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Pairing: 2x1
Warnings: Yaoi, Lemon, PWP...
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Author's Note: If anyone finds the plot to this, it ran away. Either return him, or else give him a good home. ^_~ I think I broke some of my own fic-commandments on this one. Or at least bent them way out of shape.

by Saro

The moment before a kiss: acutely aware of every inch between his body and Duo's -- even more aware of that space slowly vanishing. They breathed the same air, already warm with the other's breath, charged with it. His skin tingled with waiting for the touch he knew was coming. His lips felt suddenly dry; he licked them surreptitiously.

Then a hand cupped his cheek, palm callused from work but no harder than his own. Duo's lips brushed his, softly that first time, gone almost before Heero's mind could register the contact, back before he could appreciate the loss. At first he tried to press back, but before long he found himself relaxing into the touch, his own mouth turning pliant under Duo's. Heero grabbed the front of Duo's shirt and pulled him closer while his back found the wall behind him.

His eyes sagged half shut. Duo's had closed completely. He couldn't quite bring himself to let go of the visual. Duo's face was flushed pink and a peculiar, unfamiliar configuration calmed his normally expressive features.

Duo's tongue nudged Heero's lips apart, flicked lightly against his teeth and the smooth inside of his mouth, and Heero had to fight not to drool into the kiss. He could taste something tart. The drink Duo had after dinner and the joke he'd made about being manly enough not to feel intimidated by a pink cocktail both raced through his mind.

The whole evening had led to this. It was just a single extended lean in; occasional, casual touches that became more frequent as the night progressed, fingers brushing the back of his wrist, a companionable clap on the shoulder, growing into the weight of a hand at the small of his back. Conversation which had started out boisterous changed when Heero wasn't paying attention, turning into something drawled out quietly in the shell of his ear.

He hadn't gotten it until just then, mouth to warm mouth, tongue slowly teasing its way past teeth.

"... go out, grab some dinner, get some drinks..."

I'm getting slow, he thought, and didn't care.

An interminable moment later, Duo withdrew. Heero swallowed hard, gulping air he'd forgotten he needed. The other was still there, standing inside his space. Heero's hands fisted in his shirt wouldn't let him back up. He chuckled, forcing his grip open, then smoothing the wrinkled cloth over Duo's chest and across his shoulders. Swallowing again, he heard the other's harsh breathing, felt it on his face and his neck, ruffling his hair.

"Come in," Heero said, not sure if he meant it as a question or a command. Duo nodded, but didn't pull away immediately. The hard arc of a collar bone and sweeps of muscle moved under Heero's hands, the beads of a cheap souvenir necklace rolled under his fingers. He let them drift lower. He could feel the shape of Duo's ribs through his shirt and his skin. His abdomen was sinuous rather than sculpted, but still hard. He hesitated when he got to the ridge of Duo's hip, then let his fingers hook through the other's belt loops. Heero tugged him closer; their thighs bumped and legs threatened to tangle. Duo had to brace himself against the wall.

He smelled like aftershave, warm and vaguely spicy, but not overpowering. Beneath that was sweat and smoke from the restaurant. Heero turned toward that smell. Duo's shirt was black synthetic suede, soft and tacky against his face.

"Come in," he said again.

The hand that cupped his cheek when they kissed had slid to the back of his neck, the pads of his fingers tracing circles behind the corner of Heero's jaw. Nuzzling Heero's hair, Duo answered, "Whatever you want."

They managed to push away from the wall. Duo stepped back, giving Heero room to find his keys and catch his breath -- to think -- but his hand didn't stray farther than Heero's shoulder. The constant pressure was the only real thing in the world. Walls shifted, the floor tilted, and the ceiling might float away, but that hand was real. The key fit home, turned, and the door opened inward on its hinges. Heero went inside, Duo following.

Heero stepped away, shrugging out of his coat. His keys landed on an end table, the denim jacket went over the back of a chair. As he moved Heero stole glances at Duo, noting the things he should have earlier. The other's face was clean where he habitually put off shaving for days at a time. The neat, glossy braid. His clothes were too nice; the shirt should have given him away. A shell necklace peeked out of his collar, pale against tanned skin. He'd gotten it because they were cheap on earth, but almost unheard of in the colonies.

