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Authors: Syn (mistress_syn@hotmail.com) and Akuma (Akuma2x1@yahoo.com)
Category: Yaoi/Shonen Ai, OOC
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: 1x2x1
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon

Notes: This is one of the many creations from the two of the members of the Round Robin Lemon Writer's Guild!!! Where our motto is - SEX IS GOOD!!!

The Guild was created by Syn to combat the angsty feelings created by the writings of the other member of our Guild - Enigma!!!

Mission Seduction
Part 3 by Akuma

The Perfect Soldier smirked when he saw that his usually talkative partner remained quiet for the past 15 minutes. It was a record for the braided pilot to keep silent for more than a minute but now he managed to make him remain silent for more than15 minutes. /Yes, it's better to seduce him than letting myself to be seduced. It's rather an easy seduction Duo Maxwell/ Heero didn't realize his smirk had made his magic charm on Duo wear off.

The moment the American pilot saw the smirk, he realized that Heero thought he had lost to the Perfect Soldier. Feeling the anger and challenge to really make the Japanese pilot surrender to his seduction, the gears in Duo's mind worked to find a way to beat the Perfect Soldier. /It isn't over yet, Heero./

They almost finished their dinner when his eyes fell onto the mashed potatoes on the plate. Duo grinned and scooped up some of the potatoes with his index and middle fingers. Heero found himself unable to tare his eyes from the scene in front of him. There, in the chair on the opposite side of his, sat the American pilot, licking the mashed potatoes that covered his fingers. Duo licked and sucked his fingers while glancing at Heero. He saw that the Japanese pilot stared at him, unmoving. /Yes, look at me Heero./ Duo scooped up some more mashed potatoes and started licking it again.

Heero now felt his pants were really too tight for him. /Damn, it seems that baka hasn't given up yet. I have to stop staring at him./ The Perfect Soldier found himself staring still at the vision before him. /Damn it. Control! You have perfect control over this, Heero Yuy. Now control yourself and look away from that beautiful....uhm...that baka./ Heero was too busy fighting for his control as he didn't realize Duo had stopped the teasing.

/Yes, the table has been turned again. Never ever try to beat Death at his own game. Just wait, Heero Yuy, I'll make you mine, tonight./ Duo took the last sip of his champagne and licked his lips, noticing the Japanese boy in front of him had stopped breathing. He smiled and stood up, bringing his empty plate with him. "This really was a nice dinner, thank you Heero. I think it's time to clean the dishes." Heero, who still didn't know what to do, just nodded and brought his own plates into the kitchen.

"You know, I like you like this." Heero, who just put his plates in the sink, jumped and turned to his right to find the American pilot leaning closer to him. /Where is my voice, talk damn it! Don't let him make you lose control./ Heero finally managed to utter some words in a barely audible whisper. "Like what?" He stepped back to make some distance with the now-so-enticing American. Heero could feel his control being ripped from him just by looking at the violet pools that stared back to him. Those violet eyes were filled with passion and lust.

"Silent but not ignoring me and...." Duo stepped forward, causing Heero to back away. But the wall behind him prevented him from doing so. Duo put his left hand on the wall above Heero's head and leaned forward until his face was just an inch away from Heero's face. The American pilot looked deep into those Prussian blue eyes and whispered, "And very sexy....." He brushed his right hand against Heero's thigh. "These tight leather pants". The hand trailed up into the Japanese boy's chest. "This nice looking shirt." The hand arrived at Heero's neck and caressed the choker that encircling the Japanese boy's neck. "And this choker. They all make you very sexy and delicious." Duo punctuated his words by licking Heero's nose, making the Japanese boy shiver slightly at the contact.

The hand was still caressing his neck, playing with his choker. Heero never thought a hand could cause so many sensations, just by touching him. He could see Duo's face getting closer and closer and could tell that his partner wanted to kiss him. /Push him, damn it! Raise your hands and push him hard!/ His mind screamed, urging him to react but his body had betrayed him by standing still. A second before their lips met, Heero closed his eyes.

He knew that the kiss would happen but the Japanese pilot wasn't prepared to feel the waves of passion and pleasure that coursed inside him. Duo's stray hair tickled his cheek and body as the American pilot pressed closer, pinning him to the wall. Heero could hear a halting moan emerged from his partner's throat and resonated in his throat as the American pilot grinded his erection against Heero's erection.

Duo's lips assaulted Heero's lips fiercely while his hand tugged and unbuttoned Heero's shirt. Heero never knew how his shirt was removed. He just found that Duo's hands were caressing his now bare chest. The choker was still intact around his neck and it looked like Duo didn't want to remove it. Duo's tongue was brushing his lower lips now, asking him to open his mouth. Heero didn't react to it as he still tried to control his body. He had to be perfect. He must not succumb to this seduction. But Duo knew that Heero was doing the refusal half-heartedly. He brought his hand, which was caressing the choker, up to Heero's chin and pressed his fingers on Heero's cheeks, causing the Japanese boy to open his mouth slightly. That was all that Duo needed to slide his tongue into the boy's hot cavern.

Heero gasped when Duo penetrated his mouth. The American pilot's tongue explored, sucked, and licked inside Heero's mouth, teasing his own tongue to join the exploration. He tried to bring his control back but it was impossible to do because Duo kept on kissing him, bringing him up to seventh heaven. He let his tongue join the heated battle and moaned at the feeling every time Duo's tongue brushed his inner wall. Even when they had to break away to breathe, the American pilot hadn't been satisfied. He kissed Heero's ear and nibbled it gently. His hands caressed Heero's shoulders, trailing down to his arms and then back to the choker encircling his neck. Heero shivered slightly at the caress and lifted his head up, exposing his neck to Duo. He had already forgotten to seek his control. It looked like his partner was right. He wasn't perfect. But if his imperfectness caused him to feel so good like this moment, he would gladly give away his Perfect Soldier nickname to obtain more of such feelings.

The American pilot moved his lips from Heero's ear to assault the exposed neck, licking and nibbling it. Heero moaned at the non-stop caress. He buried his hands in Duo's long hair and pressed the American pilot's head closer at his neck. A finger hooked his choker and pulled it up a little, revealing the alabaster skin beneath him. Then Heero felt Duo planting his teeth on the said skin, causing Heero to cry out in pain. Duo's tongue licked the blood on Heero's neck until it stopped bleeding. Duo sucked once more at the mark and then placed the choker back over it. He ran his fingers on choker, giving it a light pressure. "Mine." Duo whispered hoarsely.

Duo's hands trailed down and met Heero's tight pants. The American pilot hooked his hand into Heero's pants and tensed his muscles. He pulled the pants with all his power and a sound of ripping fabric was heard. Duo soon was rewarded with a vision of the naked body of his Japanese partner. He noticed Heero was already hard and grinned. Heero was turned on more by Duo's strength. He never thought the American was as strong as this. The American pilot was staring at him, exploring every curve of Heero's body with his eyes. Those violet eyes.... Heero felt really weak to fight those beautiful violet orbs. His knees gave out as he slid down onto the floor.

Duo knelt in front of Heero and grabbed his legs, removing the boots and the remaining pieces of the shredded pants. After the boots were removed, Heero was as naked as the day he was born, except for the choker that was still encircling his neck. It looked like Duo would not remove the choker. He seemed to be very fond of it as it seemed to mark Heero as Duo's property. The American pilot scooped the Japanese boy up and nuzzled his slender neck. "Mine." He whispered the word again and then walked into the bedroom with the most beautiful creature in his arms.

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