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Pairing: 1x2
Warning: [NC-17] Yaoi. Lemon. Pure smutty PWPness using the ever-popular Elevator Scenario. ^__^

Note: Written for Suzume, who will sign the papers certifying my insanity after I finish the other little fics this whole [ Sabintha Stories ] thing has got me writing. 6xW Yeah!!! ...and other weirdness I shan't mention. *evil grin* Well here we go. On with the smut!

The Sabintha Stories: HY/DM #2 Going Down
by Ponderosa

The tiny eye of camera B-4 got to see all manner of people day in and day out, as it dutifully recorded the interior of its assigned elevator. Down in the security room, the third monitor from the left in the second row from the top, revealed B-4s hard work; while its cousin, the computer dubbed "Gracie" by the person in charge of filing the recordings, whirred merrily as it stamped the date and time on the feed and burnt it onto disc.

If any of the three machines had egos, they would be patting each other on the back to know just how many people would kill to see what they witnessed when the doors to B-4's world slid open, and two young men walked in under its dutiful gaze...


"We're sorry for the inconvenience!" crackled a cheery voice issuing from a small speaker.

"Sorry, my ass." Duo closed his eyes and flipped the bird at the round brass plate covering the intercom. His finger swelled on the screen as it neared the neighboring lens of the security cam.

"Speaking of your ass..." Heero leered and eyeballed the jeans that fit his lover oh-so-snugly.

"Mm-hmm," Duo mumbled absently while punching the numbers on the panel.

"If we're going to be stuck here for half an hour," Heero mentioned casually, as he sidled up behind his lover. "We might as well spend the time doing something interesting." He stroked the seam that ran split down the middle of Duo's denim clad butt.

"Why don't you do your 'I can bend steel' trick and pry these doors open," Duo said with a snort.

"We're between floors, it wouldn't do any good," Heero replied, pushing aside Duo's hair with his chin so he could nibble at the American's neck.

Despite himself, Duo let out a quiet moan, then he seemed to come to his senses and returned to torturing the button marked 'L' for lobby. "There's a c-a-m-e-r-a in here if you didn't notice."

Heero shrugged and made a quiet 'so what' noise as he slid his arms around his braided lover. He wormed a hand down the front of Duo's pants and smiled to himself. "I thought so... No underwear today?"

"I... uh... yeah...um... laundry... but... public..." Duo mumbled and his feeble attempt at speaking trailed off as questing fingers found their prize.

"We can't pass up the opportunity to scratch 'elevator car' off that list we made the other day," Heero said persuasively.

"True..." Duo cocked his head to the side and considered the security camera's lens out of the corner of his eye. Was someone watching them right now? It was fairly likely. Heero took advantage of Duo's tilted head and swooped in to resume nibbling.

"I think you're just a closet exhibitionist," Duo accused, although he himself was feeling the rush of knowing they were being caught on tape.

"Maybe I am," Heero said. He undid the front of Duo's jeans roughly and shoved the worn material down. He ran a hand appreciatively over the curve of Duo's ass and urged the other man to turn to face him. "I'm definitely a voyeur," he breathed, taking a nice long look at Duo's jutting erection.

Heero slithered down Duo's body and caught that proudly stiff cock with his lips. He worked his tongue vigorously around the tip and curled his lips over his teeth as he drew Duo deeper into his mouth. Fingers tangled into his hair and he shifted from crouching to kneeling as he took in as much of Duo's length as he could. Placing a hand on the flat firmness of Duo's stomach, he ran his thumb over the short patch of curling hair that prickled against his nose. He hadn't mentioned it, but he found it rather amusing that since the day Isabelle had delivered the vid of their tryst at Quatre's, Duo had started trimming with more attention to symmetry and overall aesthetics.

"Jesus..." Duo panted and fell back against the wall of the elevator as Heero worked his magic. His legs bowed slightly and he braced one hand on the brass bar that ran around the interior of the car. Looking down, he stared at where his hand curved along the back of Heero's head and he moaned faintly as his cock was swallowed nearly to the hilt. He repeatedly combed his fingers through the dark strands of silky hair, and as he momentarily pushed back the thick mass that always fell across Heero's forehead, he could see the darkened shaft of his arousal disappear into his lover's mouth.

Heero's hand slipped down and curled around the base of Duo's erection, firming it so he could pull back and run the point of his tongue along the slit at the tip. His other hand trailed up the inside of Duo's thigh to cup the soft globes of the his balls. They were already drawn upward; firm, tense, and ready for release. Heero pinched the soft skin of Duo's sac, tugging on it firmly as he flicked his tongue teasingly. When the American's breath was swift and harsh, he slowed down and combined the agonizingly slow curls of his tongue, with light stroking along Duo's length.

"Faster," Duo moaned and gripped the rail harder. His fingers twisted in Heero's silken hair, gripping the short strands tightly as he tried to urge the other man to stop fooling around and bring him over the edge.

Heero chuckled low in his throat and continued the leisurely strokes, although he did go so far as to tighten the ring of his fingers as they glided along the velvet skin of Duo's cock.

