears flat.

Words like violence
Break the silence
Come crashing in
Into my little world

Heero cleared his throat and kept right on washing, throwing an annoyed glance and a lifted eyebrow at Duo.


No answer. Brandy stood in the center of the kitchen looking from Heero to Duo and back again, then wuffed once, gently. She received the same response.



Duo walked up to the counter beside the sink, leaning his lower back on it. With his arms folded and his lips pursed into a frown, his blood was boiling and still ready to continue the confrontation.

"You aren't paying any attention to me, I said!"

Heero dropped the handful of silverware he was washing and it clattered metallically in the stainless steel sink. "Because you're really starting to get on my nerves, Duo, and I'm trying to keep control of myself!"

"God damn it..." Duo swore, shaking his head.



"Don't tell me 'nothing'. What?" Heero glared at the American man accusingly.

"Just forget it, OK?" Duo stormed out of the kitchen and disappeared up the stairs and to the bedroom. This time Brandy stayed, sitting on the kitchen floor, looking up at Heero. He looked down at her and shrugged.

The Japanese man dried his hands on a dishtowel and went after Duo, stomping up the stairways with just as much annoyance, Brandy trotting behind him. The little voice inside him kept telling him how stupid this whole disagreement had become, but unfortunately he was lost in the turmoil now. As much as he wanted to just walk away from it, he couldn't. He stood in the doorway to the bedroom, staring down on Duo, who had flopped stomach down onto the bed. Brandy passed around Heero's legs and leapt onto the bed, where she lay beside Duo.

"What do you want, Heero?" The muffled question came from within the pile of pillows on the bed.

"Why can't you just accept my apology, and be more careful of what you leave lying around next time?"

Duo rolled over quickly and sat up on the bed. "Why can't YOU ask before you throw something out?"

"Why can't YOU get off your lazy ass and help me once in a while, so I won't HAVE to throw away all your things! Damn! It's like I'm your maid or something!"

Duo shook his head. "You just don't get it, Heero. Normally I would agree with you, but...you know? You didn't even LOOK at what it was that you threw out!"

"Then how do you know I threw it out?"

"Because YOU CLEANED, and now it's gone!" Duo yelled, sending Brandy scurrying to hide under the raised bed, and flopped back down dejectedly. His expression was a mixture of anger and hurt by this point.

Painful to me
Pierce right through me
Can't you understand
Oh my little one

"So, what was it that was soooo important that I accidentally threw out?" Heero readjusted himself in the doorframe, leaning the other way now, propped on one arm above his head.

"You don't even know."

"No, I don't. That's why I'm asking you. It looked like junk to me."

"Shows how much you pay attention to me then."

Heero dropped his hands to his sides and turned like he was going to leave, then turned back, exasperated. "Are you kidding me?"

"No, Heero, I'm quite serious. If you paid any attention, you'd know full well what you did."

Heero hesitated, then asked, annoyed, "Are you going to tell me, or what?"

"What do YOU think it was?" Duo asked curtly.

"Great. 20 questions. I don't know. A bolt. It looked like a plain old bolt, and nothing around here is missing a bolt that big, so I tossed it, because it's been sitting on the edge of the coffee table for weeks now. If it was something important..."

"THAT," Duo started, "was my one and only souvenir from Deathscythe, thank you very much. I'm surprised you didn't RECOGNIZE a BOLT from a GUNDAM, Heero!"

For a moment, Heero just stood there, now feeling really foolish due to the gravity of his mistake, which he suddenly realized, and his face got hot. Then as he tried to convince himself to apologize once more, he opened his mouth to speak, but it was not an apology that came out.

"I thought..." He stopped, puzzled, then said "Serves you right then, for leaving it lying around like that!"

With a look of utter amazement, Duo just stared at the man in the doorway, the stubborn man in the doorway, and said calmly and quietly, "Fuck you, Heero." Then he rolled onto his other side and looked away where he couldn't see the other man.

All I ever wanted
All I ever needed
Is here in my arms
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm

Heero hit his boiling point.

