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Warnings: [NC-17 Overall] Shounen Ai. Citrus. Meaning romance and sexual intimacy between boys. Don't like, then don't read. Also contains: Violence. Language. Sexual Tension. Threats to Duo's braid.

Notes: Set in the months after the 'Treize Assassination'. (Part 4) The sexual tension increases and the citrus makes its appearance...and another gratuitous shower scene! ^_^

That Which is Not His
by Ponderosa
Part 4

Tuesday morning, Heero arrived to his first period class early. The door was still locked, so he leaned against the wall and waited in the early morning cold. It wasn't long before other students joined him. They milled around and gossiped; most of them were looking at him with a mixture of curiosity and fear, expressions that he was familiar with.

"He's the one that sent Louis to the infirmary...I thought it was the other one...I heard he got kicked out of his last school for...I bet I could beat him in a fight...I wonder if he has a girlfriend...Someone told me that..." the whispering began and Heero's keen hearing picked up everything.

"Good morning, Heero," out of all the students, Duo's redhead approached him directly. This of course, led to more whispering.

"...Is that Iris?...The other boy bought her lunch yesterday...I heard they beat up Louis for picking on her...That's not true, I heard it was...."

"Good morning," he replied and made an effort to speak pleasantly to the girl.

"Duo mentioned yesterday that you were interested in joining the student research program too," she began and Heero nodded a yes. "I talked to my mentor and he agreed to show you two around if you pass a security check...if you're interested that is..."

"I would like that," Heero said with a small reassuring smile. This mission was proving easier than he could've hoped.

"You'd like what?" Duo queried as he slid into place beside his "boyfriend".

"Iris has arranged for us to tour the research facility."

"Really? That's great," he smiled at the girl and she returned the smile easily. "When can we go?" Heero felt that Duo was acting a bit too excited, but conversation was the braided boy's flair; so as usual, he kept quiet and trusted Duo to handle the situation properly.

"Well my mentor has to conduct a security check on your backgrounds, I hope that's alright. I already told him your names and he said he'd do it this morning," she shifted her weight to her other foot and continued, "Once you're cleared, he can get the passes printed out and we can probably go tomorrow after school."

"Is that cool or what, Heero?" Duo put a hand on his shoulder and gave him a searching look. Heero understood the veiled question and nodded a yes; he'd already created an extensive trail of their supposed history in the school's records and was confident that they'd pass any scrutiny save actually phoning any of the previous institutions.

Duo smiled and chattered on with the redhead until their teacher made his appearance. The three teens moved aside as the man jingled his keys and unlocked the door. Once inside the classroom, Heero went directly to his seat with Duo on his heels. Iris however, was separated and herded to the corner by a cluster of girls who wanted to know every little detail about the two boys and the fight the previous day.

Duo could see that she looked nervous and wanted to go over and rescue her, but Heero grabbed his sleeve and murmured directly into his ear, "This is what you wanted right, she's getting attention. Just let it run its course."

"Yeah, you're right," Duo said and relaxed in his seat. He may have looked the part, but he didn't feel it. He was charged up; his skin was tingling and he didn't notice the chill of the classroom at all after having had Heero's voice breathe warm air against his ear. He savored the sensation as he scraped gunk off the edge of his desk with his thumbnail and kept discreet watch on the group surrounding the redheaded girl.

The bell rang and a shocked squeal cut through the air as it faded away, "THEY'RE GAY?!" The room fell silent as the cluster of girls stared at the two pilots seated near the back. It didn't take long before every other person in the room, except Iris who was trying to hide behind her hands, was gaping at the pair in astonishment.

Heero had no problem ignoring the shocked expressions since he didn't care the slightest bit what the other students thought about him. He expected his partner to melt under the scrutiny, but to his surprise, Duo just leaned back in his chair and winked suggestively at the girl who had cried out.

"I don't believe it!...That's gross...I wonder who's the top...I think it's _hot_...I never would've guessed... I knew; just look at his hair...How long have they been..."

"As fascinating as your peers' love lives may be, I still expect you in your seats immediately following the bell," the teacher said sternly and the students collectively jumped and hurried to their desks.


"Well today was interesting," Duo mused as he entered their room after the day's classes. He tossed his books on his bed and untucked his shirt the moment the door closed behind him. He didn't mind wearing a uniform all that much, but as soon as he could, Duo would lose the jacket, pull loose his tie and roll back his sleeves. The feeling of liberation was divine and he let out a happy sigh.

