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Warnings: [NC-17] Multiple Pairings. Yaoi. Lemon. Fetish. AU. OOC. X-dressing. Sextoys. Rampant Silliness. Multiple POV. (Ch 2: 13x6, 13x5. Heero answers the door to find another salesperson on the stoop and houseboy Wufei is busy trying to hide from Zechs.)

Note: Yaoi. Lemon Meaning: graphic sex between two (or more) ^_^ guys. Don't like, then don't read.

Good Salesmanship
by Ponderosa
Chapter 2


"Eeeee!" exclaimed Wufei when my lover's questing fingers caught him with a firm pinch on the bum. He's such a cute boy. I'm certainly glad I hired him.

The scene we stumbled upon in the music room had me completely perplexed. The handsome stranger standing there had said something to Heero that made the Japanese boy's lips press into a tight line. Although the braided man's presence was unexpected, it was far less puzzling than why my head of security was in a skirt and heels and had apparently just had sex. I deigned to skip the period of pretending to be amused and immediately schooled my face into an expression that clearly said 'what exactly is going on here.'

"I can explain," Heero said. He was holding a condom in one hand; a very full condom, one that stretched towards the floor like an obscene mockery of a water balloon.

"I can explain," he said again, crumpling in his other hand a lacy powder blue thong that I recognized as one that Zechs had bought for the houseboy. In fact, if I wasn't mistaken the blouse and skirt was Wufei's also.

"Please do," I prompted him, resting a hand on my hip and giving my bodyguard the hairy eyeball. With the way Heero's eyes kept flickering upwards as if trying to access some mental database of excuses, it became very clear that he in fact could not explain.

"Alright, I can't explain," he snapped in frustration and crumpled the panties in his fist.

"We'll discuss this later, why don't you go get changed," I told him and he slunk past me like a scolded dog.


Mr. Merquise pinches hard. I rubbed my bottom and glared at him. He made a kissy face at me and winked. That man drives me insane.

"Alright, I can't explain," Heero said in a huffy tone and Mr. Khushrenada was kind enough to dismiss him. He practically slunk out of the room and I took a moment to feel sorry for him.

The moment passed. Time to get back to more important things. Duo was picking an empty tube of lubricant off the floor and I got a nice view of his ass as his pants stretched tight.

"I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting you before. My name is Treize," Mr. Khushrenada said to the salesman who straightened and introduced himself again.

"Catalonia Enterprises?! You sell sextoys?!" Zechs cried out ecstatically and moved to greet the man. The irritating blonde pinched my butt _again_ on his way past me. I wish Mr. Khushrenada would just dump the horny pervert.

"Are you familiar with our product line?" Duo asked, he nodded politely in lieu of shaking hands. The man was not only cute, but thoughtful too; not that Mr. Merquise would care about getting a little jizz on his hands.

"Am I?" Zechs laughed and clapped the shorter brunette on the shoulder. "We've bought quite a bit from your company's catalog. What I'd really like to know is if you've got any new goodies coming out soon..."

"You'd be surprised how many products aren't listed in our catalog..." Duo began and the two longhaired men launched into a lengthy conversation.


I chatted quite some time with the two masters of the house and I gave the blonde the last of my business cards before I explained that I had to get going. The houseboy was kind enough to walk me to the door and I added a little swagger to my hips since that was where his eyes were so obviously glued. I'm such an accommodating guy.

This had certainly been my lucky day. Not only did I get laid, I sold more than my quota, got a very solid promise for future sales and an invitation to dinner at the swankiest restaurant in the city. I couldn't wait to tell Quatre about all this when I got home.

I was in such a good mood, I whistled a little tune as I trotted down the steps. The jasmine smelled doubly wonderful this time around and the silver case in my hands was light as a feather.

As I neared the middle, I met a girl climbing up and I stood to the side to let her pass. I smiled at her, but she didn't seem affected in the least. Must be a lesbian, I shrugged and went back to whistling as I headed down to my car.


As soon as the salesman was gone, Mr. Khushrenada called me to his office and gave me a brief dressing down. He told me that since I was obviously feeling just fine, I could return to my duties and that I'd be taking over Trowa's evening shift for the next two weeks. Damn.

It was my own fault, I shouldn't have lied to the boss. At least he didn't fire me.

I exited his office was heading for the front door to track down Trowa when I saw a shadowy figure on the other side of the stained glass.


