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Note: Yaoi. Lemon. Meaning: graphic sex between two males. Don't like, then don't read.
Content Warning: This is a fetish fic containing crossdressing, domination, collaring and caging.

Slave to Dreams: Pet Hee-Chan
by Ponderosa

I knew he was up there, shifting from foot to foot as he waited for me to walk through the door. He always stood there in the hall; eagerly, like a dog awaiting its owner. The analogy was fitting. After all, he _was_ a pet and he missed his master. I took my time, choosing the stairs over the elevator. I knew it was torturous, that he burned with the knowledge that I'd be home soon and he had to be alone as the seconds ticked by audibly on the wallclock.

I engaged in a friendly conversation with the man who lived across the hall. He had stepped out of his door just as I pulled out my keys. I smiled as we talked, knowing that mere feet away, separated only by a thin wooden door, Heero could hear my voice. The neighbor and I said our good-byes and the well wishing platitudes that courtesy called for. I waited until he turned his back and started down the hall before I unlocked the door and walked in.

"Duo..." Heero looked at me through those coal black lashes of his and tugged at the hem of his dress. His slender bird-boned fingers alternately gripped and smoothed the thin silk fabric. I could tell he wanted to rush to my side.

"Miss me, Hee-chan?" I asked.

"Yes," he answered and his body jolted as he suppressed the urge to run to me.

"Have you been good?" I kept one eye on him as I went through the ritual of shedding the outside world: hanging my coat, tossing my keys, uncuffing and rolling up my sleeves.

"No," he bit his lip and dropped his head.

"What did you do?" my words held an edge of disapproval and he peered up at me through the fall of his hair.

"I broke something," he said and his slender body began to tremble.

I clucked my tongue and ran a hand over my throat as I considered what to do with my bad little pet. I decided to give him a bit of mercy and patted my thigh. His head jerked up abruptly and I could see his beautiful blue eyes were glimmering with unshed tears.

"Come," I said and patted my thigh again. Heero took a faltering step, then closed the distance in no time, kneeling down and burying his face against my leg in shame. I looked down and stroked a hand over the bare curve of his shoulder. The outfit I had picked out for him today was his favorite, a thin, backless, pale green summer dress that fastened around his neck with narrow satin ribbons; little yellow butterflies fluttered in the semi-sheer fabric.

"Tell me what happened," I said in a soothing tone and he pressed harder against my leg.

"I-" his reticence threatened to make me angry and I removed my hand from his shoulder.

"Spit it out."

"I broke a cup," he said in a whispered rush. I could see the muscles of his back tense.

"And what exactly were you doing with a...cup," I bit the word off and narrowed my eyes dangerously.

"I was thirsty..." his voice was a mere whisper.

"You had plenty of water when I left this morning."

"I spilled it," he was shaking again, expecting me to punish him for his deeds.

I unhooked his leash from its place near the door and he lifted his chin obediently so I could snap it onto his collar. I flicked the little heart shaped tag on his collar with my fingertip and made it jingle, my eyes tracked the "Hee-chan" engraving and a smile played at my lips. He stared up at me with wide eyes and I thought he looked especially beautiful today, however beauty didn't dismiss the fact that he'd been bad when I was gone.

"Show me," I said, the smile fading as I jerked his leash roughly and lead him to the kitchen. He followed along reluctantly and when I stopped just inside the kitchen, he dropped back down to his haunches again. I took a moment to admire my pet as his thin silk skirt raised and revealed the lean muscles of his thighs.

"There," he pointed and I surveyed the scene. A ceramic coffee cup lay cracked in three on the checkered tile and in the corner, a pool of water spread out around the base of his bowl.

I unhooked his leash and wrapped it around my hand.

"Clean this up. I expect dinner in an hour."

I left him in the kitchen and went to the living room to listen to some music.


"Dinner!" he announced.

I entered the dining room and nodded approvingly at the sight. The setting sun cast a warm orange tinged light through the huge windows that took up most of the west wall and evoked long shadows around the room. Only the single place setting and a pair of flickering candles broke the uniform gloss of my dark mahogany dining table.

