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Pairing: 2x1
Warning: [NC-17] Yaoi. Lemon. Fetish. Crossdressing. Collaring. Caging. Duo POV.
Spoilers: None.

Notes: This fic has a sequel Pet Hee-chan.

Slave to Dreams: Miss Attitude
by Ponderosa

A cage can be a beautiful thing, with its slim bars kept polished to a mirrorlike shine and an intricate lock clasped at the entrance. Often more beautiful than the cage itself though, is the creature kept safe within.

"Wake up, sleepyhead," I said.

My pet cracked open one deep-blue eye and yawned. He stretched his arms out from beneath his pile of blankets and emerged from his nest of pillows to wait patiently for me to unlock his cage.

"Hungry?" I asked as I swung open the door. I eyed the waking erection that swung heavily between his thighs as he crawled through the small opening.

Heero nodded and pressed bodily against my leg as I caressed the soft mass of his dark hair. He leaned into my touch, making soft sounds of contentment as I scratched lightly at his scalp. I crouched beside him and nuzzled his ear with my lips as I slid my hand down his taut belly and gave his stiff cock a few loving strokes. Before I got carried away and made myself late for work, I pressed a firm kiss on the top of the head and gave him permission to use the bathroom. With a pat to his bottom, I sent him on his way and headed into the kitchen to prepare our breakfast.

Eggs, mushrooms, peppers, sausage, I scrambled it all together roughly in a pan and divided it between my plate and his bowl. I poured a bit of orange juice into his water dish before I got myself a glass, and by the time I was sitting down to eat at the table, he appeared all freshened up and wearing what I'd left for him in the bathroom.

Today I'd chosen an ankle-length skirt of soft blue wool and a light green baby tee with 'Sweetly Sour' written in tiny rhinestones. Much of his stomach was left exposed and I called him over so I could place a few kisses around his navel and tell him how good he looked.

"I made your favourite," I said and gestured for Heero to go inspect his breakfast. He gathered the excess material of his skirt, bunching it in his lap before sitting down cross-legged beside his little round bowl.

"Eat up," I said and he dug in hungrily, thin fingers picking through the bits of his breakfast to eat the mushrooms first.

I smiled as I sipped my coffee and flipped the newspaper to a new page. He wasn't always this well behaved.


[Two months earlier.]


Heero glared and the tension was visible in his shoulders. He loved being told what to do in the bedroom, but hadn't quite adapted that willingness to domestic life yet. It was a warm day and he was allowed to escape the confines of dresses and skirts to be nude save for his thin leather collar.

"Stay." With that firm command, I left him and went into my bedroom. Book in hand, I lounged in the window seat, half reading while my ears remained alert for his whispering footsteps.


I shook my head disapprovingly and set my book down. Only three pages this time. Picking up the leash that coiled on my nightstand, I stood up to punish my pet.

"Come!" My tone was sharp and Heero slunk into the room. He looked properly ashamed at knowing I'd heard him moving, but looks could be deceiving.

"Chin up," I ordered and he lifted his chin. I snapped the leash onto the small ring in the center and held it taut as I looked him directly in the eye. "If you're to be my pet, I need to trust you, Hee-chan." I saw the flash in his eyes at the dreaded nickname, but he held his tongue.

"If I can't trust you to be good when I'm home and not watching," I said, as I led him down the hall towards the living room. "How can I trust you to be good when I'm not home and no one is watching."

I shook my head sadly as I nudged open the door to his cage with my boot. "You'll stay in here until I get back," I said, and I locked my naughty little pet inside.


I took a long walk and thought about what I should do about Heero. I even went so far as to drop by Wufei's to get his opinion. The answer he gave me was to try what had worked well for him, but I had enough trouble with one pet, I hardly needed two. I ended up doing a little shopping instead.

It was dark by the time I got back to my apartment and Heero was still sitting in the same spot. He was waiting in the center of his cage and tracked my movement as I dropped the bag full of my purchases on the coffee table and dropped down on the couch instead of freeing him.

"Are you going to let me out?" he asked.

"Are you going to be good?" I countered as I picked up the remote.

He didn't answer, so I turned on the television. After half an hour of random channel surfing, I heard his grudging "Yes."

I pushed the off button and tossed the remote back on the coffee table as I swung around to lock eyes with my pet. It was interesting, that although he frequently chose to disobey my commands, he never expressed the desire to have a different owner.

The silence stretched and I could tell Heero was growing uncomfortable under my scrutiny. His breathing had deepened and he blinked more frequently, dark lashes fluttering as he struggled not to look away first.

I continued staring into his beautiful blue eyes as I walked across the room. Putting my hand through the bars, I smiled as he pressed his face into my palm and slowly closed his eyes. Rubbing my thumb against the swell of his cheekbone, I reflected upon how lucky I was to have chosen him as my pet.

