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Notes: Shounen Ai. Citrus. Meaning: romance and sexual intimacy between two males. Don't like, then don't read.

winner of the 'best drama award' in the 2002 fanfic contest held at dacia's [ a little piece of gundam wing ]

best drama award

And in the Dawn
by Ponderosa

"I'm sorry babe, I just can't do this," Duo said to the girl who had him pinned up against the wall. She pouted and slid herself up and down his leg as she murmured the sort of obscenities that should convince him to stay.

"No really. I'm sorry," Duo squirmed and twisted his way out of her arms and took a deep breath as he rearranged his shirt.

The girl leaned against the wall and pouted. She gave it one last shot and raised the hem of her skirt up to reveal more of her thigh, but Duo shook his head.

"Something this... casual, just doesn't feel right." Duo blushed as the girl fixed her gaze on his obvious state of arousal. He mentally patted himself on the back for his restraint. It was the truth, of course, but he had been very close to breaking down and giving in to the girl's charms.

"Fine... fine... go home to your girlfriend, but think of me will ya," the girl said and winked lasciviously, "Think about everything you missed out on." She turned and walked away with an exaggerated sway to her hips that caused her skirt to swing, offering tantalizing glimpses of flesh and lace.

'Home to my girlfriend. Hah. The only person I'm going home to is Heero,' Duo groaned and left the alley behind his favourite club.

The former pilot walked slowly, taking the long way back uptown and found himself regretting that he cut things short with the girl. In the heat and dark of the club, he had wanted her so badly. She had been a pretty thing: wild dark hair, long neck, lean muscles. With the immediacy of the moment gone, he wasn't so sure why he'd pushed her away when they had kissed in the alleyway.

What was he waiting for anyway, the mythical true love?

By the time Duo got home, he had convinced himself of his complete and utter stupidity. If he kept on looking for the 'perfect girl' he'd never find one. Hilde had been the closest to understanding him, but the sparks just weren't there and she'd long since gotten married.

This obsession with finding a girl who was his match was relatively new. He hadn't had a problem with casual flings before. A quick tumble was a great way to release tension and forget the ugliness of the world for a few hours. For the past six months though, that had changed. He had been plagued with a hollow, empty feeling after sex. Duo was tired of lying next to someone he didn't know and leaving before the sun came up.




"Are you hungry?" Heero repeated and lifted up the plate of food he was carrying to the table.

"Oh, sure," Duo replied and sat down.

Heero nodded and set the plate, one he had prepared for himself, down in front of his friend. He went back to the cupboard and pulled out another plate. The china rasped and clinked, echoing in the small confines of the apartment kitchen. He got himself a fresh serving of pasta and opened the refrigerator. Grabbing two bottles of beer, he closed the fridge with his elbow and sat down across from Duo.

"Something wrong?"


"I said, is something wrong?" Heero twisted off the caps to both bottles and pushed one over to Duo.

"Oh, just thinking about stuff," Duo murmured and pushed his food around with the tip of his fork.

"Hn," Heero took a bite and watched the other boy out of the corner of his eye. If Duo wanted to talk, he'd talk... and then some.

"I just," Duo let his fork fall and looked across the table. "I'm just so TIRED. I mean, I've been with what feels like a hundred girls and I can't imagine settling down with any of them."

"Maybe you don't like girls," Heero said without thinking and Duo's jaw went slack. He kicked himself mentally, Duo was obviously upset, cracking jokes or teasing was terribly insensitive. He added smoothly, "...or as you've said before, you just aren't the type to settle down."

Duo nodded and picked up his fork again, taking big bites and chewing slowly. Heero got the impression he was eating more to avoid conversation than any real want for sustenance. He debated whether or not to apologize for his inappropriate joking, but the braided boy had pushed away from the table and wandered into the living room before Heero had made up his mind.


'Don't like girls? Was Heero insane. Of course I like girls,' Duo flipped through the channels on the television mindlessly, never stopping for more than two seconds on any one station. 'Not like girls? Hah. I love girls. I've got a girl for every day of the week, not like him.'

Duo's channel surfing came to an abrupt halt.

'Heero's last girlfriend was how long ago? Was he trying to tell me something? Was he suggesting something to me?' his mind swirled, analyzing every relationship Heero had been in. 'Relena... we won't even go there. There was that nurse he was seeing for a while, but that didn't last long at all. Hell, the only person he really puts up with is me...

'...with me? Heero can't be gay. He's just so.... so.... Heero. If he is though, and he's trying to tell me something, that's really flattering. Heero's not bad looking, he could probably get any guy he wants. I like girls though. I know that for sure...'

"What are you watching?" Heero asked, sitting down on the couch and folding his hands in his lap.

"Uh," Duo abruptly changed the channel as he became aware of the image on the screen: an exercise infomercial with nothing but half-naked, oily men.

