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Note: Yaoi. Lemon. Meaning: graphic sex between two males. Don't like, then don't read.
Content Warning: This is a BDSM fic containing collaring, light whipping and domination. Future chapter content is likely to vary widely and content will be listed in each chapter title for reader discretion.

Slave to Dreams
by Ponderosa

"You're late," he said as I walked in.

I removed my jacket and hung it behind the door, then turned wordlessly and lowered my gaze to the floor.

"No excuse? No explanation?"

I let my arms hang at my sides as Heero approached. He gripped my chin hard enough to bruise and forced me to look at him. His eyes burned cold. Locked in his steel blue gaze, my heart started pounding faster.

"Heero..." his name on my tongue was a fearful, wanton plea. A needy cry of dread and pure lust.

I heard a familiar jingle and even though I knew what it was he was holding, I couldn't help but try and look.

"Eyes on mine," he said and I instantly snapped my eyes back. He released my chin and unzipped the neck of my shirt. With practiced ease, he snapped a leash onto the collar at my throat.

He stepped back until the thin leather of my leash went slack. I could feel it sway in the space between us. Heero flickered his gaze to the floor and nodded.

I sank to my hands and knees and looked up through my bangs. The smooth hardwood floor was cool against my palms, but my body felt so hot and flushed that I hardly noticed.

"Crawl," he said and I did. I crawled the length of the hallway slowly with my head down. When I reached his feet, I pressed my forehead against the top of his boot. He wound my leash around his hand and pulled, forcing me up on to my knees. The collar bit into my jaw and I opened my mouth, panting lightly.

Heero stroked my head, fondly, as one might pet a favorite hound. The contact made me moan and he chuckled, letting the leash go slack again. The collar fell back into its usual spot.

His fingers ran through my hair, scratching lightly at my scalp. Gentle pleasure turned to sharp pain when Heero fisted a mass of my hair. Usually he just grabbed at my braid, but today, his fingers tangled just past my right temple and tore strands from the sensative flesh around my ear. I blinked back tears.

"Heero...," I begged.


He turned on his heel and let most of the coiled mass of the leash drop to the floor. I followed him down the hall and into the bedroom. The bed loomed large, dominating the room, just as Heero dominated me. He waited patiently as I undressed.

My fingers trembled as I unzipped my shirt the rest of the way and let it fall off my shoulders. The rest of my clothes were soon to follow and when I stood naked, but for my collar, Heero beckoned me to him.

I obediently closed the distance and he rewarded me with a kiss. His tongue thrust in to my mouth and I melted against him. He pushed me back and licked the side of my mouth once before taking me by the shoulders and twisting me to face the bed.

"Hands down," he commanded.

I leaned forward and placed my palms on the bed. My braid slid across my back, slipping over my shoulder to mimic the position of my arms. Heero stood behind me and his hands rested on my hips for a moment before they went their separate ways. One slid to my chest, pulling and plucking at one nipple then moving to pinch the other hard enough that I knew if he were to lick it, he'd taste a ferrous tang.

His other hand was busy opening his fly, loosing the erection that had been bulging since I had walked through the door. Heero pressed up against me and his breath was hot on the back of my neck. I groaned and pushed my hips back, grinding myself against the burning stiffness that I wanted so badly inside me.

"Tsk tsk," he clucked his tongue and with a nip to my shoulder, he pulled away. I whimpered and spread my legs as much as I thought he'd permit. He drew the length of my leash through his hands and said quietly, "Eager today aren't you."

"Yes," I moaned. The collar pulled against my throat, just enough to remind me I was his. I curved my spine more, opening, inviting, tempting.

"Too eager," he said and whipped the end of my leash across my buttocks.I cried out as the thin strip of leather marked me. My arms trembled and I couldn't hold back the tears. They slid down my face in fat drops, a few slipping in to my open mouth as I screamed and begged.

"Are you still so eager?" Heero whispered, stroking the leather of my leash ever so softly across the flesh it had so recently abused.

"Yes," I admitted. I could feel my pulse throbbing below my waist, from the reddened expanse of my ass to the erection that painted a trail of precum along the inside of my thigh.

Heero thrust into me without warning. The pain of the intrusion made me forget the smoldering agony of the whipping. His hands gripped my hips, fingers digging into the bone as he drove himself inside me.

It hurt like hell, but I was in heaven.

He hissed and leaned forward, pressing his chest against my back. His cock drove in to the hilt and each deep thrust that hit my prostate made me scream. I writhed against him. I knew that I didn't have to be so submissive now, he was absorbed in his own pleasure.

I rocked my hips back, meeting each thrust. My breath was ragged in my throat and my knuckles white as I clenched the covers of the bed. I came then; in long ropes of thick cum that clung to my thigh. Heero was close to his own orgasm; I could tell by the way he pulled back until only the head of his cock was in me and fucked me in long, deep strokes.

I felt his cock pulse inside me, filling me with liquid heat.

"Never forget that you're mine," he said withdrawing.

Limbs weak and trembling, I nodded meekly.

"I'm yours," I affirmed and thought privately, '..but next time, you'll be mine.'

"What did you say?" Heero asked...the REAL Heero...

My daydream shattered and I looked up from the book I'd been pretending to read, "Uh, did I say something?"


"Heh, just thinking aloud I guess."


"You know, this book is really good," I said in a suave attempt at changing the subject.

"It must be. You've been reading the same page for twenty minutes."



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