"Are things alright with you?"

"About what?" Duo asked as he joined his books. "Oh the whole boyfriend thing? Yeah I'm okay with it. At least this way I don't have to waste any time chasing girls." Given his masturbatory fantasy the night before and his reaction to his fellow pilot this morning, girls were the last thing on Duo's mind. Former values be damned, Heero's philosophy was a good one and Duo had chosen to live in the moment and enjoy the thrill of having a crush on someone.


"Anyway, we're set for tomorrow. Verified and certified and all that good stuff. We just need to show up at the gates with our ID and wait for the guy to meet us."

Heero made a satisfied noise and stood.

"Going somewhere?"

"Laundry room," Heero answered as he walked across the room and picked up the hamper. "Get the door."

"Sure," Duo hopped to his feet and opened the door.

"You don't have to come," Heero said as Duo followed him out into the hall.

"What else am I going to do? Besides, most of that is mine anyway and the least I can do is keep you company," Duo grinned and strolled alongside his friend.


"Does anyone actually read the tags?" Duo asked as he watched Heero dump the contents of the hamper into the yawning mouth of the washing machine.

Heero shrugged as he went through the routine of shoving what was probably too many items into the washer. From his perch on the dryer, Duo handed him a scoop of detergent and Heero dumped it in unceremoniously before closing the lid.

"Wait!" Duo cried, and stopped Heero's hand before he could turn on the machine.


"Got a little stain on my uniform," Duo said and unbuttoned his shirt swiftly. It was true, but it was hardly visible and he really only wanted an excuse to be partially undressed in front of Heero. He felt decidedly naughty as he slid the thin white dress shirt off his shoulders and lifted the lid to throw it into the washer.

Heero analyzed the other boy's behavior, but wasn't quite sure if he was being taunted on purpose or not. Did Duo know that he had jerked off listening to him last night? Just in case Duo was doing it on purpose, and not wanting to be outdone, Heero looked down at his own shirt and pressed his lips in a thin line.

"I might as well wash mine also," Heero said and lifted his fingers to the top button of his matching shirt. "It's the same one I wore yesterday."

Duo tried not to stare so obviously as Heero tugged the shirt from his pants and undid the buttons slowly. He was mesmerized by the thin trail of hair leading down into the Japanese boy's jeans and reluctantly tore his eyes away when Heero raised his head and pulled his shirt entirely off. Duo thought he saw something though and snuck a second look as Heero opened the washer's lid.

"You DO wear underwear," the American blurted out.

"What?!" the lid to the washer dropped shut with a dull clang and Heero stared dumbfounded at his friend.

"Uh. Well," Duo turned a spectacular shade of red, "last night, I just noticed when I was borrowing that shirt that you didn't have any underwear in your drawer..."

"Did you forget we fought over who had to use the bottom _two_ drawers?"

"Heh. Yeah. Two drawers... I did forget. I was tired at the time," he said in his defense.

"You thought I didn't wear underwear?" Heero was still stunned; so much so, that his usual reserved calm had flown out the window.

"Hey, you walk around with spandex glued to your ass and I've never seen any lines!"

Heero tried to regain his composure, but the one thing that ruled his mind was, 'Does that mean you stare at my ass?'

"It isn't as if I stare, but it's kinda hard not to notice!" Duo said. "Spandex doesn't exactly leave much to the imagination." His initial embarrassment was gone and now he was finding Heero's discomfort quite amusing.

Heero wondered if he had spoken aloud and dismissed that as being unlikely. "There's a reason for that."

"For the lack of lines?"


"...and that is..." Duo prompted when no reply seemed forthcoming.

"Boxer briefs," Heero replied calmly; he'd fully recovered from his shock.

"Boxer briefs?"

Rather than bother explaining and simply because he was already standing there half naked, Heero chose to show, not tell.

"Oh those," Duo said casually as he eyed the tight pair of underwear clinging to the other boy's body. "No wonder you don't get lines. They're practically identical to your spandex."

Heero smirked and pulled his pants back up again. Duo appeared to be affected by the sight of his underwear; just as he could tell when the American was multitasking, he could tell when Duo was trying to make himself sound nonchalant. As Duo chattered on about the day, he added this new bit of information to the mental log he was keeping of the way Duo had been acting since they'd met up again. Heero formed a theory and crosschecked it with another mental index of Duo's behavioral patterns.

