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475 words
Futurefic - Crossdressing

No Occasion
by Ponderosa

The first thing he saw when he came through the door were Heero's socked feet dangling over the end of the couch. Duo slung a grin and tossed his keys in the dish. Heero sprawled out on the couch was always a good thing to come home to.

"Welcome home," Heero's voice trailed over to Duo lazily; he must have been sleeping.

"Traffic was a bitch," Duo said. He toed off his shoes before padding across the carpet. "Sorry I'm late."

He leaned over the back of the couch to smile down at his lover, and ended up lifting an eyebrow when he found Heero not just sprawled out, but sprawled out and wearing a soft sweater and a short skirt.

"You're not wearing plaid, so it isn't naughty schoolgirl night. What's the occasion?" Duo asked, reaching out to catch Heero's hand and draw it up to his mouth. His lips skimmed across the back of Heero's knuckles and earned him a languid smile. "It's not our anniversary, is it?"

"Just felt like it," Heero said, the smile widening and saying plainly that he knew full well that their anniversary was a date Duo would never forget. He twined their fingers together and tugged, urging Duo to join him.

"Looks good on you," Duo said. He put a knee up on the back of the couch and crawled directly over the cushions to settle on top of Heero.

Heero smirked and shifted, hooking one bare leg around Duo to get more comfortable. "I know."

"Princess," Duo teased, burrowing his face into Heero's neck to kiss him in one of the locations carefully mapped and marked out as one which never failed to make his lover squirm.

"Asshole," Heero growled before he lost his breath in a gasp and his hips twitched. He tipped his head back, offering more surface for Duo to explore, and he scraped the blunt nail of his thumb back and forth across the center of Duo's palm.

"If the high-heel fits," Duo chuckled.

"If the pot calls me that again, the kettle will be shoving that high-heel in his mouth," Heero countered.

"Ooh, kinky," Duo laughed, and he dropped a hand down to slip his fingers under the hem of Heero's skirt.

"You bet."

Duo smiled against Heero's throat and squeezed the fingers threaded with his own. "Missed you," he said.

His hand working its way under that deliciously short skirt came to rest against the sharp angle of Heero's hip, and Duo thumbed the elastic trim of the panties resting taut against smooth skin.

"How much?" Heero asked, as he untucked Duo's shirt so he could slide a hand down the back of Duo's slacks.

"This much," Duo said, grinding his hips and pressing the stiffening length of his cock against Heero's leg.

"That's a lot," Heero remarked.

"You bet."


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