Not again.

*Bzzt!* *Bzzt!* *Bzzzzzzt!!*

What was their problem? Wasn't hitting the buzzer once enough?

"Heeeeeelllllooooooooooo?!" *Bzzzzzzzzzt!* *Bzzzzzzzt!*

I made it to the door and opened it, then immediately wished I hadn't.

"Avon Calling!" said the young saleswoman on the stoop.

"Not interested," I said and started to close the door. She wedged a pink shoe in the doorway and I sighed heavily. "Look, there aren't any women living here. Not interested. Go away."

"Now that's a misconception," the girl said, flipping her hair back. "We have products that interest men too. Plus, I'm sure I have something that would be perfect for your wife."

"I'm not married and I'm not interested. Go away," I said and tried to close the door again. This time she threw her arm against the door to keep it open.

"Not married? Well your girlfriend then," she said.

"I don't have a girlfriend either," I told her and tried to force the door shut. She wouldn't budge and I really didn't want to risk breaking the door.

"No girlfriend? Then why do you have lipstick smeared on your- Oh nevermind," she smiled and I hastily scrubbed my lips with the back of my hand. Wufei and his damn smudgeproof crap, it's impossible to get off all the way. "Do you mind if I come in? I'd like to show you our new line of bath products."

"Heero? Guess what? We're going out to dinner wi-" Wufei came up next to me and blinked upon seeing the girl at the door. I understood his reaction completely. That much pink was like a slap in the face.

She stepped back to dip into a politely curtsey and I didn't waste the opportunity.



I skipped over to Heero and Trowa ready to tell them my good news and saw that it wasn't Mr. Skintightpants that he was talking to. Bummer. It ended up just being some girl...

Whoa. Good god. Who dressed this poor thing? Pink? Puhlease, that is soooo AC 192. Pfft.

The girl in the pink blouse, pink knee-length skirt, pink pantyhose, pink one inch heels, with a pink scarf around her neck and wearing pink lipstick started to curtsey to me when Heero slammed the door hard enough that the glass rattled and I was afraid it would break. He can be so rude. I adore that in a man.

"Who was the girl?" I asked and pinched his sleeve, but he just glared at me and stomped down the hall. Heero was downright tasty when he was miffed. I could just eat him up. I licked my lips and imagined going down on him when I heard the girl say something on the other side of the door.

I didn't really care to open it and ask her to repeat herself. I could do without looking at that walking crime against fashion a second time; I truly can't stand pink, in either sense of the word. Sure I had noticed that the girl's legs were rather manly, but good lord, I only want manly legs if they're attached to a man!

"Wuuuufffeeiiii!" Mr. Merquise's voice floated down from upstairs. Oh no! He was looking for me again!

"Eeeee!" No time to stand around. I had to find a new hiding spot, and this time I wasn't going to tell Trowa about it; I refuse to believe that Zechs just _happened_ to open the cupboard I was in entirely by chance.


On my way up to the house, I saw someone coming down the steps. I'm not sure why, but I was struck by a sudden dislike of the man. It was probably what he wore. The only people who wear all black are creepy, like activists and stalkers. I clucked my tongue disapprovingly and clutched my case harder as I passed him by.

When I got the door, I rubbed my finger against my teeth to make sure there wasn't any lipstick on them and pressed the buzzer. I waited two seconds but no one answered, so I pressed it again. Maybe it wasn't loud enough. I pressed the little white button several more times and called out before pushing it again; this time, I pushed it extra hard.

"Yes?" an absolutely gorgeous looking guy answered the door.

"Avon Calling!" I smiled at him and tilted my head to the side. Act cute, I reminded myself. Cute sells!

He tried to close the door in my face, but I knew all the tricks; like the good ole foot in the door. He then attempted to get rid of me by using the 'no women here' bit, but I knew he was lying. He had lipstick smeared around his mouth. Maybe that was why he was grumpy, I had probably interrupted some hot session with his girlfriend.

"I'm sure I have something that would interest your wife," I tendered. It was half sales-pitch and half digging for information. I didn't see a ring on his finger and I perked up when he confirmed that he wasn't married. So girlfriend it was and girlfriends can be easily dumped.

"...your girlfriend then..." I said and I nearly died of excitement when he said he was unattached. But then...

"No girlfriend? Then why do you have lipstick smeared on your-..." Of course! He was probably fooling around with the help, well I was a far sight better than some lowly housemaid. I smiled my prettiest smile at him and asked if I could come in.