I sat down in my chair and Heero pulled the napkin from next to my plate and settled it over my lap. His fingers lingered at the task; he treasured every opportunity to touch me. I began eating what he prepared without looking at him, although every so often I did let my eye flicker downwards. One such time, I caught him looking up at me and at the plate and I frowned.

"You know it isn't your turn," I said and he nodded. I couldn't resist the unspoken plea behind his eyes and picked a piece of chicken off my plate. I held it out to him and he took it carefully between his perfect white teeth, then settled back to chew it slowly. I wiped my fingers on my napkin and smiled at how he cherished the treats I awarded him.

The sunlight had turned to starlight by the time I finished my meal and I had my pet pick up my dishes from the table and follow me into the kitchen. It was his turn now.

I picked up his bowl off the floor and rinsed out the dusty remnants from his morning meal. I had fed him granola this morning and I chuckled as I noticed that he'd left all the dried raisins in his bowl. Hee-chan was a finicky little pet.

"You didn't eat all your breakfast," I commented.

"I don't like raisins," he said as he dried my freshly washed plate with a blue striped dishtowel.

"Did you eat all your lunch?"

He bobbed his head in a nod.

"Was it good?"

"Yes, although I prefer it when you feed me." Lunch was the only meal of the day he was allowed to prepare for himself.

I made a quick stir fry from the same ingredients he'd used to make me dinner. I knew he was a better cook than I was, but as he said he liked it better when I fed him. Dumping the contents into the bowl, I didn't put it back on the floor, and carried it instead into the living room.


My living room was well furnished and a technology lover's dream: widescreen television, six-foot speakers, top of the line stereo... Situated in the corner, where I could easily shift my eyes to if I was resting on the couch, was my pride and joy, Heero's cage. Custom built out of gundanium, its silvery bars gleamed. I crouched in front of the open door of his cage and placed his dish as far in as I could reach, adjusting it with my fingertips until the inscription "Miss Attitude" was facing forward.

I snapped my fingers and stood back to let Heero into his cage. It was large enough to stand up halfway when one was inside, but the opening was made small for a reason: to make him crawl. He got down on his knees and crawled towards his cage. The front of his dress hung down and brushed the floor as he went and I admired his round panty-clad bottom as he squeezed inside.

I closed the door once his feet were fully in and locked the cage with a loud click. He moved to sit cross-legged and pulled his bowl into his lap, already shredding bits of chicken between his fingers.

"You forgot to wait until I gave you permission to eat," I reminded and he froze with a bit of chicken dangling halfway to his open mouth. He dropped the chicken back in his bowl and put it aside quickly.

"I'm sorry!" he said. "Please forgive me."

"You've been so very bad today, Hee-chan," I admonished and crossed my arms.

"Yes and I'm so sorry!" he pleaded. He looked so cute when he begged.

"I've already been too lenient, I think you'll eat dinner here alone," I said slowly and he lurched forward, gripping the bars of his cage. Despite his meek servitude, I knew he was strong and that was precisely why his cage was made from the toughest alloy known to man.

"No! Nono!" he protested and tried to force the cage open, then gave up and strained an arm between two of the bars, reaching out needily.

"Yes," I said and my tone made it final. He sagged to the bottom of his cage; arm still stuck through the bars. I remembered to tell him to eat all his dinner. If I didn't, I knew he'd just lay there despondent until I returned.

"I'm going to take a bath," I heard a whimper. If he'd been good today, I probably would've let him bathe with me. "No trying to escape." I said and chuckled, remembering the last time he'd managed sneak out. Since then, I'd procured a better lock; one that even I had a hard time picking. I shook my head and dismissed the memory as I went to prepare my bath.


Heero was curled up in the corner of his cage when I returned all warm and glowing from my bath. His arms were hugging his knees and if he had a tail, it would probably be wrapped around his body. My bare feet slapped across the hardwood floor and when his ears caught the noise, his head jerked up and he got to his knees.

"Did you think about how naughty you were?" I asked.

He nodded mutely, the soft hair on his head brushing against his forehead. I could tell he'd spent the entire time thinking about me. Good.

