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Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: [NC-17] Yaoi. PWP. Lemon. Potential squickage due to abuse of foodstuffs during sex.
Spoilers: Appetite perhaps. XD

Note: Happy Thanksgiving. ^_^

Pumpkin Pie
by Ponderosa
Part 2

"I-" Duo began, his voice faltering. "That was-"

Heero smiled and kissed his lover on the cheek. "Fun?" he supplied helpfully.

"Yeah," Duo nodded in agreement and laughed softly to cover the twinge of embarrassment he felt as the full realization of what they'd done caught up with him. He fought down the urge to blush and leaned against Heero, resting his cheek on the firm muscle of Heero's shoulder. "I can't believe you... we... just did that."

"Is that a complaint?

"Well, no..." Duo rubbed his chin against Heero's collarbone and dropped a hand down to rest at the Japanese boy's hip. He slipped a finger under Heero's belt and gave it a little tug. "You need some relief now though..."

"Want to clean up first?" Heero asked, taking hold of Duo's wrist and massaging it with his thumb.

"I'm okay, unless you want me to," Duo answered.

Heero shook his head in a no. He slid his hand up Duo's arm to cradle the back of his lover's skull and pull him into a kiss. As their tongues wound together, he reached over and found the smooth wooden seat of one of the kitchen stools. It scraped a complaint as he slid it close and breaking away from the kiss, Heero said, "Face down."

"Yes sir..." Duo said, stretching his arms above his head and arching his back. His nipples were taut and Heero snuck a swift lick at one of the small brown ovals before Duo brought his arms back down. The braided boy flashed his lover an eager grin before draping himself face down over the stool. He spread his legs wide and wrapped his fingers around the smooth wood of the stool's bottom rung.

"Stay just like that and I'll be right back," Heero said, and Duo got an upside-down view of the Japanese boy heading briskly towards their bedroom. He closed his eyes in anticipation and imagined Heero coming back silently. Duo licked his lips at the thought of being surprised by his lover's cock shoved inside his ass with no warning, or a nice big smack across his backside. His imagination could only sustain him for so long though, and when it took more time than he expected for Heero to reappear, he started tapping his fingers against the legs of the stool and swaying his hips from side to side impatiently.

Finally, he heard the quiet slap of Heero's bare feet on the tile and Duo smiled to himself. He kept his eyes closed and raised his head with a hiss when he felt Heero's hand curve over his bare ass. Heero squeezed and massaged his fingers into the firm muscle beneath the soft flesh and Duo's lips parted with a groan when he felt the hot, wet tip of Heero's cock rub against his hole. He rose up on the balls of his feet, pressing back against the hard cock that lingered teasingly at the verge of penetration.

"Stop fooling around," he ground the frustrating plea out between his teeth. The Japanese boy chuckled in response and pulled away, tormenting Duo further by inserting the tip of his thumb instead.

"Heero!" Duo protested, twisting to look over his shoulder. His lover smirked back at him and worked his thumb repeated against the ring of muscle.

Whatever complaint was on the American's tongue melted away when Heero pushed his hips forward again. The ridge of his cock rubbed against the knuckle of his thumb as it barely entered Duo's body. Heero opened his mouth, letting an extra rush of saliva flow off his tongue and drip onto the gleaming shaft of his cock.

"Alright, no more fooling around," he said, and Duo gasped when the pressure of Heero's finger vanished and the head of his lover's cock plunged into him. Heero rocked gently as the ring that gripped his shaft relaxed enough that he could push in deeper without causing his lover any discomfort.

"Nnn... so hot.." Duo moaned, propping his hands on the edge of the seat and wriggling his hips back against Heero's slow thrusts.

"And you're still so cold," Heero replied, voice thick with pent up lust. The lack of heat inside Duo's passage made things so very different. The feeling of tight, slick warmth was a powerful combination, but now he could concentrate on the first two and Heero took full advantage of that. He pulled out until he could see the crown of his cock emerge before watching his length slide back in.

"You're doing a good job of warming me back up," Duo murmured, his back curving as he savoured the feeling of being filled by his lover's cock. He lifted his chin and let out one of the throaty moans that he knew Heero's loved to hear.

"Good," Heero groaned. He ran a hand up along Duo's spine, sliding his palm across the smooth skin as he buried himself to the hilt in Duo's body. He felt the muscles flexing beneath his fingers as he grasped his lover's shoulder and placed his other hand at Duo's hip, using both points as leverage to speed his thrusts and ram forcefully into the other boy's body.

