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650 words
Character Death (various)
Alternate Timelines.

Five People Never Killed by Heero Yuy
by Ponderosa

[#1 offer ]

Dust and ash fall like snow. It might be pretty from a distance, where the stink of smoke isn't thick with death.

Kneeling in the wreckage is a nameless boy. His cheeks are pale with dust and shock. He is crumbling inside as he looks down at the .22 in his hand. He doesn't remember a time when he didn't know how to fire it.

He is given three choices. He cannot see the good in any of them.

The sound from a single gunshot ricochets through the piles of rubble, disturbingly clear now that all the destruction has settled.

[#2 reasons ]

Heero explores the wound in his arm with slippery fingertips. It is a grazing shot, more blood than damage.

He is lucky, or the boy who shot him wants him alive. He calculates the situation as Relena stands between them, her blue dress fluttering like a banner in the ocean breeze.

"Get out of the way," Heero snarls. He lurches forward and grabs her arm, trying to push her aside as he raises his gun to aim.

But his enemy is not wounded, and the boy's finger tightens on the trigger. In that moment, Heero knows he will be too slow. With no other choice, he gives Relena's arm a sharp tug. Like a step in a ill-fated dance, she swings around in front of him, and her pale eyes go wide as death blossoms in her breast.

[#3 dream ]

Heero shakes off the force of the impact, raising an aching arm to flip switches, bypass routines, and transfer power from the remaining planetary shield to allow his suit to move.

Trowa has stopped speaking, Heero realises, just before a shrill scream reverberates over the comm.

Blood pounding in his ears, Heero pushes himself out of the ruined section of the colony, using the momentum and rotation to spare his fuel. Vayeate is in pieces, reduced to nothing more than a stream of debris. Bits and pieces clang against his suit.

He is leaking atmosphere. It doesn't matter; there is only one way he can hope to bring down Wing Zero.

One last switch and Heero jettisons Mercurius' fuel pod. It floats freely in front of him as he fires up the energy beam on the Crush Shield.

Heero takes a deep breath and closes his eyes before impact.

[#4 else ]

The pistol is beautiful in the way only an antique can be -- graceful despite an excess of ornamentation. Smoke curls up from the long barrel and dissipates into the twilight.

"It was...an honour" Treize says. He drops to his knees. Blood is bubbling on his lips, and he clutches at his breast, not so much stemming the dark flow that pulses between his fingers as embracing it.

Heero lays the pistol in front of him, turns away so he doesn't have to watch the rest of Treize's lifeblood pour out across the ground. He wraps his arms around himself and shivers. He wishes he could claw his skin off to become a different person.

It is cold and lonely in Epyon's shadow.

[#5 gone ]

A blur of faces reflect fear and horror. Relief flickers on a guilty few and is swiftly hidden.

"What have you done?" Relena says. She repeats herself, words a quiet litany as she clutches Mariemaia's slight body to her breast. The girl is ragdoll limp, her eyes blank beneath the stark bullethole in the center of her forehead.

"I've ended it," Heero says. Something warm slides down his face. Everyone is staring at him. "I will never kill again... I-"

And then he can feel it, the wounds from Wing Zero's fall catching up with him as predicted. Right on time. The gun slips from his hand, clatters to the floor.

"I won't have to..."


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