"Will you stop staring at the wall like it's going to come alive. It's creeping me out," Duo chuckled as the Japanese boy pulled himself out of whatever he had been thinking about. He hopped of the dryer and hooked his thumbs into his pockets as he informed Heero that the washer was almost done.

Heero stole glimpses of Duo's chest while transferring their wet clothes into the dryer. The Deathscythe pilot was nothing but lean muscle; his forearms were darker than his chest, but the tan blended smoothly into the natural color of his skin. He imagined running his mouth over all that smooth flesh and nibbling on-

"Hey Heero! You dropped a sock," Duo said and Heero snapped out of his fantasy to bend down and pick it up.

Duo had reached for it also and Heero's fingers ended up wrapping around his. Duo felt a spine-tingling jolt of pure excitement at the contact and looked curiously at the Japanese boy when he didn't withdraw his hand. Heero was staring at him intently and Duo parted his lips to say something. The fingers on his hand tightened and he forgot what he was going to say as Heero's leaned closer to him as if for a kiss.

"Duo! That you?" someone called from down the hall.

The spell was broken and Heero removed his hand. Duo snatched up the sock and shook it off before tossing it into the dryer. He wasn't even sure if what had almost happened was just a figment of his imagination or not.

"You intere- Jeezus! I'm not interrupting anything am I?" a thin kid with unruly black hair said from the doorway.

"Nah, we're just doing some laundry," Duo said with a laugh. He nudged the dryer door shut with his knee and inclined his head. "What's up?"

"I was heading out to play some ball with the guys and thought I heard you," the kid said. "You killed in gym today, so I thought I'd try and recruit you for my team. Your boyfriend's good too, right? He's welcome to come."

"Beats watching the spin-dry cycle. You wanna play, Heero?"

"I need to keep an eye on the laundry."

"You can leave it," the black-haired kid said with a dismissive wave. "We're all good about things like that. If someone else needs to use the machines, they'll just leave your things in your basket."

"Come on, Heero," Duo flashed a grin. "You can see if the other team will let you play on their side, that way they'll have a slim chance at winning."

"The more the merrier," the kid in the doorway chimed in.

"You know I'm better on the court than you," Duo goaded his friend.

"Care to wager your braid on that?" Heero smirked. Duo jaw dropped, then he realized that Heero was teasing him.

"How about I tell you my answer after the game's over," Duo replied.



Duo had the ball and ran across the pitted asphalt towards his goal. He moved gracefully, twisting and spinning across the court. He was playing hard, but not so hard as to sacrifice the fun in a game played between friends.

Heero was busy blocking a stocky kid and no one was else was close enough to stop him, so Duo took the opportunity and went for a jump shot. The ball went in nothing but net and evened the score.

They'd been playing for so long the sun was going down, and the team captains stopped to speak to one another. They nodded and one of them yelled out and announced that the next point would call the game.

Duo felt a fresh surge of adrenaline and pushed his sweat soaked bangs out of his face. Heero was the best player on the other team and it was likely they'd give him the ball; with the game on the line, there was no reason now for Duo to play nice.

'Heero's got the speed advantage in short sprints, ' Duo thought to himself as he bounced lightly in place to keep moving, '...but he always likes to rely on the same trick. Twist here, dash there...'

The ball went to a short kid first, who dribbled it lazily as he waited for the right opportunity. Heero freed himself from his blocker and the kid passed him the ball. It smacked into his hands and he headed directly down the middle of the court. His shoes scuffed as he twisted past one opponent and dodged from side to side avoiding the defense put up by a pair of Duo's tallest teammates.

'This should win it,' the Wing pilot mentally crowed in triumph and tossed the ball high. Bunching his legs, he jumped to swat the ball in, but Duo had somehow made it in time to block. The two crashed into each other and fell into a jumble of tangled limbs.

The ball bounced away and the players on the court gathered around the pair.

"You okay?" one of them asked, offering a hand to help Duo stand.

"Yeah," the braided boy gasped out. The fall had almost knocked the wind out of him. "Heero, how about you?"

"I'd be better if you got up off me, baka."

Duo blushed furiously and accepted his teammate's help. The older boy pulled him up and held him steady until he could stand on his own. Duo's ankle felt a little sore, but he shrugged it off and waited as Heero picked himself up and wiped his hands off on his jeans.

"Shall we call it a draw?" Heero's team captain asked, scanning the faces of each of the boys.

Everyone agreed and said their goodbyes and congratulated each other on a good game. Duo looked over at Heero and caught sight of a smear of red on the Japanese boy's hip.

