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Authors: Syn (mistress_syn@hotmail.com) and Akuma (Akuma2x1@yahoo.com)
Category: Yaoi/Shonen Ai, OOC
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: 1x2x1
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon

Notes: This is one of the many creations from the two of the members of the Round Robin Lemon Writer's Guild!!! Where our motto is - SEX IS GOOD!!!

The Guild was created by Syn to combat the angsty feelings created by the writings of the other member of our Guild - Enigma!!!

Mission Seduction
Part 5 by Akuma

They broke the kiss to grab for the air. Duo hugged Heero tightly and pressed the Japanese boy closer to him. "Heero, have you ever done this before?" The American pilot stared at the Prussian blue pools that stared back at him.

"No." Heero broke the gaze and nuzzled at Duo's neck.

"What? This is your first time? I don't believe it!" Duo pulled Heero away from his neck to face him again.

"Just because I have no experience doesn't mean I know nothing about this." The Japanese pilot leaned forward and nibbled Duo's earlobe.

Duo moaned at the sensation. "Damn, you can be a great lover, you know?"

"I'm your perfect lover." Heero whispered into Duo's ear.

Heero was a virgin and was his to be claimed? Just thinking about that made Duo hard again. He growled and flipping their position so Heero was beneath him now. Duo crushed his lips with the Japanese boy. Their tongue got into hot battle of sucking and teasing. Satisfied after devouring his lover's mouth, Duo pulled back and purred, "I will be your first then ne?" He caressed the choker-encircled-neck again and extended the other hand, searching for a tube of lube he had prepared under the pillow.

The Japanese pilot smirked when he noticed Duo's hand wandering under the pillow. Duo saw the smirk and he knew too well that it meant something. "Heero, what do you have in your....ohhhh." Duo couldn't finish his sentence as he felt a slick finger teasing his opening, making him moan.

"Are you looking for this?" Still smirking, Heero held up the tube. /Gotcha, Duo/

"Damn, how did you ...oooohh" Again, Duo stopped in the middle of his sentence as the finger pushed inside him.

"You are too occupied in trying to claim me," Heero spoke and inserted the second finger into the American pilot's opening. /You are mine now, Duo Maxwell/

"Heero Yuy, I swear..oh, God." Duo gasped and threw his head back as Heero's fingers found his sensitive spot that made him thrust back into the fingers.

Heero smirked and added the third finger, stretching and preparing the beautiful boy, whom was moaning and whimpering on top of him. Feeling that Duo was ready, Heero removed his fingers.

"Don't stop!" Duo panted and grabbed Heero's fingers, trying to bring them back inside him.

"I won't, but I need to prepare myself before entering you. Let my hand go, Duo." Heero swung the tube in front of the American pilot

Duo growled. He released Heero's hand and grabbed the tube. "Let me do that!" Quickly, Duo poured the lube on his hand and raised his hip from Heero as he applied the lube on Heero's erection then impaled himself on the Japanese boy. Both of them moaned at the joining of their bodies.

Heero never felt so good. Duo's warm body enveloped his erection, making Heero feel like he was in Heaven. The American pilot started lifting his hips up and down. Heero growled and grabbed Duo's hips. Still joined, he flipped their position, placing Duo beneath him.

"Mine!" Heero pulled out slowly only to thrust back into Duo, eliciting moans from the American pilot as every thrust brushed his sweet spot. Duo put his legs around Heero and his arms encircled Heero's neck, bringing the Japanese boy deeper inside him. /This is really like heaven./ "Duo, you are incredible." Heero tried to keep his control while thrusting into Duo but failed miserably as Duo pulled his head and nuzzled his neck, moaning his name. Soon he pounded in the American pilot rapidly, trying to be deeper inside the fey beauty.

The pleasure was quickly built inside both of them. Heero reached between them and squeezed Duo's arousal. That's enough to send Duo over the edge. Screaming the Japanese boy's name, Duo came into Heero's hand.

The sensation inside Heero's body spread, racing in his blood and surging through his soul. Heero felt the hot passage around his erection became tighter and clamp his erection. He threw his head back and came inside Duo, claiming the American pilot as his. Panting, he drew out from Duo as Duo lay back onto the bed. Heero licked the seed that covered his hand and then leaned down to clean Duo's body, swallowing all the remains of Duo's seed.

Duo pulled the Japanese pilot into his embrace and kissed his nose lightly. Heero hugged the American pilot back and licked his mark on Duo's neck. "Mine."

"Yeah, yours. That was really good, Heero." Duo smiled.

"Of course, I'm your perfect lover." Heero had passed his post orgasmic session. He noticed the room was cold as the heater wasn't turned on. Being naked and sweating quickly made the cold attack his body so he snuggled into Duo, trying to get warm.

"Are you feeling cold?" Duo chuckled. Heero acted like a child who needed comfort from his mother.

"Hn, a little."

"I'll make you warm then." Duo grinned and rolled Heero so the Japanese boy was laying on his back then Duo settled himself on top of Heero. "What..?" Heero was surprised at Duo's sudden action.

"And also make you mine." The American pilot purred and kissed Heero hungrily.

Heero broke the kiss and pushed the American pilot a little. "Duo, you want to do this again?"

"Yup, I haven't had enough of you yet" Duo grinned and pressed his finger on the choker's surface where he marked Heero as his. "And I don't think I will ever get enough."

Heero's eyes widened. "You have come twice tonight!"

"So what? You underestimate my stamina, Heero Yuy." Duo smirked and leaned down, teasing Heero's nipples with his tongue and hands. All Heero's protest was replaced by the moan that escaped his mouth. The tongue kept on teasing, sucking and licking his nipples until they re-hardened again. Then the Japanese pilot felt one of Duo's hands leave his chest, reaching for something under the pillow.

Duo left his nipples and claimed his mouth again. As the American pilot devoured his lips, Heero felt Duo's slick finger teasing his virgin opening. He gasped at the touch as it brought a new sensation that ran shivers through his body.

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