"Heero?" said another Asian boy as he appeared at the door. I curtsied politely to the new boy to thank him for letting me know what my future husband's name was.


Huh. The wind must have torn the door free from Heero's grasp.

"My name's Relena Peacecraft," I held my hand out and introduced myself to the door to practice for when Heero opened it again.

Much to my dismay, my cellphone went off. I let it go unanswered for a few seconds so I could hum along with my ringtone.

"Ma-ma-ma-material-terial... ahem... Hello?" I answered it before the call could get routed to my voice mail. My boss was on the line and she told me she needed me at the district office immediately. Phooey! By the time I hung up, Heero still hadn't managed to get the door open, it must have gotten stuck pretty badly.

"Heeeeeeroooo! I'm leaving my card for youuu!" I called out so he'd know it was there when he got the door open again. I bent down and tucked it under the corner of the welcome mat that said [Nice Underwear!]

"I don't get it," I said, frowning at the mat. "Nice Underwear? What's that supposed to mean." Oh well, I shrugged. I had better go see Miss Noin right away.


"Feifei! Where aaaaare youuuu, darling?"

Doesn't the man ever give up? I peered out from behind the fern and sighed. This was a far cry from my cupboard, the plant hardly offered any cover.

"Are you in the library or the conservatory, Feifei? No don't tell me, I'll find you!"

"Kisama!" I snuck out from behind my fern and approached the door warily. Hopefully Zechs would check the library first and I could sprint down the hallway. I heard a muted jingle in the distance as he pushed aside the chain curtain in front of the library's fireplace.

Perfect! I ran out into the hall.

"OoooOoOoooh! I hear the patter of your feet darling!"

He wasn't the only one hearing footsteps. My ears clearly picked up the sound of Zechs' boots as he abandoned searching the fireplace and headed for the hallway I was in. I ducked into the first available room and hid in the first obvious spot. Too bad there was no time to find anything better, I lamented as I scrunched up under a desk.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are!" by the sound of it, Zechs was in the conservatory now. Good thing I had gotten out of there when I did.

After a few minutes, long enough that I was able to calm my pounding heart and start working up the nerve to sneak out, footsteps sounded in the room. My breath caught in my throat and my pulse began racing again. I must've misjudged where the pervert's voice had been coming from, either that or he was checking the rooms one by one; that would be just like him. I plastered myself against the modesty panel of the desk and was thankful that at least the thing came down all the way to the floor and I couldn't be seen from the other side.

A pair of gleaming black shoes appeared in front of my eyes and I felt a wave of relief. Mr. Merquise wore boots... The relief was short lived. The shoes meant that I had taken refuge in Mr. Khushrenada's office!


"Come out, come out, wherever you are!" Zechs' singsong call bounced around in the conservatory and I stopped in to give him a quick kiss on the cheek and check on my price winning orchids.

"Chasing the houseboy again?"

"Of course. Have you seen him, dear?" I shook my head and he didn't look disappointed.

"Well a tip would've been nice, but the hunt is half the fun."

I chuckled and wished him good luck, then headed to my office.

Returning to my desk, I could've sworn I had pushed in my chair, but with all of my work lately, I'm prone to leaving little things like that undone. If only my secretary hadn't gone and had a nervous breakdown, she had been quite the good worker.

The vase I had taken to fill with fresh water was set back down in its proper spot on the corner of my desk and I shifted the roses slightly before sitting down. Perfect.

I pulled my laptop into the center of the forest green ink blotter and turned it on. First things first, I went to check my email.

"Spam..." I sighed. Salesmen hiding behind machines to do their work. Hardly sporting. I'll never subscribe to such a system. "..viagra..mortgage..weight loss.." Delete. Delete. Delete.

'Barely legal! Hot Asian boys! Free preview!'

I looked up towards the door and back at my computer screen. No one was likely to disturb me and after watching Wufei strut around in those little neon green short-shorts of his all day, I needed a good wank.


"..viagra..mortgage..weight loss.." Treize was grumbling and I heard him hitting a single key on his keyboard repeatedly. He must have been going through his email.

My legs were starting to cramp up, my shorts were riding up and staring at Mr. Khushrenada's crotch was getting to me. I was uncomfortable as hell, but what could I do? It was way past the time when I could've made an excuse like "oops I dropped something under your desk".