"I can't believe you! I can't fucking believe you! All this over a Goddamned BOLT! Grow up, Duo!" Heero yelled to his longhaired mate, then turned and descended the stairs so he could go back to his tidying. Duo lay on the bed for a while contemplating, and when he couldn't contemplate any more without getting another vindictive jab in, he got up, scattering sock balls all over the bed and the floor, and trotted after his counterpart. Meeting him in the kitchen, Duo started in again.

"You know, Heero... after all this time, after all the effort I've put into you and into us...I guess you still haven't changed. I guess you're still the same uncaring, unemotional, un-everything jerk you always were. Well, except you yell now."

Heero ignored the statement.

"Go ahead... ignore me. It's what you do best, anyway!"

Heero dropped his hands in the sudsy water in the sink again. "So then why the hell did you marry me, Duo? If I'm such an asshole, why did you marry me?"

"You know, Yuy, I'm having a hard time remembering myself, but I know it wasn't because I like to talk to myself or..."

Vows are spoken
To be broken
Feelings are intense
Words are trivial

Heero turned to face his lover, his life mate. The last comment hit him like a ton of bricks to the chest...but he did ask why, didn't he? And, even though he couldn't find a way to admit it, he was, after all, wrong. He had started out right but he was most definitely wrong now.

Heero was solemn. "Y-you don't mean that, do you?" Suddenly the whole stupid argument had changed perspective. Suddenly the whole stupid argument wasn't so stupid anymore.

Duo looked at his partner with fire in his eyes, his face flushed and his fists clenched from his temper. "I don't know what I mean right now, Heero. I'm just really hurt that you could be so careless. I'm just... really surprised at you."

Heero remained quiet, looking at Duo, who in turn stormed off to the living room filled with hurt. Sighing, the Japanese man turned back around and went back to his dishes, his own heart heavy with guilt and emotional turmoil. Only the sound of the water running remained for quite a while, as neither spoke after that last damaging outburst.

Pleasures remain
So does the pain
Words are meaningless
And forgettable

When Heero turned suddenly at the sound behind him, he was met face to face with welled violet eyes and streaked skin fringed by unruly chestnut bangs. For a few moments, they stared into each other's harsh gazes, trying to read the other and speak their peace at the same time, until Duo broke their eye contact. He wrapped his arm around the back of Heero's head and roughly pulled his lover in to meet his lips for a passionate, aggressive, breathtaking kiss.

When they finally parted again, both were panting from the tension that was happening between them, eyes locked on eyes, one pair soulful, another pair sympathetic. They assaulted each other in another feverish lip lock, only this time Duo was pulling Heero away from the sink. Heero blindly pawed the air in front of him until he found the faucet control, and pounded the lever down to stop the water's flow, and as soon as he did, he was dragged off and out of the kitchen. Wiping his wet hands on his jeans as they went, their kiss remained as Duo pulled Heero to the living room and down to the carpeted floor.

"Duo..." Heero began, wanting to apologize for real this time, but a finger over his lips cut him off.

"Shhh." Duo shushed his lover, then kissed him again, pushing him back onto the floor so that he was on all fours over the Japanese man.

All I ever wanted

Duo leaned down to kiss his lover, leaning on one hand as his other began to wander purposefully. Finding its quarry, the hand worked feverishly, unbuttoning Heero's jeans and forcing the zipper down. Heero sucked in deeply through his nose as he felt himself being gently attacked, and he allowed his own hands to begin work of their own, sliding sensually underneath Duo's T-shirt and caressing his longhaired lover's chest. Duo moaned into his kiss at his lover's touch.

Kissing and moaning quickly turned into petting as both young men voraciously went at each other now, Duo stroking Heero with his one hand and Heero fighting to get into Duo's jeans at the same time. The distraction of the feeling of pleasure flooding through him caused him to hesitate frequently as he absorbed the waves of tingling warmth. As his lover stroked, he began thrusting into his hand, his hardened member begging for as much attention as it could get. Then occasionally, they would break their kiss to breath, panting heavily.

