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Note: Yaoi. Lemon. Meaning: graphic sex between two males. Don't like, then don't read.
Content Warning: This is a BDSM/Fetish fic containing crossdressing, domination and shackling.

Slave to Dreams: Relena's Big Night
by Ponderosa

"Heero?" Relena steps were timid as she was led gently by the elbow into a dimly lit room. She was blindfolded, but loosely so and light filtered in from the edges of the soft black material. Relena was impatient, having been driven around for thirty minutes blindfolded before arriving here had heightened her excitement.

"Are you ready for your surprise?" Heero whispered into her ear. She shivered in anticipation and nodded. What had Heero planned for this: the private intimate evening she'd finally managed to talk him into sharing with her? A dozen erotic scenarios came to mind and she kept her eyes closed even after he tugged loose the blindfold.

"You can open your eyes now," Heero said, moving to stand behind her. H e placed his hands on her shoulders, then slid them downward along her arms until he was lightly holding her wrists. She scrunched her shoulders up and leaned back against his firm chest then fluttered her eyes open.

Relena's breath caught in her throat. Her wildest dreams were coming true, "My bedroom... Oh Heeeero...."

He guided her closer to the bed and her steps faltered, Relena twisted her head to look at the boy behind her and her brows drew down in confusion. Was this some sort of joke, or had Heero planned something really wild for their first time. She opened her mouth and asked, "Heero? Wha-"

"This will be a night you'll never forget," he said and his grip clamped down around her wrists hard enough to bruise.

Relena felt suddenly threatened. She cried out and tried to break away, but the Japanese boy's grip was firm, "What's going on, Heero? Who's that?"

"Why...that's you," he said and the figure lying in Relena's bed stirred.

Duo sat up slowly with a smile on his lips. Relena was horrified. The Deathscythe pilot swung his legs modestly over the edge of the bed and stood in one fluid motion. He was wearing a dress. Her dress! The one she'd planned to wear the next time she invited Heero to one of her parties.

"Bring the straps," Heero commanded and Duo nodded in compliance. His ankles wobbled once in the two-inch heels that his Master made him wear and he picked his steps carefully over to where the pile of buckled leather waited. Normally braided strands of chestnut silk hung loose down his back, swishing gently as he brought the gear back to Heero.

Heero pinned both of Relena's wrists in one hand and loosened a rope twisted around the corner post at the foot of her bed. The girl's pupils contracted with fear as her eyes traced the rope, following its path as it ran over a pulley newly attached to her ceiling and lowered a horizontal five foot metal bar into reach.

"Heero! Let me go this instant!" she demanded and squirmed. Heero ignored her and looped the rope back around the bedpost. He forced her right arm up and nodded to Duo.

Duo opened the clasp to a wrist restraint and secured Relena's arm to one end of the bar, then repeated the process to the panicked girl's other wrist.

"Hurry now, Duo," Heero said with a wicked smile.

Relena started crying as Duo untangled an odd assortment of leather and lifted his hands to settle it over her head. The way he performed the motion reminded her of how an official might award some sort of medal before a large crowd, with deliberate care and fingers slightly shaking for fear of making a mistake. The American boy clipped the bottommost strap around her neck and adjusted a curving piece on her jaw before positioning two thin straps over her ears; following the lines of her braids. As he pulled the straps taut and buckled them together at the back of her skull, Relena noticed that Duo's hair was styled just like her own.

"You're both crazy," she hissed defiantly. Any further words were silenced as the apparatus was attached to the bar and forced her head up by significant upwards pressure on her jaw. Her defiance faltered as she realized she couldn't tilt nor twist her head.

"I'm giving you what you wanted, Relena," Heero said in his normal monotone. For the first time Relena, didn't think it sounded charming. She screamed through her teeth as he took the rope in hand again and pulled on it, raising the bar until only her toes touched the ground. The muscles of her back and arms twisted painfully as they struggled to support her weight. Heero tied the rope in a tight knot around the bedpost again and looked over at his slave.

"Now, Master?" Duo asked. There was a hint of eagerness in his rich tenor.


