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Pairings: 1x2, 6+3, 6+2, 3x"a door"
Warning: [NC-17] Yaoi. AU. Lime-ish. His partner Duo having been taken by the Avatar of Lust, Trowa finds himself confronted with his own hidden desires.
Spoilers: None.

Notes: Fic dedicated to the darling -=*Chrissy Sky*=-. A smidgen of plot seems to have inserted itself in this little interlude between the real smut.

Angel of Retribution - Descent into Sin
by Ponderosa
Chapter 2

Wings beating slowly as he floats above the alley and witnesses the end of the carnal act that his partner has fallen prey to, Trowa narrows his eyes.

"Fool," he says, chastising himself, not the longhaired angel stripped nude and sagging against the body of Lust's champion. He should've known that allowing Duo to go alone would end badly.

Trowa dismisses his wings, and the ethereal force keeping him hovering vanishes abruptly. Gravity pulls him down, but he lands gracefully despite the thirty foot drop. The Avatar's head snaps up the instant he touches ground, and as Trowa rises to his full height, the Japanese boy favors him with a smirk.

"Release him," Trowa demands. His voice booms with authority and he takes a menacing step forward.

"Duo has already given in to me," Heero answers. His smirk widens into a grin as he uses his free hand to tuck away his cock and hitch up his pants. He stoops down and picks up the longhaired angel, draping him effortlessly over his shoulder. "He belongs to me now."

The angel rushes forward, sandaled feet scuffing on the dirty stone steps. With a dark laugh, Heero pulls open the blue door. A shadow looms in the doorway and Trowa skids to a stop not more than four feet away. Ice blue eyes flash and faced with the combined threat of two formidable beings, Trowa is powerless to stop the Avatar from slipping inside and taking Duo into the darkness.

"Come on in, said the spider to the fly." The deep sensuality of the shadowy figure's voice slithers out into the alley. It wraps itself around Trowa and the angel finds himself taking an involuntary step forward before he rallies enough willpower to resist the compulsion.

"Lust is not the only sin within these walls," Zechs purrs. He hangs out of the doorway, one arm reaching languidly towards Trowa. He flips his palm up and curls his long fingers slowly. "But it is by far, the most pleasurable. Come in and see for yourself."

The angel manages to hold his ground, although his body shakes from the strain.

"No?" Zechs stands tall in the shadow of the blue door and shrugs. "You'll change your mind eventually," he says as he plucks one silvery strand of hair from his head. He smiles wickedly before releasing it and watches as it flutters out to catch on Trowa's robes. "I'm certain you will."

The door slams shut and Trowa is left alone. He whispers his partner's name mournfully, it's his fault Duo has been taken.

Pinching the single hair away from his robe, Trowa holds it before him and studies it with ethereal vision. He finds nothing strange about the hair, but beyond it, he sees an unholy glow emanating from the door. Focusing on the dark power that pulses like the heartbeat of a living thing, he chants quietly. His breath catches when his power reveals a circle of sigils. Writ in blood, their foulness seeps from beneath the dark blue paint. "I should never have let you face him alone. What have I doomed you to?"

The Sin of Lust and its brethren are represented by the blocky runes that serve as both warding and warning. The angel summons his power and traces the sigils with his fingertips to break the spells. The alcove fills with a foul smoke as the markings burn through the paint. Trowa is unsure what to do once the wards are nullified, he knows he will be grossly outmatched should he go in alone, but there is no time to call for assistance.


"Beautiful," murmurs Zechs, openly admiring the slim body that Heero deposits gently amidst a sea of velvet pillows.

"Isn't he," replies Heero, fingering a loose strand of copper hair.

"Willing to share?"


Zechs smiles and kneels beside the angel. "You and I will have some fun..."

"What about his friend?" Heero interrupts, jerking his chin in the direction of the door. He can feel the threads of the spell guarding his lair being unravelled.

"I'm working on it," Zechs answers, his eyes losing focus momentarily.

"You won't turn him."

"You underestimate my powers of persuasion."

Heero snorts and lounges beside his new toy.


Moving down the door, the green-eyed angel's trailing fingers encounter the cool, viscous evidence of Duo's pleasure. How much did you fight him, he wonders silently, as he pulls his hand away. Trowa stares at the fluid stringing between his fingers.

What does it feel like, to be taken and used... What is it like to feel pleasure that is so very raw and so very... human... He brings his hand up hesitantly to his face, entranced by the glistening liquid that drips down his fingers towards his palm.

He sniffs at it curiously, and some part of him tries to protest that it's forbidden as he parts his lips. Trowa struggles to drop his hand and walk away, but the desire to know overwhelms him, and his eyes slide shut as the strange mix of sweet and bitter explodes on the tip of his tongue. One by one, he takes each finger into his mouth, tongue winding around his knuckles.

Duo's not doomed, the thought whispers at the edge of the angel's mind. Far from it.

Not even hearing the singing of the Choir could rival the illicit ecstasy that burns through his veins as Trowa falls to knees in front of the door and sucks roughly at his fingers. Each pass of his tongue draws out more of the carnal desires that lurk in the base depths of his soul and Trowa cries out with loss when he finds that his digits are licked clean.

Duo is far from doomed, the thought intrudes upon Trowa again and he sways unsteadily as his heart thunders in his chest and blood roars in his ears. Duo is far from doomed and experiencing pleasure that's been denied to their kind since the birth of mortals. The taste of cum is already fading from his mouth, and when Trowa slowly opens his eyes, his emerald orbs are dark with need.

Desperately, with all but one of the unholy markings smoldering above him, Trowa drags his tongue across the wood of the blue door.


Stroking the mark blossoming on Duo's smooth chest, Heero glances towards the door, then turns a questioning gaze to the other Avatar.

"Fitting given the colour of his eyes, isn't it," Zechs remarks, a cruel smile stretching his thin lips.

"I'm impressed," Heero chuckles as he toys with the end of Duo's braid. The boy stirs, making soft sounds of contentment as his new master caresses his body and he curves his slender form catlike against Heero's warmth.


Unnoticed by the green-eyed angel, the sole remaining sigil on the door flares into life. Tendrils of power creep down the wood like a horde of tiny, hungry snakes. Smokelike, it winds along the grain, heading unerringly towards Trowa's open mouth and is consumed with the intake of breath.

Mind racing, imagining all that could be happening on the other side of the door, Trowa presses his palms against the wood as his mouth seeks out more of Duo's essence. He burns with frustration when there is no more to be found, fingers curling and nails chipping the paint as he sinks down onto the dirty concrete and lays his flushed cheek against the cool wood. His ears strain to pick up any sound from the inside of the door.

"I want him." Trowa's breath catches when he hears the tones of the blonde Avatar's throaty voice.

"Give him a bit longer," comes Heero's muffled response.

"He's ready."

"Duo..." Trowa whispers, his glittering green eyes narrowing as the other angel's simple name is dragged from his lips by the sinuous coils of Envy.


"He's ready," Zechs repeats firmly, moving his gaze to the nude form of the longhaired angel. Duo's skin looks as pale as fresh cream, held as he was against Heero's black-clad form.

Dark blue meets light as Heero stares down the taller Avatar. "Be patient."

"My dear brother Lust," Zechs snarls. "Patience is a virtue."

to be continued

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