Duo's mouth opened wide as the sensation of Heero's long, thick cock moving inside him sent pleasure coursing through his body. He felt as if he was either going to be split apart or the wooden seat he clutched was going to splinter under the strain of his white-knuckled grip. The legs of the stool screeched and banged against the tile, the entire thing moving as Heero's vigorous thrusts sent Duo's flesh rippling with each powerful impact.

"He- eh- Hee- ro- o?" Duo cried out between a row of almost howling moans.

"What?" the Japanese boy replied, timing the word with a particularly hard thrust.

Duo spit out a rush of unintelligible sounds that only his lover could have hoped to understand.

"Don't worry about it," Heero answered, slowing his thrusts as he bent forward against Duo's back and sucked at the curving nape of his neck.

"Are you kidding? I am not making a third pie," Duo cried, reaching out towards the controls on the front of the oven.

"What if I don't let you go," Heero growled playfully into his lover's thick hair and wrapped his arms around Duo's waist.

Duo snorted and reach back to smack his lover on the leg. "I just need to turn the heat down."

The timer on the microwave beeped its warning and Heero released his hold. He withdrew slowly, letting Duo go and tend to the pie. As the longhaired boy dealt with the oven and setting the timer again, he uncapped the bottle he'd brought with him from the bedroom and added a fresh coat of glistening lubricant to his cock.

"Done?" he asked, setting the bottle back down on the counter as Duo came sidling back. The American nodded and turned around, leaning his elbows on the counter this time as he offered himself to Heero again. Heero grasped the base of his cock to aim properly and slid back in with ease.

Being exposed to the air made him realize just how much Duo had warmed up and Heero reached around, running his fingers over the half-hard flesh of his lover's member. Left hand moving at the same pace as his hips, he tugged at Duo's cock until it was stiff in his palm. "Close your eyes," he said.

"Alright..." Duo replied with a hint of suspicion in his voice. He did as he was told, but it took all the willpower he had not to peek when he heard a sound he couldn't quite identify.

Heero moved his left hand away from Duo's cock, reaching further down to tug at the tight sac that nestled at the peak of his thighs. "Ready for more?" he purred the question in the exact tone he'd used when he had brought out the whipcream.

"Heero, you aren- Oh Fuck!" Duo shouted when the fist of Heero's right hand wrapped around his cock. This time he wasn't surprised by something freezing, rather it was just shy of being uncomfortably hot. When the warm scent of cinnamon drifted upwards, he cracked an eye open and peered down. "That's my..."

"...test run," Heero finished in a chuckle, as his fingers spread the creamy mess of warm pumpkin pie along Duo's length.

"It feels like warm hand lotion," Duo murmured in wonderment.

Heero made a low sound of agreement as he grabbed a second fistful out of the lumpy crusted failure. Most of it had squeezed between his fingers and fallen to the floor as he stroked his lover's erection. He was still thrusting, but barely, as Duo's panting breaths and the way his lover rolled his hips had him teetering on the brink of an explosive orgasm. When he rubbed his thumb around the head of Duo's cock and it drew out one of his lover's throaty moans, Heero couldn't hold back any longer. He thrust deeply into Duo's body, a ragged groan accompanying the half dozen pulses that filled the other boy's ass with his cum.

Duo felt the throb of Heero's cock and reached for his own cock desperately, wrapping his hand around the creamy, cinnamon scented mess of Heero's fingers. He twined his fingers between Heero's and pumped his length, helping his lover keep rhythm until the Japanese boy had enough control to do it himself. When he felt Heero pick up the pace again, he brought his hand to his stomach, rubbing the slick remnants of the pie filling across his abdomen.

Heero reached once more for the savaged remains of the pie at the edge of the counter and with a freshly warm handful, he gave Duo's cock his full attention. He worked as if it were an extension of his own, hand twisting and moving at a frenzied pace.

"Come for me," he growled, giving his lover's balls a firm squeeze. Heero started to withdraw as he concentrated the ministrations of his left hand at the head of Duo's cock.

Heero's passionate order echoing in his ear, and the warmth of his lover's cum rushing down the inside of his leg, Duo succumbed to orgasm with a strangled moan. His own seed spilled out, trailing over Heero's knuckles and down the front of his thighs.

"Shower..." Duo said after a few moments to catch his breath. He pointed lamely in the general direction of the bathroom and tried not to scratch at the smear of pie filling crusting on his stomach. "Now."

Heero glanced at the timer counting down in bright green numbers and made a mental note. "Yes dear," he said, picking his lover up and slinging him over his shoulder like a sack of flour.

Halfway down the hall, Duo's head jerked up and he squirmed to get down. "The timer!"

"Thirty minutes."

"Oh good," Duo sighed and went limp again. "I am not making a third pie."


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