A smile turned Duo's lips, tilted his eyes. He cleared his throat before he spoke. "Should I make myself at home?"

Heero caught himself watching Duo's throat work, adams apple bobbing convulsively. Shaking off the daze, he nodded. "Sure. The couch is over there. Would you like something to drink... ?"

"No," Duo answered, and his eyes glittered. "Not particularly."

Heero wet his lips, realized what he was doing, and stopped. His mouth was suddenly dry anyway. There was space between them now, three steps for a man, but it didn't feel like any more than a handful of inches had. Not such a terrible distance to cross. It would only take Duo a matter of seconds to cover. It would only take him a matter to seconds, too. Stomach fluttering, Heero took the first step.

Duo took the other two.

Hands buried themselves in Heero's hair, his own slipping around slim hips impatiently. Mouths came together, lips parted. Teeth raked his lower lip gently, sending sparks ricocheting down his spine. Someone else's tongue in his mouth, guiding his own tongue. Duo groaned as the kiss deepened. One hand slipped down to Heero's neck, urging his head to a new angle.

They staggered backward. Heero's knees gave out on him when they hit the couch and they both went down in a heap. Duo laughed, the sound rumbling through his chest and into Heero's. Smiling into the other man's shoulder, Heero ran his palms under Duo's ultra suede shirt. His hands were clammy against Duo's warm body.

A week before, Duo had thrown an arm over Heero's shoulder jokingly and gave his bangs a playful tweak before moving on to bait Wufei. He didn't touch Wufei, though, staying carefully at what was, by L2 standards, a polite distance. Two weeks ago he'd leaned in and whispered something... he couldn't remember what... into Heero's ear at lunch, and nearly made him spit his cola at Zechs. Two months ago Duo called him from his vacation. The call had used up most of his phone card.

Six months ago he's broken a date with his then boyfriend Paul to help Heero move. When the relationship had petered out days later, Duo had shrugged philosophically and said he wasn't really into it.

Heero swallowed thickly, finding his voice. "How long?"

Blinking, Duo pushed up, looking down on Heero from arm's length. One corner of his mouth quirked up toward a smirk. "What?"

"How long to get here?"

"Don't worry about it." Another laugh, this one a hoarse chuckle that spiraled down Heero's body. "I didn't make you wait too long."

He lowered himself then, folding one arm under him, and dropped for another kiss. An appreciative hum shook Heero's mouth. He returned a groan. His hands flexed, dragging blunt nails up Duo's back. Following the kiss, Heero tasted Duo's mouth. Citrus and alcohol, and other less identifiable things.

"But you did plan--" Heero's accusation broke on a hiss, Duo's leg settling between his thighs, knee rubbing against his cock. Panting, he tried again. "You planned tonight."

"Oh, I wish I planned this," Duo said, his mouth describing a path down Heero's throat added emphasis to his words. Lapping at the sweat beaded on his skin earned another sharp inhalation. Heero trailed a hand down Duo's back, thrust it into his slacks' pocket in retaliation. A pinch made him jump, effectively grabbing his attention.

"But you did plan to get me here?"

"Call it wishful thinking." Duo shifted his knee, and Heero grit his teeth to keep from grunting as his hips jerked reflexively into that touch. "Are you implying you want me to stop?"


"Then shut up." The next kiss fell at the edge of Heero's collar, tongue darting under his tee shirt, nipping at his chest through the fabric. After a moment he added rakishly, "You're killing the mood."

That said he rushed up, returning to Heero's mouth, licking Heero's lips, following the line of his teeth. Both Heero's arms went around Duo's waist, pulling him closer. His weight settled on Heero, hips to his stomach. The shape of the man's erection pressed into his lower belly, and he bit Heero's lip hard enough to hurt. Leaning heavily on his arms, Duo let his forehead rest against his.


"S'no problem," Heero replied blurrily. His hands were under Duo's shirt again, hiking it halfway up his back. A scar wrote the line of an old injury, curving irregularly across on shoulder blade. He traced the scar idly, pushing the shirt up further. Duo was exploring the juncture of Heero's shoulder. His braid fell over his shoulder, thumping against the cushion.

