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Authors: Syn (mistress_syn@hotmail.com) and Akuma (Akuma2x1@yahoo.com)
Category: Yaoi/Shonen Ai, OOC
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: 1x2x1
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon

Notes: This is one of the many creations from the two of the members of the Round Robin Lemon Writer's Guild!!! Where our motto is - SEX IS GOOD!!!

The Guild was created by Syn to combat the angsty feelings created by the writings of the other member of our Guild - Enigma!!!

Mission Seduction
Part 2 by Syn

"Cut it out Duo." Heero said as he pushed Duo away freeing himself to get up out of the chair. /Why is he doing this? Does he even realize what he does to me? This can't happen. It would interfere with missions./ Heero thought as he headed towards the door. He wanted to get as far from Duo as possible. But the braided boy would have none of that.

"Don't think you can handle my charms? Is that why you are trying to leave?" Duo purred causing Heero to halt and a shiver to pass down his spine. "Are finally admitting that you are not perfect then?" Duo said as he walked up behind Heero and just stood there.

"Why does this matter to you?" Heero said as he turned around coming face to face with Duo. /Oh gods he is gorgeous./ He thought as their eyes met. Duo saw the slight glint in Heero's eyes and knew he would win.

"I just want to know how truly perfect the 'Perfect Soldier' is. How about we make this a bit of a contest of sorts? I will give you until tonight to prepare. Then I will prove to you that you are not 'Perfect'." Duo purred the last sentence as he strode past Heero and out of the room, leaving Heero stunned in his spot.

/This is definitely not looking good./ He thought as he tried to figure out how to win at this little competition of sorts. His hormones were telling him to lose, but his mind was telling him he had to win at all costs. /Damn! What do I do now? I have no experience in such things and even with the extra time, I don't know what to do to prepare for this./ Feeling already defeated, he collapsed onto his bed. He lay there running simulations of how the night would go, none looking favorable for him, until he got an idea. "Duo, you have just lost the battle." He said to the empty room as a smirk grew across his face. He got up and headed out, he had some things to buy for the nights adventure.


Duo had headed off to purchase a few necessities including a new outfit to better seduce the cold stoic pilot, the man he secretly loved. He returned home to find the safe house empty for a note on the fridge saying that Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei were called away for missions. /Well that will make things a bit easier./ He thought as he ran into his and Heero's room to find that empty as well. /Wonder where he went?/ He silently mused as he quickly stripped and headed into the bathroom to shower and get ready.

After showering he donned the new ensemble he had purchased. Soft skintight leather pants, a black lycra sleeveless top that exposed his belly button and abs, and soft leather boots that reached to his mid calf. He decided to leave his hair down knowing from his past how much others loved it that way. He would use any angle possible to get Heero to succumb to him. Finally after almost two hours of prepping he wandered down to the kitchen to grab something to eat before 'mission: seduction' as he had started to refer to it as.

Entering the kitchen he was stopped dead in his tracks at the scene. The lights were off, the only light was from candles set on the small table. The table had under gone a complete makeover. There was a deep red satin tablecloth with two place settings. There were a couple covered dishes sitting there along with a bottle of champagne sitting in a bucket of ice. Duo was so immersed in the scene set before him that he failed to see Heero in the shadows leaning against the wall.

Heero watched as the fey boy entered and saw what he had set out for him. /I have already won./ He thought as he watched Duo's jaw drop then begin to look around the room to see who had done this. Heero slowly slid out of the shadows and snuck up behind the boy. He leaned in and purred into Duo's ear. "Hungry?" Duo jumped and twirled around and nearly fainted at the sight before him. Heero was wearing soft skintight black leather pants that laced up the sides, tight knee high lace up leather boots, an silk poets shirt the same shade of green as his usual tank top which was unbuttoned halfway down yet tucked into the pants, showing a nice expanse of his chest. Finally he wore a simple soft black leather choker. He looked like a god. Heero, in the dim light, saw the lustful gleam in Duo's eyes as they grazed over his body.

/Damn! How did this get turned around? I was supposed to be seducing him!/ Duo thought as he continued to drink up the sight of his partner. He could feel his already tight pants grow tighter with every moment he spent looking at the Prussian eyed boy. He was shook out of his thoughts as Heero's sultry voice was heard.

"Are you hungry?" Heero asked with a slight smirk. Duo merely nodded and allowed Heero lead him to his chair at the table. Heero sat across from him and opened the covered dishes. There was a wonderful roast in a wonderful cabernet sauce on one tray and on the other was a vegetable medley of sorts surrounded by a circle of mashed potatoes that acted as a wall keeping the veggies from sliding off the tray. Heero served them then opened the champagne and poured a glass for each of them without a word spoken between them. Duo was still in shock and Heero didn't want to break the brunette out of his thoughts until necessary.

Duo slowly began to eat as soon as he saw Heero start. It seemed that neither was willing to break the silence, but Duo's nature was rebelling at the quiet and soon he had to speak. He needed to know what the hell had happened and how the tables got turned in Heero's favor.

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