"You're bleeding," he said and pointed out the wound.

"So are you," Heero replied and Duo looked down at his chest. He reached out and grabbed Duo's left arm, twisting it to reveal a jagged scrape just below the shoulder.

"That's nothin, I'll be fine," Duo assured him and Heero did a quick visual check to make certain there were no other abrasions. His own back felt scraped and raw, but it was nothing critical. The American took a step, then stumbled and cried out. Heero leapt forward and caught him before he fell, slipping his shoulder under Duo's arm and helping him stand.

"Serious?" Heero asked as they made their way slowly off the court.

"Just twisted harder than I thought," Duo grumbled. "Should be fine in an hour or two."


Before Duo could say anything, Heero stooped down and picked him up.

"What are you doing?" he squawked and clamped his arms around Heero's neck.

"This is faster," Heero answered matter-of-factly, then looked down at the boy in his arms. "I can put you down if it really makes you uncomfortable."

"No, it's okay, I just didn't expect it," Duo answered and turned his face, trying to hide his blush in the shadow cast by Heero's shoulder.

"Have I told you, you're surprisingly heavy?"

"Bite me."

Heero was sorely tempted, but settled for pretending to almost drop Duo so the arms around his neck would cling to him tighter.


"Guess you'll have to win my braid some other day," Duo said as Heero set him down outside their room.

Heero made a noncommittal sound and unlocked the door, "Can you walk on your own?"

"Think so." It still hurt, but Duo managed to hobble past Heero and into the room. Heero's bed was nearest the door and the pain was enough that he opted to collapse onto it instead of trying to reach his own.

"I'll shower first, then pick up some food and our laundry while you're getting cleaned up," Heero said as he pulled open his bottom drawer and grabbed two shirts and two pairs of jeans. He tossed one of each onto the bed next to Duo, who was sitting with his head bent and peeling off his sock to study his ankle. "You can wear those, most of your stuff got washed, right?"

"Yeah, thanks."

Heero nodded and disappeared into the tiny bathroom.

After a while of sitting there bored out of his mind, Duo walked his fingers over to Heero's pillow and picked it up from the head of the bed. He lifted the soft pillow up to his face and breathed in deeply. He was disappointed when it didn't smell much like Heero, but that was to be expected; they'd only slept in here one night.

He heard the knobs in the shower squeak and the sound of the water cut off. Duo put the pillow back guiltily and rotated his ankle again. It hurt even less now, just a dull ache that would go away soon enough.

The door opened and Heero came out drying his hair, he tossed the dampened towel on the back of the desk chair and ran his fingers through the wet strands of his hair until it fell into a close approximation of its usual style. Heero's dark blue shirt clung to him; he hadn't dried off completely before getting dressed.

"All yours," he said and ran his hands through his hair once more.

"Thanks," Duo replied and stood up, testing his ankle to see how much weight he could put on it.



"Hn. I should be back in thirty."

Duo nodded. Satisfied, Heero pulled a jacket on and left. The longhaired boy looked after him for a moment before walking with exaggerated care into the bathroom.


Duo shut the door behind him and leaned his back against the thin wooden paneling. A shudder ran through his body as he thought about how nice it felt being carried in Heero's arms. He finally allowed himself a goofy smile as he pushed away from the door and stripped his pants off, leaving them in a heap on the white linoleum. He turned on the water and stepped into the shower carefully. He pulled his hair out of its braid and shivered as the stringy clumps brushed across his bare back.

Duo dipped his head forward, letting the heat of the water course down his neck to ease his muscles. He'd gotten a good workout today; Heero was quite the opponent. Duo was still smiling as he grabbed a bottle of shampoo from the rack and squirted a liberal amount into his hand; he tilted his head back and worked it into his hair. Once he rinsed the shampoo foam off his hands, he groped blindly for the soap. He twisted the bar around in his hands to work up lather and set it back in its place before turning his back to the water and scrubbing his face and chest. He hissed when the soap made contact with the gash on his arm, but he'd been hurt worse and ignored the stinging.

Duo's smile turned into a smirk as he recalled the look on Heero's face when he had blocked the Japanese boy's first attempt to score; admiration had turned to determination. It wasn't often that they faced off; usually they played on the same team. Duo threw his head back, letting the stream wash the soap from his face and thought about how Heero looked with that 'I'm going to win' look in his eye. He shuddered again and called up the highlight of the game; when he had placed a hand against Heero's chest to block him and his palm had slid over the Japanese boy's sweat slicked muscles.