"Damnit, Heero... Faster!" Duo insisted. When his lover made no sign of giving in to his cries, Duo untangled his hand from Heero's hair. He pulled away the fingers that teased his arousal and said, "I'll do it myself!"

"Be my guest," Heero smirked and delivered one final long lick to the underside of Duo's cock.

"You going to catch it all?" said Duo, as he threw his head back and jerked himself off urgently.

"Yes... Come for me, Duo," Heero answered huskily. He lowered his mouth back over the head of his lover's straining cock and groaned when Duo's hand bumped his lips.

He cupped his hand around Duo's balls as they tightened further, and he rocked back on his heels with his mouth opened wide. Duo's fist was a blur and his knees buckled as the first of his cum spilled onto Heero's waiting tongue. When the last of his seed was drained from his body, he sagged back against the wall panting. He was still holding his cock when Heero pulled his hand away and stood up with a wicked smile curving his lips. "Holy shit. Did you swallow all that? Felt like gallons."

Heero leaned forward and gave Duo a quick peck on the lips. He stepped back as he lifted his hand and a cloudy mix of semen and saliva spilled into his palm. "I would've, but I was saving it."

Duo chuckled and glanced down at the bulge in Heero's pants. "I can guess why."

"We do have about fifteen minutes left," Heero said. With his free hand, he unbuckled his belt, then waggled a finger at the tangle of denim around Duo's ankles. "Why don't you get one leg out of those and move over into that corner."

Duo wrestled briefly with the idea that he'd be unable to just pull his pants up if repairs to the system went faster than anticipated, but the gleam of lust in his lover's eyes and the massive erection Heero's was sporting quashed the anxious little voice in his head. Duo toed off one of his shoes to get a leg free as he wet his two middle fingers and reached behind himself to help get himself ready.

After smearing the slickness of Duo's seed along his length, Heero wiped the remainder between Duo's legs. He bent his knees and grabbed the back of his lover's thighs. With a soft grunt, he hefted the American up, shifting his grip until Duo's weight was distributed comfortably between his hands and the wall of the elevator.

Duo snaked a hand down and used his fingertips to position Heero's cock properly. Heero slid in easily and he paused, forehead resting against the firmness of Duo's shoulder, as he summoned the willpower to not thrust wildly and bring himself off as fast as possible.

When Heero started moving, he lifted his head to look into Duo's eyes. The braided man circled his arms around his lover's neck and he gave Heero a long kiss as he was lifted up. He closed his eyes and rolled his head back, heart skipping at the brief instant before gravity swung him down and impaled him firmly on the thick cock that thrusted up between his thighs. Time slipped by unnoticed as they moved together, and the muted slap of flesh on flesh echoed in the confined space, along with low noises of effort and pleasure.

"We're happy to report that we've been able to fix the problem with the elevators!" buzzed the cheery voice on the intercom. "Please don't be alarmed at the momentary jolt as the system resets itself!"

Heero felt the ring of muscle around his cock tighten as Duo's eyes flew open in alarm. Adrenaline coursed through his veins as the lights went out and the car jerked, resulting in him plunging deeper into Duo's body.

"I know you like to show off your endurance, but can we make this fast or take a raincheck?" Duo hissed as the lights began to flicker back to life. He clutched tightly to Heero's back and glanced over to the far corner at B-4's beady little eye. "Being caught on camera is one thing, being caught like this when the doors ope-" Duo's rant turned into a surprised grunt as teeth sank into his shoulder and Heero slid out far enough to deliver a very powerful thrust.

"Thank you for your patience!" the intercom sang happily. "As a result of the reset, all cars will automatically return to the lobby."

The elevator began a sluggish descent and Heero closed his eyes and mentally counted down the floors as he pistoned into Duo madly. Duo's back made soft thuds as Heero's savage thrusts slammed him against the carpeted wall.

"God..." A ragged cry was drawn from Heero's throat as he emptied himself into the heat of Duo's body.

Much as he wanted to stay where he was until he softened and slipped out, there was no time and Heero withdrew swiftly. He let Duo get one foot down and they sprang apart, struggling to dress before the elevator finished its descent. The musky smell inside the car was unmistakable and the damp mess in their pants was uncomfortable, but the experience was mind-blowing.

Duo leaned against Heero in daze borne of relief and great sex, as the car bounced to a stop. He'd managed to get his pants up and safely zipped, and his foot was wedged into his shoe enough to walk. "Well, that was interesting all right."

Heero chuckled and wiped his mouth as the doors slid open. His face was flushed and he had to struggle not to suck in deep lungfuls of air. "Wonder if we'll get a copy of this in the mail."

"I guess we'll find out," Duo said with a wry grin. He started to follow Heero out of the elevator, but before he did, he stopped to give a winning smile and a wave at the camera.


The woman in the security room waved back at the screen before the image of the longhaired man disappeared from view. A few keystrokes prompted Gracie the computer to spit out the freshly burnt disc and the woman patted the little machine fondly. She swapped in a blank disc, and stood up to take her prize over to the rack of vid equipment. As she started editing the clip for duplication, she mused that B-4's faithful surveillance certainly wasn't going to go unappreciated. She could already imagine all the juicy things she'd be able to bargain for with this little gem.


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