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Note: Yaoi. Lemon Meaning: graphic sex between two (or more) ^_^ guys. Don't like, then don't read.

Good Salesmanship
by Ponderosa
Chapter 3

[Three Days Later]


"I'm going shopping, anything you want from the market?"

"Hmm," I scratched my jaw and considered my roommate's question. I had a hankering for something...I just didn't know what it was. "I'm not sure. Mind if I tag along?"

Quatre paused with one hand in his purse and glanced up with a bright smile, "Not at all!" He loved it when I went places with him; probably because I always ended up being the one to carry all the shopping bags.

"Just let me find my boots."

"Here's one of them," my roommate said, bending at the waist to pick up one of my wayward boots. His short flared skirt flipped up in the back and gave me an unhindered view of his white cotton panties. What a little tease. If I hadn't been saving myself in the hopes of seeing that cute Japanese boy tonight at dinner, I would've done more than just slap Quatre on the bottom.

"Duo, you're so wicked," he scolded playfully, rubbing his butt where I had spanked him and holding out my boot to me by the laces.

Me? Wicked? Kinky maybe, perpetually thinking about sex maybe, but he was the wicked one and we both knew it.

"Go wait in the car," I growled and slapped his butt again when he spun around.


All eyes in the supermarket were on me and Duo! And rightfully so; we made an absolutely gorgeous couple. Not to mention I looked stunning today. Since it was summer, I was wearing my wide brimmed hat with the yellow ribbon and a cute little matching sundress printed with daisies.

The white clogs I had on made a satisfying clipclop as we toured the aisles one by one. We were halfway down the spice and baking goods aisle when I pulled on Duo's arm and made him stop the cart.

"Are we out of salt or something?" he asked, looking at the racks of spices.

"Wrong side of the aisle, Duo-kins," I said, putting a finger to his cheek and pushing his head around to look at the stacks upon stacks of little cans.

"Quatre! I told you I'm going out to dinner tonight, I don't have time to fool around this afternoon," he said, although I could tell he wanted to.

"Are you sure?" I said, picking up one of the cans and tracing my fingertip around the lid in a slow circle. "White chocolate?" I licked my upper lip slowly and let my saliva renew the shine of my lipgloss.

I pulled the lid off the can and hooked my finger into the aluminum ring of the inner seal, "Right here, right now, let me just have a little taste? Just unzip..pull that baby out...come on...one sweet little taste for sweet little me?..."

"Quatre..." he groaned and started the push the cart forward.

Duo was no fun today. I pouted and snatched a couple more cans of frosting and tossed them in the cart. They'd come in handy eventually.


Quatre traced his lip with his tongue and as I knew quite well, he had a very skillful tongue.

"Are you sure?" he said, trying to tempt me. Wickedwickedwicked.

My mind frantically latched on to the most unerotic image I could picture. Old Mrs. Une naked on a cold day! Old Mrs. Une naked on a cold day!

"...come on...one sweet little taste for sweet little me?..." Quatre cooed and I had to get moving before I took him up on the offer. As I pushed the cart into motion again I remembered why I didn't like going to the grocery store with my roommate. There was that time in the vegetable aisle with the cucumbers...that time in the meat section with the salami...or good lord, that time with the bagboy in the employee bathroom...no wait, that was actually pretty damn fun.

"So what time's your dinner tonight?" Quatre asked, flouncing ahead to rifle through the small foreign food section near the end of the aisle.

"Eight," I answered and slowed the cart when I neared him.

"Check these out, Duo-kins! Hot Kid brand Honey Balls!" he held up the orange canister gleefully. "Yumyum! Rolling around some Hot Kid's sweet balls in my mouth sounds really delicious to me. Wanna snack on these?" He was speaking extra loud for the benefit of the other shoppers and I chuckled. He was incorrigible.

The woman pulling milk out of the refrigerator at the back wall turned around to glare. Only she didn't glare at Quatre, she glared at me as if I was somehow to blame for his behavior. What a bitch.

"I'd rather snack on your balls, Quat," I said, equally loud and reached up under his skirt.

The woman fainted and her carton of milk exploded as it hit the ground.

"Cleanup on aisle 10!" Quatre shouted and we both had a good laugh as we bypassed the fallen lady. Maybe shopping with him wasn't as bad as I remembered.

We finally got all our items and headed for the checkout line. I said my normal hello to the checker and Quatre made chit chat with her while I eyed the bag-girl. She looked awfully familiar...