Duo slid his hands over his chest to rinse away all the soap and felt his nipples harden. Better than the way he had looked on the court, was the way Heero had smelled and the feel of the Wing pilot's bare chest pressed against his own skin. Duo moaned at the thought and curled his hand around his growing cock. He gripped the inside of his thigh with his left hand and dipped his head down again. Water dripped down his nose and Duo panted as his wrist jerked faster. He fluttered open his eyes as he felt his orgasm approaching.

Without warning, the water turned icy cold. Duo gasped and flattened himself against the side of shower, but there wasn't much room to avoid the spray. Rather than endure the chill and wait to see if the heat would return, he frantically turned the water off. His erection had vanished and Duo shivered as he wrung his hair out as best he could. He cursed his luck as he stepped out and found only one towel left on the rack. He dried himself off vigorously until his skin turned pink and he wasn't shivering any longer.

The towel went from damp to wet as Duo squeezed it around the heavy mass of his hair and he looked around for the clothes Heero had given him. They were nowhere to be found; he had forgotten to bring them in to the bathroom.

The braided teen considered his options. He had only two: wear a wet towel out and let his hair drip everywhere or take the risk and walk out naked.

Whether it was a good thing or not is to be debated, but Duo Maxwell was the kind of boy who liked to take risks.


Duo cracked open the bathroom door and stuck his head out. The room was empty and he made a beeline for the bed. Halfway there, he noticed his ankle was better and paused to lift his foot and rotate it around. Turning it one way caused a pang to shoot up his leg and he winced and told himself to stop dawdling and hurry up with the business of getting dressed.


'Shit! He's back! It can't have been thirty minutes, I was only in the shower for about ten!' Duo lunged for the clothes on the bed and only succeeded in knocking them onto the floor. He picked them up off the carpet and realized how silly he was acting, 'He's seen me naked half a dozen times before. This isn't a big deal...and this could be fun.'

The door swung open and Heero walked in, carrying the basket of laundry. He kicked the door shut with his heel and looked up to find Duo standing in the middle of the room with nothing but a towel draped around his neck.

"Did you want to look through here and pick out your own clothes?" Heero asked; he hadn't moved since he closed the door.

"They still hot from the dryer?" Duo asked. A droplet of water dripped down and fell onto his nose, so he set the clothes back on the bed and lifted one corner of the towel to wipe his face.


"Then I'll just wear your stuff. I'm just out of the shower and feeling a little warm," Duo mentally applauded himself for that little sly bit of wordplay. He chattered about something inconsequential and toweled his bangs vigorously enough that he could feel his cock bouncing against his thighs. When he felt himself on the verge of forming an erection, he picked up the jeans the Japanese pilot had lent him and arranged them so he could step into them.

"Leg all better?"

"As long as I don't twist it hard to the left, it's fine now," Duo said hitching up the jeans over his slightly damp skin. He pulled them up to his thighs and looked up with a crooked smile. "Hey, it's alright if I'm going au natural in these, right?"

Heero held the laundry basket a little lower and answered, "It's fine."

"Great!" Duo turned to face the bed and pulled the jeans up over his bare butt. He cupped one hand inside the fly for safety as he zipped them up and heard Heero step further into the room. "So where's the food?"

"Decided it was more reasonable to bring this back first," Heero replied and stood next to Duo as he set the basket down on his mattress. "Since you can walk, did you want to go out and get something to eat?"

"That'd be nice," Duo finger combed his hair and scanned around for his hair tie. "Mind bringing me my jeans? I left them in the bathroom."

Duo smiled a thanks at Heero as he went to retrieve his pants. Heero scooped them up off the floor and wadded them up in a ball, tossing them across the room.

"Thanks, pal," he said and grabbed his wallet from the back pocket and an ever-present spare hair tie from the front. "So what are you in the mood for? Mexican... Italian... Chinese..."

"American," Heero said in his typical expressionless tone.

Duo braided his hair quickly and his head swam as he tried to figure out of Heero was alluding to something.

"Burgers and fries?" he said, letting his surprise show in his voice as he tugged Heero's shirt over his head and reached back to pull his braid out of the collar.

"It's within walking distance," Heero pointed out and stood by the door with his hand on the latch. "Ready yet?" he asked, already turning the knob.

