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~650 words
PWP. Humour.

A/N: So, [ windsorblue ] wrote this [ flipping hilarious 3x4, 1+2 ] fic on [ gw500 ]. I tigged her in the comments which led to more silly, and eventually me agreeing to write the 2x1 smut if she wrote the 3x4. (For easy reference: [ my reply ], [ and the final two bits ]).

She came through with the [ 3x4 Parking Garage PWP ], so I'm fulfilling my end of the bargain...

In Good Supply
by Ponderosa

The logical thing for Heero to have done would have been to retreat and regroup. But when it came to Duo, Logic often eloped with Common Sense and took Ability to Form Sentences along on a three-day bender.

"Supply closet, huh? I never would've guessed, but Duo Maxwell aims to please. I am going to fuck you so hard your teeth are going to rattle for days."

"Grk," Heero said, when the door closed and took the light with it.

"God, you smell good."

Duo's lips touched his throat, and hands fumbled for his sides, tugging the hem of his shirt out of his slacks.

"I think a box of requisition forms is stabbing me in the side."

"Sshh, baby, it's part of the atmosphere."

"Wait, just move a little to the -- ohhh. Oh, fuck."

"Like that, do you? Damn, you're hard already. Is that a stapler in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?"

"I want to touch you."

"So, touch me."

Duo found his hand and pulled it between them, pressed fingers to the erection trapped against his thigh.


"I know... Lucky bastard, aren't I? Hung like a fucking horse! You ready for a ride? I've got a condom in my... damnit, I left my wallet in my locker. Fucking tight pants."


"You keep a little bit of everything in that desk of yours, don't you."

Heero didn't dignify that with an answer and tried to find Duo's mouth with his tongue.

"Mmfh. Wait."

He heard Duo rub his teeth with a finger, and then bite and tear the packet. A shiver of lust ran along his spine, and he pushed his pants down, spit on his fingers, and reached down behind himself.

"Are you... You are... God, what I wouldn't give for some light. Some time later, I want you spread out on my bed and fucking yourself with your fingers so I can watch."

"Roger that."

"Here, turn around... Good. Ouch, that was my foot. Oh, there we are. Perfect. Now, this stuff better not stain my pants. Do you have any idea how much I spent on these? Shit!"

"What was that?"

"I dropped the lube. I got some of it out bu-"

"Forget the lube and just shove your dick in me before I spontaneously combust."

Elbowing aside a tray full of Post-it note pads to prop his arms on the shelf, Heero spread his legs as much as he could and curved his back. Duo's fingers slipslid over his skin, found and slicked his hole with more wetness, and after a bit of shifting and fumbling, they were joined together. It was nothing but pure, fucking bliss. Gasping, Heero pushed back against Duo.

"I... oh, jesusfucknnggh. You are one tight piece of ass, Heero."

"M-more. You're not going to -- aaah -- b-break me. Oh...ohgodyes."

Something fell to the floor when Duo started to thrust harder, but Heero just nudged it away with his foot. He'd worry about it later, right now there was nothing to think about except the pleasure spreading liquid through his body. Teeth scraped against the fine hairs at the nape of his neck, and he bit the back of his arm to muffle a loud moan. Duo's hand found his dick, stroked him once, twice, and then he was coming, spilling over the knuckles of that firm grasp, his muscles tightening around the thick length slamming balls-deep into him. Not long after, Duo was slumping forward, chest moulded to his back, breath harsh and hot in his ear.

"We should have..."


"A really long..."


"Is that someone knocking on the door?"

"I don't care."

Duo laughed quietly and put his fingers to Heero's jaw, urging his head to turn enough that they could share a kiss.

"Me either," he said.


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