I hated this stupid uniform I had to wear. I looked horrible in blue and it had ruffly sleeves that itched like crazy. Why did Miss Noin have to fire me. I don't think that not making a sale in six months was a very good reason.

"Paper or plastic?" I sighed.

"Paper," the longhaired man answered. I shook open a bag and noticed that he was staring at me. Maybe I didn't look so bad in this uniform after all.

I wondered if Heero shopped here. That would be embarrassing, but at least I'd get to see him again. He never called me and I really needed to talk to him. We needed to finalize the guest list.

"Do I know you?" the man said to me as I was bagging the first of his items.

"I don't think so," I said nervously. Was he trying to pick me up? And in front of his girlfriend too?! Not to mention I was engaged! I told him that and he looked appropriately apologetic for having tried to hit on me.

"You sure I haven't seen you somewhere before?" he tried again as Hilde tore the receipt and shoved it into his girlfriend's hand. Did he have no shame?

"Leave me alone you pervert!" I put the last of his bags in his cart and shoved it at him so he'd leave me alone.

"Duo are you being a flirt again?" Hilde said to the man. "Don't mind Relena, she's just a little edgy. She's new on the job and has wedding jitters."

"Hey congratulations!" he smiled at me and tossed his receipt in one of the bags. "You going to invite me to the wedding?"

"Absolutely not!" I was shocked. The nerve of this guy. "My Heero wouldn't appreciate you being there!" My husband would definitely not want some guy showing up who only wanted to hit on me. Humph.

"Huh..." he paused for a moment, then shrugged his shoulders and smiled at me again. Does this guy ever not smile? "Well we'll see ya later girls. Bye Hilde! Catch ya next time, Relena."

I glared at him as he left, then turned to the next person in line.

"Paper or plastic?"

I hated this job. Maybe daddy could get Miss Noin to make me a sales representative again.

Stupid itchy sleeves. I hate blue. Life isn't fair.


"I don't think so... I'm engaged!" the girl practically shouted and I blinked. What did that have to do with anything? I just wanted to know if we'd met before.

"You sure I haven't seen you somewhere before?" I tried again. Maybe she just hadn't quite heard me right the first time.

She called me a pervert...

...and for once I hadn't even done anything. Heck, the only thing I did was smile at her. What was wrong with this chick?

"Duo are you being a flirt again?" Hilde asked me and laughed lightly. "Don't mind Relena, she's just a little edgy. She's new on the job and has wedding jitters."

"Hey congratulations!" I said to the girl as Quatre handed me the receipt to put in the cart. I grinned and teased, "You going to invite me to the wedding?"

"Absolutely not!" she looked like she'd just eaten a lemon. "My Heero wouldn't appreciate you being there!"

"Huh..." Did she just say Heero? Maybe she just stumbled over the word and meant to say hero. In any case, man, was she anal retentive. What bug crawled up her ass. Maybe she didn't get laid enough. "Well we'll see ya later girls."

"Bye Hilde," I flashed a grin at my favorite checker; she always gives me a discount. I decided to give it one more try and smile and make nice with the bagger, "Catch ya next time, Relena."

She lifted her nose and glared at me. Engaged my ass. She didn't even have a ring on...and what kind of woman could resist my smile? Must be a lesbian.


Duo is such a handy guy to keep around. I beamed at him as he loaded our groceries into the car. I didn't bother helping, he was so much stronger than I was and I'd just had my nails done today. Speaking of which, I held out my hand and waggled my fingers, this new shade of nailpolish I discovered looked gorgeous on me.

"Duo? Duo!" I turned my head to locate the source of the voice and saw a slim figure weaving through the cars towards us.

"Hey Duo! You're coming to dinner with us tonight right? Oh, who's this?" an Asian boy said, coming to halt and looking me up and down.

"Quatre Raberba Winner," I said, extending my hand. He didn't kiss it, just brushed me aside. I glared and pulled my hand back to my chest. What a rude boy.

"Quatre's my roommate," Duo said and grunted as he lifted two bags in each hand to swing them into the trunk.

"Really, um, yeah," the boy reached out and squeezed Duo's bicep and bounced on his toes. "You're so strong Mr. Maxwell!!"

I narrowed my eyes. Duo wasn't mine, but he sure as hell wasn't this boy's...but wait, was this the guy he wanted to see at dinner tonight? I tried to tell if the Asian boy looked Japanese or not, but I'm a horrible judge of ethnicity.