"Almost, just looking for my other boot," Duo replied, searching around under the edge of Heero's bed with his bare foot. He shouted a curse and drew his foot back as if stung, "...found it." He quickly pulled on a pair of warm socks from the basket and Heero was waiting with his jacket at the open door by the time his boots were buckled.

Duo accepted the jacket, but didn't put it on and dared his own little innuendo as he stepped out into the hall, "American, huh. I dunno, I'm feeling a little adventurous and wouldn't mind trying some Japanese."

"Fine with me," Heero said without batting an eye.

"Since you're in such an agreeable mood, can I drive?"




"That has got to be the most disgusting thing I have ever seen," Duo said.

"It has hardly any taste, just try it," Heero urged.

"If it doesn't taste like much, then what's the point?" Duo said, eyeing the rubbery tentacle Heero had pinched delicately between a pair of black chopsticks.

"Are you afraid?" the Japanese boy quirked an eyebrow and held the piece of raw octopus midway across the table. "I thought you were feeling adventurous."

Duo glared at Heero. He hadn't meant adventurous in these terms!

"Okay, fine," he said and scrunched his eyes tight while opening his mouth wide.

Heero dipped the octopus in miso sauce and deposited it directly on Duo's waiting tongue. The braided boy chewed quickly and swallowed, then reached immediately for his soda. He glared again when Heero chuckled low in his throat.

"Hey, aren't you going to eat it too?" Duo cried as Heero put the dish of octopus on the edge of the table with the rest of things to be taken away.

"No. I don't like tako," Heero said, finishing the last bit of food on his plate.

"What? You made me eat something that disgusting and you're not going to eat any of it?!" Duo said and grabbed a little snarled tentacle with his own chopsticks. "That isn't going to fly, Yuy."

"When you did get so good with those," Heero asked, jutting his chin towards Duo's hand.

"I ate a lot of Chinese food last week," Duo replied and waggled the little purplish tidbit before dipping it in miso. "...and don't change the subject. Open up." He thrust the chopsticks across the table and cackled madly as dark blue eyes widened in surprise.

"Come on, it has hardly any taste," he cooed sarcastically.

"I. Am. Not. Eating. That," Heero said and set his jaw stubbornly.

"Yes. You. Are." Duo hissed and lifted himself up slightly to lean across and try to feed Heero.

The Japanese boy scooted back, but he could only get so far with his legs dangling in the hole cut beneath the table and his shoulderblades swiftly met the fake bamboo wall. Now he regretted having indulged Duo and asking for one of the private tables that were supposed to emulate sitting traditionally on the floor.

"Open up or you're going to end up wiping goop off your face," Duo threatened and braced a palm on the edge of the table to reach further.

"I don't think so," Heero growled. The American made a strangled sound and froze when a socked foot placed itself at the peak of his thighs. "I suggest you sit back down."

"You play dirty," Duo sniffed and lowered himself gingerly back onto his cushion. He cleared his throat and glanced down, "Going to stop using me as a footrest?"

"I haven't decided yet," Heero smirked. He had the upper hand now. "I'm considering making you eat that piece too."

"You wouldn't..." Duo smirked and opened his legs wider as if to say he wasn't afraid.

"I would," Heero said, nudging his foot more firmly against Duo's crotch. "...and I've made up my mind. Eat."

Duo stared Heero defiantly in the eye and placed the piece of raw octopus on his tongue. The pressure on his crotch eased slightly, but knowing Heero, he wouldn't remove his foot until all conditions were met and everything was chewed and swallowed. Duo thought that might not be such a bad thing and sucked on his lacquered chopsticks as he pulled them out of his mouth.

He chewed with deliberate slowness and kept his gaze firmly locked with Heero's. The Wing pilot had been right, there really wasn't much of a flavor, but Duo wasn't thinking much about what was in his mouth. Duo mentally snickered as the tables turned and Heero shifted uncomfortably when the seconds ticked by and he hadn't swallowed yet.

Duo finally broke eye contact by closing his eyes and rolling his head back. He spread his legs even wider and pressed himself boldly against Heero's foot as he finished chewing. He finally swallowed and let his head drop back down lazily as he opened his eyes.

"Satisfied?" he asked and tapped the end of the chopsticks against his plate. He didn't try to avoid Heero's eyes, even though he knew there wasn't a chance in Hell that the Japanese boy could have missed the fact that he was sitting there half hard.


Duo sipped from his soda and Heero considered leaving his foot where it was.