He scooted back from his desk and I nearly moaned with relief. I could stretch a little bit and hopefully he'd be going out and I could escape. I heard him walk to the door and close it, and I started to crawl out when I heard his footsteps. He was still in the room!

I scrabbled back under his desk and narrowly missed being nudged by his left foot as I hadn't anticipated that he'd sit with his legs more or less spread as wide as they could get. Just wonderful. Now I had an even better view of his crotch. I was starting to drool.

I hugged my knees and huddled in the very rear center of the space and prayed that whatever work he had to do wouldn't take very long.

=clackclackclack= -clicketyclick- =clackclackclackclack=

A couple minutes had passed since Treize had settled into his chair again and I noticed something very interesting. Very, very, very interesting and becoming more interesting by the second.

My employer was getting a hard-on.


I surfed around through the maze of ads and was about to give up on the site when I found their movie clip previews. In case it had sound, I muted my laptop and clicked on the link of the first one.

The movie downloaded quickly enough and began to play. It was just what I had been looking for and featured a young attractive Asian boy laying on his back pushing a vibrator into his ass and jerking off.

I was getting hard, but I held off touching myself and just let myself enjoy the clip. When it finished, I clicked on the second one. As a pair of good-looking boys started screwing on my screen, I couldn't resist any longer and unfastened my trousers. My cock sprung out and into my waiting hand and I stroked myself leisurely while watching the two boys going at it hard.

A copious amount of precum was leaking out of my cock and I spread it around with my thumb, groaning softly as the intensity of the pleasure made my stomach clench. I was gripping the edge of my desk with my right hand while my left was busy getting me steadily closer to orgasm.

Damnit. The clip had ended. I clicked on the third and jerked myself off impatiently while it loaded. That one turned out to not be quite to my tastes and I decided to just set the second on loop.

In my imagination, I superimposed Wufei's face on the bottom boy and felt myself get even harder. My lover was not the only one obsessed with the houseboy. I however, was not so obvious about my desires. As much as I might want to emulate Zechs, chasing the boy around the house was simply not dignified.

I slid down in my chair, stretching my legs out as much as I could under the desk and stroked faster. When I felt myself getting close, I pulled my hand away and closed my eyes. I didn't want to come quite yet.

My cock was twitching to my pulse and it took a considerable amount of willpower not to just take hold of it and bring myself off immediately. I heard a low groan and opened my eyes. Distracted as I may have been lately, I knew for certain that I had muted the sound on my computer.

The groan sounded again and I recognized it as having come from beneath my desk.


Long fingers wrapped themselves around the thick cock hovering only inches from my face. I had no idea my employer was this well endowed and the sight made me drool uncontrollably. I'm an unabashed size queen and this was a wet dream come true!

Well, not entirely. My legs were still uncomfortably cramped and my dick was bent painfully in the tight confines of my shorts. Mr. Khushrenada removed his hand and his cock just throbbed in front of me.

I think I groaned. I couldn't help it. At least I kept myself from leaping forward and swallowing that deliciously temping, throbbing, hot, hard, long...


This time I knew I had groaned, but the possible consequences of my outburst were overshadowed by the pure lust that had taken control of my brain.

Treize's chair squeaked as he wheeled it back and I knew I was about to be discovered. Well if I was gong to be caught, I might as well go all out. I took hold of his slacks, pulled his legs back under the desk and planted my face in his crotch.

I had to open my jaw as wide as I could to accommodate his cock. I'd never had something this huge in my mouth before. He must've been a good two inches in diameter if not slightly bigger. I curled the fingers of my right hand around his shaft and my fingertips barely touched. I was in heaven.

"Wufei?!" my employer had leaned back and spotted me.

I moaned around his cock and didn't stop sucking. Sucking was practically all I could do, there really wasn't enough room for me to work my tongue around.

"Wufei, what are you doing?" he said, although his voice sounded more dreamy than upset.

I lifted my mouth away long enough to say in my most modest voice, "I'll stop if you want, Mr. Khushrenada..."

I couldn't look up and see his face, but the hand that curled over the crown of my head and forced my lips back down again was answer enough. Heh, that phrase never fails.


There was someone under my desk and that someone was giving me an extremely skillful blowjob; varying pressure, making swallowing motions that pulled my cock further into the moist cavern, wrapping a hand around the base of my shaft and jerking in time to their bobbing head... It felt divine and I almost forgot to lean back and find out who was pleasuring me; I knew it wasn't my lover.