"Thanks, " Duo grinned and closed the trunk. "Wufei right?"

"Oooh! You remembered my name, you charmer you," the boy sidled up next to Duo. Definitely not the Japanese boy and gawd, what a slut. Just look at those shorts, his ass was halfway hanging out of them. I gnawed on the inside of my cheek and fingered the buckle of my belt as Duo humoured the boy.

"Let's go, Duo!" I said when I couldn't take it anymore and stamped my foot impatiently. I didn't want to have to sit here all day watching some guy flirt with my roommate.

"Back off bitch, can't you see we're talking," Wufei wheeled on me and glared.

"Talking? Sounds more like you're barking to me," I snapped back.


"Let's go, Duo!" Uh oh. I smelled trouble brewing.

"Back off bitch, can't you see we're talking?" Bigger uh oh. I walked faster through the cars towards where Wufei had slipped off.

"Talking? Sounds more like you're barking to me!" I emerged from between a pair of gigantic SUV's and spotted Wufei and a little blonde in a dress facing off.

"You know," Wufei said, leaning back and folding his arms over his chest. "You look kinda familiar. Have you spent time behind bars? Like at the zoo? I think I fed you peanuts once."

"I know for sure I've seen people like you before, only I had to pay admission at the circus. Did they kick you out or did you leave the sideshow of your own free will?" the blonde shot back.

"Hey, that's a great dress you have on," Wufei said, lowering his eyes to the blonde's pretty yellow sundress. "What brand is it? K-mart clearance?"

"Your parents are siblings, right?"

"Talk is cheap and so are you!" Wufei huffed and lifted his chin before turning back to man with the braid. "Well dearie, I just wanted to tell you-"

The blonde leapt at Wufei, clawing wildly and I ran the rest of the way to rescue my employer's houseboy before he got his hair pulled out.

"Quatre!" the longhaired man shouted and grabbed at his friend.



I smiled triumphantly as I was able to tear a few hairs out of that bitch's ponytail before Duo could stop me.

"Whore!" he glared at me over the arm of the tall man who had ran up and grabbed him.

"Slut!" I screamed and tried to get out of Duo's arms, but my roommate had a deathgrip on me.



"Ladies, please!" Duo shouted and I slumped back against his chest. Then I got an idea and turned around in his arms so I could nuzzle his neck and shoot a dirty triumphant look at the Asian boy.

"He started it," I said and pressed myself against Duo.

"Injustice! I did not!"

"Ahem. Who started it doesn't matter. If I let you go, do you promise not to attack the young lady again, Wufei?" the tall man said. Young lady...teehee.

"I guess...but that's no lady."

The tall man didn't say anything to that, he just released Wufei and the Asian boy gave me the finger before sashaying away.

"Stick that up your ass!" I yelled to his retreating back and Duo sighed and pulled me closer to him. His shoulder forced the brim of my hat back and it blew off, but the tall man caught it in the air. A man with reflexes...hmm...

"Quatre, calm down. I'm not going to be home in time to unload the groceries and get ready for dinner if I have to keep holding you."

"You can let me go," I said and the tall man in the very tight pants handed me back my hat. I gave him a bright smile as I clutched it and mouthed a few words of thanks.


I caught the blonde boy's hat as it flew off his head. I hadn't pinpointed the sex of the androgynous figure in the dress, but Wufei had neverfail gaydar and once he said the blonde was no lady, I took that to mean the cutie in the sundress was a boy. That also explained the houseboy's willingness to get into a catfight with the blonde, usually he just ignored women altogether.

"Quatre, calm down. I'm not going to be home in time to unload the groceries and get ready for dinner if I have to keep holding you," the braided man said and I remembered Mr. Khushrenada telling me that a guest by the name of Duo Maxwell would be joining them tonight.

"You can let me go," Quatre said and once Duo had freed him, I handed him back his hat. The yellow ribbon on it fluttered in the breeze as he held it to his chest and smiled at me. What a smile, if I wasn't gay already that smile could flip me in an instant.

"Thanks, handsome," the boy mouthed and glanced down at my crotch before winking at me. Wearing tight pants has its benefits.

"Allow me to apologize for Wufei's behavior. He's very...temperamental," I said.

"No harm no foul," Duo said as he pushed the front half of the shopping cart up on the small island next to his parking space.