"Any dessert for you two?" their waitress chirped as she poked her head through the beaded curtain.

"Duo?" Heero asked as he pulled his foot away; it wasn't a quick or startled movement, it was performed with an equal amount of intentional leisure as Duo's eating.

"Yes!" Duo's voice cracked and he straightened abruptly.

"I'll have some green tea ice-cream," Heero said, as his foot brushed its way down the inside of Duo's calf. "You want some, Duo?"

"Yes," the reply came out practically as a moan.

"Alrighty then," the waitress smiled warily and took an armful of their emptied dishes before disappearing again.

"I need you tonight," Heero said.

Duo choked on the watery remains of his soda, "Pardon?"

Heero held up a finger as the waitress dropped their check and two bowls of ice cream at their table. When she disappeared again, he continued, "Those floor plans you acquired before I got here don't include the recent additions."

"Aahh, gotcha," Duo picked up his spoon and gestured with it. "You wanna go back to the commissioner's office and need me to deal with the security, eh?"


"No problem."

Heero nodded and ate his dessert in small measured bites. Duo studied him carefully and tried to figure Heero out. The almost kiss was so blurred with fantasy in his memory that he was less certain now that it had even happened at all, the verbal innuendo was nearly impossible to gauge and then there was the most recent crotch incident... Duo sucked on his spoon and ate his dessert in thoughtful silence


Having spent half the night hacking in and searching through city records, Heero and Duo had one final task ahead of them; they had to sneak up to their room without being caught. The last thing they wanted to do was rouse suspicion that might cause authorities of any kind to keep tabs on their whereabouts.

Sneaking in proved harder than it should have. The problem lay in that Duo's ankle wasn't quite up to the task of scaling the wall, the rear door was one way, and the front entrance had a surprisingly alert security guard posted right outside.

"We going to stay out here all night watching that guy smoke?"

"He's got two empty water bottles with him. He'll take a break eventually," Heero said. The guard took a long drag on his cigarette and squeezed his crotch; he glanced over his shoulder into the dorms and pushed away from the wall.

Duo was about to tell Heero that it looked like he was right, when the guard unzipped his trousers and relieved himself directly into the bushes.

"So much for that theory," Heero said dryly and glanced at Duo. "You have any ideas?"

"Not really."

Heero felt his leg falling asleep and shifted position; his heel cracked down on a branch and he froze, but it was too late, the security guard had noticed. The man unhooked his baton from his belt and hefted his flashlight into his hand, ready to investigate the sound.

"Quick," Duo hissed and Heero felt the American's hand fist his shirt and pull him back down into the grass.

"What are you doing?" Heero hissed back. They should be retreating and looking for an alternate point of entry, not waiting to be discovered.

"I have a plan," Duo said, pulling his hair out of his braid as fast as he could and didn't waste any more time explaining.

The flashlight's beam was flickering through the leaves of the hedge and the guard called out, "Don't move."

The two pilots froze as the guard came into view. Duo kept his head down, face obscured by the wild waves of his unbound hair.

"Damn kids," the guard muttered. "Get up off him. You two scared the shit out of me."

Duo picked himself up off of Heero and did his best to assume a meek girlish pose behind him as the Japanese boy made a show of rearranging his shirt.

"You board here?" the guard's tone was softer now and he hooked his baton back on his belt.

"Yes, sir," Heero answered.

"New aren't you?"

"Yes, sir," Heero said again.

"No wonder. Look, this is how it works: you don't rat me out, I don't rat you out," the guard said lifting his chin. "You can take your girl in with you, but if you're caught she came in through the window, got it?"

"Got it."

"You two want to have a little extra fun tonight?" the guard asked digging his fingers into his shirt pocket and revealing the top of a small plastic bag.

"I think we'll be having enough fun," Heero emulated one of Duo's wicked grins. No wonder the guard was so alert; he was the local dealer and probably did all his business at this hour. "I'll remember the offer, though."

"No pressure," the guard said, pushing the bag back into his pocket and waving his flashlight towards the door. "Go on and just make sure she's out the back before five."

"Thanks," Heero nodded and wrapped his arm around Duo. The longhaired boy huddled close to his side as he led them onto the path that led to the front entrance.


"I don't know whether or not to feel relieved or upset that I passed as a girl," Duo said as he waited for his partner to unlock the door to their room.

Heero snickered and received a vicious glare and an equally vicious punch in the arm as the door clicked open and Duo shoved past him.

