Disclaimer: Characters belong to their respective copyright owners, like Sunrise/Sotsu/Bandai. Plot, if you can call it that, belongs to me.

GW. Wufei. PG. 100 words.
In series final battle drabble.
Was trying to write some 13x5 for gw500, but ended up with a gen flavoured drabble instead.

by Ponderosa

The world has fallen out from underneath him. He is scarred and scored, fragments of a boy-warrior left to drift. He is just another piece of wreckage spinning in the black of space; last of his clan and more alone than ever.

History will record him as the victor, but he will never know if the credit was rightfully earned. His fingernails cut crescents into the tough flesh of his palm.

The comm is a tangle of voices. He shuts it off with an angry fist. Cheeks wet and burning, he roars his frustration to the confines of his cockpit.


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