"I want to please you," he whispered, his soft lips tickling my wrist as he spoke.

"I haven't decided if I'm going to let you out," I said, running my hand down to finger the narrow collar buckled around his throat. "I don't know if you've learned your lesson."

"I can please you from here," he said in a whisper and he slipped a hand through the bars to lightly stroke the crotch of my jeans.

My cock twitched at the thought and I considered his request. "No biting," I warned when I finally gave in, even though he hadn't misbehaved in that fashion since I'd first brought him home.

Heero nodded eagerly and parted his lips, pink tongue wetting his lower lip in anticipation. I suppressed a shiver as I allowed him to unzip my pants and free my swelling cock. Guided by his fingers and the temptation of his warm mouth, I stepped forward and pressed my hips against the bars. The cage came up nearly to my shoulders, and I gripped the bars that ran along the top as I looked down to watch my pet suck me off.

He was watching me in turn, eyes gleaming through the silken fall of his hair as he ran his tongue along my length. His hands wrapped around the bars of his cage as he licked along the shaft a few times then forced his mouth and throat to accept as much of my cock as he could handle.

I groaned low in my throat as he got into a rhythm that had him swallowing most of my cock in long, slow strokes. The pressure of his mouth and the expert twists of his tongue had my breath coming quick within minutes and I knew I couldn't let Heero continue much longer if I didn't want to lose it. I tried to pull away, but as I did, he made such a piteous keening cry in the back of his throat that I couldn't deny him the privilege of bringing me to orgasm.

He moaned as I thrust my cock back between the bars and into his willing mouth. I moaned too, and the lock of the cage rattled as I moved my hips faster and faster until there was no turning back. I cried out in pleasure, clutching the bars hard enough that I expected them to break, as my seed spilled onto my pet's waiting tongue. I fell forward, resting my weight against the top of his cage as Heero continued to suckle my cock as it softened.

Eventually I pulled away and refastened my pants in a daze. I crouched in front of his cage, reaching inside to cradle his face and pull him forward. "My lovely pet," I whispered and kissed his forehead through the bars.

"Do you forgive me?" he asked breathily, nuzzling his nose against my chin.

"Yes," I answered. I kissed his forehead again and pulled the key to his cage from its place around my neck and unlocked the door.


I raised an eyebrow as I opened the cage door and I noticed that he was very much aroused. "Did you want permission to come?"

Heero shook his head and stayed put. "May I sleep in here tonight?"

I blinked in surprise and stood up to my full height. "You don't want to sleep in my bed?" Heero bit his lip and glanced up at me, unsure if his answer would make me angry.

Wufei had told me that after a while, my pet might want to sleep in his cage to reassure himself that he belonged to me. His cage didn't have to be a place for punishment, the confinement could be comforting. I smiled and tucked the key back under my shirt. "If you want to stay in your cage you can, but I'll leave it unlocked if you change your mind. I'll get you something to sleep on."

Heero seemed relieved that I understood and scooted back to wait as I brought him some of the larger pillows from the couch and a spare blanket.

"We'll have to buy you some pillows of your own," I said, watching him arrange his bedding inside the floor of his cage.

I was pleased to note my pet was excited by that idea and I felt a touch of pride at being his owner as I bid him goodnight.


The next morning, I awoke to find Heero's cage was empty and the bag that I had brought home the day before had been ransacked. Half of what I'd purchased was strewn around the living room and the special item I'd got for my pet was missing.

"Heero!" I shouted and heard a dull thunk against the wall from the direction of the bathroom. If he flushed it down the toilet, there'd be hell to pay.

"You litt-!" I cried as I slammed open the door to the bathroom.

He had been standing at the sink staring into the mirror and spun around guiltily. I heard the soft tinkle of metal on metal as his hand flew to his throat. My eyes went instantly to the ring of his collar and my anger withered when I spotted the engraved heart-shaped nametag I'd bought the day before.

"You little imp," I amended, opening my arms to my pet, "come here."

He flew into my arms, nestling his face against my chest and I held him close. Any lingering doubts I had about having chosen him as my pet disappeared and I knew even if he occasionally misbehaved, I'd never regret my decision to take him home with me.


"Duo..." my pet said tentatively and I mumbled a reply as I tried to read the paper.

"Duo..." he repeated with a bit more insistence, the slight whine in his voice hinting at 'I just did something bad'.

I snapped my newspaper and folded it carefully before glancing over at my pet. He was staring down at a spreading stain of orange juice that darkened the soft blue wool of his skirt.

"Hee-chan," I sighed. "Did you get any on your shirt?"

He shifted his eyes to scan the green fabric, then shook his head in a negative.