Jet-black hair gathered into a short ponytail...


I felt the vibration of his lips as the houseboy moaned. If I hadn't been distracted by my surprise, I probably would have orgasmed at the sound.

"Wufei, what are you doing?" I managed to ask.

Cool air rushed against my cock as he pulled his mouth away.

"I'll stop if you want, Mr. Khushrenada..." he said.

The temptation was far too great to resist and he had initiated the encounter. I reached under my desk and guided his head back into my lap. It had been quite some time since I'd gotten a good blowjob. Zechs was a wonderful lover, but he just didn't find the same enjoyment that I did in oral sex.

Wufei had taken in a considerable amount of my cock in his mouth and I moved my hand around to stroke his cheek. The boy's skin was velvety soft and I used my fingertips to explore his lips; they were stretched taut and wet with saliva.

"Honey, I just can't find darling little Feifei anywhere," Zechs complained, throwing open the door to my office.

Wufei's jaw tightened, but he luckily hadn't bit me and I jerked my hand out from beneath the desk to scoot forward.

"Have you checked the laundry room?" I asked.

"Twice," my lover sighed and threw himself down in one of the two client chairs opposite my desk.

"What about under the pool table in the rec room?" my voice rose on 'rec', Wufei had started up again.

"Looked there. I looked everywhere," Zechs grumbled and made himself comfortable. It was clear he wasn't planning to leave soon. I felt a bead of sweat gather at my temple.


"Twice," I told Treize as I flopped into one of his client chairs. The velvet-cushioned chair wasn't nearly as comfortable at it looked.

"What about under the pool table in the rec room?" Treize's voice seemed to break near the end of his sentence. I wondered if he was feeling alright. He'd been working so hard lately and he had such a strained look when I came in.

"Looked there. I looked everywhere," I said, slinking down in the chair further and propping my elbow on the armrest. Treize got a funny look on his face and his shoulders tensed up.

"Want a massage, dear? You look awfully tense," I offered. I had magic fingers. He never turned down a massage.

"Not at the moment. I have too much work to do."

He turned it down! He really was working too hard.

"Come on, dear, a nice little neck rub to soothe those tense muscles of yours," I purred and leaned forward, stretching my arms across his desk and closing his laptop. "You look like you could really benefit from a Merquise Magic Massage."

I could see the gears turning behind his eyes as he considered it and I got up out of the chair and started to crawl onto his desk.

"Zechs!" he cried and his chair scooted back a few inches as he reached for me. I heard a thump as his knee bumped the desk. I could've sworn I heard a muffled 'ow' but that was probably just my imagination.

"Treize!" I cried out with equal fervor and sealed my mouth to his.


Zechs crawled onto my desk and I cried out his name in shock as I moved to grab his shoulders and halt the advance.

My chair slid backwards as I half stood and Wufei bumped something under the desk, I do hope it wasn't his head. My cock was exposed to the air and thankfully I was losing my erection. I prayed that the boy would have the sense to tuck it back into my trousers and zip me up before we were caught.

"Treize!" my lover cried out. He must have taken my outburst as a cry of passion and all but pounced on me as he planted his lips on mine. As we kissed, I devised a plan.

"Zechs, do you still have those free samples in your pockets?" I murmured as I held his lower lip between my teeth.


I smiled and flicked my tongue against his lip as I wormed my fingers into his pocket and pulled out a handful of trial sized packets of lubricant. With one arm I cleared away more space on my desk and told Zechs to turn around. He worked to unfasten his pants as he maneuvered himself to face away from me. The firm globes of his ass still had little bite marks visible from the night before and I smiled slightly.

"Stay on your knees," I said as he looked about to lay his belly down. I opened my desk drawer and informed him, "I got my own free sample from the salesman, remember."

Before I pulled out the vibrator, I made a 'stay where you are' hand motion to Wufei. He wouldn't have to wait long to be able to get out of there; Zechs was the sort of man who blocked out everything when something was in his ass.

My sleeve had knocked half the packets of lube on the floor, but I snatched up one of the remaining packets and tore it open to coat the vibrator. The toy was clear, with little bubbles trapped in the silicone that were barely visible in the soft golden light of the small banker's lamp on my desk. I didn't place it immediately at Zechs' ass; the toy was rather large and I used my finger first to loosen him a bit. I knew he could handle something much larger, he was my bottom boy after all, but I was a considerate lover.

