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Pairing: 1x2
Warning: [NC-17] Yaoi. AU. Lemon. An angel, Duo, seeks to defeat the first of the Seven Avatars of Sin: Lust. Unrepentant smut with a quasi-supernatural theme.
Spoilers: None.

Notes: Dedicated to my friend -=*Chrissy Sky*=-.

Angel of Retribution - Descent into Sin
by Ponderosa
Chapter 1

"There he is," whispers Duo. Long strands of his dark-copper hair are picked up by the wind and trail out behind him.

"Let us face him together," his tall companion says. Green eyes gleam in the moonlight as he clenches his fingers into a fist.

The two are perched at roof's edge, atop the tallest building that overlooks Tokyo's glittering cityscape.

"No, I want to do this myself," answers Duo, as he rises from a crouch, and dusts his hands off on his pants. The dirt doesn't smudge the snowy fabric that flutters and ripples as the wind presses it tight against the front of his lean legs. He turns to look at Trowa and says, "Wait for me..."

Trowa briefly considers objecting, but he sees Duo's longing to prove himself. He brushes a bit of hair away from his eyes and nods slowly before stepping back. Impassively, he watches as Duo takes a running leap off the building and plummets rapidly, hurtling down at the near-empty street. Only at the last possible moment, does his partner unfurl the broad expanse of his wings, just long enough to right himself and land easily on the pavement.

"You have twenty minutes, Duo, anything beyond that and I'll assume the worst," Trowa says aloud, as he sits down to wait.


"Heero Yuy," Duo calls out.

The slim, Japanese youth he has followed, turns around to face him, and lifts his chin in calm arrogance. "Yes?"

"Avatar of Sin. Embodiment of Lust. Repent and ask forgiveness!" Duo declares boldly. He's chosen a narrow, dead-end alleyway as the location to finally confront his quarry, and his clear voice rings off the stone walls.

"No." Heero replies flatly. He smirks when his statement results in a quickly-concealed look of disbelief and enters a shadowed alcove with steps leading down to a door painted midnight blue. But, before he can reach for the latch, Heero finds himself spun around and slammed violently against the side of the alcove.

"Wrong answer," the longhaired angel says. He takes a step back and his hands glow white as he begins a quiet chant.

"Your kind is not above mortal failings," Heero says calmly. His deep blue eyes glitter dangerously as he licks his lip and slides his hands down to splay against either side of his groin. "You can be as much a slave to lust as any other."

Duo's voice wavers slightly, but he continues the chant and thrusts his hands against Heero's chest. The leather of the Japanese boy's jacket begins to smoke as Duo's power seeks to purify the flesh of the wicked.

Moving in a blur, Heero knocks aside the hands that press against his chest and in an instant, the tables are turned.

Duo's violet eyes are wide with shock, when he finds his face pressed against the scarred wood of the blue door, and his hands pinned behind his back. He shivers at the traitorous tightening of his pants in response to Heero's warm breath tickling his ear.

"You shouldn't have come for me alone, " the Sin's Avatar whispers. He sucks briefly on Duo's earlobe before asking, "Lust is too powerful for the likes of you...

"The rush of blood... the tingle on your skin... the yearning to be mounted like a common animal... Can you feel it?"

Incapable of lying, he breathes, "Yes..." and is rewarded for his admission, by the blissful caress of the Avatar's tongue trailing wet along the curve of his jaw. In truth, he has felt the spark of lust growing since he first spotted Heero; the seed of desire, deep down in the nethermost regions of his soul, was quick to take root the moment he set foot on the mortal plane.

"Do you want to feel it?" Heero asks. He licks the side of Duo's mouth and presses his body eagerly against the boy.

Sinuous and dark, the hunger blossoms and Duo succumbs. He forgets his duty and the burning embarrassment of knowing he was outmatched from the beginning. Unthinking, he shifts his weight to better feel the hot bulge against his hip, and when the inevitable 'yes' escapes his throat, a strangled moan follows.

Knowing he has won, Heero releases Duo's arms and hooks his fingers into the waistband of the longhaired boy's pants. The pristine white fabric tears, as he drags it down roughly, to expose the firm, pale flesh of Duo's ass.

"You're a beautiful being," Heero says as he gathers the mass of Duo's hair and weaves it swiftly into a braid to keep it out of the way. He tosses the heavy copper rope over Duo's shoulder as he undoes the fly of his pants.

"Duo," the angel pants. He arches his back and thrusts his hips back; mute invitation to the boy standing behind him. "My name is Duo."

"Duo..." Heero loops an arm around Duo's thin waist and holds him firmly. "Will you give yourself to me?"

"Take me," Duo pleads, helpless in the velvet arms of desire.

Heero grunts softly as he spears the weeping tip of his cock up into Duo's body.

Duo cries out, expecting pain, but the Avatar's power has persuaded his body to open and invite the intrusion. Palms flat on the door, he hangs his head as Heero begins thrusting and his legs quiver as they struggle to keep him standing.

His braid swings in the air between his chest and the door, and Duo writhes, pressing back wantonly against Heero's thick cock. He shouts hoarsely, when something is struck inside him that makes him see white. Cum erupts from his painfully erect cock; spilling out in long viscous strands, to be flung, by the force of Heero's increasingly urgent thrusts, against the blue door.

Heero slams into Duo's body. His low grunts punctuate the air, sharp and staccato, above Duo's panting breaths and the rhythmic slap of flesh on flesh. But, when he throws his head back and fills Duo's body with his seed, those sounds are a distant memory; washed away by the blood roaring in his ears.

When the cock plunged deep inside him ceases pulsing, the angel's legs finally give way. Heero pulls out and Duo feels the warm rush of fluid dripping out of his body as he crumples.

Held up only by the strong arm that remains wrapped around his waist, he hears Heero say, "Welcome to the realm of the wicked, my beautiful Duo."


The wind ruffles Trowa's hair. The green-eyed angel's mouth is set in a grim line, as he stares down at the mouth of the alley he saw his partner trail the Avatar into. He is expecting the worst, as he stands and smoothes the front of his immaculate white tunic.

"Time's up," he says, as he spreads his wings and leaps into the air.

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