"You should watch those movies you rented before they're late," Heero said, reaching for the stack of videos on the coffee table. In the process, his arm brushed against Duo's knee and Duo jumped up suddenly.

"I've got to go wash my hair!" he blurted and fairly ran up the stairs, braid streaming out behind him.

Heero watched him flee and pressed his lips together.

'What have you done, Yuy,' Heero thought as he lowered his head to stare at the arm which had bumped Duo's knee. 'You've made him paranoid. You idiot.'

'You should go apologize.'

'He's in the shower.'

'So apologize after.'


'And stop talking to yourself.'


'Wash my hair? What kind of excuse is that.'

Duo pulled the hair band off the end of his braid and cursed. He had just washed his hair this morning, but he wasn't about to let the excuse turn into a flat out lie. He poked a finger into the braid and tugged, loosing his hair by sections out of its plait. When he was done he stood for a moment at the sink, staring at his reflection in the mirror.

His face had lost a bit of its youthful roundness, but his eyes still softened his features. He put a hand to his throat and ran his fingers, feeling a tiny rasp of stubble.

'Maybe I should grow a beard,' Duo grimaced and winced. 'What's gotten into me. As if a beard would make me more masculine. As if I need to be more masculine.'

Duo gripped the porcelain lip of the sink and hung his head, wrestling with the feelings that welled up from the pit of his stomach. He didn't find it repulsive that Heero possibly liked him, it was just... confusing.

'I know I like girls, but guys?' he lifted his eyes back to the mirror and shook his head.

When Duo stepped into the shower, the delicious feeling of warm water on his skin managed to distract him for a while. By the time he was rinsing shampoo out of his hair however, he was right back where he had been before.

Duo closed his eyes and imagined what it might be like to kiss another guy. So far, he was finding it very difficult. He decided he needed an actual person in his little what-if fantasy. Heero came unbidden to his mind and Duo was startled by all the little details he could summon.

'Now that you've got me here, aren't you going to kiss me?' the illusion of Heero said, standing with his hands on his hips; echoing the pose and words of the girl he'd met in the club earlier. Heero's lips parted and he tilted his head with lashes lowered.

'This is just too weird,' Duo told himself and opened his eyes. The illusion shattered and Duo shivered as he stepped out of the steam of the shower. He stood there for a long time, dripping water all over the tile. He'd just realized how he always favored the lithe, athletic girls with short, wild, dark hair.


Heero was still sitting and watching TV when Duo came down from his shower.

"Duo," he said in acknowledgement, as the other boy dropped down on the couch. He was thankful that Duo didn't seem upset anymore and wasn't angry or avoiding him.

"Heero?" Duo said after a few minutes of staring at the screen without watching it. He drew one leg up onto the dark blue of the couch and pulled it close, tucking his foot under his knee and twisting to face the japanese boy before continuing, "Heero. Can I ask you a favor?"

"Sure," Heero felt suddenly awkward. Duo wasn't angry or upset, but he was acting oddly serious. He muted the TV and gave Duo his full attention.

"Can I kiss you?"

"What?" he was sure he hadn't actually heard Duo say that.

"Can I uh, kiss you," Duo repeated. Heero actually had heard him say that. "I mean, maybe you're right and I don't like girls. I've never kissed a guy though and you're my best friend and..."

Duo was rattling on, but Heero didn't hear half of it. He was thoroughly stunned. Duo actually put weight behind his offhand comment earlier? He had just been trying to make a joke, but now he'd made his best friend doubt his sexuality. Heero noticed that Duo had fallen silent and slumped back, his face turned away.

'I didn't say no,' Heero thought and was surprised at his reaction. Did he want Duo to kiss him? 'Seems he's not the only one confused.' Heero smirked mentally and methodically reevaluated his own feelings. A short while later he had come to a decision.


"Huh?" Duo snapped his head up and gaped. After having been stared at for a full three minutes, he thought he had made a serious error.

"Yes. You can kiss me," Heero said, trying to speak normally although he found his tongue dry and his throat constricted.


Duo fidgeted. He'd asked before he'd fully considered the implications of what a yes would mean. He raised his hand, then dropped it back down to his lap.

"Dammit. I don't know how to do this!" Duo pushed back his bangs and stared up at the ceiling.

"I suspect it's much the same as kissing a girl," Heero said dryly.

"Yeah, only you're not a girl."

"Keen sense of observation you have."

"I can do without the sarcasm," Duo said bitterly.

"I apologize," Heero replied and shifted uncomfortably. "I'm nervous."

"You're telling me," Duo took a deep breath and forced himself to look at Heero. His heart was pounding a furious beat in his chest and he was beginning to feel light headed.

'Better to get it over with, right?' he told himself.

Duo steeled his nerves and moved to kiss the boy sitting next to him; only Heero wasn't expecting it and pulled back reflexively. He ended up bumping his nose into Heero's chin.

"Oh man, this is horrible," Duo groaned and rubbed his nose.

