Disclaimer: Characters belong to their respective copyright owners, such as Sunrise, Sotsu, Bandai. Plot, if you can call it that, belongs to me.

Pairing: 1x2x1
Warnings: None

Notes: Written for the Fall 2003 Moments of Rapture contest. Sharon, you're the best.

Softly Stirring
by Ponderosa

Rainbows swirl on the surface of the puddles. Step in them. Break up that twisted beauty. Let the water run clear, if only for a moment. Don't worry about your socks getting wet, because you have another pair.

It's not your philosophy, but take it to heart. Drink it down like hot chocolate and let it warm you from the inside out.


"I like it when you smile," he says.

"I like it when you make me smile," you reply.

When your eyes lock, and you know they will, don't shy away. Let the smile stay on your lips until he melts it with kisses.


Steam paints the windows of the train white. Wipe it away. Get a clear view of the outside, where lightning crackles across the sky. It's beautiful and a little bit frightening. It's something you can't control, and that's what you like so much about it.

It's just like him, you know. Remember that. Take notice of how his farewell hug has left you warm and bright while the world is cold and gray.


"Move in with me," he says.

"Let's find a new place," you reply.

When you find it, and you know you will, don't lose your nerve. Let the fear drain away from your body and let him replace it with anticipation.


Shadows fill the corner of your apartment. Flick on the light. Chase them away like you've chased away the shadows of your past. Shed your clothes as you have shed a lifetime of hurt, and tumble into bed with a smile.

It's bigger now that you have shared his, but close your eyes. Dream of pleasant things and the future that is filled with them.


"I want to tell you something," he says.

"What?" you reply.

When you lose your voice, and you know you will, don't worry. Let the love show in your embrace. Thank him, in your quiet way, for making you realize how lonely you used to be.


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