Soon Duo sidled down Heero's body, eyes locked on his as he nosed up Heero's shirt and kissed his exposed belly. Heero shuddered, fixed on the look Duo wore when he licked his stomach, the way both his nose and tongue trailed up his skin. The sight, as much as the feel, set the blood pounding harshly in his ears and in his groin. In a sudden, clear moment, Heero knew what was going to happen next. Sweat made his tee shirt cling to his back, to the leather of the couch.

Duo flipped open the button on his jeans, lips ghosted across his confined erection. Long, rough fingers opened the fly and worked the pants down over his hips. Underwear followed, sticking on damp skin.

Heero panted raggedly. The feeling of breath against his cock made his head spin, cool and jarringly hot at the same time. He struggled to breathe normally and couldn't. His body wanted to arch into the sensation, muscles in his back and legs twitching. Duo mouthed at the dark thatch of his pubic hair. A smooth cheek brushed his shaft and made Heero grateful the other had shaved.

All thoughts of thanking him vanished when Duo's tongue circled the head of his penis, replaced by the urgent reality of their situation: a wet mouth taking him in, and a hand wrapping around his length. Duo's other hand held him steady.

Heero bit his lip, stifling a noise that wanted out. He reached for Duo's hair, tightly bound back, looking for some measure of control, or something to hold onto.

Duo kept him there for a moment before moving, dipping his head, raising it, then down again. Each time a little lower than before, taking him that much further. Heero groaned, tried to thrust up, but found himself still pinned firmly to the couch. The leather was slick with sweat and sticky under him. Hard teeth behind firm lips, a hum in Duo's throat that vibrated through Heero's whole body, nerves tingling and jolting. A tongue drew obscene patterns up his cock.

It seemed like he felt everything at once, spiraling around him uncontrollably. Heero gave up trying to separate the sensations that washed over him. Pressure was building at the base of his spine, sending tremors through him. He clutched at Duo, his braid, the back of his head, his ears. What might have been laughter rolled out of the other man and through him.

That finished it. Things that might have been words fell out of Heero's mouth as he came, meaningless even when he said them.

Heero saw Duo pull back, releasing his softening cock, watched him wipe his mouth on the back of his hand. He caught Duo's smile, and heard him joke. "You could give a guy some warning," or something like that. And it was all very, very far away.

A moment later Duo was kissing him again, now bitter and musky. Heero returned the kiss clumsily.

"I think I'm flattered," Duo said, grinning wryly.

Heero caught Duo, pulled him down into a kiss that mashed lips, clacked teeth and tweaked noses. He watched the other's eyes fly open, then ease closed as they found their pace. His expression was lazy when they kissed. Heero raised his knee, rubbing up the Duo's leg to the erection he could feel pressing against his slacks. Duo broke away, gasping.

"Just how prepared are you?" he husked as they split.

Duo grinned, the sort of rueful grin he used where most people would frown. "Not that prepared. I've got a condom in my wallet, I think."

Heero nuzzled his throat, tasted his sweat, smelled it.

"We don't have to--"

"I think there's some Vaseline in the bathroom." Heero interrupted, fingers hooking through the waistband of Duo's slacks. "Will that work?"


"It's that or Canola oil."

He sucked a halting breath. "I guess that'll do, yeah. I'll be back in a minute." Duo kissed him one more time, tugging on his lip before he vanished.

Where Duo'd lain on top of him was still warm. The air was cold by comparison, and empty. Heero pressed the heels of his hands against his eyes and tried to impose some order on the world. Lying on his back, on his couch, pants caught around his legs and shirt pushed halfway up his chest, order was in short supply. With his pulse still hammering in his ears, he wasn't sure he wanted it back.

Second thoughts? He asked himself, strangely calm.

Not that.

He chuckled dryly at the thought. He didn't doubt himself now.

He just wished Duo would be quick.

The sounds of someone fumbling through his medicine cabinet were faint over the buzz of the air conditioner and the hum of his own body. He caught the sound of someone cursing. The mirror closed with more force than necessary. The bathroom door creaked opened, and Duo padded back out. At some point, he'd taken off his shoes.

Heero opened his mouth, wondering if there was something he was supposed to say now. Before he could get a full word out, Duo caught his lips. The jar of Vaseline was tossed somewhere so he could pull Heero's shirt up, yanking it over his head. Heero kissed him back while he shook out of the arms. Grabbing a fistful of Duo's suede shirt, he prized open the first button and then by the second impatiently. Duo pushed him back and took the shirt off. Next was his belt.

