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Heero POV. Bad humour
100 words.

A/N: I was pasting abandoned ficbits to [ suzume_sparrow ] one day and this was (I'm fairly sure) a scene cut from my Perfection get-together. Tweaked it a bit, and I was supposed to post it to [ gw500 ], but then I forgot, and now she's demanding I still post. So I am.

by Ponderosa

After Duo and I had been living together for about a month, I asked why he always bothered to put the seat down. He shrugged it off as a habit. Although I made a little speech about it being more time efficient to just leave it up -- we're both guys, after all -- I didn't think much of it until I walked in on him in the morning.

"Well, now you know my dirty little secret," Duo grumped, looking up at me with bleary eyes. "When the big, bad, God of Death wakes up, he likes to sit down to pee."


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