"I'm Trowa, one of Mr. Khushrenada's bodyguards," I said. "I'm certain my employer's wouldn't be distressed if you were to bring this lovely creature to dinner with you." I smiled at the blonde and his eyes lit up.

Duo opened his car door and looked uncertain, "I don't know if-"

"I'm certain Mr. Khushrenada would insist on it if he had been here to witness Wufei's behavior..."

"Oh Duo and I know just what to wear too!" the blonde bounced up and down excitedly as he waited for his door to be unlocked.

"I'll tell my employers to expect an additional guest," I said and left quickly before the salesman could say no.

[That Evening]


"You look fine," I told Quatre for the third time since we'd gotten out of the car. "Now remember-"

"I know! I know!" he waved his hand and rolled his eyes. "Best behavior. I got it when you said it the first time...now you're sure this dress looks okay with these shoes?"

"Yes Quatre," I gritted my teeth as he stopped halfway up the steps and bent down to adjust - again - the ankle straps on the heels he was wearing.

"Mr. Maxwell," I looked up and spotted Treize waving at us from above. I was more than a little disappointed when it wasn't Heero who came out to greet me.

"Please, just Duo," I said as he jogged down to meet us. I shook his hand as Quatre stood up and smoothed down the front of his dress, then turned and introduced my roommate to the man.

"My deepest apologies for the rude conduct of my houseboy earlier today," Treize murmured as he brought Quatre's hand to his lips for a kiss.

"Yes. Wufei was quite the naughty boy," Zechs added, appearing at the top of the steps.

"Dinner is waiting; shall we?" Treize gestured towards the door and Quatre attached himself to my arm as we resumed our climb. "I apologize for the change of venue. I trust you aren't overly disappointed?"

"Not at all. In fact, I'm a little relieved. Fancy restaurants really aren't my thing."


I almost died when the tall handsome man, Treize, kissed my hand and apologized for the nasty things that slut had said to me earlier in the day. I looped my arm through Duo's and practically dragged him up the steps. This was like a dream come true! Here I was, going to dinner at a house full of gorgeous guys and one of them was that hottie Trowa.

The longhaired blonde who introduced himself as Zechs held the door open for me and when we got to the dining room he even pulled out my chair for me. My head was spinning from all the attention when I sat down next to Duo near the middle of the long rectangular table.

"Glad you could make it," someone said in my ear and then that gorgeous guy Trowa slid into the empty seat to my left.

"This is such a wonderful evening so far," I said and reached out to place my hand lightly on his. "Thanks ever so much for getting me invited. I didn't get a chance to properly introduce myself. I'm Quatre Raberba Winner."

"Trowa Barton, and it was the least I could do," he said and lifted his hand to brush a bit of my hair back behind my ear. I had to bite the inside of my cheek to not moan as his knuckles grazed my cheek.

I barely kept my hands to myself throughout dinner and I really needed a trip to the little girls room by the time the table was being cleared to make room for the dessert course; if I didn't do something about it, the rush job I did when I tucked wasn't going to hold up another round of watching Trowa eat or feeling his knee brush against mine beneath the table.

"If you don't mind, could you tell me the way to the little girls room?" I asked and Trowa gave me directions. I excused myself and grabbed my pocketbook before heading briskly out of the dining room and towards the stairs. Second door on the left...second door on the left...


"Check these out, Heero! Try em on!" Wufei pulled from his closet a pair of tight neon purple pants with faux fur at the ankles and tossed it towards me.

The hanger clattered as it hit the floor, muffled only slightly by the pants still attached to it.

"Oh come on, Heero," Wufei glared at me over an armful of clothes. "You're supposed to be spending time with me! "

"I'm supposed to be keeping you away from Mr. Khushrenada's guests," I corrected him and nudged the hideous pants away with the toe of my boot.

"Just cause you got caught the other day shouldn't mean you can't have any fun anymore. I thought you liked wearing my clothes! How about this one...come on...just look at it. It's perfect for you," he urged and held up a black haltertop with a lace up front.

"Wufei..." I tried to sound stern, but he was right. It was perfect for me. I looked damn good in skintight black numbers that showed off my arms.

"Here, let me get that ugly shirt off you," he purred and tossed the heap of clothes on the bed before strutting over to me. I glanced at the door I was supposed to be keeping him away from and rationalized that as long as I was keeping him occupied I was following orders.

"Are you sure you don't want to try on the pants?" Wufei asked as he unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off my shoulders.

"Positive," I dipped my head as he pulled the black haltertop over my arms.

