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Pairing: 1x2
Warning: [NC-17] Yaoi. PWP. Lemon. Rimming. Potential squickage due to abuse of foodstuffs during anal play.
Spoilers: Appetite perhaps. XD

Notes: I wouldn't try this at home! You could literally freeze your ass off.

Pumpkin Pie
by Ponderosa
Part 1

"Pinch of ginger... check! Dash of nutmeg... check!"

Heero wandered into the kitchen warily. When Duo was cooking, there was bound to be a mess. He wasn't disappointed. Flour coated nearly every surface, eggshells littered the counter, bottles of spices huddled together like frightened children and a bottle of vanilla extract had tipped over and slowly dripped down onto the tile.

"Now where'd I put the cinnamon?" Duo spun around and his braid followed, swinging wide and sending the very bottle he was looking for flying into the air.

Heero caught it easily, shaking his head with a slight smile as he held it out for his exuberant lover. Cooling at the edge of the counter was the requisite failed test run, a woeful looking pie with a lumpy crust. "What was it this time?"

"Forgot the sugar," Duo said, wrinkling his nose and plucking the bottle of cinnamon from Heero's fingers. He shrugged his shoulders, grinning around the lid as he unscrewed it with his teeth.

Shaking a very liberal amount in the bowl he held in the crook of his arm, Duo tossed the open bottle back to Heero. "This one," he said, stirring the fine powder in to the orange mess, "is going to be perfect."

White shirt newly coated with a dusting of light brown cinnamon, and knowing it was too late to back out now, Heero capped the bottle and picked up the waiting pie pan. "I hope so, you promised me pumpkin pie."

"Don't worry, you'll get your pie," Duo said, smiling broadly as he poured the mixture into the pan that Heero held. A bit spilled over the edge of the uncooked crust, the glob taking a suicide dive to spatter onto Heero's shoes. "Alright, pop that baby into the oven, I'll set the timer."

Heero obliged, setting the pan filled with the wobbling orange mass carefully in the center of the oven rack. He closed the oven and heard the beep of the timer starting on the microwave.

"Only forty-five minutes," Duo sighed happily as he started cleaning up the disaster area he'd turned the kitchen into. "I can hardly wait. I love warm pumpkin pie."

"Hold still." Being in the process of moving used utinsels into the sink, Duo froze automatically with a wooden spoon in one hand.

"You have," Heero said, pushing aside Duo's hands to stare intensely at his chest, "something on your chest."

"I do?" Duo looked down, not seeing anything out of the ordinary. In fact, somehow his brand new barbeque apron seemed to be the only thing in the kitchen not spattered with pumpkin puree.

"Yes, right there," Heero tapped his finger at the center of the apron.

Duo set his wooden spoon down and untied the apron behind his back, pinching the sides to lift it out for a better look. The white material and blue lettering was miraculously pristine. "I'm still not seeing anything," he mumbled, and glanced up suspiciously at Heero.

"No? Well I do," Heero propped his arms on the counter at either side of Duo's waist. He leaned in close and Duo automatically tilted his head to the side. "It clearly says, 'Kiss the Cook.'"

Duo smirked and lay a hand on the left side of Heero's chest. Cinnamon dusted off at his touch as his fingers wandered around until they found the nipple hidden beneath Heero's shirt. He lowered his lashes with an innocent look as he teased it to stiffness, "Oh does it?"

"Mm hmm," Heero murmured, letting his lips hover scant millimeters away from Duo's. "Shall I do what it says?"

"You better," Duo replied. He thrust his hips forward, bringing his groin in full contact with Heero's and pinched the stiff nipple between his fingers hard enough to cause the Japanese boy to suck in a hissing breath. "You won't like what will happen if you don't."

"Oh really," Heero drew back a foot, sliding his hands beneath the edges of the heavy apron to toy with the waist of Duo's tattered 'lounging around' jeans.

"Yeah," Duo said, giving Heero's abused nipple another tweak before scratching his fingernails down the other boy's chest. He untucked the tails of Heero's plain white dress shirt and started unbuttoning it from the bottom up. "If you don't kiss the cook, you have to clean the kitchen."

Heero tapped his thumbnail against the button on Duo's jeans and pressed his lips together thoughtfully as he made a show of eyeing the mess. As Heero worked towards his oh-so-difficult decision, Duo undid the last of the buttons and pushed the shirt from his lover's broad shoulders.

"You better hurry up," Duo warned, stroking the firm muscles of Heero's upper arms. "Your window of opportunity is closing."

"It might not be so bad to disobey," Heero said teasingly. "Cleaning the kitchen doesn't sound too bad and it looks like the cook is planning to kiss me."

Duo opened his mouth to continue the banter when Heero pulled him close by the front of his jeans. The worn material complained at the rough treatment, a small tear forming alongside the zipper and the button popping free. Looping his arms around Heero's neck, the braided boy groaned as he felt his lover forego the zipper entirely and simply rip the denim, splitting it alongside the seam. His eyes closed as he felt cool hands sliding past his hips and down the back of his pants.

"But," Heero said, brushing his lips lightly against his lover's as he held him close, "I think I'll be a good boy and do as I'm told." He flicked his tongue out, tasting a hint of sugar before drawing the other boy's lower lip into his mouth and sucking gently.