"Alright then, stand up," I said, rising to my feet and tucking my newspaper under the side of my plate. "What happened?"

"My dish keeps tipping over," he said frowning.

I grabbed a dish towel from the handle of the fridge and used it to mop up the drops of juice that beaded on the floor. "I guess I'll need to buy you a heavier bowl."

Heero shifted from foot to foot, excited at the prospect of getting a new dish. He didn't much like the plain round one that I insisted on making him eat out of.

"Let's get you out of that," I said, eyeing the mess on his skirt and reaching over to undo the button that kept it fastened at the side of his waist. The thick fabric rumpled as it slid to the tile of the floor and I knelt before Heero to pick it up when I spotted the wet gleam of liquid that had soaked through onto his skin.

The temptation was too great and I put my mouth to his thigh, licking up the sweet juice off of his leg. As my tongue cleaned the juice from his skin, I couldn't decide which of the two was sweeter. I grabbed the back of his legs and pulled him closer to test. His muscles quivered as he stepped out of the puddle of fabric around his ankles and his hands went to his chest, palm pressing flat and kneading his shirt as I ran my tongue higher on the inside of his thigh. Definitely not the juice, I concluded, as I savored the taste of his flesh.

When my mouth had found its way to the peak of his thighs and I rubbed my lips over the bulge trapped beneath his thin cotton underwear, being late for work didn't sound so bad any more.

"Go put your skirt in the hamper," I said, standing up and readjusting the matching bulge in my trousers before I sat down heavily in my chair. I could tell Heero was disappointed that I'd stopped as he bent down slowly to pick up his skirt.

"Fetch the bottle from the bedroom while you're at it," I added. That got him moving faster and he trotted briskly out of the kitchen. He came scampering back, bottle of lube clutched between his hands. He held it out to me with a small smile turning the corners of his mouth.

I grinned and flicked the little tag on his collar as I took the bottle from him. "Thank you, Hee-chan."

Heero smiled a little wider and waited with his heels together and arms straight down at his sides. He bounced lightly on the balls of his feet every so often as I took my time in undoing my pants and pushed them slowly down to my knees along with my boxers. I took my time unbuttoning my shirt as well, pushing it out of the way with my elbows before I dripped a good amount of lube onto my erection and invited my pet to shed his panties and climb into my lap.

Heero practically leapt onto me the moment he was free of his underwear, perching on my thighs and throwing his arms around my neck. He squirmed impatiently as I reached around him and searched between his cheeks to lube him up and prepare his body to accept the thickness of my cock.

"Now?" he asked, rocking back and forth against my fingers and trying to kiss me.

"Now," I confirmed, pulling my slick fingers free and wiping them on the outside of my leg. He made a soft purring sound in his throat as I grasped his bottom and lifted him up to ease him forward and onto my cock.

"Mmm... Duo..." he moaned, as the head of my cock penetrated his body. I thrust up in short strokes as the muscles of his ring learned to relax enough to take my entire length. "Duo... Duo..."

Heero rolled his head back as he wriggled against me, grinding down on my cock as I nibbled the skin above his slim black collar. "You're so warm," I whispered into his ear and he made that purring sound again as he clutched at me tighter. My fingers dug into the soft flesh of his ass and I slid him along my lap.

I tried to think about anything besides how damn good it felt to be inside him so I could last a little longer, but that was a failed attempt. The soft moans escaping his throat and the gentle pressure I felt when he wrapped my braid around his fist were driving me crazy.

The tag at his collar tinkled in time with the rhythmic move of our bodies and my breathing was growing more ragged with each writhing twist of his hips. The chair banged against the floor as I forced my hips up to thrust even deeper inside him and I bit into the pale skin of his shoulder as I lost myself to orgasm. The feel of my cock pulsing inside his body must have been enough to bring my pet over the edge too, as I felt the warm rush of his cum between our stomachs.

Heero's body went slack not long after and he fell forward heavily, burying his face against my neck and breathing deeply. I moved a hand to trace the imprint of my teeth that marred the skin of his shoulder.

"Does that hurt?" I asked.

"A little," he answered.

"I didn't mean to bite so hard," I told him, kissing the red marks and wrapping my arms around him.

"I like it," he said quietly. "It will remind me that I belong to you until it goes away."

I smiled at that. "What kind of food dish do you want?"

"Big," he said.

"Greedy," I admonished, giving his earlobe a playful lick.

My pet leaned back and gave me a dark look.

"Okay, okay," I laughed and tickled his spine. "A big dish it is, Miss Attitude."

Heero didn't even bristle at the nickname, he simply nodded with a satisfied look and lay his head against my shoulder again.

"I love you," I whispered into his hair.

My little pet snuggled closer against me and I smiled again as I gave him a nice big hug.

"Love you too," he mumbled.


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