"Shove it in me, I'm ready enough!" Zechs said impatiently, twisting around to look back at me. So much for being considerate.

I smiled and plunged the toy into his ass.

"Yes!" he screamed and fell forward onto his elbows. His head dipped down and the long platinum strands of his hair spilled over his shoulder and off the edge of my desk.

Now was the time. I turned on the vibrator and slid it in and out of Zechs slowly. My lover was moaning and shoving his ass back and I struggled to keep a firm grasp on the vibe with one hand as I took a step back and motioned for Wufei to get out from under my desk and escape.

"Turn it up!" my lover spread his legs further and I hastened to dial up the speed. "Oh yeah. God that feels soooo goooood!!" He had reached down and started to jerk himself off.

Watching the toy stretch Zechs' ass and seeing the hint of dark inner flesh through the clear silicone was rapidly bringing my cock back to life and I bent down to run my tongue across the small bumps at the base of his spine. Somewhere I registered that Wufei hadn't crawled out from beneath my desk and I worried absently that maybe he actually _had_ hit his head and the blow had knocked him unconscious.


I could feel the buzzing vibration of the toy in my ass echoing all the way to my cock as I squinted my eyes shut and worked my hand over my need. Treize was doing a hell of a job, twisting and angling the vibe as he stabbed it into me; he knew exactly how I liked it, hard and fast.

A low animal groan came out of my throat when I felt his tongue circling the spot just above the cleft of my buttocks. He knew all the right places to make me shiver too.

My elegant lover cried out suddenly and I smiled to myself. Wufei must have done something. Treize was so charming trying to hide that the boy was under his desk. I knew the Chinese boy was down there the moment I had gotten on my knees and hung my head down. I could smell the houseboy's cocoa butter scented skin wafting up from somewhere nearby and everything had clicked into place.

The angled head of the vibrator brushed against my prostate and all thoughts of the houseboy vanished in a shower of white sparks.


"Aaah!" the cry was half surprise and half pleasure. Wufei had emerged from beneath the desk, or at least his ass had. He was bent at the waist, knees slightly crooked and one palm flat on the floor as he used the other to guide my cock into his body.

Lust had overcome reason and I allowed myself to slide into the houseboy's willing flesh. I was of a considerable girth and yet his body offered little resistance, he must have been busy stretching himself for me the whole time I thought he was unconscious. I bit down hard on Zechs' right buttock, making a fresh mark and groaned as my cock buried itself further into Wufei's heated channel.

It took a bit of concentration, but somehow I managed to coordinate moving the vibrator in my lover's ass while fucking the houseboy under my desk.

"I'm getting close!" my lover cried and the muscles of his thighs quivered.

"I'm almost there myself," I gasped out and worked the vibrator with one hand. The other was gripped tightly to Wufei's hip as I drilled him mercilessly.

"Yes! YES! YEESS!" Zechs shouted and I heard the spatter of his cum as the droplets hit my ink blotter.

"Oh God," I moaned as my orgasm followed seconds later. The houseboy came as well, I could feel the muscles of his ring pulse and milk my cock.

My lover reached back and pushed away my hand as he took hold of the vibrator and pulled it out of his body. He twisted it off with his thumb and set it down on the desk, then held his hand out expectantly.

"Where's my reward?" he asked with a wicked smile. "You didn't shoot it all onto the floor did you? I expect a few drops at least."

I smiled languidly to cover up my true feelings. I certainly did not shoot it all over the floor. I shot it all into the houseboy. What could I say to get out of this? My normally eloquent tongue failed me.

The hand I had on Wufei's hip was suddenly smeared with something wet and I glanced down with feigned casualness to see that the Chinese boy had wiped my knuckles with his own cum.

"A few drops survived," I finally said to my lover and offered him my fingers to clean.

"Tastes a little different," he said after licking the last of the cum from between my middle and forefingers. I had nothing to say to that, but he didn't say anything else on the subject as he repositioned some papers away from the corner of the desk so he could swing his legs over and hop off.

"I really needed that," he said, leaning back over to give me a long french kiss. I could taste Wufei in his mouth. "Well I'm off to go get cleaned up. If you see Feifei, do let him know I was looking for him."

"I'll do that," I said and sat down heavily in my chair.

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