"Perhaps this is a bad idea," Heero said slowly.

"No wait. If it's still okay with you, I want to do this. I want to get it over with and out of my system."


"No surprises this time, I'm going to do it right," Duo said firmly, more to himself than Heero.

He reached out, placed trembling fingertips on the smooth line of Heero's jaw and leaned forward.


Heero tilted his head to the gentle urging of Duo's fingers. He couldn't close his eyes, he was trapped in the pools of violet that grew increasingly larger. He parted his lips and held his breath.

Just before their lips met, Duo closed his eyes. The kiss was tender, a soft merging of lips without the intimate twining of tongues. It was gentle and timid and left both boys feeling dizzy.

"I-" Duo faltered. "That, uh...Whoa."

The japanese boy licked his lips and finally remembered to breathe. The scent of shampoo and soap lingered in the air.

"Did that help?" he asked quietly, not quite trusting his voice at a normal volume. Duo was staring at him.

"Maybe," Duo's eyes flickered across the other boy's features. "Mind if I try again?"

Heero shook his head slightly. Nervousness had been joined by excitement and his lips still felt charged with electricity.

This time, Duo slid his hand along the other boy's neck. His fingertips slipped into the soft hair at the nape of Heero's neck and his thumb was poised over a pulse that was beating at a pace that rivaled his own.

Their second kiss began just as gentle and uncertain as the first. It didn't stay that way for long, Duo's fingers tangled themselves in dark silken strands and he rocked his weight forward. He felt a hand on his chest and he thought that Heero was going to push him away, but the slender fingers twisted in his shirt and pulled.

With one hand on the back of the couch, Duo leaned over the other boy. He darted his tongue out, a tentative lick that was swiftly met by Heero's own questing tongue. All shields went down and they fell into the cushions of the couch, mouth's battling and hands roaming.

Duo broke the kiss with a groan and attacked Heero's neck. He slid his hands under the plain white shirt that Heero wore and ran his palms over taut muscles that quivered at his touch. He drug his fingernails down the other boy's side until he felt a barrier of denim.

He ran his lips open-mouthed around Heero's ear, eliciting delightful shudders as he lifted himself to worm a hand between their bodies. Duo's hand brushed the erection pinned in the crook of Heero's thigh and he froze.

"Duo?" the body beneath him twisted and he gurgled in response to the questioning look in Heero's sloe-eyed gaze.

"I-" the self-proclaimed god of death swallowed once and fled.


Heero closed his eyes and let his arm dangle down to the floor. He heard a jacket being pulled off the hook by the door and then the creak and slam as Duo left. He lay there until his pulse slowed and considered his options.

'I should just leave him alone. This is new for both of us. If he isn't comfortable, then that's all there is.'

He eventually drifted to sleep in the flickering light of the still muted television. Duo stumbled back through the door when the dim glow of predawn was spreading over the horizon.

Heero had awoken immediately when the door opened, but feigned sleep. The familiar pattern of his roommate's footsteps slowed as they neared the couch. Duo picked up the remote off the coffeetable and turned the TV off. He yawned and pulled off his jacket, moving to toss it over the stair rail.

'Heero'll hang this up for me tomorrow, like always,' he thought and his eyes flickered over to the couch. He reconsidered and instead of slinging his jacket casually over the railing, Duo draped it gently over the slim body curled on the couch.

'His jacket smells like sex and perfume,' Heero's thoughts were tinged with a bit of disappointment and understanding, but there was also surprise and comfort brought about by Duo's unexpected gesture.


Duo woke after only a few hours of sleep. He liked sleeping in, but after several years of rooming with Heero, he'd picked up certain nasty habits; like waking up every day at a quarter til seven.

When he came down to the kitchen, it was empty save for a pot of coffee waiting on the warmer. He poured himself a cup and found a scrap of paper on the speckled faux marble tabletop.

"Gone for a few days. Work," the note was short and to the point.

Duo found himself rather relieved that he wouldn't have to face Heero yet. He needed time to sort out his feelings. The mug warmed his fingers as he carried it over to the window.

He pulled the blinds up to look out over the city. The sun was just over the horizon and a few small clouds dotted the pale blue of the sky.

'Feels lonely, doesn't it,' he admitted to himself. Normally he and Heero stood here side by side; drinking their coffee and watching as the city came to life.

The phone on the table near his hip beeped and Duo reached down, spinning the monitor around and angling it upwards before punching the answer button.


"Maxwell," Wufei's face popped up on the screen. "Has Heero left?"

"Yeah, probably about half an hour ago," he answered and took a sip of coffee.

"Hmm," thin eyebrows furrowed and the edges of Wufei's mouth turned downwards in a frown.

"Something wrong?"

"Preventer business," Wufei said curtly, then he smoothed his features and spoke in a less severe tone, "Get your bike back yet?" It was one of the few things they had in common, a love for racing.

