Disclaimer: Characters belong to their respective copyright owners, like Sunrise/Sotsu/Bandai. Plot, if you can call it that, belongs to me. Pairing: 1xR 1+2 Warnings: [R] Yaoi. AU. Heero POV. At a party, Heero makes eye contact with a mysterious and potentially dangerous man who becomes all he can think about. (Ch 1 Contains some 1xR. Nothing explicit...as if I could write that, O_o;; but well just to warn ya if you're uber 1xR sensitive.)

Son of a Sable Night
by Ponderosa
Chapter 1

There was something different about the man standing by the gilded brass fireplace; something that set him apart from the other guests, and it was more than just the incredible length of his hair.

I chatted up a blonde girl as I tried to put my finger on exactly what it was about the man that made me feel...I wasn't even sure what it was that he made me feel. Anxiety? Fear? Desire? Maybe we had met before and the odd tingling on my skin was merely trying to tell me that I should recognize him. I hoped that was all it was.

He lifted his head and caught me watching him. Our eyes locked together for a moment and I turned away when he dipped his chin in a slight nod.

"It's warm in here, let's take a walk," I said to the blonde.

I needed to get out of the house and away from the man. He had nodded at me and that could've meant one of any number of things; most of which, I didn't care to dwell on.

"Let me tell my friends I'm leaving," the girl said.

I waited as she waved to get the attention of a pair of girls across the room and mouthed the words, "I'm leaving to get laid." Relena Dorlain, as she had introduced herself, was an optimist.

"So where do you live?" I asked, once we were outside of the too-warm house and away from the academics that made for an amazingly boring party.

She snuggled closer to my side. "Not too far from here."

We started walking in a direction she chose and spoke for a while about how I had gotten invited to the party and other requisite nonsense that neither of us really cared about.

Relena pressed even closer against me as our steps led us near an intersection; a subtle hint that she wanted me to head to the right. Other than a dog barking in the distance, the neighborhood was quiet. The streets were narrow, the sidewalks low curbed, and to complete the picture, there was a line of elms interrupted regularly by the sort of faux lantern street light that looked pretty, but only made the area around them seem darker instead of lighting up anything.

In order to turn the conversation away from myself, I asked her if she was a student.

"Environmental Ethics. I graduate this year," she said. "You?"

"I've called myself a writer," I replied.

"Would I have read something of yours?" she asked.

I smiled slightly. "Possibly."

"So what sort of writing?"

She slowed down a bit; we were getting close to her building.

"Poetry. Prose. Anything that struck my fancy at the time," I replied.

She stopped in front of a duplex covered in thick redwood shingles. "Recite me something from a poem you've written," Relena said.

"I would have given her the stars had she asked...or the moon. I would have..."

"...given her my heart. Yet never did she ask and never did I offer. We became the greatest couple that never would be," Relena finished for me and laughed. "I'm an EE major, but that doesn't mean I didn't take any English courses. You certainly picked an old and obscure poem to plagiarize. Next time, I expect to hear something you really wrote."

I chuckled softly and shrugged.

"If you didn't guess, this is my stop. Are you hungry, Heero?" she asked, snapping open the top of her purse to pull out her keys. "You arrived after the dinner half of the party and I didn't see you eat anything."

"I'm feeling a little hungry," I admitted.

"Want to come in for some tea and cookies?" she took a slow, backwards, step up onto her porch and smiled invitingly.

I accepted her invitation by following her up the steps. Relena pulled open the outer screen door, the aluminum frame rattled as she held it open with her elbow to slide her key into the lock. I lipped at her hair and rested my hands on her hips. I scanned the shadows and narrowed my eyes as I found what I was looking for.

Her house had bars on the windows and the screen door would rattle an alarm, I told myself as we stepped inside.

Relena stooped down to pick up a small white Pomeranian that had scrabbled off the couch to bark wildly at me. She apologized about the dog's uncharacteristic behavior and told me all about how it normally liked strangers as she scratched behind its ears and led me into a small kitchen.

"What kind of tea would you like?"

"Anything is fine, anything with caffeine is preferable," I answered.

The dog refused to stop snarling at me and Relena locked it in a small, adjacent laundry room. I inspected the eclectic clutter. Although it was full of souvenir spoons and racks of unique Tabasco sauce bottles, the kitchen looked empty of foodstuffs and I suspected that the stove was used more often to light cigarettes than cook anything.

"Irish breakfast tea?" She set the box down on the counter then reached up into the cupboard again; the sweater she wore pulled tight against her chest and I could see the white of her bra through the weave.

"Let's just skip the tea and cookies," I said into her ear.

She agreed with a moan.


The sex was rough and I left her too weak to ask me to stay.

I rarely had so little control and I blamed it on the man at the party. The man who had followed us discreetly and watched as I nipped at Relena's neck while she fumbled for her keys. The man who nodded at me again from the shadows in acknowledgement. The man who knew what I was.

I wished I could say the same about him.

Relena's screen door clattered its goodbye and I headed back through the residential streets towards the neighborhood where I was renting a house. I expected the man to melt out of each shadow, to approach me with those dangerous violet eyes that promised the end of my existence.

I was a little disappointed when I made it home with no incident.

Wufei was going to laugh at me, when I told him I was lusting over a man that was, in all odds, out to kill me.

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