Slave to Dreams

[ a read and request style ficset by Ponderosa ]

This page to serves as both a chapter listing with longer summaries and more detailed content warning for reader discretion. All fics in this series are [Yaoi] and filled with [Lemon] flavored goodness. I sincerely hope you know that already seeing as how you clicked on the title to get in here, but if you didn't, now you do. So don't like? This is your chance to leave.

I've turned Slave to Dreams into a fic series of primarily unrelated shorts about the naughty little fantasies that run through the various G-boy's heads. POV/pairings vary and are noted. Some fics are extremely graphic and may contain disturbing images, so please be sure to read the chapter summaries below and notes and choose wisely.

If some fics become popular and/or worthy of a series all their own, I'll be separating them into their own storypost so they'll be easier to track.

All referenced illustrations can be found at [ Ponderosa's Website ]

  Slave to Dreams Original Post

Pairing: 1x2
POV: Duo. First Person
Content: BDSM. Domination. Collaring
Summary: Duo comes home late and his Master is displeased.
Notes: Minor whipping and rough sex. The fic ends on what I'll call a light note. *giggles*

  Pet Hee-Chan - Petshop Boy

Pairings: 2x1, mentions of 5x4x3 and 6x13
Warnings: [NC-17] Duo POV. AU. Fetish. Semi-crossover w/PSoH
Spoilers: None

  Miss Attitude

Pairing: 2X1
Genre: Fetish/X-dressing
Spoilers: None
Summary: Prequel to Pet Hee-chan. Heero is settling in to becoming Duo's pet.
Contains mild domination, crossdressing (Heero), collaring, caging, and roleplay.
Artwork: Yes

  Pet Hee-chan

Pairing: 2x1
POV: Duo. First Person
Content: Mild Domination. Crossdressing. Collaring. Caging. Roleplay
Summary: An obedient Hee-chan awaits his Master's return. The only problem is, he did something bad while his Master was out. Notes: Very submissive Heero. Loving, but firm Duo. Punishment is more mental than physical. I'm really happy with the way this one turned out. I was going to make Hee-chan into a catboy, but let's face it, you can't properly discipline a cat. Neko Hee-chan will have to wait for another fic
Illustration: "Miss Attitude"


Pairing: 2x1
POV: Duo. First Person
Content: Latex. Severe, non-consensual whipping. Wax torture
Summary: Duo repents for the deaths of all the men he brought about during the war, starting with Heero. Can he break the perfect soldier?
Notes: This one is pretty dark and um, I can't really think of anything else to say about it. Quick post after my last one for this set I know, but frankly I wanted to put up something a little less scary. Heehe.

  Relena's Big Night

Pairing: 1x2
POV: Third Person Personal
Content: Domination. Crossdressing. Shackling
Summary: Duo AND Relena torture. Heero forces Relena and Duo both into something horrible..
Notes: Relena makes almost anything disturbing. Maybe that was uncalled for... then again, I'm in an anti-Relena mood at the moment, so maybe it was. On with the torture. On with the bashing! In that light, I also can't believe how incredible cruel I was to Duo in this fic. -_-;; I'm expecting to burn for it. *sprays herself with flame retardant then yells 'Bring it On! I can take it!'*

  Tokyo Blue

Pairing: 2X1
POV: Third Person
Content: BDSM.
Summary: Duo spends the night in the company of a boy known as Tokyo Blue.
Notes: Mild angst. This is a thank you fic for Lev! *glomp*
Illustration: Tokyo Blue

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