That had to go.

He fought with his normally deft fingers to cooperate, prying open the buckle, opening his pants. Duo kissing his chest made it hard -- his fingers drawing circles in Heero's sparse chest hair, mouth speaking strange languages on his skin.

The cushion moved and dumped them from the couch. They fell to the floor with a crash, Heero landed under Duo, winded and too aware of the body above him.

Eventually they managed to wrestle free of their clothes. Duo's necklace stood out, not quite as white as his collar once had as he braced himself above Heero. Brown hair marked Duo's chest, down from his navel, covered his legs, rough against Heero's own. Heero's hands wandered over him, shoulders and arms, chest and back, slim waist and hips. At first he hesitated, unsure about the needy red erection, but the sight of Duo's mouth shaping an O, his brows scrunched and eyes squeezed closed encouraged him. He liked hearing that hitch in the other's already panted breath, liked the way the flush spread down his neck and across his chest.

"Not yet. Not like that." Duo said and pinned Heero's hands down, stopping him finally. He swallowed and for the second time that night, Heero found himself fascinated by the way his throat seemed to flutter with the action. It took a visible effort for him to pry his grip off Heero's wrists.

Duo lifted Heero's arms, draping them around his neck. "Hold on," he commanded, kissing Heero's chin. "This is gonna be weird."

Heero nodded his understanding while Duo grabbed the Vaseline, clenching his teeth.


"Easy for you to say," Heero retorted without bitterness. There was heat in his voice, but it was another kind.

Laughing, Duo opened the jar and dipped in his fingers.

He was right. It did feel weird -- cold and slick as it pressed inside him. It didn't really hurt. Heero winced, trying to adjust to the sensation. He was sure he could handle it, but he was having a harder time judging whether he liked it. Even with the Vaseline, Duo's fingers didn't move in him smoothly. They dragged against him, stretched him. Duo dropped a kiss on his brow, the corner of his eye, the corner of his mouth; gentle, insistent kisses everywhere he could reach while his fingers stroke his insides, dividing his attention.

He thought he might be able to like it. At the very least, he could like Duo touching him that way. Another finger made him feel tight, made the stretch burn, but still not really pain. He shifted, tamping down on the urge to squirm.

Duo's fingers kept moving, the pull and drag constant, working deeper in him. His breath came faster, with more effort, echoing Duo's haggard breathing.

A kiss landed on his earlobe; Duo nibbled at it gently and got his attention. "Think you're ready?"

Heero tightened his hold on Duo's neck, fingers digging into his shoulders. He nodded.

Duo's cock was bigger than his fingers, warmer inside him, the texture different. It took him a moment to identify latex. He grunted, and Duo groaned, his jaw clenched hard enough to see. His expression might have been one of concentration, sweat rolling down his face, beading on his forehead and the tip of his nose. After a long moment, he started moving.

He started slowly, with measured thrusts, gaining intensity until Heero rocked to meet them, groaned as he pushed back. The speed became awkward, lost between them, then found again, slow one moment, fast the next, until they made a rhythm.

Heero bit his lip. His hips moving to Duo's, his arms taut around Duo's neck, his legs around him. Looking up, his vision swam with Duo's face, contorted in ways he'd never seen or thought to imagine. His breath caught, the pressure built again, persistent. The tempo had him.

Duo made a noise that was almost a growl, mouth slack, chin tucked. Heero heard himself speak, didn't care what he said. Duo's hair was dark -- damp with sweat. The pressure was different; unfurling slowly instead of the flash it had been when Duo went down on him. His hands tingled, and his mouth. His erection throbbed sullenly while Duo surged over him and retreated, moved inside him, filled his senses.

Heero came when Duo stroked him, hand slippery with Vaseline. Duo nearly collapsed on him moments later. He caught himself on an elbow, gasping for air while Heero recovered. Sighing, Duo let his head fall to the crook of Heero's neck. His lips pressed against Heero's skin for a long minute before he rolled off of him.

"Thanks," Duo mumbled.

Heero stayed were he was, not ready to move yet. "What for?"

"You know... I have no idea." The other man chuckled. "Waiting, I guess."

The smile that tugged at his's mouth felt bigger than it should have been. "Next time don't take so long."


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