"I'm going to pick her up from Howard's today," Duo grinned. "Got a few special modifications I want to add myself, but spearheading this latest project hasn't left with me much free time.."

Wufei's eyes tracked something offscreen and he turned his attention back to nod at Duo. "Good luck," he said and his tone made it clear that he meant it as a farewell. He raised a hand in a brief wave.

"Later Fei," Duo waved back. The screen went blank and he cradled his coffee mug in both hands. Silence crept back like a beaten dog and he went back to his business of gazing thoughtfully out the window.


Heero returned from his assignment with no complications and they fell into their normal routine. Almost.

Duo didn't mention anything about their brief encounter, although it had been the chief thing on his mind for days. He tried to act naturally, but failed miserably. Usually when Heero came back, he'd sling an arm around the japanese boy's shoulders, drag him to the couch and rattle off all the little things that had happened while he was gone.

'Dragging him to the couch has different implications now,' Duo reflected and opted to simply stand there and chatter on.

"...so I've got a meeting with those board members on Monday. We actually got the funding, no small thanks to you for getting Lady Une to endorse the proposal."

"What will you do?"

"What do you mean?"

"Since you secured sufficient funding, they won't need your connections to organize benefits; and cleanup should be finished by the fall," Heero pointed out.

"I guess you're right," Duo fell back against the wall and crossed his arms. He tucked his chin down towards his chest and pursed his lips. "Huh, I hadn't really thought about it."

"You should," Heero said and took the stairs two at a time to go take a shower.


When he came down again, Duo was sprawled over half the couch with remote in hand.

"I see you didn't take those back," he said dryly and nodded towards the stack of movies that hadn't moved an inch.

"Oh yeah, I forgot," Duo sat up. He leaned forward and sorted through them one by one. He plucked one and waggled it in the air, "Shall we make the best of it and have a movie night?"

"I'll fetch the beer."

Duo's face split into a wide smile and he cracked open the rental case as he stood.

"Are we out of popcorn?" Heero called to the other room.


"Hn," he gave up looking and grabbed two bottles from the fridge with one hand. On his way back in to the living room, he flicked the lights off with his elbow. Curling up on his side of the couch and handing Duo one of the bottles, he asked, "What are we watching?"

"Frogs!" Duo cried and held his beer aloft. "Today the pond... tomorrow the world!"

'Another one of Duo's old B-movies,' Heero chuckled mentally and got comfortable.

Half an hour in, Heero had pulled his legs up onto the cushions and was propped up on his side with a pillow tucked beneath his armpit, Duo on the other hand, had slid down with his legs stretched out and his left arm extended over the back of the couch. Both boys were bored out of their minds with the movie, acutely aware of the other's presence and trying their damnedest to pretend they weren't.


"Comfy?" Duo eventually asked. He kept his eyes on the screen where a giant radioactive frog was devouring a helpless man in a business suit.


"You can stretch out if you want to," the american boy chanced a sideways look and crooked a grin. "I know you're like a cat, Yuy. Sure, you look small, but somehow you manage to take up more space than science can explain."

"Look who's talking," Heero growled and jostled Duo's extended leg with his foot. He took advantage of the offer though and scooted down slightly.

"That doesn't seem much better," Duo said. There was a breathy hesitation in his voice that Heero picked up on instantly.

'So we're going to play this game,' Heero blinked slowly and pretended to watch the screen as he considered his countermove. He wriggled down further, uncurled his legs and rested them casually over Duo's knee.

Heero felt Duo's hand drop onto his calves and give a friendly squeeze as if to put him at ease. He didn't acknowledge the touch, although his heart began a frantic thudding in his chest.

Duo squeezed again and began massaging the knot of muscle as he brought his other hand to rest atop Heero's foot. He idly moved a thumb in circles around the other boy's ankle.

They'd stopped caring about the movie a long time ago, but at this stage of the game, pretenses were important.

Heero slid down further, shifting to lay more on his back. He bent his right leg just enough to be able to prop his foot against the far end of the couch. Duo's hand moved from Heero's calf, sliding up the base of his leg and past the crook of his knee to trace the skin-tight hem of his shorts.

By now, the most noticible sound in the room wasn't the television, it was two distinct sets of harsh breathing.


Duo withdrew his right hand from Heero's ankle and with his left, slipped a finger beneath the spandex, giving it a playful snap. It was his way of telling Heero that they could stop now if the japanese boy wanted to.

Heero eased his legs apart a little more and was thrilled when he felt cool fingers return to rest just above his knee. The gentle massage began again a few minutes later and was slowly working towards his hip. He was grateful that the dimness of the room concealed the flush that darkened his cheeks; it was an irrational sort of embarassment, but he felt it nevertheless.

The glow from the television faded to next to nothing. The movie had scrolled through the credits and reached the end without either of them noticing.

With the lack of a cover activity and the fact that he was painfully hard, Duo gave up the charade and let his hands wander as they willed. He lowered his mouth to Heero's knee while the fingers of his left hand crept up under the soft cotton of the slimmer boy's tanktop.