Their tongues met and Heero felt Duo's pants falling down as he wormed his hands down to cup the curve of the American boy's ass. He deepened the kiss, mouth still working slowly, but with more attention to playful scrapes of teeth against tongue. Having worn no underwear, once the faded denim had fallen down to his thighs, Duo's growing erection was freed. With an answering bulge firming in his trousers, Heero pressed himself eagerly against Duo's rapidly stiffening cock.

Duo moaned into his lover's mouth as he wriggled his legs to shake one foot free of his pants. As the material slipped down, Heero's hands followed, fingertips grazing and teasing the cleft of Duo's ass before moving down to grasp his thighs and lift him up onto the counter.

Minutes passed before Heero broke the kiss and he smiled devilishly as he untangled Duo's legs from around his waist. He rubbed his hands along the other boy's thighs, pushing up the apron as he kneaded the toned muscles. He could feel the soft hairs beneath his palm as he worked his way up to grasp Duo's cock at the base. Bunching the apron to the side, he admired the slight curve of Duo's erection as he angled it away from the other boy's belly and drew the foreskin down to reveal all of the darkly flushed crown. The bead of precum gathered at the tip swelled as Heero lowered his head and gave his lover's cock a few strokes. Taking Duo's dripping cock into his mouth, Heero tunneled his tongue under the shaft and tightened his grip. Alternating between using his hand, his mouth, and both in concert, it wasn't long before Duo was thrusting up instinctively.

When Heero stopped right before the point of no return, Duo released the breath he'd been holding and lolled his head back, trying to calm his racing heart and avoid the urge to beg for more. Heero wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and waved a finger in the air, signalling the other boy to turn around and mouthed, "On your knees."

Removing his new apron and freeing his ankle of the remnants of his jeans, Duo left both crumpled together on the floor, then scooted back and flipped over, hands gripping one side of the island countertop as he got settled firmly on the smooth wooden surface. He heard Heero getting something out of the fridge and looked back over his shoulder curiously, mouth twisting in a grin when he saw what was in the Japanese boy's hand.

"Do you mind?" Heero asked, snapping the cap off of a whip cream can with his thumb.

"Not at all," Duo panted, nudging his knees apart more and arching his back.

Heero shook the can and sprayed a dollop at Duo's tailbone. Using his finger, he spread it around, painting swirls across the smooth cheeks of his lover's ass before lowering his head and licking up the streaks of white. Duo moaned, his legs quivering when a fresh burst of whip cream was sprayed at his tailbone. Heero's finger traced it downward this time, spreading the chilled cream over the soft skin surrounding Duo's heated entrance. Again, his tongue followed, gliding across the path dotted with swiftly melting puffs of white until it reached his lover's tight puckered hole.

Heero began flicking his tongue, teasing the sensitive flesh and sliding the cold metal of the can across the inside of Duo's thighs. The braided boy gasped for breath, throwing his head back and gripping the edge of the counter with white knuckles.

"God, Heero, more... please," he pleaded, writhing his hips in the hopes of anything beyond just the teasing tip of Heero's tongue.

"More?" Heero murmured as he pulled away and swallowed. "I can give you more."

"Good!" Duo cried, bucking his hips desperately.

Heero weighed the can of whip cream, judging how much was left. Satisfied that he wouldn't need to get another can, he wet the forefinger of his free hand and eased it into Duo. He slid his finger in repeatedly as Duo's body began to relax. The American was making low sounds of pleasure each time Heero's finger penetrated him and he rocked back to meet each insertion.

The Japanese boy sprayed a small amount as he moved his finger inside and out, using the whip cream itself to help keep the slim digit slicked. He had his mouth ready to catch the soft puff of white as it slid down. Meeting the cream as it fell, he licked upwards, running his tongue wide along the knot of smooth flesh that curved below his buried finger.

"Ready for more?" Heero asked, pulling his finger out and rubbing his thumb against the slightly loosened ring of muscle.

"Oh yeah," Duo breathed, and Heero smiled as he wet his fingers to apply a bit more saliva to his lover's ass.

"Here it comes," Heero said.

"Holy shit! Heero!" Duo's eyes opened wide as his muscles tightened reflexively around something small and hard and he realized exactly what the Japanese boy had meant by 'more.'

"Don't squirm," Heero warned as he tilted the can higher.

It was difficult not to, but Duo managed, knuckles going white again as his insides filled with shockingly cold whip cream. The sensation was unlike anything he'd experienced before. He could feel the cream melting inside him, turning into something remarkably like the watery remnants of sex. As more and more sprayed into his body though, he clenched his teeth; the temperature growing uncomfortable. "Enough, it's fucking freezing!"

Heero pulled the nozzle free, setting the can aside and licking up the streak of cream that leaked free and slid down the crevice of the other boy's ass. He gripped Duo's cheeks, pulling them further apart as he thrust his tongue deep inside to suck out the cream.

Swallowing a mouthful of half-melted whip cream, Heero pulled away, replacing his tongue with a finger again. He crooked his finger, stroking the hidden bundle of nerves and eliciting another round of gasps. The inside of Duo's body felt cool, a powerful contrast to the heat that his other hand sought out. When his fingers wrapped around his lover's cock, Heero added a second finger, burying the pair of digits as deep he could and unconciously timing each thrust with the strokes of his other hand.

Duo was practically shouting when he neared his peak. And he spent himself on the counter top when Heero placed a series of small love bites along the edge of his hip. The Japanese boy slowed his pace after Duo came, gently stroking his lover inside and out as the intensity of orgasm faded.

"Mmm..." Duo whispered, as Heero helped him down from the counter. The Japanese boy held him in his arms until strength returned to his legs.

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