"How about that new blue mini," he said and tightened the laces on the front of the shirt.

"The bright blue one?"

"No, the other one. It's dark enough to look black, but it shimmers blue."

"Got nailpolish to match?"

"Of course," Wufei reached his arms around me to make sure the shirt was even in the back. Then rested his hands on my hips for a moment and rubbed his nose against mine. "We're going to make you look extra fabulous tonight!"


Second door on the right...second door on the right...

I opened the door to the bathroom and found my looking down the barrel of a gun.

When I came back to consciousness, I was laying on the floor and that skank Wufei was hovering over me.

"You!" I tried to sit up quickly, but that made me dizzy and I almost fainted again, luckily someone caught me.

"I assume you took a wrong turn," a low dry voice told me and I put a hand to my head. "I apologize for scaring you."

"It's alright," I said and took a moment to gather my composure. "I was looking for the ladies' room."

"Other side of the hall, dearie," the slut said as he stood up straight and looked down at me.

"We're wearing the same shoes!" I exclaimed as I noticed he had on the exact same pair of strappy heels that I had on.

"Oh my god!" he said and crouched down again to examine my shoes. "Did you get these from Bunny's Boutique?"

"Yeah! I love that shop!"

"I love that shop too!" Wufei put his hands to his chest and gasped.

"Do you know Iria?"

"Of course I do!"

"She's my sister!"

"Really?! Wow!"

"She gave me a killer discount on these," I smiled proudly.

"Oh you bitch!" Wufei cried. "I'm so envious!"

I got a nice smug feeling and was able to sit up entirely on my own.

"Is that dress a Po Original?"

I nodded and the Chinese boy put a hand to his mouth, "I have a Po too! Only it's white and has a strappy back. You absolutely have to tell me what else you've got..." he said and lay a hand on my arm.

I guess Wufei wasn't so bad after all. You can't fault a guy when he has the same keen sense of fashion that you do.

"...and I'm so sorry for being snippy earlier. I didn't mean what I said about your dress. I actually liked it. I simply can't pull off yellow, but Heero can. Isn't that right, Heero?"


"It's the whore!" Wufei said in disbelief as I caught the blonde in the black dress as he fainted.

I set my gun on the vanity and lowered the boy's slim body to the floor. I grumbled to myself; so much for keeping Wufei away from the guest. The guest came to him. I hoped I wouldn't have to break up a catfight when the boy came to.

"I'll kill you if you cause trouble," I said to Wufei. I didn't want him fussing and attracting the whole household. Getting caught in drag once was enough for me.

"I'll be good," the houseboy assured me and leaned down to peer at the blonde.

"You!" the boy cried as he came to. He tried to sit up too fast and I managed to prop him up as he almost fainted a second time.

"I assume you took a wrong turn," I said. He had probably been looking for the bathroom. Or at least I hoped so. I apologized for scaring him and he confirmed my theory about the bathroom.

"Other side of the hall, dearie," Wufei said patronizingly and stood to look down his nose at the blonde.

"We're wearing the same shoes!" the boy I was propping up squealed.

"Oh my god!" Wufei squealed equally excited, all previous aversion towards the boy vanished as somewhere above us the Goddess of Fashion waved her magic wand.

I was going to be sick. Their mutual gushing went on for a full ten minutes before I couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm going to the bathroom to get changed," I told Wufei as I gathered my uniform. "Since you and whatisface are getting along so well. I don't think I need to bother keeping watch anymore."

Wufei waved at me distractedly as he led the blonde into his walk-in closet to show off his collection of shoes that rivaled Imelda Marcos'.


Quatre had been gone for an inordinately long time and I finally offered to find him.

"Go ahead," Mr. Khushrenada nodded and gave me permission.

"If Duo has no complaints, we'll retire to the eastern patio for the dessert course," the braided man said he was fine with the idea and I told him that I'd show Quatre the way once I located him.

"Trowa, why don't you take a couple dishes with you and stop by Wufei's room."

I nodded to Treize and the chef handed me two small plates of mille feuille off of the dessert tray. I nestled both plates on one arm and took the stairs two at a time. I saw the light on in the bathroom and I wondered if Quatre was feeling ill. I wanted to check on him immediately, but I had best deliver the desserts I was carrying first.

I knocked once to announce myself and opened the door; I expected Heero's gun to be aimed at me as I poked my head in. I'm convinced he'll shoot one of us someday. To my surprise there was no gun. There was no Heero or Wufei either.