'Better to get it over with, right?' Duo told himself for the second time this week. He twisted into a half crawling position that allowed him more access to the other's willing body. His braid snaked over his shoulder and Heero groaned low in his throat as it fell and slid across his thigh.

Duo hooked his fingers into the elastic at Heero's waist and tugged the tight pair of shorts down. He heard a soft slap as Heero's erection was freed and fell back against his abdomen. His eyes were just beginning to adjust to the light and he could barely see the curving shaft of velvety skin that his fingers apprehensively explored.

He was cut and Duo compared size; Heero's cock felt roughly the same length as his own, but, he determined with a boost to his own ego, had less girth. A few tentative jerks brought a hand clamping down on his wrist.

"...," he tried to speak and nothing came out. He cleared his throat and tried again. "Do you...want me to stop?"

"No," Heero's voice was heavy. He loosed his grip and explained, "Just.. doesn't feel good dry."

"Oh," Duo lifted his hand to his mouth and wet the area between palm and forefinger with a liberal amount of saliva. This time, his ministrations were rewarded by delightful sounds of pleasure. He closed his eyes and dropped his head, taking a swift experimental lick.

'That wasn't so bad,' he thought and tried again, this time swirling his tongue in an attempt to simulate the same motions that drove him wild. He couldn't quite get the nerve to do more with his mouth than just run his tongue around the head of Heero's cock, but his fist was tight around the other boy's length and stroking the slick firmness rapidly. Duo's other hand was planted low on Heero's hip, supporting some of his weight and enjoying the feel of smooth, bare skin.

Heero cried out, a stifled sound that could have been Duo's name or just a plaintive warning. His thighs and hips bucked and a thick stream of hot liquid hit Duo's cheek.

Duo continued pumping his fist for a few seconds, then pulled his hand away. He sat back, slid his hand under the bottom of his shirt and lifted it to wipe the cum off his face.


Heero propped himself up on one elbow and tried to make out Duo's features in the darkness. The same irrational embarassment flooded him again, it was stronger this time and had shame dogging its heels. He didn't feel like they'd done anything wrong, it was that he'd come so swiftly. It was a strike to his pride.

He suppressed the feeling and reached out, his arm moving in sharp jerky movements as he sought for the button of Duo's jeans. He fumbled until he finally got them undone and unzipped.

Duo took over, lifting his hips and pushing jeans and boxers halfway down his thighs. His erection pulsed in the air, jutting proudly with the head nearly reaching his bellybutton. He guided the other boy's hand and groaned when slim fingers tightened around his shaft.

'So different,' Heero observed, as the soft skin of Duo's uncut cock moved easily with his hand. He arranged himself so that his face was hovering a few inches above Duo's lap. When he breathed, he smelled a musky, distinctly masculine scent that his body reacted to instantly; he felt almost sick with excitement and blood was rushing in his ears.

Duo's hand went to the back of his neck in wordless encouragement. He reacted to the pressure automatically: he instinctively drew away, yet managed to control his more military impulses. Heero closed his eyes and tried to keep in check the training that had been drilled into him, he wanted to do this, he wasn't being forced into it. A shiver of lust made his body tremble as he lowered his head again, but Duo gripped his shoulder and stopped him.

"You don't have to; it's cool," the braided boy said, scooting forward and pulling his pants back up.

"I didn't mean to force you or anything," Duo said and stood slowly. He was hoping Heero would say something, but at the same time terrified of what he might say. Duo spoke again hastily, "I'm just gonna crash. G'night Heero."

Heero simply nodded, all words had died in his throat and there was precious little coherent thought in his brain. As he calmed down, he made himself analyze the situation. Part of him was aware that upstairs, the door to Duo's room clicked shut.

'Did he change his mind? Or is it like he said, he thought he was being too aggressive and forcing me into something I didn't want to do," Heero snorted at the thought.

'As if he could ever really make me do something unwillingly.'

'So does that mean he did change his mind?'

'There's only one sure way to find that out, Yuy, and sitting here isn't it,' he planted his feet on the ground firmly and stood. He pulled his shorts up and swiveled his gaze to the staircase.


Heero stood in the hallway, wondering if he should knock, slip inside unannounced, or reconsider his course of action and just go to bed.

He closed his eyes for a moment, then twisted the knob slowly and with the palm of his other hand, pushed the door inward. His ears picked up the steady sound of Duo's breathing and he gravitated towards the source.

"Duo?" he ventured.


"Mind if I come in?"

"You already are in," Duo said with a low chuckle. He sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. Sleep was eluding him anyway. All he'd been doing was laying with his arms crossed behind his head and staring at the ceiling in the dark.

"You weren't forcing me," Heero said. He judged that he was standing roughly eight inches from Duo.

Silence ruled the room for a full twenty heartbeats, then Heero sensed Duo reaching out to him. He stepped forward and the american boy found his elbow and drew him near.