All I ever needed

Duo leaned up, kneeling, and pulled the other man's jeans down over his hips and below his knees, then finished unbuttoning his own jeans to help the effort along. He pushed them back a little, then leaned back down for another kiss, gently rubbing his arousal over Heero's abdomen, making him moan more. Heero reached up and wrapped his arms around his longhaired lover, pulling him down close until Duo lay on top of him, and they both squirmed against each other, their kisses growing hotter and more passionate. Sliding a hand carefully between their bodies, Heero grabbed Duo gently, and began pumping him until the other man was whining and thrusting his hips against Heero's body, begging for more.

Wet with his own natural moisture, Duo held himself up on his knees once more as he guided himself with one hand to Heero's pleasure zone, teasing him. He pushed slightly, eliciting a shudder and a whimper from his lover, and then slid himself back and forth antagonistically, spreading his wetness. Sucking in huge lungfuls of air as he did so, Heero ran his hands over the chest that hovered over him, pinching a nipple and making his lover hiss as he was teased below. When there was enough moisture to aid him, Duo then leaned in to his lover, entering his space only slightly, then drawing back. Heero's closed eyes flew open as Duo did it again - entered just barely, then slid out.

Is here in my arms

"You tease!" Heero said, breathlessly, and Duo nodded.


After a few more minutes of teasing, Duo's face was flushed and his lover was practically begging to be taken. They kissed again, and this time as Duo pulled away, he leaned back to his knees, positioning himself, and slid in once more, this time deeper. Slowly he pushed in half way, then teased some more, grinning sadistically at the whimpering he elicited from his partner.

"Please," came another faint, begging whisper.

Words are very unnecessary

"Shhh," Duo hushed his lover again, then slid fully into him. They both gasped deeply at the total contact.

They can only do harm

Fully seated now, the longhaired young man closed his eyes and began to carefully, slowly, almost painfully slowly, withdraw and advance on his lover, feeling him from the inside. Heero lay on his back on the living room carpet, his eyes clamped shut as well as he experienced Duo throbbing inside him. He shuddered violently when a hand found its way to his own member and began sliding up and down on his weeping flesh, doubling the pleasure that he was feeling, and he groaned low and deep as he was taken from above and below. Within minutes both young men were rhythmically pushing against each other, filling the room with the sounds of love.

Then, as Duo was building toward an intense finish, he was startled suddenly by a wet nose in his face, licking him on the inside of his open, panting mouth. He spat, annoyed.

"B-brandy! Get-get outa here!" Duo scolded the dog while trying to maintain his concentration. She padded back and forth beside him, then went to lick Heero, down on the carpet, who reacted the same way.

"Brandy! No!" Heero scolded as well, and she merely wagged her tail before him, so he stretched himself, moaning and thrusting the whole time, until he reached her stuffed fleece lamb toy under the coffee table next to them, and threw it haphazardly backwards over his head. He closed his eyes once more, so close to orgasm himself, as the toy flew through the air, landing across the room. Brandy went after the toy, Heero reached his paradise stroke and Duo followed quickly after him, both collapsing in a mound of tingling, spewing, convulsing flesh as they finished each other off.

When they'd finally collected themselves after what had turned out to be a most intense episode of "make-up sex," Heero rose to his elbow as Duo flopped over onto his back, finally able to rest his aching knees. Heero got up, yanking up his jeans, and went to the kitchen for a dishtowel for them before he returned to the floor beside his mate.

"Oh man," Duo said, heaving as Heero leaned over and kissed him on the nose softly.

"I am sorry"

Duo sighed. "I know. Me too." They just lay there on the floor for a few more minutes as Brandy chewed on her toy across the room.

Suddenly Heero sat up again, looking toward the front door. "Oh Hell!"

"What?" Duo asked, his attention piqued, but still too spent to get off the floor.

"Trash doesn't get picked up until morning!" Heero smiled at his longhaired love, a twinkle in his eye.

Duo sat up now, looking at Heero. "You mean we..."

He stood and yanked and buttoned his jeans back up and was out the front door in a flash, after the bags of trash sitting at the curb, Heero and Brandy following soon after.

Enjoy the silence


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