"Then let's get you cleaned up," I said and went to unlock his cage. I snapped his leash on as he crawled out and led him to the bathroom, which was warm with steam. The water from my bath still filled the standing tub and I could tell Heero was reluctant. He didn't much like taking baths unless I was in there with him.

I gave him a warning look and given his earlier behavior, he choose to wisely accept that the bath was going to happen no matter what. I let his leash drop and it slithered to the floor, dangling down from his throat and piling at his feet. I stepped in close to him and he was already getting excited, I could see the bulge growing between his legs as I wrapped my arms around his neck and untied the thin ribbon bow. I drew the straps of his dress over his shoulders and gave him a soft kiss on the forehead before releasing them to dangle like his leash. With nothing to hold it up, gravity took no time in peeling the soft dress away from his body and it fell around his ankles in a puddle of pale green silk.

My hands went to his hips and I thumbed the narrow strips of cotton that encircled his trim waist. He was fully hard now, but the tight panties kept his excitement trapped at a two o'clock position, only the very tip peeked out of the elastic waistband and it was beaded with a sweet drop of precum. I curled my fingers on either side and drew Heero's white panties down, freeing his cock and balls from their cotton prison.

He moaned when I crouched to pull them all the way down and his cock bumped against my cheek as I urged him to pick up one foot so I could get them off entirely. Panties now in hand, I rose to my full height and nodded towards the bathtub. Heero almost glared at me as he stepped in to the warm water carefully.

I licked the side of my mouth and closed my eyes when I tasted the little bit of precum that had wiped off on my cheek. I was very much looking forward to making love to my sweet little pet tonight. I brought Heero's panties to my nose and sniffed them; the musky scent turned me on to no end.

"Wash," I ordered and he picked up the bar of soap and a scrubbrush. I kept myself occupied with Heero's panties until he was finished.

"Clean?" I asked, tossing the white cotton into the laundry basket by the sink. He nodded and I pulled a thick towel off the bar and held it open for him. Heero stepped out of the bath carefully; his hair looked black when it was wet and tendrils straggled down his face. He came to where I stood and turned his back and I wrapped the large towel around his slim body.

Most people find it awkward to dry off another person's body, but I had a lot of practice thanks to taking care of my pet and Heero was toweled off in no time. I kicked his dress towards the hamper and took hold of his leash again. It had gotten wet during the process, but it really didn't matter, I only used satin leashes and a little water wouldn't really harm it.


I took Heero towards the bedroom and he was making muted sounds of excitement behind me. I smiled and stroked my swelling cock through my pants as my own eagerness for what was going to happen grew.

The air inside my bedroom was chill compared to the rest of the apartment and I was thankful that I had taken such a hot bath. I pulled Heero to me by his leash and gave him a tongueless, open-mouthed kiss. When I broke the kiss, he pressed against me wanting more. I held him off by stroking a hand against his cheek, then unhooked his leash.

As soon it was off, he was away from me in a flash, leaping onto the bed and waiting for me. Heero rested on his knees, then bent forward, stretching his arms out like a cat. His ivory skin slid over the muscles of his back and he looked all the more delicate and pale as his limbs spread out over my black satin bedsheets. I grinned as I pulled my tee shirt off and stripped down to nothing to join him.

Baring my teeth in a feral grin, I pounced onto the bed to ravish my beautiful pet. I worked my arms under his and flipped him over so he was on his back. I was kneeling to the side of him, and wasted no time before lowering my head to swallow his cock.

I ran my tongue over the heated and slightly damp flesh, taking in as much as I could. Heero moaned and clutched his chest as I sucked him, slowly at first, then faster and harder until he practically writhed beneath me. I cupped the soft globes that nestled at the base of his cock and squeezed them gently as I worked my mouth, when I felt them tighten I pulled my mouth away. He mewled piteously as I threw my head back and gasped for air, a hot flush of desire tingling through my body.

I hooked a hand under his knee and swung his leg up and around, the satin sheets made moving his body around easy and with little effort I positioned Heero open before me. My fingers made a slow ascent up his body and he arched his back as I made a detour to pinch one of his nipples. I stroked the small brown oval until it stiffened to match his cock, then continued on my way until I got to his mouth.