"Heero..." there was lust and urgency put into his name and he groaned as Duo nuzzled his chest. He dropped down onto his knees and slid his hands up firmly muscled thighs.

Duo fell back on one elbow and lifted his hips to let Heero tug his boxers down. When they were pulled away from his ankles and tossed aside, he chuckled mentally, 'leave it to Heero to not be content until they were entirely out of the way.' Further thought vanished from his braided head when wet heat enveloped his erection.

Not surprisingly, Heero didn't bother with trying to ease into the unfamiliar action and took as much as he could into his mouth; when the impulse to gag threatened, it was a simple matter for him to tell his body to ignore it. His throat stretched and on his first downstroke, he succeeded in administering the fastest deepthroat Duo had ever experienced.

"Holy shit," Duo threw his head back and ran a hand into Heero's hair. He abandoned the soft strands as pleasure intensified and cupped the fine angles of the japanese boy's cheek. The smooth planes were displaced; drawn in, then bulging as Heero bobbed his head rapidly.

In sharp contrast to the warmth that swallowed his cock, chill fingers shifted from his thigh to cup his balls. He spread his knees wide and rolled his hips as he felt his orgasm approaching. A rumbling purr from Heero was all it took to bring him over the edge.

Duo's cock spasmed and Heero swallowed wildly as the rush of salty bitterness flooded his mouth. He couldn't take it all and a mixture of saliva and cum leaked down his chin. He lifted his head up and wiped his mouth with the back of his arm.

"Holy shit," Duo repeated and fell back on the mattress completely with arms outflung.

Heero stood up and said softly, "If I'm ever unwilling. You'll know."

The perfect soldier didn't wait for a reply. He pivoted on his heel and slipped out into the hall.


In the morning, a dull pain in his throat reminded Heero that the events of the previous night really did happen. With a freshly brewed cup of coffee in his hand, he waited impatiently until it cooled enough for him to drink.

"Morn-," the greeting was interrupted by a wide yawn. "Ahem. Morning!"

'Never would've imagined I'd be responsible for an episode of Duo's 'I got some the night before' morning cheer,' Heero thought as he opened the blinds. Harsh gray light flooded the room, overwhelming the soft yellowish glow of the dim table lamp. He closed his eyes as he brought his cup to his lips and took a small swallow, the liquid soothed the muscles of his throat and he opened his eyes as Duo took up his usual spot at his right.

The braided boy didn't stay there long. As the caffeine worked its magic, the events of the night before came rushing back and he started to feel awkward.

"...garage... make an early start... installing that... meeting tomorrow," Duo mumbled into his cup.

"Hn," he may have only caught about half of the low rush of words, but Heero was fairly sure he understood.

"Faster I get her ready, faster I can show her off to Wufei. I can't wait to see the look on his face when I kick his ass on the track," Duo cackled and finished off the last of his coffee. Braid swinging, he whirled away from the window and called over his shoulder, "Catch ya later, Heero."


"Did you miss me, gorgeous?" Duo said as he tore off the thin canvas sheet draped over his bike. Light winked off the chrome and he slid a hand lovingly over the slick leather of the seat.

He rolled up his sleeves and got to work immediately, spending the entire morning imagining Wufei's destruction the next time they raced eachother. After lunch, he'd entirely exhausted the scenario and he found himself wondering what Heero was doing on his Sunday afternoon.

"I mean shit, we fooled around and it was fun. Hell, it was fucking amazing, I've never had a girl go down on me quite like that before, but why do I care about what he's doing right now. It's not like I'm in love with the guy or anything," Duo said to his bike. He stopped working for a moment, wrench poised as he reconsidered his words.

"That wasn't really fair. I do care what he's doing, it's natural, he's my friend," he started up again, gesturing every so often with the wrench as he talked aloud.

"I've always wondered about what he was up to, even after the lousy traitor stole those parts from me," he smiled a bit at the memory. It was funny to look back at it now, but at the time, Howard's crew had to deal with one pissed off Shinigami.

"Never could stay mad at the guy, either," at that, he lapsed into thoughtful silence and concentrated on getting grease permanently embedded into his fingernails.

Duo didn't make it back home until well after midnight where he found a familiar note on the table, "Back tomorrow night. Work."

A huge yawn overtook him and Duo mentally kicked himself for staying at the garage so late when he knew he had a meeting the next morning.

'The thing better not be boring,' he thought as he dragged himself up the stairs to clean up before bed. 'I don't want to fall asleep halfway through, that would be sooo embarassing.'


Halfway through the PCO board meeting had not rendered Duo unconcious. He wasn't the least bit sleepy; on the contrary, the former pilot was very much awake. The problem lay in how he managed to keep his mind active: namely graphic fantasies involving a certain dark haired youth.