Duo scooped up a small black remote control and was about to push play when Heero raised a hand.

"One moment," he stayed Duo's arm and turned back to Relena. "I almost forgot." He produced a small brown bottle from his pocket and unscrewed the lid. He squeezed the rubber top, drawing a clear liquid into the medicine dropper.

"We don't want Relena to miss the show, do we, Duo," Heero said, prying open one of Relena's wildly rolling eyes and squeezing a fat drop into her eye. He massaged her eyelid with his thumb to coat the interior thoroughly, then forced them wide open. A few seconds and Relena found that although she could still move her eye, she couldn't blink. Heero did the same to her other eye and she wasn't reassured at all when he said, "The effects of the muscle contractant will wear off and you'll be able to blink again eventually." Heero patted her cheek and his eyes held no trace of kindness.

"Resume," he said and Duo used the remote to activate the stereo. The soft strains of a classical tune filled the bedroom and Heero called his slave to his arms.


"You're dancing very well tonight," Heero said.

A feeling of satisfaction that touched on ecstasy swept through Duo's body. It was almost enough to drown out the humiliation of being dressed up as he was.

Heero's left hand clasped his right as they moved in time to the music. Beneath the stiff taffeta dress, soft silk underskirts swirled around his legs and he longed to press his body against his Master's.

"Enough," his Master decided and led him by the hand to the bed. Duo sat on the edge, knees kept together and gloved hands resting on his lap.

Blunt-nailed fingertips slid between his knees and traveled up along the inside of his thigh. Duo opened his mouth just enough for a breathy moan to escape past the glossy red of his lips.

"You're dressed like a lady, but you're a slut, aren't you," Heero said and tipped Duo's head up. Dark lashes fluttered and within the amethyst, black orbs dilated and contracted until they focused on his master's eyes. Heero put a thumb on Duo's chin, just beneath his lower lip and forced the other boy's jaw open. "Answer me."


"Yes what?"

"Yes, Master."

"What are you, Duo?"

"A slut," he said and wet his lips.

"Do you like sucking cock, slut?"

"Yes, Master. I love to suck cock."

"And whose cock do you love to suck the most?"

"Yours Master," Duo was breathing heavily now and he ached between his legs.

Heero smiled thinly as he unbuckled his belt and pulled it free. He snapped it once before tossing it on the floor. There was disappointment in Duo's eyes as it fell; he wanted a beating.

The longhaired boy wet his lips again as Heero produced his reddened erection. It hovered just centimeters in front of him and he felt the warmth of his breath shunted back towards his lips with each exhalation.

"Open those pretty lips of yours wider, Duo."

Lush lips painted dark red and slick with saliva opened willingly. He closed his eyes as Heero's cockhead pushed into his mouth. Duo went to work immediately, skillfully twining his tongue around the corona and flicking the tiny slit that rewarded him with tiny drops of precum.

Heero grabbed the back of Duo's skull and forced in deeper. The American boy made swallowing motions: wild gulps that bobbed his adam's apple as he struggled to take Heero's length into his throat. He felt a tug on the narrow braids that ran over and behind his ear as his Master fingered the meticulously woven strands. Heero fucked Duo's face mercilessly; his balls slapped against the other boy's chin and Duo's jaw began to ache in concert with the dull pain in his groin.

"Are you aroused, Duo?" his Master asked as he pulled out.

Duo worked his jaw a few times before answering yes. He could see lipstick darkening the base of Heero's cock; together, the smudges looked like a cluster of hickeys.

"Does being aroused hurt?"

"Yes," he practically hissed the word before adding the customary honorific.

"Do you want release?"

"Yes. Please... Please grant me release, Master."


Heero nudged Duo's knees, urging the boy to scoot back and lay down in the center of the bed. The stiff material of the dark blue dress billowed like clouds around Duo's bent legs and Heero folded it back reverently as one might unwrap a cherished gift. Matching silken underskirts followed, slid up and over the peak of smooth knees with deliberate slowness.

