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Authors: Syn (mistress_syn@hotmail.com) and Akuma (Akuma2x1@yahoo.com)
Category: Yaoi/Shonen Ai, OOC
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: 1x2x1
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon

Notes: This is one of the many creations from the two of the members of the Round Robin Lemon Writer's Guild!!! Where our motto is - SEX IS GOOD!!!

The Guild was created by Syn to combat the angsty feelings created by the writings of the other member of our Guild - Enigma!!!

Mission Seduction
Part 4 by Syn

Heero, realizing he was loosing the battle, decided to turn the tables once again. /If I can't be perfect in fighting his seduction, I can still be perfect in pleasuring him./ He thought with a slight smirk on his face. Duo failed to notice this as he was too busy making sure he got himself and his precious bundle safely to their bedroom.

Once inside the room Duo gently placed Heero on the bed, then stood back to admire the beauty in front of him. Heero decided to seize the moment and took the initiative. He sat up and sauntered over to stand directly in front of Duo as close as possible with out actually touching him.

Duo was not expecting such a response from Heero. His heart began to beat faster as he watched the man of his dreams seductively shake his hips as he walked up to him and just stood there, so close and so aroused. He met Heero's gaze and faltered slightly as he noticed the look of pure lust in them. He was about to speak, when Heero finally closed the gap and captured his lips in a chaste kiss.

Heero pulled back to admire Duo, who was still fully clothed. "This will not do." Heero purred as he slowly circled around Duo taking in every inch of him with his gaze causing Duo to noticeably shiver ever so slightly.

/I thought I was the seducer here./ Duo thought as he felt his heart beat faster every second that Heero took to circle him. Heero stopped at Duo's backside and reached for Duo's free flowing mane. Grasping a handful of the long silky mass, he brought it too his face and audibly inhaled the scent causing Duo to moan slightly at the sensation. Heero felt himself harden even more at the sound. Gods how he wanted to hear more of that from the fey beauty, and he would be the one to always cause such sounds. He would be certain of that.

Letting the strands flow through his fingers he lightly placed his hands at the hem of Duo's shirt, eliciting another slight breathy moan from the long-haired boy. Slowly he edged his hands upwards, pushing up the shirt as he did until it reached his underarms. He leaned in and seductively purred his order into Duo's ear. "Lift your arms." To make sure he understood that this was an order, Heero nipped at Duo's neck, hard enough to draw blood. "Mine." He too would mark Duo as his although he was confident that Duo wouldn't want to be with anyone else after this night. He would show his partner that he truly was Perfect. The Perfect Lover.

Duo raised his arms allowing Heero to remove his top, which was discarded aimlessly. Heero moved forward so his chest was pressed up against Duo's back. "Heero?" Duo breathed as he felt the contact. Heero reached around and fondled Duo's nipples, pinching and rubbing them to hardened nubs. All the while he nipped, licked, and kissed his way along the fey boy's neck and shoulders, causing Duo to purr and moan at the sensations it created.

Heero ignored the boy's attempt to distract him and began to slowly lower his hands down Duo's chest and abs until he reached the other's waistband of the leather pants. Teasing the flesh at the edge with one hand the other worked on freeing Duo from the last remaining obstacles in his quest.

Duo moaned as Heero's hand brush against his painfully hard erection. He couldn't believe that Heero, the one he had often thought of as Mr. Unemotional, Mr. Stoneface, was the one taking control of this situation. Once Heero had freed Duo's erection he began to slowly stroke him eliciting more moans from his lover.

"Oh gods Heero." Duo breathed as his hips bucked trying to gain more friction for release. Heero smirked as he pulled his hand away and Duo whimpered at the loss. Frustrated, Duo spun around in Heero's arms and fiercely kissed him, dragging the dark-haired boy back to the bed and threw him down on it. Heero didn't like the change of command and abruptly sat up grasping the sides of Duo's pants and in one swift pull striped them from the fey boy. The movement was so quick that Duo didn't realize what had happened until he heard the sound of leather shredding.

"That's better." Heero purred as he grasped Duo at the hips and spun him around throwing him onto the bed.

"Oi, Heero.." Duo said as he landed, his legs trapped together slightly by the remaining pieces of his pants. Heero removed Duo's boots and the remaining shreds of leather before climbing up onto the bed and settling between Duo's legs.

Heero shifted the collar around his neck so that Duo's bite could be seen. "You may have claimed me as yours," Heero purred as he leaned down to capture Duo's lips in a bruising kiss. "But you are mine as well." He said as he licked at the bite mark he had left on Duo's neck. Looking back into the amethyst pools, "and don't you forget that." Heero said as he pulled back and grasped the fey boy's erection while shifting his position so that he was now face to face with it. Keeping his eyes glued to Duo's, he flicked his tongue out tasting his lover before taking it completely into his warm mouth.

Duo was in heaven. He had no idea that Heero had any experience, but the way that he was teasing and sucking him, Duo had no doubts that he must have done this before. /Or maybe he really is Perfect./ Duo thought right before all coherent thought processes were overrun by exquisite pleasure. "Heero!!" Duo cried out as he came and Heero happily swallowed every bit of his lover's seed.

"Mmmm.. you taste very good." Heero purred as he crawled up to capture Duo's mouth, sharing the taste with Duo.

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