It all started innocently enough, he'd been reminding himself to ask Heero if he could borrow his new dark blue dress shirt. His imagination and his libido suggested he not ask and simply take the shirt...directly off the other boy's narrow shoulders. Given an distraction from the droning tedium of financial reports, his brain happily took to the fantasy and supplied vivid mental pictures.

-Heero melting into a passionate kiss...which evolved into:

-Heero running his hands through his hair, then hopping up to sit on the kitchen counter and wrapping his legs around Duo's waist as they kissed...which evolved into:

-Heero laying on his stomach, ass barely lifted from the floor, hands reaching back and spreading apart-

"Mr. Maxwell?" a soft touch to his arm brought him back to reality.

"Sorry, what?" he coughed and sat up straighter, but not before crossing his legs.

"Chairman Reynolds was just saying that we're all grateful for your hard work in helping our proposal get approved," the girl at his side smiled and touched his arm again. Her fingers lingered on his sleeve a moment longer than courtesy dictated and he gauged the look in her eye. A few days ago he wouldn't have thought twice about acting on what he found, instead he gave the girl a friendly smile and turned his head towards the rest of the group quick enough that she knew he wasn't interested.

He grinned as he addressed the board members, "It's been my pleasure. I think though, that you won't be needing much more of me and while I know it's gonna break everyone's heart, I'll be resigning my position as of today."

"You've been a great asset to us, Duo," the Chairman said. "I'm sorry to have you bow out of the project, but we are at the point where hopefully in less than a year we'll be able to dissolve the organization entirely. On that note, let's break for lunch."

The conference room emptied quickly and Duo was the last one out the door. He was the last to the caterer's table too, after he stopped in the bathroom, locked himself in a stall and brought himself to orgasm in less than ten strokes while he let his mind play out the rest of his interrupted fantasy.


After he tossed his keys onto the table by the door, Duo had only one thing on his mind. Sleep. He trudged up the stairs in a daze, pulling loose his tie and unbuttoning and untucking his shirt as he went.

"Heero!" his violet eyes widened with surprise and all traces of fatigue disappeared. "You're uh, home early."

Duo tried not to stare. In the middle of the hall, obviously fresh out of the shower, was one very naked Heero. He had a towel held up in one hand and had been drying his hair as he walked out of the bathroom.

"So are you," Heero replied. He was unconcerned about his nakedness and stood patiently in front of Duo. Duo seemed rooted to spot and was making no sign of moving. He smirked and arched an eyebrow, "My room is over there, you know."

"Oh yeah, right," Duo blushed and stepped aside so the other boy could pass. Heero resumed toweling his hair and Duo couldn't help it, he let his eyes slide over the lithe form that was so beautifully on display. Before he moved out of reach, Duo snaked his arm out and caught Heero's dangling wrist.

There was no resistance as he pulled the slimmer boy to him firmly. He took the towel from Heero's hand and dropped it on the floor, then bent to kiss his neck. Duo reveled in the sweet taste of clean skin, running his tongue under the line of Heero's jaw while his hand slid across a smooth chest that was as hairless as his own. He found what he sought easily and plucked Heero's left nipple, rolling his thumb over the stiffened nub.

Heero's hands were busy as well, he wrapped one around Duo's braid, while the other explored the bumps of the taller boy's spine. He gasped when he felt the cheeks of his ass being pulled apart and fingers searching for, then tracing, the circle of his tight ring. His legs buckled, threating to give, and he clutched Duo's shoulders for support as the american pushed him up against the wall.

"Duo..." he gasped and pressed his groin against the other boy's.



"Which one?"

"Mine's closer."

"Sounds good," Duo grinned and they stumbled towards Heero's room.


They shared a sloppy kiss as Duo kicked off his shoes and groped their way to the bed. Heero stopped when he felt his mattress bump against the back of his thighs and lowered himself down, spreading his legs in mute invitation.

Duo unbuckled his belt and let his pants slither to the ground. He stood naked and aroused between Heero's splayed thighs and brushed his knuckles against the creamy flesh of Heero's thighs. He was partially stalling, he knew the concepts behind anal sex, but faced with the actuality of the situation he wasn't certain how to go about everything.

Heero picked up on Duo's hesitance and pointed with a long finger at the bottle on his nightstand. "The lube is there," he chose his words carefully, so as not to mock Duo's inexperience.

Duo took the bottle and snapped open the lid, squeezing a liberal amount into his hand, he smeared it first over his cock, then applied some between Heero's legs.

"Use your finger first. Slide it in and out. When it goes in easily, add a second. When that becomes easy, I'll be ready."

Duo did as instructed, slipping his forefinger into the small pucker. He wondered how many men Heero had been with before, but forced the thought away and concentrated on the sensation of fingering the other boy's ass. Muscles spasmed and eventually loosened and he added a second finger, he couldn't achieve as much depth with the second digit added, but he became aware of how incredibly tight the passage was.

"That's good," Heero panted and spread himself wider.