"Heero? Wufei?" I stepped into the room and heard an astounding amount of squealing and giggling coming from the closet. I didn't believe it when I'd been told that Heero had been wearing Wufei's clothes and did the nasty in the music room with the salesman, but maybe I'd completely misjudged my quiet comrade.

I knew that I was risking my life trying to sneak a peek at Heero in what was likely a compromising position, but I couldn't help myself and I picked my way carefully through the litter of clothes and shoes towards the closet.

"You should try these on. I know they're a little tall, but they really make your calves look great," I heard Wufei say and I pushed my hair away from my face with my free hand; if I could get shot for looking, I wanted the best view possible. I peeked cautiously through the closet doorway and when I got a look at the two boys inside, I nearly dropped the desserts.


"...they really make your calves look great," my new best friend said and handed me a pair of black stiletto pumps. I was about to unzip the thigh high boots I had tried on when a loud clink startled me.

"Eeeee!" the sound apparently scared Wufei too and we both whipped our heads towards the door.

"Trowa!" I said gleefully and then it hit me. He was probably looking for me! I'd been gone for so long, I'd completely forgotten. "Oh Trowa! I'm sorry, I got a little sidetracked."

"It's alright," Trowa moved into the doorway and handed a plate with some sort of pastry on it to Wufei. "Where's Heero?"

"Oh well Quatre got lost and came in here and then we made up and we're friends now," Wufei paused to give me a hug and an air kiss that I happily returned, "so anyway, Heero went into the bathroom to clean off his makeup."

"...I see..." Trowa said and it was the truth...he was seeing a lot. I grinned inwardly; I had been trying on some of Wufei's clothes and I was between dresses at the moment.

"Is that for me?" I asked.

"If you want it, it's yours," he said and stepped aside to let Wufei out of the closet.

"Do you want to give it to me, Trowa?" I asked, taking a step towards the tall man; behind him, I saw Wufei wink at me and make a discreet exit. I'm so glad we were friends now.


Black garter belt and stockings disappearing into thigh high leather boots and tight little black satin panties with a matching spaghetti strapped bra... Quatre looked...he looked...I couldn't think of a word to describe how much he turned me on.

"Is that for me?" he asked and glanced at the plate I was carrying.

"If you want it, it's yours," I replied as I moved to let Wufei go by.

"Do you want to give it to me, Trowa?" the blonde took a step closer to me and he had the most wicked look on his face.

I wanted to give it to him alright. Hard.

"It's mille feuille," I said as I gave him the plate. I heard Wufei say he was going to tell Mr. Khushrenada that he and Quatre had apologized to eachother, then the door to his room clicked shut and I was alone with the blonde.

"Oh, isn't this the sort of pastry that's filled with cream?" he said and nudged aside a curl of white chocolate to dip his finger into the center of the pastry. "I like cream." Was that so...

"How is it?" I asked as he licked the cream off his finger.


"Mind if I have a taste?"

Quatre shook his head and offered me the plate. I took it from him and set it on top of a stack of shoeboxes, then closed the remaining distance between us and cupped his face in my hands. He parted his lips eagerly and the subtle sweetness of the dessert tasted delicious as I explored his mouth with my tongue.

He moaned as I slid my hands down to his waist and pulled him closer to force my tongue deeper into his mouth. His arms wrapped around my neck and his slender body melted against me. I bent my knee slightly and he straddled my leg, rubbing himself along my thigh urgently.

Quatre was an amazing kisser, his tongue was astoundingly dexterous and he curled it around mine as I explored the smoothness of his skin with my hands. I grasped and squeezed his bottom, massaging the soft flesh through the satin. I wanted to fuck him so badly I ached.

"Take these off," I said, breaking from the kiss and snapping the elastic of his panties.

He slid off my thigh and smiled at me as he unsnapped the clips holding up his stockings. The sheer black material stayed tight around his legs as he slid the panties down and stepped out of them. No longer constrained, his arousal stiffened to its full length and I smiled as I took him by the hand and led him towards Wufei's bed.


"Take these off," Trowa said, sliding a finger along my thigh and snapping the leg of my panties.

I was more than happy to obey. I unsnapped the clips at my stockings and did a little striptease as I slid my black satin panties down until I was standing there wearing nothing but boots, bra and a garter. His narrow lips curved into a smile and he took hold of my hand to lead me to Wufei's bed.