"If it's any consolation I didn't think it would work," he said, shrugging off his jacket. He hung it in its proper place and turned to find Duo brushing his hair in order to rebraid it.

"It's not."

In lieu of snickering again, Heero shrugged and went about the business of separating and putting away his laundry. He finished at about the same time Duo was snapping a hair tie around the end of his braid.

"The rest is yours," he said, gesturing towards the basket as he headed for the bathroom with a pair of spandex in hand.

Heero brushed his teeth as he went through his usual routine of winding down and preparing for bed. The ritual partially consisted of calling up the events of the day to search for any relevant data that he may have missed; such as a conversation only half overheard, but stored away in his memory nonetheless. His review found nothing anomalous and as he stripped off his pants he allowed himself the pleasure of focusing on the memory of a situation that, at the time, he hadn't had the chance to enjoy.


"I have a plan," the words breathed into Heero's ear, hot in comparison to the late night chill. Duo unbound his braid with one hand and pushed Heero onto his back in the grass.

Then the American was putting one leg between his and sliding a hand under his shirt while his hair fell in coconut-scented waves around them. Lips daring little nibbles-


Heero paused his hand as it slid into his shorts as well as the replay in his mind. He went over the scene critically twice more, making certain it was a real memory and not something he invented out of desire. He had been looking for additional proof for the theory he had formed earlier and this could be it. The erection in the restaurant could've been explained as having been simply a response to the pressure of his foot, but there was no reason why Duo had to nibble at his neck as they lay in the grass; the security guard would never have noticed such a subtle action.

A little smile stole onto his lips and Heero wet his fingers as he generated an entirely new outcome to the episode.

/// "I have a plan," Duo said, his lips close enough to brush against Heero's ear. Duo tugged his hair loose slowly and placed a hand on Heero's chest until he was flat on his back.

Duo straddled him and pushed aside his jacket. The longhaired boy searched for the hem of the shirt he was wearing and slid chilled fingers up across his stomach.

"It's a very detailed plan," Duo said, finding a nipple and brushing the pad of his thumb in circles until it stiffened in response.

"Phase One begins like this," he murmured, putting one hand in the grass and lowering himself until their faces were only inches apart. He pinched Heero's nipple hard and brandished a feral grin before tilting his head to the side and sealing their mouths together.

"Is it time for Phase Two?" Heero gasped as they broke for air.

"Oh yes," Duo's fingers retraced their path down Heero's stomach and easily undid the button of his jeans. The American twisted his arm around and reached down to take hold of the heated erection that yearned for relief.


Heero had his head thrown back and his left hand was busy plucking and twisting at a nipple. His shorts were tangled around one ankle and his right hand was making wet sounds as it slid rapidly along his length.

If he wasn't so absorbed in his own pleasure, he might have heard the pause in the footsteps that had been pacing impatiently outside the door.

'What the hell is taking him so long,' Duo put his hands on his hips and stared at the door as if it would either answer his silent question or go invisible on command.

Now that he had stopped pacing and the room was quiet, he could hear faint sounds from inside the bathroom. His mouth went dry; he couldn't be hearing what he thought he was hearing.

Duo placed a hand carefully on one side of the doorframe and held himself as close to the door as he could without touching it and betraying his eavesdropping. His legs started to quiver uncontrollably as he realized he wasn't suffering from an auditory hallucination.

'Holy shit,' he was afraid his arm would start shaking too and Duo reluctantly tore his ear away from the door. He took a deep breath and leaned against the wall, close enough that if he was quiet he could still make out some small sounds.

Duo had already gotten dressed for bed and he slipped his hand up one leg of his boxers. He had no idea how long Heero had been going at it, or how long he was going to continue, but it didn't really matter, the adrenaline and voyeuristic thrill had him close to orgasm in a matter of seconds. He thought he heard a muffled moan from the other side of the door and Duo bit back an answering moan as he spilled hot cum into his cupped hand.

The bathroom sink hissed on and off quickly and Duo jumped away from the wall. He spotted the towel Heero had discarded earlier and used it to wipe his hand before tossing the evidence in the hamper.

"Took you long enough," he said casually as Heero opened the bathroom door.

Duo ended up taking a little longer than he should have in the bathroom too. Since he couldn't stop grinning, he had a inordinately hard time brushing his teeth. The perfect soldier had actually blushed; it may have been a nearly imperceptible darkening of his cheeks that had been eclipsed by a formidable glare, but it was enough to count in Duo's book.

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