With a sticky hand, Duo aimed his cockhead and pushed. Even though he'd just removed his fingers, the ring of muscle had tightened and there was resistance.

"Don't worry, just push."

He pressed harder and the tip of his cock bent, it didn't seem like anything was going to happen when something gave and with a pop, he was in. A low moan escaped his lips. The tight heat was so incredibly unique.

Duo took things slowly, easing in by centimeters with each leisurely thrust. When Heero's body devoured him completely, he dropped forward and rested some of his weight on one palm. He started moving faster, sliding in and out in long strokes.

A gutteral moan rose in Heero's throat and the sound reminded Duo that while his own cock was being attended to, the other boy's was neglected. He wriggled his fingers to assure himself that they were still slick with lube and tightened his fist around Heero's erection.

Slim legs wrapped around his legs and Duo increased his speed. Heero grunted as each deep stroke sent him spiralling to a new height of pleasure. He rolled his hips and gripped the bedcovers, his mouth was open and head thrown back.

"Fuck yeah, I'm gonna cum," Duo hissed and squinted his eyes shut. His thrusting became erratic and he pumped his fist wildly.

Heero came first by mere seconds: hips bucking, hands grasping, thighs tightening, cum spattering everywhere. The powerful muscles that clenched down on his cock brought Duo over the edge and he pumped a thick load into the supple body that writhed beneath him.

When the intense high of orgasm waned, Duo slid out and collapsed on the bed. Heero instinctively drew closer and Duo tentatively inserted an arm beneath the other boy's head. Heero's hair was still damp and felt cool against his bicep.

They lay together quietly, each occupied with his own thoughts.

"Heero?" Duo wasn't sure if the slow, even breathing of the boy in his arms was an indication of sleep.


"Do you love me?"


The response was so quick and matter of fact that Duo chewed on the inside of his cheek. Sometimes Heero was terribly literal and he rephrased his question, "Do you love me not as a friend? I mean romantically, are you in love with me?"

Silence. Then, "I'm not sure...you?"

"I've been in love with myself since the day I was born," Duo said glibly. Heero snorted and he hastened to answer in all seriousness, "I'm not sure either."

"I resigned today," Duo said as he lifted his arm and tucked it behind his head. He closed his eyes and asked, "What do you think about me joining the Preventers?"

"Skilled people are always welcome," Heero answered, adding as an afterthought, "It would be nice to work with you again too."

"We make a good team, don't we Heero."

The low sound of agreement and nearly imperceptible shift closer to his body made Duo smile gently.

"I better go clean up," he said after a while and eased his arm free.

"Don't forget its your turn to cook tonight," Heero said stretching.

Duo heaved a long suffering sigh and bent to pick his things up off the floor.


Heero stood at the window in his morning ritual. With one hand he held up his coffee cup pressed against his cheek while the other hugged his elbow. It was steadily growing brighter and he listened to the snarling noise of traffic filtering up from the city streets.

"Morning," Duo said brightly as he emerged from the kitchen with his own cup of coffee.


"You alright?" the braided boy asked as he slipped into his usual spot.

"I'm fine."


"No," Heero was surprised at how easily Duo approached the subject when last night they'd eaten dinner in silence.

"Good," Duo took a sip from his cup and peered out of the corner of his eye. "So... how many men have you been with before?"


"Yeah? ...really?" it was Duo's turn to be surprised. All this time, he'd assumed that Heero was experienced. "Then uh, how did you know so much about having sex with another guy?"

Heero shot him a look and smirked, "After you asked to kiss me, it was a logical possibility that things might progress to this level. I was hardly going to engage in that sort of activity without researching the matter first."

Duo chuckled and shook his head as he raised his mug to take another drink.

"I didn't sleep much last night," Duo said as the sun made its first appearance of the day.

"Me either," Heero admitted. "I thought a lot about your question."

"Oh?" Duo knew exactly what Heero was refferring to and his chest tightened and he found it difficult to breathe. He watched as Heero drained the rest of his cup and set it on the windowsill before turning to look at him.

"I think I love you."

Duo set his cup alongside Heero's on the sill and drew the other boy into a shaky hug.

"I think I love you, too," he murmured into the mass of wild dark hair that fell across Heero's forehead. He tightened his arms and squeezed once before letting his arms fall away from the hug. It wasn't precisely the most romantic exchange, but it was a start.

"Are you coming in to headquarters with me today?" Heero asked, arching an eyebrow inquisitively.

"You bet," Duo grinned and reached to pick his cup up again.

"You know," Heero said slyly. "The look on Wufei's face would be priceless if he saw you kiss me."

"Heero!" Duo exclaimed. A wicked gleam lit his violet eyes and his coffee remained where it was; forgotten as he considered the notion. "You're right.... I bet he'd faint."

They chuckled in unison. After a few minutes, Duo slung an arm casually around Heero's shoulders and they leaned against eachother as they watched the sun blaze to life in comfortable silence.


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