"Lick," I said, my voice heavy with lust. Heero opened his mouth and I dipped my fingers inside, watching half-lidded as his small pink tongue coated my digits with saliva.

He lifted his bottom off the bed without urging and I smiled as I eased one slick finger past the tight ring of muscle. I stroked my finger inside him, pushing in as deep as I could and curving to reach the spot that would draw the loveliest sounds from his collared throat.

"Duo!" he cried out as I found his prostate, he jammed his hips down trying to force my finger farther inside him, but it was in to the knuckle. I placed my free hand on his chest and he quieted as I added a second finger. I worked my hand in and out, easing Heero open while playing with his nipples.

I used my own saliva to wet him further until I was satisfied that he was ready to accept me fully. Holding my cock with thumb and two fingers, I guided the head to the puckered opening that waited. I didn't press in immediately, just rubbed my cockhead against the slick flesh and enjoyed both the fiery sensations the friction aroused and the erotic sound of Heero's begging moans.

"Take me," he panted, his hands going to his throat and clutching his collar. It looked like he was trying to tear it off, but I knew he wasn't, he was holding it and securing himself in the knowledge that he was mine.

I plucked his tender nipple one last time then fell forward to rest my weight on one arm as I pressed into my pet's body. I waited too long and the penetration was painful for Heero, but he didn't resist or push me away, in fact he seemed to like it, as if knowing that being sore tomorrow would be one more thing to mark him as mine.

I hung my head down and my braid slithered over my shoulder as I began thrusting. The end of my braid brushed against the hollow of his throat and he arched his back and let his head roll backwards. I drove myself into Heero's body brutally and his body shook with each inward stroke. The headboard of the bed slammed against the wall like some primitive drumbeat that was accompanied by the high pitched tinkle of Heero's nametag.

"Duo. Nggh. Oh.. Duo! Harder!" Heero cried out, knuckles white around the stiff black leather of his slim collar.

His cries prompted me faster and a light sheen of sweat coated my body. I rose up on knees again and grabbed his hips so I could fuck my little Japanese pet harder like he wanted. The position allowed me more depth and his smooth ass slapped against me with each thrust. I knew I was getting close. I let my head tilt back and abandoned myself to pleasure.

I came powerfully, cum pulsing up through my cock to claim Heero's body as mine and mine alone.

I stayed inside him as he wasn't satisfied yet and snapped my fingers. He swam out of the haze of passion that fogged his mind and fluttered his eyes open.

"I want to watch you," I said.

Heero lifted a hand to his mouth and wet the area between thumb and forefinger. He kept his eyes on my face as he started masturbating. I groaned as I watched him sliding his fingers up and down his darkened shaft. The next time I glanced at his face his eyes were closed. He began moving his hand faster, no longer bothering with concentrating on the sensitive head; he gripped his fist around his cock and pumped frantically until I told him to slow down.

I had hardened again, never having slipped out and I rolled my hips. The fluid from my first orgasm coated the inside of my Heero's ass and I moved inside him easily. I slid in and out in long strokes until I felt my impending second orgasm draw my balls tight against my body. I told my pet he had permission to cum now and he panted as he brought himself to the edge.

A shower of white droplets spattered across his stomach, followed by one powerful stream that landed in a pool in the hollow just above his stomach. Watching Heero cum brought me to a second shuddering orgasm and I withdrew and lay exhausted on the bed beside him.

I kept one eye on Heero, as the show wasn't exactly over. He was a meticulous pet, even if you couldn't tell by the way his hair always looked tangled.

Heero half sat up and looked at his stomach as he scooped up his cum with his fingers. He brought sticky fingerfull after sticky fingerfull to his mouth and cleaned them like a cat, pink tongue sneaking out and drawing up along the finely boned digits. When he was done and there was no trace of fluid on his stomach, Heero curled up beside me.

I caressed his soft hair and told him that he could sleep with me in the bed tonight.

My little Hee-chan purred and curled up tighter, nuzzling his face into my side as I wrapped an arm around him.

I love my pet.


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