Duo let his head roll to the side and his hands tightened on the bedsheets as his Master kissed a trail along his thigh. Heero's bangs slid along Duo's flesh as he moved his head up, the thick strands of soft dark hair heralded the coming of his mouth.

Interspersed in the feathery kisses were tiny nips and when his master neared the taut tendon at the very height of his thigh, the Japanese boy brought his tongue into play, licking in wide strokes over the sensitive flesh. Duo's muscles quivered involuntarily and he moaned.

The treatment would normally take Duo climbing swiftly on his way to orgasm, but tonight was different. Heero lifted his head and placed his hand flat on Duo's abdomen, he rubbed in small circles, kneading the taut muscles. The calluses on Heero's palm snagged at the tight satin fabric every so often as he delayed removing his slave's panties.

"Are you ready for the real show?" he asked, raising his voice slightly. Relena's muffled curses and the sound of thrashing cause Heero's lips to twist in a cruel smile. "Good."

Heero maneuvered himself to the side so Relena could have a better view as he pulled off Duo's panties. He heard her sharp intake of breath and an incredulous sound force its way through her clenched teeth. He could only imagine what she was thinking. The loose skin from the top of Duo's scrotum bulged out on either side of his tucked penis and no doubt looked enough like feminine bits from a distance, that Relena was fooled into thinking the American was actually a girl.

His slave whimpered as he worked his fingers around searching for the edges of surgical tape that kept Duo's excitement in torturous check. When he found them and pulled it free, his slave's cock didn't spring free and immediately shoot upward, it made a staggering, painful rise up the inside of his right thigh. Heero cupped Duo's balls, drawing them out from where they'd been pinned for hours, he tugged gently, rolling the soft ovals between his fingers and lowered his head to deliver a kiss to Duo's abused sex.

With Duo free and open, Heero had to fight the urge to just take him then and there. He took his time however, licking and sucking to bring the other boy to a complete, unhindered erection. Duo's breath was coming swiftly when Heero decided it would be time.

"On your knees," he said and Duo rolled onto his belly, then pushed himself up onto his elbows and bent his knees. Heero spanked his slave with one hard strike, then forced apart Duo's asscheeks with both hands and pressed his thumbs on either side of the small bud nestled there. He kneaded the area with his thumbs, revealing quick flashes of pink flesh and coaxing soft drawn out moans from the American boy. When the imprint of his hand darkened to a dusky rose on the otherwise flawless pale curves of his slave's buttocks, Heero reached over to the bedside table and grabbed a tube of lubricant.

The viscous jelly was cold in his palm as he applied it to himself. His slave hissed as he found it equally chill when a finger searched the entrance to his body and eased its way inside. Heero enjoyed the sight of his finger disappearing into Duo's body and twisted his hand to stroke the other boy's inner flesh as he eased him open enough to permit a second digit.

Duo wriggled as Heero pressed two fingers into his body and scissored them a few times before he began sliding them in and out repeatedly. He shifted with impatience and twisted his head to the side to try and look back at his master. The loose strands of his hair stuck to his painted lips and Duo put all his weight on one elbow to pull them away.

At just that moment, the tip of Heero's finger found his prostate and the longhaired boy lurched forward, falling onto his chest with a startled cry. Heero slid his free hand along the outside of Duo's left thigh as he pushed himself back up onto his elbows with shaky muscles.

"Please, master..." his slave pleaded, putting all his desire and devotion into the two words.

Heero made a low noise and settled himself behind Duo. He teased his slave, pulling up his cock and letting it fall to slap the top of Duo's ass, then moving his hips back just enough to let the tip slide down the crack and brush against his asshole. Heero repeated the process three times and each time Duo tried to push back; he was eager to have his master inside him. The fourth time he didn't push back and the fifth time he was rewarded for his patience.

With a loud groan, Heero buried himself inside Duo's body and his lovely slave let out a moan that rose in harmony to his own cry of pleasure. Now that he had the immediacy of slick, heat, taut around his cock, Heero wasted no time and thrust deeply into the other boy's willing body.

