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Authors: Syn (mistress_syn@hotmail.com) and Akuma (Akuma2x1@yahoo.com)
Category: Yaoi/Shonen Ai, OOC
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: 1x2x1
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon

Notes: This is one of the many creations from the two of the members of the Round Robin Lemon Writer's Guild!!! Where our motto is - SEX IS GOOD!!!

The Guild was created by Syn to combat the angsty feelings created by the writings of the other member of our Guild - Enigma!!!

Mission Seduction
Part 6 by Syn

"You like that, eh?" Duo purred, slipping one finger into his koi. Heero tensed from the intrusion, but Duo's mouth helped him relax as it left a trail of nips and kisses along his jaw before settling on his neck. Duo had figured out that it was one of Heero's most sensitive spots and quickly took advantage of such knowledge. Feeling Heero's muscles loosen a bit, Duo slowly moved his finger around, stretching him. Soon he added a second and third, thrusting them in, searching for that one spot he knew would have Heero begging for more.

"Oh. Duo.." Heero moaned, arching, and thrusting back on the intruding digits, trying to gain more of that sweet sensation. Duo lovingly continued to stroke him inside as he grasped Heero's newly reawakened erection and gave hive a gentle squeeze. Heero reached for and grasped Duo's arousal, slowly stroking him along with Duo's rhythm.

"Gods, Heero." Duo purred, arching his back, allowing Heero better access to continue his teasing as Duo finished stretching his dark-haired lover. Duo shifted his position, withdrawing his fingers as Heero released his arousal and fixed him with a pleading look.

"Duo..." Heero moaned pleadingly for Duo to enter him. Heero wanted nothing more than to have his koi take him and truly mark him as he had done. Duo grasped for the lube and eagerly spread it on his arousal then moved so the tip grazed Heero's tight virgin opening. Heero's hips bucked, urging Duo to enter him, but Duo held Heero's hips tightly and got a feral look in his eyes.

"Duo?" Heero questioned his koi. In response, Duo swiftly spun him around so he was now sprawled on his stomach under his lover. Duo lifted Heero's hips and slowly pressed into the tight heat.

"Aahh..Duo.." Heero breathed as he felt himself being filled. He grasped at the sheets tightly with his hands, bracing himself as Duo began to thrust in and out of him with increasing speed and pressure. Soon both boys were lost to the sweet sensations of their intimate act.

"So tight. So good." Duo panted as he grasped Heero around the waist and shifted back onto his ankles, lifting Heero into his lap, burying himself deeper into his Perfect Lover.

"Aaaaa..." Heero moaned as Duo settled him onto his lap. The position allowed Duo deeper penetration and with little shifting, he was soon hitting Heero's prostrate with each thrust. Duo held onto Heero's hips as he thrust harder and deeper into Heero. Feeling near climax, Duo grasped Heero's neglected erection and stroked it in time with his thrusts sending Heero over the edge.

"Duo!" Heero cried as he came, spilling his seed over Duo's hand and his chest. Duo thrust again into the tightening cavern once more before empting himself and marking Heero as his. Heero collapsed back into Duo's embrace, still impaled on him, yet making no move to change the situation. He never wanted to loose the feeling of his koi seated deep inside him.

Duo tightened his arms around Heero and rested his head on the dark-haired boy's shoulder. "Mine," Duo purred as he shifted them to lay back down then slowly withdrew himself to Heero's whimper of the loss. Heero turned in the embrace to face his lover.

"That was fun," Heero drawled as sleep began to consume him. Duo chuckled lightly at the comment. "And I am still Perfect." Heero added, grinning at his koi.

"Yeah, Hee-chan, I guess you are still Perfect. You are quite the lover," Duo purred before kissing Heero. "But only for me will you be the 'Perfect Lover'." Duo stared thoughtfully at the beautiful satiated look on Heero's face then leaned in and kissed him lightly before closing his eyes and joining him in sleep.


The next morning, having no mission to prepare for, Heero and Duo spent time just laying in each others' arms, before Duo's stomach announced that there were other things needed for their survival besides each other. They would, however, dispute that idea. Heero chuckled at the sound as his head was resting on Duo's stomach.

"We should get something to eat, koi," Heero said, lifting himself to kiss Duo's slightly pouting lips. Heero withdrew and stood to throw some clothes on. He turned to see Duo still sitting on the bed not wanting to leave it. Duo finally got up and threw on a pair of loose pants and followed Heero out and down to the kitchen.

They weren't prepared for the scene that they found there.

Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei were all seated around the table that still had the remnants of their dinner on it, and were looking at them funny.

"Oi! When did ya all get back?" Duo said, glowing from head to toe. Quatre stifled a laugh and looked at the others before responding.

"A little after midnight."

Duo and Heero both looked like deer caught in headlights. Quatre began to laugh again and this time was unable to stifle it.

"Next time," Wufei spoke up, "could you be a little quieter."

Duo and Heero looked at each other and openly groaned as they realized they had just provided the others with more than enough ammunition for the coming months.

"Well, I guess they would have found out soon enough," Heero said, wrapping his arms around his koi and passionately kissing him. All the boys' jaws dropped at the normally stoic pilot's public display of affection. Even Duo's eyes grew large at the show, but soon melted into the kiss. Heero pulled away and gave the others a wink before sweeping Duo up into his arms and carrying him off to the bedroom.

"Umm..Heero?" Duo questioned his koi. "I thought we were going to eat?" Duo's stomach growled in response.

"I have what I want right here." Heero said giving Duo a slight squeeze. Seeing that Duo was still going to want something else, he added, "we can order out later."

"Okay, my Perfect Lover." Duo chuckled and kissed his lover as they entered the bedroom and slammed the door behind them.

Soon loud noises could be heard from within while three boys groaned loudly in response from the kitchen. It was going to be a long day.


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