"Bend over," he said and I leaned forward, planting my hands on the firm mattress for support. The boots I was wearing had such high heels that they pointed my ass up naturally and I swayed my hips from side to side as I waited for Trowa to prepare himself.

"There's some lube in my pocketbook," I said helpfully, right before a slick finger slid into my body. "Nevermind..." I groaned and lowered my head as Trowa loosened me up.

I heard the jingle of his belt buckle as he used his other hand to unfasten his slacks. I was so ready for him. I wriggled against his finger and I heard his pants slithering to the floor before he put a hand on the small of my back and inserted a second finger into my ass.

"Mmm.. Yeah..." I moaned and reached one hand back. I wanted to feel his cock. "Let me touch you."

Stiff heated flesh brushed against my fingers and I explored his length blindly. He was long, a good eight inches and I panted just from the thought of having him in me to the hilt. I released him with a low moan and tried to lift my hips higher as I waited for Trowa to remove his fingers and guide his cock into me.

My hand had come away wet with Vaseline and I hoped Wufei didn't mind that I was getting it on his bed. I didn't worry about that for long, Trowa had removed his fingers and I felt the wide tip of his cock press against my ass.

"In me. Please, Trowa," I begged, and I squinted my eyes shut as the pressure increased and my body stretched to allow him entrance.


I pulled my fingers out of the boy and placed my thumb along the inside of his cleft to spread him wide so I could aim properly. He was begging me to fuck him and I didn't care to make him wait.

He let out a low breathy moan as I penetrated him. To say the boy was tight would be an understatement. I had known it when I had my fingers in him, but now I became gloriously aware of just how tight his body was.

"Shall I give it to you?" I bucked my hips slightly and Quatre whimpered a yes.

" I didn't hear you," I said and spread his cheeks apart with my hands to watch as my cock slid nearly all the way out of his body.

"Give it to me, Trowa," he begged and I teased him by pulling out entirely.

"You didn't say that loud enough," I said, kneading the soft globes of his bottom and letting my cockhead rest right at his entrance.

"Give it to me," he said and I pushed in an inch, then pulled out again.


"Give it to me! Give it to me hard!" he cried out.

I gave it to him. In one deep stroke that had him screaming and clawing at Wufei's blankets.

I held his hips and pounded into him as hard as I could until I felt myself nearing my peak. To stave off coming so quickly, I wrapped my arms around him and urged him to stand. With the high heeled boots he was wearing, I barely had to bend my knees to accommodate the new position.

Quatre's hair smelled like raspberries and I whispered into the golden strands as I moved inside him slowly and ran my hands across his stomach. He raised his arms to lace his hands behind my neck and arched his back against my chest; he was making soft sounds of pleasure that threatened to bring me just as close to orgasm as fucking him ruthlessly had.

I kissed the soft skin near the inside of his elbow and wrapped my fingers around his erection. He moaned my name and lifted a leg to rest the toe of his boot on the edge of Wufei's bed. With easier access I sped up my thrusts and nipped at the skin of his arm as the tightness of his body overcame my control.


"It feels so good being inside you," Trowa murmured into my hair.

He was fucking me slowly and I felt his powerful heartbeat against my back. Standing as I was, he couldn't really make long thrusts, but that was fine with me; his cock was still deep inside me and the pressure and sensation of fullness was just as pleasurable. Trowa's long fingers slid across my stomach and chest, pausing every so often to circle my bellybutton or rub my nipples. I put my arms up and back, moaning and quivering as every so often I felt his cock brush against my prostate.

When he stopped nuzzling my hair and kissing the sensitive flesh of my inner arm, I knew I wasn't going to last much longer.

"Trowa..." I moaned as those slender fingers of his wrapped around my arousal and I lifted my right leg up to rest on the bed.

He started fucking me faster immediately and I squinted my eyes shut as his lips and teeth on my arm took me over the edge.

"God yes!" I cried out as I came. Trowa thrust into me one final time before he climaxed too. He was still lightly stroking my cock as the last of his seed pumped into my body and I slowly lowered my quivering leg from off of the bed.

"Mmmmm," I wriggled my back against him and he held me close. I felt his cock beginning to soften and start to slip out of my body, so I pressed back against him to keep him inside me for just a little longer.

"You're amazing," he said and kissed the places on my arm where he'd left teethmarks.

"I know," I replied. "Let's do this again sometime; alright Trowa?"

"I'm off every evening for the next week and a half."


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