Heero fisted a mass of Duo's hair and let the soft locks fall away slowly between his fingers like grains of sand. He reveled in the mutual pleasure of silken hair and silken flesh as he made love to his slave, rolling his hips and sliding an arm around Duo's slender body to stroke his chest.

Duo let his arms slide forward and pressed his cheek into the sheets as he moved his own hips in rhythm. Heero closed his eyes and quickened his pace, abandoning Duo's chest to curl his fingers around his slave's erection. Enough precum had leaked out that his fist slid effortlessly over the gently curving shaft. He stroked his Duo's cock as if it were an extension of his own and rammed harder into the body beneath him until he was shaking the entire bed with each forceful thrust.

Heero came with a loud grunt that faded into a groan as stream after stream of cum pulsed out of his jerking cock and deep into his slave's bowels. Duo moaned and thrashed as he felt the inside of his body splashed with his master's seed and his own cock twitched, raining a hail of white drops all over the pristine pink bedsheets.


Relena watched helplessly as Heero withdraw from Duo's body and stroked the still red imprint of his hand before standing and tugging up a corner of her sheets to wipe his cock off. Shortly after, the girl heard more than saw Duo slide out of bed, the taffeta of the dress he wore rasped loudly as he got to his feet and followed his master over to where she was suspended nearby.

"Did you enjoy the show, Relena?" Heero asked as he unbuckled the headgear and then the left wrist restraint. Her head swam and white spots had begun growing at the edge of her vision for some time now.

Relena didn't have the strength to say anything and once her arm was free, she collapsed. Her other arm was still bound and the force of all her weight falling threatened to wrench the bone out of her shoulder socket. Heero caught her at the last moment and held her limp form draped over one forearm as he undid the other wrist shackle. Relena's muscles were like jelly, quivering and feeble.

Heero lifted her easily and tossed her into the middle of her salmon pink bed.

"You should be able to blink now," he said.

Relena attempted the motion, her eyelids closed slowly over the orbs that had long since dried out; the pain was excruciating. Tears had been streaming down her cheeks for an hour, but with no control to blink and spread them over her eyes, the saline fluid had been useless.

"Y-you said my eyes would be okay," Relena rasped, she tried to lift an arm to touch her face but her muscles hadn't recovered enough to move.

"Tell her what I said, Duo," Heero smirked. Duo was expected to remember every word his master spoke.

"Yes master," Duo closed his eyes and searched his memory. "You said, quote: The effects of the muscle contractant will wear off and you'll be able to blink again eventually."

"Thank you, Duo," Heero said. His voice grew cold again as he addressed Relena. "You see? I said you would be able to blink again. I said nothing about you being safe from permanent damage."

Ragged sobs wracked the girl in the bed, but she had no moisture left for tears and each spasm sent fire lancing through her strained limbs.

"Arrange your skirts, Duo," Heero commanded. He picked his belt up off the floor and slid it through the loops on his trousers. When he was finished and had it neatly buckled around his waist, he offered his arm to his slave. Duo wrapped his gloved fingers around his master's bicep and they moved towards the door.

"Should I turn off the lights, Master?" Duo asked.

"I don't think it matters much to Relena anymore," Heero replied. His slave looked slightly puzzled, but nodded and left the switch on.


Enough vitality had returned that Relena was able to bring a shaky hand to her face, everything had been so blurry and the spots she saw made it so she couldn't tell if her eyes were closed or not. Her fingertips fluttered over her eyelids, and she found that they were wide open. 'Nothing about being safe from permanent damage...' Heero's cold tone echoed in her brain, mocking her.

When she no longer heard the click of Duo's heels on the marble tiled hall outside her room, Relena tried to crawl to reach her bedside phone. The exertion was too much, she didn't get more than half a foot when her strength gave out and she fell sprawled face first into the sticky remains of the two boy's coupling.

Relena felt a surge of hope as the spots began to fade from her vision. Then despair took over as she realized that the spots were dimming yes, but nothing else was coming in to focus. The last thing she remembered seeing with perfect clarity of vision was the look on Duo's face as he gazed up lovingly at Heero with the Japanese boy's cock in his mouth. With that image blazed into her memory, darkness descended.


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